Monday, September 11, 2017

Gold moved down and is held in

Gold moved down and is held in the neighborhood of $ 1185 under pressure from the Fed, China and Greece

Gold on Tuesday froze in the zone where withdrew in early trading: to 10.38
August futures worth US $ 1 185,60
per troy ounce. Gold fluctuates
very quiet trading. yesterday's loss
saved, and neither lower nor higher precious
metal does not go away.

mass exodus of investors from the activation "asylum"
It was triggered by a general optimism
on the Greek question. increased stock
markets grew euros - respectively, fell
gold, as is usual in such

the metal in the past few days have seen
modest support in the face of recalcitrant
Greeks, but now appears to be the default
delayed and stopped quotes
waiting for news. Other factors
Gold can not be considered bullish.
Physical demand remains sluggish,
the trend outflow of exchange-traded funds are not
stops, industrial production in
China and Japan is slowing down (and after
This may slow down and the demand for
gold). But the most important fundamental
factor affecting the gold, still
It is the prospect of growth in the Fed rate.
This will raise the dollar and push forward
on non-interest assets - such as
precious metals.

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