Tuesday, March 20, 2018



[EA] ENTERPRISE LT - is Advisor for MetaTrader (MT4), designed to work with most of the currency pairs and gold. It implements a complete, fully functional trading strategy.

  • It is not based on any indicators or price action.
  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • The strategy does not depend on the timeframe.

adviser [EA] ENTERPRISE LT It has a number of unique features:

  • It can be configured individually according to your strategy.
  • It includes a system of money management and risk management.
  • Advanced feature set to respond to various situations on the market.

This expert can operate in fully automatic mode. However, since we do not believe in a fully automated trading system, we recommend that you use it as a semi-automatic trading system. In other words, you can run it and constantly monitor its performance. The market is unpredictable, and no fully automatic system can not cope with the unexpected behavior of the market, especially in situations of macroeconomic news release.

No testing history:

Advisor comes with a "factory" default setting. We will inform customers of the product, how to adjust settings for different market conditions. Systems testing on historical data will never show you how they will work in real market conditions. We do not comment on any results backtesting ...

If you have already purchased the product:

I ask you to send us a private message, we will send you a manual and recommendations for tuning advisor to trade on a live account, etc ..


Antonin Skaryd - a private investor and analyst, software developer and founder of the company FUTURE ENTERPRISE.

Employment counselor [EA] ENTERPRISE LT is based on the basic characteristics of the market and changes in prices over time. By creating this EA, we relied on the idea that static lights never worked. But there will always be the price dynamics in a certain time period, and the market can only move up or down ...


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Monday, March 19, 2018

CCI ma Multi anyPair

CCI ma Multi anyPair

kind of indicator CCI ma eight pairs.

  1. Default couples: AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDJPY and EURJPY. You can choose any pair in the input parameters.

  2. Best results were reported at the time frames and H4 D1 when swing trading.

  3. Is not redrawn and is not far behind.

  4. The indicator works on servers many forex brokers offering data currency pairs.

  5. You do not need to open all the 8 plots in the platform MetaTrader 4. For indicator enough and one pair. Before the first start right-click in the window "Market Watch", select "Show all symbols" and wait for the terminal downloads the missing characters.

CCI ma Multi anyPair

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Friday, March 16, 2018

He earned joint stock exchange

He earned a joint stock exchange of Hong Kong and Shanghai: many interested foreign investors

Investors from other
countries have shown great interest
the shares of Chinese companies today,
When we launched the cooperation program
the stock exchanges of Hong Kong and Shanghai. by the
nine am MSK foreign investors
bought shares of Chinese companies 13
billion yuan (just over $ 2 billion). About it
writes today Bloomberg.

At the same time, demand for
Hong Kong stocks from companies
Chinese investors was about
1.4 billion yuan.

According to brokers,
trading of shares under the program
the relationship of the two exchanges are easy.
Recall that this program - one of the
the main steps of the Chinese authorities to
In order to open access to foreign
investors to the markets of the country's capital.
That is how the world will be able to increase
the use of the yuan, as well as to transform
Shanghai into an international financial

"There is a feeling that
Foreign investors prefer
shares of Chinese companies that do not have
listing in Hong Kong, - says manager
Hengsheng Asset Management in Shanghai Dai Ming. -
Enthusiasm for Hong Kong
actions by the Chinese investors
not too many, and one of the problems
It is that these investors are not too
familiar with the rules of trade".

Under the terms of the program
interaction, foreign investors,
which have a brokerage account in Hong Kong,
gain access to the Chinese stock
market. Also merchants from mainland
China, who counts not less than 500 thousand.
yuan, can buy shares of Hong Kong

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Three reasons why dollar should

Three reasons why the dollar should fall

Passed last
week's meeting of the ECB has given us to understand,
Mario Draghi will surely go up
end and prepared, in which case, to realize
a full-scale program of quantitative
easing. Rumors that he was not
support members of the council, denied
Draghi himself - he said that the solution
accepted unanimously. Like, none of
his colleagues do not doubt that the necessary
all these drastic measures. All this
shows one thing: the European
the stock market will get a good "feeding"
as ultrasoft policy already
in the coming months.

The US dollar
this week will not be easy - all events
could affect its dynamics, already
passed, the report on the
labor market a little disappointed - but
on him, investors have done very
a big bet. At the end of the week will
report on US retail sales, perhaps,
the only worthy of attention release,
but this is not enough to support the new
a wave of demand for the dollar. And because not
eliminated large-scale correction
US currency. And there are three

1. After Market Report
US Labor expectations for an early increase
rates are very weak.

2. A strong dollar begins
irritate politicians all over the world, so
it puts pressure on commodity prices (knock on
oil-producing countries) and limits the growth of
inflation. In addition, dollar
obligations more expensive, and in developing
countries the economic downturn. This means that
not excluded the intervention.

3. The latest data on evrofyuchersam say the number
short positions on EUR / USD
reached the highest level since
July 2012. And it is serious reason
to take profits on a blank
Economic calendar for
the next three weeks.

There are two strategies,
which can be selected depending on the
time periods in which you
work. If you are a short term trader,
it makes sense to consider buying EUR / USD c
target at 1.26. Long-term investors
you can wait for the growth of the pair, and enter
shorts at these levels, since the general
trend for the pair remains downward, and
there will be a fairly long

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dollar on fresh highs after strong

Dollar on fresh highs after strong US data

Friday night
the dollar once again close to the 4.5-year-old
high against other major currencies
thanks to positive US
data. Reports showed that retail
sales rose in October by 0.3%, while
analysts expected only to rise
0.2%. Recall, it was recorded in September
drop of 0.3%.

The dollar index
increased by 0.54% - to 88.31, and the highest
level since June 2010.

The EUR / USD weakens
0.56% - up to 1.2406, approaching the two-year
lows after reports that
Inflation in the euro area remained unchanged in
October, although the increase was in September
0.4%. The annual inflation rate in evrobloke
remained unchanged.

GBP / USD has fallen
0.54% - to 1.5625, and USD / CHF rose by 0.47% - to

The pound came under
pressure after control
National Statistics UK
reported that the volume of construction in
the country grew by 1.8% in September, much
below expectations - expected growth of 3.7%.

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Advisor Avato - one of our stand-alone tool. (Adviser on the basis of signal will be in the future is presented on the website).

It is designed on the basis of the combined forms of hedging and martingale and uses sophisticated algorithms and filters to accommodate transactions.

The expert uses a stop-loss and take-profit, lot size is calculated automatically on the basis of the relevant settings.

It is a ready tool for experienced traders. Designed for the gold market, but you can test it and other instruments.

You will need

  • Real standard score MT4 (= 1 lot 100000)

  • Shoulder 1: 100 and higher

  • The minimum deposit is $ 5000, and the use of a multiplier 2x recommended $ 10,000. The larger the multiplier, the greater the deposit required.

Input parameters

(Recommended tool - Gold (XAU / USD), timeframe M5)

  • Maximum orders 22 - maximum number of orders in a row - be careful with this setting.

  • starting Lot Size 0.01 - the starting lot size.

  • Lotsize mutliplier 1.5 - Lot factor (1 or more than 1.5, the value recommended by 1.5x to 2x See examples in the screenshots...)

  • Stop Loss Pips 777 - the size of the stop-loss.

  • Take Profit Pips 3100 - the size of the take-profit.

  • stop after 1 run [True / false] - selection of operating mode - a single run or work in the "set and forget".

Recommendations to improve results

  • VPS service (good speed, Adviser constantly monitors the market)

  • Very low commission

  • Very low slippage

  • Very low rate swaps

  • Leverage 1: 200

  • Broker with low spreads


Moxbbit G development team engaged in the development of automated trading systems with more than nine years of experience in the Forex market.


Trading may not be suitable for all intvestorov.

For adults only.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Before making an investment decision, you should carefully evaluate their level of experience.

There is a chance that you may lose some or all of your initial investment. There is no warranty.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

RSI Color

RSI Color

This is a simple indicator RSI to extract color values ​​of overbought and oversold. The ability to quickly see such a situation in the market is the key to short-term treydrov.

For fast reaction requires trading beautiful schedule. Especially if you are out for a few hours a day of a computer screen.


  • RSI period - period RSI

  • Overbought / Oversold - zone perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti to isolate

  • NumberOfBars - the number of bars on which the indicator is displayed

RSI Color

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EA ENTERPRISE LT [ EA] ENTERPRISE LT - is Advisor for MetaTrader (MT4), designed to work with most of the currency pairs and gold. It imple...