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Fx Splitter

fx Splitter

FxSplitter - robot trading basket warrants. Individual orders open basket periodically at fixed
intervals. When it is the set time, the robot may be (1) to open the new order, (2) to close one of the already opened orders, (3) to perform both of these actions, or (4) do nothing. Selecting the action, the order volume and direction (buy or sell) determined by the current market conditions and trading algorithms. Fx Splitter uses the martingale to control the volume of orders in your trading. As soon as the number of orders in the basket increases, so does the volume of individual orders in the basket. When the total profit of the basket reaches the set level, the basket is closed and the first order of the new basket.


  • Flag_Stop (TRUE /FALSE): If this flag is set, the adviser will not open a new basket of orders after the close of the current.

  • LotSize: Basic lot size.

  • AutoMM (TRUE / FALSE): when the AutoMM, the base of the pyramid Lot LotSize It will be recalculated according to the account balance and parameter setting AutoMMEquity.

  • AutoMMEquity: option AutoMM.

  • CloseBE_AutoLevel: The number of levels of the pyramid, in which the automatic closing of the pyramid will be executed at level plus cost bezubytka BEpips points.

  • BEpips: option CloseBE_AutoLevel.

  • MaxDD_Stop: Maximum open drawdown (in%) at which allowed to open a new basket.

  • MaxDD_Release: Drawdown, which is removed when the block trade.

  • SetName: set name.

  • MinTimeHour: Interval (hours) between consecutive entries into the market.

  • OffSetHour: Offset (in hours) of the first deal of the week, opened advisor, relative to 00:00 Monday to broker time.

  • PeriodMA: Period indicator.

  • Threshold: indicator threshold.

  • TakeProfit: Take-profit baskets.

  • TakeProfitPerLot: Take profit of the basket, for an alternative algorithm.

  • LotMult: The multiplier of the lot.

  • NLevelsMax: The maximum number of orders in the basket.

  • SLpips: Stop-loss orders in the individual basket.

  • TPpips: Take-profit individual orders in the basket.

  • CloseType: This key algorithm selects individual orders closing the basket when Incoming
    opposite signal.

  • NLevelsSwitch: option CloseType.

  • Delay: The number of serial signals in the same direction, after which the adviser opens guaranteed
    deal in this direction, if 0 is disabled.

  • MinDistPips: The minimum distance between the opening of two successive orders.

  • UseTrend (TRUE/ FALSE): Enable / disable the definition of a trend.

  • TrendPeriod: trend indicator period.

  • TrendLevel: Level to determine a trend.

  • NLevelsTrend: The minimum number of orders in the basket, for which the definition of a trend.

  • PeriodTrendMA: MA Period, when the trend.

  • MinTimeFact: a multiplier for MinTimeHour, when in the trend.

  • MinDistFact: a multiplier for MinDistPips, when in the trend.

  • BetterPriceOnlyIf this flag is set, the new order of the basket will be opened only at a better price than the previous one, when the trend.

  • UseTime (TRUE/ FALSE): This flag includes an option trading session.

  • HourStartGMT: The beginning of the trading session (in hours of GMT time).

  • HourEndGMT: The end of the trading session (in hours of
    time GMT).

  • HourEndFridayGMT: The end of the trading session on Fridays (in hours of GMT time).

  • December_End: The last trading day in December.

  • January_Start: The first trading day in January.

  • Magic: Magick.

  • Slip: Allowable slippage orders.

  • comment_color: The color of the text in the information box.

  • box_color: The background color in the information window.

  • Comments: Comment trade orders.

Fx Splitter

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