Monday, June 27, 2016

Yen Helicopter Kuroda

Yen. Helicopter. Kuroda

The head of the Bank
Japan Kuroda yesterday provoked impressive fluctuations of the yen. He only
He admitted he was not prepared to go to such unconventional measures as "spreading
money from a helicopter. " Eventually, USD / JPY of the maximum slid to 107.49
3-day low 105.41. EUR / USD moved in two stages: first
Draghi's words that he does not consider the options of adjusting the rules
buying bonds cheered currency to 1.1059. However, thinking about how
support regional authorities in the fight against toxic assets forced the euro
collapse to 1.0979.

markets showed conflicting trends. Brent It rolled into the area
45.90 dollars. / Bbl. Precious metals were able to recover well.

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