Monday, May 16, 2016

System 1

System 1

Adviser strategy

Classic breakout strategy with pending orders.

Every 15 minutes, the order is reset.

For issuing warrants used indicators TEMA and Bollinger Bands.

Stop-loss is set at ATR.

Take Profit is not installed.

Closing a position comes on the market.

The default settings are recommended.

Stop-loss: traditional

Grid: not used

Average position holding time: 16 hours.


  • VPS

  • ECN broker with low commission and spread

  • EURUSD pair

  • M15 timeframe

  • The maximum spread is 30 points

  • Maximum Stop Level 50 items

parameters advisor

  • UseMoneyManagement - Use MM

  • Lots - volume items. Used if UseMoneyManagement = false.

  • RiskInPercent - Risk for positions as a percentage of the deposit. Calculated by the SL. Used if UseMoneyManagement = true and UseFixedMoney = false

  • MaximumLots - The maximum amount for a single position. It applies to all parameters.

  • UseFixedMoney - Read the volume of risk positions in dollars. It used if UseMoneyManagement = true.

  • RiskInMoney - The risk for positions in dollars. Used if UseMoneyManagement = true and UseFixedMoney = true.

  • ExitAtEndOfDay - closes an open position at the end of the day

  • ExitTimeEOD - Closing time position at the end of the day. Used if ExitAtEndOfDay = true

  • ExitOnFriday - Closing open positions on Friday

  • ExitTimeOnFriday - Closing time position on Friday. Used if ExitOnFriday = true

System 1

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