Friday, July 22, 2016

Surprises from Aussie

Surprises from Aussie

trading on the foreign exchange market had been very volatile and controversial
character: the first EUR / USD I was able to restore the position and
thanks to strong data on the German labor market, and due to favorable
the dynamics of cross-country EUR / GBP. However, with the onset of the US session, the entire
growth came to nothing. As a result, the pair from the highest 1.1173 rolled back to
1.1130. Meanwhile, GBP / USD in the morning I got under sell all
the same unfavorable polls by the British referendum. From high 1.4725
the pair went to 1.4530.

markets showed a moderately positive dynamic, receiving support from
individual stocks. Brent after some hesitation still managed to close
day above 50.00 dollars. / bbl. The precious metals market silver and gold
continued to suffer losses.

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