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Plain SCRIPT "StartMainInfo"Was created to display the basic information about your account.

In the Terminal tab of the "experts" when you activate the script displays 20 lines with "AccountInfo":

  1. company name, account servicing: "The name of the company that maintains account =";

  2. Deposit currency: "Deposit currency =";

  3. Trader Server Name: "The name of the trade server =";

  4. Client name: "Customer name =";

  5. The level of margin at which there is the forced closure of the loss-making orders (Stop Out): "The level of margin to force close the most unprofitable order (Stop Out) =";

  6. The level of margin, which requires account updating (Margin Call): "The level of margin that requires the replenishment of the account (Margin Call) =";

  7. The level of margin in the account as a percentage: "The level of the account margin in% =";

  8. Size of available funds on the account deposit currency available for the opening of the order: "The size of free margin on the account in the Deposit currency available for opening orders =";

  9. Size collateral reserved on the account deposit currency: "Size of reserve margin on the account in the Deposit currency =";

  10. Significance own funds on the account in currency deposit: "The value of the equity on the account in the Deposit currency =";

  11. current profit margin on the account in the deposit currency: "The size of the current profit on the account in the Deposit currency =";

  12. The size of the credit granted in the deposit currency: "The size of the provided credit in the Deposit currency =";

  13. Account balance in the deposit currency: "The balance of the account in the Deposit currency =";

  14. Allowance trading for the expert: "Permission to trade for the expert =";

  15. Allowance trading for the current account: "Permission to trade for the current account =";

  16. Reference mode minimum level of margin: "The mode of setting the minimum allowed level of the margin =";

  17. The maximum allowable number of active pending orders (0-no restrictions): "Maximum number of active pending orders (0-no limits) =";

  18. The size of the provided leverage: "The size of the provided leverage =";

  19. Trading Account Type: "The type of trading account =";

  20. account number: "Account number =".

Be aware of, and successful trading!


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Euro falls after weak reports

Euro falls after weak reports on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the euro falls
against major currencies after the release
a number of weaknesses in activity reports
in the services sector in the single currency bloc.

So, EUR / USD pair dropped
0.23% to 1.3391 to 1.3420 at the level of the output
data. The pair was likely to receive support
at 1.3366 and resistance at around 1.3450.

The euro fell after
the data showed that the activity
Italy service sector grew in July
much less than expected. Index
purchasing managers in the services sector
Italy fell to 52.8 in July from 53.9 in June.
Economists had expected the index
will be 54.0.

Activity in the sector
services in Germany and Spain increased
last month, while the growth in
French services sector is negligible.

PMI in the service sector
the euro zone rose to 54.2 from 52.2 in June, but below
a preliminary reading of 54.4. Data
consolidated the assumption that the recovery
in the euro area is losing pace. Now investors
awaiting the outcome of the meeting on Thursday
monetary policy of the European
the central bank.

A separate report in
Tuesday showed that retail sales
Euro zone rose by 0.4%
from the previous month in June, according to
with forecasts. After the release of the data
Investors have focused
on the report of the Institute for Supply Management
on activity in the US service sector,
which will appear Tuesday night.

The euro fell to a session
low against the yen, with EUR / JPY down
0.15% to 137.44. The single currency also fell
against the pound, with EUR / GBP dropped
0.34% to 0.7932.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Pure Price Power

Pure Price Power

The indicator analyzes and shows the "net" effect of price movement for a selected period. As calculated by one of several pricing regimes. The display also has an alternative method of calculation, for which you can turn on the "internal reverse" HL prices. To get the result, taking into account volatility, enable the use of tick volumes. Additional results can be smoothed using a moving average of 26 species.


  • Calculation period - period calculation

  • Smoothing period - smoothing period

  • Smoothing method - method of smoothing

  • Calculation mode - price calculation mode

  • Use volumes - Use tick inclusion volumes when calculating the data

  • Alternative algo mode - inclusion alternative calculation algorithm

  • Price revers for alternative mode - inclusion of domestic prices to reverse the alternative calculation algorithm

Pure Price Power

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OIL mildly decrease

OIL mildly decrease

US crude oil futures traded near a six-month low, while in London Brent futures traded near four-month low on fears that sanctions against Russia will lower the pace of global economic recovery.

In response to Western sanctions imposed in connection with support for rebels in Ukraine, Moscow on Wednesday said it would ban the import of certain goods from the United States and Europe.

Investors fear that the crisis in Ukraine will affect the economy of Germany, the first largest in Europe.

"We are seeing a lack of interest in raw materials due to the Ukrainian conflict", - said Mark Keenan of Societe Generale. "Now more and more concerned about the long-term supply disruption".

Stocks of raw materials in the US last week fell slightly more than analysts expected, while oil exports from the United States jumped in June to the highest level since 1950, said the Office of the US Energy Information.

Prices for US and global brand oil fell by almost $ 10 a barrel since mid-June, when they reached a 9-month high amid fears that the unrest in Iraq will lead to a disruption of production.

World instability has not abated since then, given the tensions in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and in other regions, but traders have closed long positions in crude oil futures, as the volume of oil reserves in the world is significant.

The cost of the September futures on US light crude oil WTI (Light Sweet Crude Oil) fell to $ 96.55 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).

September futures price for North Sea petroleum mix of mark Brent rose 3 cents to $ 104.62 a barrel on the London Stock Exchange ICE Futures Europe.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

White Wind requests to declare

White Wind requests to declare itself bankrupt

The trading network "White
Wind Digital "apply to the court
Bankruptcy: it covered the sharp wave
applications from creditors. A hearing on the case is scheduled for 18 September. "BVTS" should
suppliers, banks and private
employees more than 7 billion rubles. Among
"Offended» - Apple distributor
in Russia "Dihaus" and
Russian representation of Sony.

return this
BVTS debts do not consider it possible -
return on sales is too low,
and retailer dived loans too
Really. The company is trying to expand
chain stores, but just at this time
fell consumer demand for appliances,
and with the beginning of Internet sales "White
Wind "in his time very seriously
late. Outcome abysmal - competitive
the battle is lost outright, pay
loans can not be, the chances of survival

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

10 Things that you would never

10 things that you would never say Bitcoin - Part 2

Continuation of the material posted to the blog on Friday.

6. Even a small problem
Software can cost
you big money

Gox exchange last fall
very scared everyone who owns Bitcoins
or other cryptocurrency. She said,
after hacker attacks and software
failure lost 850,000 Bitcoins. Then
Gox Exchange filed for bankruptcy protection
in February, but later found 200,000 coins
but Bitcoin worth almost $ 400 million to date
They have been reported missing.

Go ahead of hackers
not a small challenge for programmers,
Computer experts say
security. "Computer security
- it is a process. You keep cultivating
things bug fixes", - He speaks
Andersen from the Bitcoin Foundation. He says that
payment network is trying to avoid too
biggest mistakes in order not to go bankrupt
the entire system and not to come to the financial
crisis, creating a large infrastructure,
which has no central
divisions. Simply they did not
to find.

7. The money you will have to
print your "digital" money

Like any digital
information, digital money are vulnerable
for hackers. One way to protect
its virtual currency, as it is
funny - it is to keep it off

Bitcoin users
are unique "address" own
means, using the private key
password. Print the password and store it
in the safe will help protect your Bitcoins
from hackers while you do not use them
for transactions. By the way, there
Special services for the storage of your
Bitcoins. But there is nothing to say about them
can not, they have only recently emerged.
Andresen says that online currency
I need a year or two to develop
safety and comfort before
the user will feel
comfortable and be able to say "Yes, I could
to use Bitcoin as
primary bank account".

10 Things that you would never

8. The Commission on operations
Bitcoin with low, but maybe,
for a short time

One of the frequently cited
Bitcoin benefits: not so expensive to
spend money. US banks
collect hundreds of billions of dollars
by various operating costs
in year. And fees for virtual currency
operation is usually lower than that of
credit cards and banks, and sometimes
absolutely not. For sellers, here too,
big plus - they can do
additional discounts for those who
paying Bitcoin because
themselves to save on transactions.

9. The currency can not
protect your bank account

Dzheyms Singlton, digital
Manager at Red Bull Music Academy in Germany,
once he left his computer on,
while I am driving home - about 4 pm.
Three hours later he received a letter from
Amazon with the announcement that his account hacked
on the mystical $ 2600, as well as 100 new
large databases, which he never
I did not create - in Dublin, Hong Kong, Tokyo
and the United States.

"I was furious
this message"- says Singleton.
His loss account soon exceeded
$ 5100. Amazon dropped the charges, telling him that
the company has already seen similar cases,
when people got into the wrong account
to produce cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins are created
through a special process, wherein
computers solve complex mathematical
tasks. This requires a high-power
and electricity, so some
spend other people's money on it - some
Hackers penetrate the cloud accounts of people
to create data centers that
It uses a system for digital currency.

10. You may need
Bitcoin in one day,
whether you like it or not

Among the sellers,
accepting Bitcoin, there manufacturer
Dell computers online platform
WordPress Content, hairdressers, bars,
doctors and even the Latvian airline
AirBaltic. Despite the open-ended questions
Bitcoin security system is
relatively cheap and attractive
for many.

Start material - 10 things that you would never say Bitcoin - Part 1

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Life Expert

Life Expert


  • To start trading only a small deposit.

  • Suitable for multi-currency trading.

?Monitoring real work can be viewed here: https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/294440

Principle of operation

  • Expert opens orders of built-in indicators.

  • Each tick expert determines the order with the negative profit.

  • Further, the expert determines the total profit orders Buy and Sell for each currency pair.

  • If the total profit orders on Buy or Sell for each currency pair, plus the amount of the order with the negative profit exceeds the value of the parameter Profit. Judge closes the data warrant.


  • For the most balanced profit and drawdown I recommend using expert on multiple pairs. To do this, drag an expert to the desired tool box and changing the magic number.

  • I recommend to start trading with a parameter value Martingale = 1. In this case, all orders will specify the open volume to the value of the parameter Lot.

  • When the loss of more than 40% of the total deposit recommended setting Martingale = 1.3. In this case, the amount of each subsequent order would be 1.3 times larger than the previous.


  • Profit - the value of the total profit of the order with the same magic number for this currency pair and orders with the negative profit. At which there is the closure of these orders.

  • Step - the minimum distance between the same orders with the magic number of the currency pair.

  • Chance - parameter adjusts the frequency of opening deals.

  • Lot - the volume of orders.

  • Martingale - setting increases the volume of orders in the next Martingale times.

Recommended input parameters

  • Profit = 10.

  • Step = 0.002 for the pairs 4 or 5 characters after the comma; Step = 0.2 couples with 2 or 3 signs after the point.

  • Chance = 0.002 for the pairs 4 or 5 characters after the comma; Chance = 0.2 couples with 2 or 3 signs after the point.

  • Lot = 0.1.

  • Martingale = 1.

The value of the input parameters does not depend on the accuracy of rounding quotations. Example: the value of Step = 0.001, equivalent to 10 four-points on quotations or 100 points at a five-digit.

Yours faithfully Dmitriy.

Life Expert

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StartMainInfo Plain SCRIPT " StartMainInfo "Was created to display the basic information about your account. In the Terminal ta...