Friday, January 18, 2019

My Money Manager

My Money Manager

My Money Manager It allows you to manage risk by setting your trades to the extent necessary from the point of view of the acceptable level of risk for you.

The product also allows you to preview your entry levels in the market, stop-loss and take-profit (EP / SL / TP levels) before installation order by dragging and dropping these levels directly on the chart. In addition, the product provides information on these levels at the opening position.

With this tool, you will feel more comfortable when making a decision about installing a warrant, as well as profit / loss prediction based on your orders. Thus, the accuracy and efficiency of the installation orders increased.

The product is part of the Auto Trade Driver:

Note: Demo version for testing can be downloaded here:


  • The calculation of the exact value of the volume corresponding to an acceptable risk for you (in% of total assets), including brokerage commissions.

  • The ability to drag the levels of entry into the market, stop-loss and take-profit on the chart preview before setting orders.

  • Trade in one click for all types of orders.

  • Informing about the calculated levels of stop-loss and take-profit orders at the opening.

  • Control panel in real time.

  • Restoring previous settings after closing the terminal or turn off the computer.


  • Commission Setting (Menu): type of brokerage commissions for every traded lot. Setting is important for calculating the necessary volume, suitable for acceptable risk.

    • Commission Type: type of brokerage commission. Is equal to "Account currency", if the commission is charged in the currency of the deposit, and "Base currency", if the commission is calculated in the base currency trading pairs.

    • Commission Per Lot: the number of monetary units, levied as a fee for a standard lot. If the fee is not charged by your broker / a type of account, just leave this value is zero.

  • Stoploss Risk: the percentage of risk that you are willing to lose in the event of the closure of the stop-loss.

  • Est. Loss + Commission: the total loss at the point stop loss. This includes the total amount of the loss and loss of commission orders.

  • Order Type: order type.

  • Order Comment: Comment to the order.

  • Magic Number: magic number to identify your orders for future use.

  • Set SL / TP By: method of setting levels stop loss / take profit. "Price", if you want to set SL / TP levels at a certain value of the price, "Distance" - at a certain distance from the entry point.

  • Adjustment Step: step increase / decrease the price by using the buttons to increase / decrease arrow.

  • Stoploss / Takeprofit / Distance: value to determine the levels of stop-loss / take profit. Setting the stop-loss level is required to calculate the appropriate volume (You can then remove the stop-loss order, if necessary, but you must enter a value for the calculation of the amount and placement of orders). Take profit = 0 means that the order will not be exposed to the level of take-profit.

  • Order Dragging feature: when installing access points, stop-loss and take-profit in the toolbar you will see a corresponding horizontal line on the chart. You can choose the line and drag them to the necessary level to change the value. In connection with these levels of order type will be automatically selected.

My Money Manager


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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Four Bands

Four Bands

An optimistic trader can enter the market when the price crosses the blue-green line.

A more reliable signal is the intersection cost blue line.

If price reverses and its intersection with the red line, you can open a position in the direction of price movement.

Four Bands

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Oil conceived jump

Oil conceived jump?

Good afternoon, colleagues.

We carry out regular analysis of the weekly chart WTI using the AC and AO indicators.

In the graph we can see testing of divergence on AO. In our opinion it does not matter whether the oil will soon break through the yellow line on the graph, or even goes down behind the blue (45. 5), continuing the correction.

We believe that this figure is aimed at the breakdown of the yellow and green lines, and then develop a full-fledged rally.

We look at the next week: how to approach the levels as the character will go penetration, whether it is true or false. We are waiting for interesting events.

This material is not intended for your trading is the subjective opinion of the author.

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Stop on USD CHF

Stop on the USD \ CHF

According to the USD \ CHF brake load, after the strong momentum up from a certain level of support on the weekly chart, the price is a little stopped at a property of strong resistance, formed a pair of pin bars, which clearly showed that the bulls are weakened and preparing a correction, but the news still moved up further, will soon go down but when it is not clear ...

Stop on USD CHF

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Smart Moving Averages Indicator

Smart Moving Averages Indicator

Smart Moving Averages - exclusive indicator for MetaTrader platform.

Instead of calculating the moving averages for the selected timeframe chart, Smart Moving Averages indicator makes it possible to calculate the moving average, regardless of timeframe chart.

For example, you can display the 200-day moving average on the chart H1.

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • Timeframe: timeframe for calculating the moving average

  • MA Period: period moving average, which is used to calculate the moving average

  • MA Method (Simple / Exponential / Smoothed / Linear weighted): method to calculate the moving average

In the tab "Colors" you can customize the appearance of the moving average line (color, size, type).

On the same graph you can display an unlimited number of moving averages.

Smart Moving Averages indicator can be used with any type of assets: forex, commodities, stocks, futures.

The indicator can be used on any timeframe.

Of course, for proper operation of the indicator requires a sufficient amount of data (bars) on the graph that will be used in calculations.

Smart Moving Averages indicator can also work in conjunction with other indicators and advisors:

Smart Moving Averages Indicator

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Friday, January 11, 2019

MQL notes

MQL notes

typename () returns the type of a variable

int a = 0;
Alert (typename (a)); // returns int

CopyTicks flags







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US and North Korea are still afraid

US and North Korea are still afraid of the market | Boris Fedotov

US and
North Korea continues to scare the market

Financial markets
last week was more positive than its predecessor, in fact, that
It explains the reduced tension in the US-North Korean relations.
The head of North Korea's Kim Jong-un is still not in a hurry to implement the attack on the combat base
US and South Korea, and Trump is also in no hurry to initiate military operations against
North Korea. These facts supported the market rate for risky

Stock indexes in
turn were also supported and assets "safe haven" - the yen, gold,
Swiss franc have been adjusted. Yet they remain near
local maxima. This shows that the possibility of a military
collision still exists and it will not go away. For example, the fact that
US is virtually no talks and North Korea do not lead, and forms an opinion that
hand just waiting for a certain moment.

certain degree of
Fear makes the beginning of the annual US combat tactical exercises and South Korea
the first day of the week. This creates an opportunity to once again return to the
aggressive statements from North Korea. At this stage, worth the wait
leaving traders from risky assets, in fact, that would be a prerequisite for their
sales and increased demand for assets "safe haven".

Learn how you can earn on the DPRK-US confrontation here

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My Money Manager

My Money Manager My Money Manager It allows you to manage risk by setting your trades to the extent necessary from the point of view of th...