Friday, July 1, 2016

Aggresive Silence

aggresive Silence

  • Purpose:
    Automation of trade and commercial transactions in the Forex market through
    MetaTrader 4 trading platform (MetaQuotes Software Corp.), supports
    Build 604 and higher!

  • Strategy
    Trade: the entrance to the market trend or sliding movement
    market of the underlying trend.

  • advisor type: aggressive scalper.

  • Feature
    Algorithm: based on expected pay, in which
    It opens many opposing positions with partially hedging

  • types
    accounts: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro ... all types of accounts,
    supported trading platform MetaTrader 4.

  • Highly
    sensitive to spreads - increased the number of lots with large spreads and
    the total number of open positions.

  • Recommended
    Leverage: not less than 1: 100, to maximize the profit of 1: 1000 and

  • recommended
    Minimum deposit: $ 300 for the lot 0.01, while making a deposit of more than $ 3000 a recommended item 0.1.

  • A type
    quotations: automatic identification of quotations: 4 (1.2342) or 5
    (1.23429) decimal places.

  • Money
    Management: fixed lot with the function of the position or capacity percentage of the deposit.

  • Currency
    pair: any.

  • Used
    timeframe: M1.

  • Indicators: standard, built-in advisor / expert code added 2
    additional filters that reduce the drawdown account.

  • informativeness:
    the output at the chart on the left side - the statistics of transactions, the main shopping
    settings, the status of work forex advisor.  

  • Setting:
    It is set in the selected folder of the terminal MetaTrader 4. 

  • trade
    Settings: supplied for the currency pair EURUSD.

  • Optimization: the check points. For maximum profit recommend
    conduct an independent optimization, depending on the location in
    The trend is not less than 1 time per week.

Aggresive Silence

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