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Advantage: The others do not know (yet).

Indicator Vidente for MetaTrader - tool to determine the price trend. For beginners it is a great help in assessing the trend and professional traders can be found in it confirmation of his opinion.

Numeric values ​​must be evaluated and compared, and the curve of the graph shows the trend and prospective logical conclusion.

Indicator Vidente for MetaTrader 4 - a reliable tool for every day to be successful. It is simple to use, based on actual data, fast.

The indicator is not intended to predict strong motions. He gives the trader an idea of ​​where the price can go in the near future. Since this is a purely technical indicator, the forecast will be more accurate if the forecast period is not expected to yield any important news regarding character.

The indicator is configured in the input parameters. Formed a line depends on the parameter exInput (An integer value from -10 to 10).

Principle of operation:

Price forecast is generated based on complex data calculations involving themselves OHLC prices and RSI.

If the market is overbought or oversold, the forecast is generated.

Indicator spends very little resources, as drawn only once. Only after the end of the forecast period, the indicator draws a new line. The length depends on the prediction RSI indicator.


It is recommended to wait for some time after the receipt of the forecast and see if it goes in the right direction. Very often during strong vibrations price may go in the opposite direction.

Input parameters:

  • Precision - It affects the duration of the generated curve

  • Aggression - aggressiveness. The higher the value, the more the curve

  • ExInput - 10doo integer from -10 to affect the direction of the curve

  • Morph - for exInput factor

  • Horizon - minimum number of bars on the graph to draw lines


  • The indicator gives a specific forecast, which is more than 60% of cases.

  • It can be used in the development of advisers.

  • It consumes few resources.

  • Draws only one line in the graphics window instead of displaying a large number of numerical values.

  • It works on all timeframes and symbols.

  • Prediction is configured in the input parameters.

  • Let me know if you have questions or suggestions.


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