Monday, October 22, 2018

Corporate Report MT5

Corporate Report MT5

Program (script) displays information on the monitor of the corporate
action reports; Information downloaded from the site

  • Date of the report
  • Earnings per share (EPS)
  • Income (Revenue)
  • market capitalization

The program works on the following principle:

  • Seeking information on the ticker, on which it is running (the same
    It works with "#ticker" "ticker" instruments). If the data is not found,
    It offers to find the number in the list the Ticker List and manually enter the number
    once out of the window at the bottom left with the note number. If you want to change
    previously selected number, then the question of whether this is the company you need to press and no
    enter the new number. This is necessary when your broker has signed a ticker on the,
    e.g. _Sberbank_adr * instead of the usual SBER (manually enter ticker
    only in the full version).
  • It creates a vertical line on the graph that match
    dates published corporate reports. Tooltip
    each line contains information about the corporate report.
    • Near the vertical lines on the graph plotted mark "E","$":
    • If earnings per share (EPS) more than the forecast, then put the mark "E" Green colour,
    • if you do not live up to expectations, then red;
    • if the record income (Revenue) exceeds the forecast, then put the mark "$" Green colour,
    • if you do not live up to expectations, then red.
  • At the bottom left in the table shows: ticker (the one on which was
    the program is running) and the name of the company (equivalent to that
    downloaded from the site),
    the date and information about the report, which is expected to be published or not more than 5 days ago.
    After 5 days after the publication of the report it is moved on the graph in
    a vertical line and begins searching for the next date of the report.)
  • tagging "+""-""!"In the date of the report point to the time of the publication of the report in the following way:

    • Publication of the report:
    • - Before the market opened,
    • + After the market close,
    • ! Prior to the opening of the market on or after the closing of the market, there is no information about this.

  • To understand the performance of the company to monitor trends
    displays graphs of indicators: earnings per share (EPS), income (Revenue
    $). The graphs of these figures are based on the reports and downloadable
    data that is in the downloaded reports. If your site is not
    some of the reports, the chart will be built on the basis of those reports,
    that is. If you download the report is not the appropriate indicator in the
    chart, this value will be zero. These graphs can be moved or
    remove. The graphic does not get a report, which is in the left table
    at the bottom, just get the ones that are displayed on horizontal lines
  • If the program is added to the charting tool with which it is not
    work (which is not on the list), then no action is not performed
    will be. If this schedule to save a report from another company, it
    It will be deleted.
  • The program works in Russian and English languages.

list of tools (Shares, stock, CFD, ADR), It works with the program: numbers 18054 Ticker; The list shows tickers 80 countries;

The "discussion" of the countries and attached file the Ticker List, which lists all of the tools with which the program works.

Before you can use:

  • You need to add URL the list of allowed URL. "Settings" -> "Expert Advisors" -> "Allow WebRequest for the following URL".
  • For convenience, you can assign a script to a hot key: in
    tab of the "Navigator", right click on "Corporate Report"
    -> "Set hotkey" -> and to choose a suitable for yourself


  • For a more comfortable use of the monitor is recommended vertical resolution of 900 or more.
  • The program and all used the information it depends on the site and work, while you can get the entire program-
    this information at this link
It can not be tested in the tester (since there is no way to get
information from the Internet). For a complete overview functionality has
demo (

Corporate Report MT5


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Friday, October 19, 2018



AccelerationExperts - bezyndikatornaya fully automated trading system. The basis for trade opening is a signal of a reversal of patterns, which are formed during the flat. While maintaining signal adds new orders. Upon reaching the number of orders of magnitude in one direction, a given input parameter, the function is turned overlapping orders. Orders overlap feature reduces the overall lot of orders, while not reducing the overall profit that can quickly get out of the drawdown. An elaborate system of issuing take profit that allows you to apply for deposit advisor acceleration. EA trade on any currency pair during H1.

Input parameters

  • To trade on Monday. - turn on / off trade on Monday;

  • To trade on Tuesday. - turn on / off trade on Tuesday;

  • To trade on Wednesday. - enable / disable the trade environment;

  • To trade on Thursday. - turn on / off trade on Thursday;

  • To trade on Friday. - turn on / off trade on Friday;

  • Starting lot - Initial Offer;

  • lot multiplier - Lot factor for the second and subsequent orders;

  • Take profit - Take Profit in points;

  • Grid step - grid spacing in points;

  • Step multiplier - pitch factor of 1;

  • Start step multiplier - with a step to apply a step increase;

  • max Orders - the maximum number of orders in one direction;

  • The number of transactions to start - with a warrant switched function overlap of orders;

  • Enable Gui - enable / disable the dashboard;

  • Magic - a magic number that differs adviser positions from other orders;

  • Slippage - maximum slippage at opening, closing orders.


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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Forecast from company ForexMart

The forecast from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

Forecast NZD / USD Aug. 29

The currency pair New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar finished the last trading week of the candlestick pattern "absorption" in the D1. Today the pair, according to this model, is traded on the rise.

In a wider perspective, seen a reversal chart pattern "head and shoulders" on the daily chart. Therefore, if the pair breaks the 0.7200 mark, it will be possible to consider the sale of medium-term objective at 0.7000.

On the four-hour chart New Zealand bulls ran into a mark of 0.7250 and is trading below the simple average lines. We are waiting for the appearance of a signal to sell.

The forecast EUR / USD on August 29

The results of the past at the weekend summit in Jackson Hole disappointed the market participants, as none of the speakers central bankers are not sanctified question of US monetary policy and the euro zone. He suffered the most as a result of the US dollar weakened against many major currencies. The EUR / USD soared by updating a maximum of 2.5 years at the level of 1.1960.

"Bulls" for the euro firmly intend to test the important psychological level of 1.20. However, the RSI is approaching the level of resistance, indicating a possible correction of quotations pair. The forecast for tomorrow suggests a continuation of growth in the euro area to 1.20. If the pair can break this level, we can expect further growth of the European currency and update a new high.

Forecast USD / RUB on August 29

Dollar finished last week a significant drop to the level of 58.10, which allowed the ruble to emerge victorious from a long consolidation. However, by the end of the trading day the ruble has lost part of the points, having lost the support of the tax period. However, the further the position of the US dollar remains weak, due to the uncertainty of the US monetary policy, as well as the possible suspension of the government, if Congress is not included in the national budget funds for the construction of the wall with Mexico.

Brent crude oil fell to $ 51.38 per barrel, despite the initial growth by a decline in oil production in the Gulf of Mexico due to Hurricane Harvey.

The RSI broke below a support level up and walked to the neutral zone. The forecast for tomorrow suggests the flat at the level of 58.40 rubles. If a pair of quotes again rise to the field of 59, the downward scenario will be canceled.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Price Channel Notifier MT4

Price Channel Notifier MT4

Indicator PriceChannelNotify It is a modification of standard indicator Price_Channel.

In addition to standard levels, minimum / maximum channel, there are possibilities of:

  • displacement of the minimum / maximum of a predetermined number of points or the absolute value of the price;

  • mapping minimum and a maximum in a predetermined width zone (separately for the upper and lower limits), with notification of the crossing rates inner and outer boundaries of the zone;

  • individual notification of the crossing of the price the inner or outer boundary of the zone, as well as on the channel level changes;

  • re-notification of crossing the border comes, if the previous bar was inside the channel (up bar was less than the level of the upper zone, or at least the bar was above the lower band) and the next bar price breaks the border again.

The zone starts to appear after the indent from the last high / low and is displayed as long as the high / low channel will not be updated new bar.

Input parameters

  • Period - The time period in the bar - the number of bars for the calculation of minimum / maximum price.

  • Price offset unit - values ​​in absolute units or items

  • Up / down offset value - Vertical displacement rates - expansion of the channel up and down:

    • upper level = max (time) + offset.

    • = minimum lower level (period) - offset.

  • Outer border offset - the displacement of the outer layer of the channel prices

  • Inner border offset - displacement of the inner level of the price channel

  • Border delay - time period in bars - external and internal levels begin to appear when the channel price does not change for a predetermined number of bars until the next change

  • New channel notification - send a notification when the channel is changed

  • Hit inner border notification - send a notification when the price crosses the level of the internal

  • Hit outer border notification - send a notification when the price crosses the outer layer

For each notification, one of the values ​​can be selected from the drop-down list:

  • None - do not send notifications

  • Alert - Alert terminal MT4

  • Print - text output in the terminal box

  • Push notification - push-notification to the mobile app

tab Colors you can customize the colors and styles of level lines.

Price Channel Notifier MT4

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China has invited five other countries

China has invited five other countries in the BRICS summit in Xiamen

Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov said that at the upcoming summit of the BRICS in Xiamen has invited the leaders of the five countries - Guinea, Mexico, Thailand, Tajikistan and Egypt. "In addition to the leaders of the five states, as well as heads of a number of international organizations at the summit will be attended by the leaders of several countries in the so-called outreach format - a meeting of leaders "five" with representatives of other states. This tradition - to hold outreach meetings - goes back several years in its history, "- quoted him as saying TASS.

BRICS Summit held on 3-5 September. According to Mr. Denisov, the Russian program in Xiamen will consist of two parts: the bilateral agenda and of the participation in the summit. The diplomat said that the arrival of Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to September 3 in the afternoon. "Meetings of our leaders on the sidelines of international conferences are never protocol, it is always a standalone meeting, implying a large agenda. So it will be at this time in Xiamen, "- said the ambassador. He added that his visit to Xiamen for Mr. Putin also "has great interest in purely human terms," ​​as Fujian, where is located the city - "one of the most beautiful regions of China, one of the fastest growing provinces in China, with a rich history , with a very beautiful nature, with a very strong economy. "

In June, Beijing held a foreign ministers meeting of the BRICS, which became the key to the preparation of the summit planned for the autumn.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018



Advisor to trade the AUD / USD M5. Based on the definition of the strategy mikrotrendov, point of entry (and exit) counts based on the correlation of a number of indicators. Trading volume for opening a position depends on the results of previous transactions. It is possible to limit the amount of risk (AutoMM option). It is also possible to set the maximum spread above which EA will automatically suspend the trade (option MaxSpread).

It uses effective trailing, automatically correcting parameters takeprofit and stoploss. Advisor runs on both four- and five-digit quotes on. News Filter allows you to suspend trading in the period when the market news to greater stability and security trade.


  • StopAfterNews - the trading pause after market news in minutes;

  • StopBeforeNews - the trading market to break the news in minutes;

  • LightNewsEnabke - pauses at insignificant news;

  • MediumNewsEnable - pauses at a news medium priority;

  • HardNewsEnable - pauses at high importance news;

  • GMT_Offset - time zone your broker;

  • NewsCurrency - currency list (separated by commas) to receive news of these currencies;

  • NewsLines - activate the time display of news on the graph in the form of lines;

  • TakeprofitS - Take Profit for sell orders;

  • StoplossS - Stop-loss for the sell orders;

  • TakeprofitL - Take Profit orders for the purchase;

  • StoplossL - stop-loss orders for the purchase;

  • FixedLot - fixed volume of the lot;

  • AutoMM - Risk limit (as a percentage);

  • MaxSpread - maximum spread above which the trade will be suspended;

  • MagicNumber - any unique number that identifies this advisor.


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Monday, October 15, 2018

Trend direction

Trend direction

tunable indicator trend direction, based on the intersection of two moving averages (MA).

The indicator allows to analyze the moving average (MA) two time frames without having to switch between them.

For example, you can see and analyze both the two moving averages (M15 and H1) on the M15 chart.

Thus MA H1 indicates the direction of a trend, and by MA from M15 can define entry and exit points.

Input parameters

  • FastMA_Period - During the first MA

  • FastMA_TimeFrame - timeframe of the first MA

  • FastMA_Method - the first method MA

  • FastMA_ApplyPrice - price constant of the first MA

  • SlowMA_Period - During the second MA

  • SlowMA_TimeFrame - timeframe second MA

  • SlowMA_Method - the second method MA

  • SlowMA_ApplyPrice - price constant second MA

Trend direction

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Corporate Report MT5

Corporate Report MT5 Program (script) displays information on the monitor of the corporate action reports; Information downloaded from the ...