Friday, December 14, 2018

BoM Collection

BoM Collection

BoM Collection currently includes three councilors - Breath of Market EURUSD (recommend to read the description), Breath of Market GBPUSD and Breath of Market EURGBP (for technical reasons, a separate version of the last counselor may not be published). Just install this EA on the chart desired currency pair and it will begin trading on the optimal strategy for this pair. No additional configuration is needed.

Acquisition BoM Collection now - it's cost-effective solution for the serious investor for at least two reasons:

  • First, the expert is able to work effectively on three currency pairs, as its price is considerably lower than the sum of the prices of individual councilors belonging to it;

  • secondly, acquiring BoM Collection, you will be able in the future to get free new advisers series "Breath of Market" for other currency pairs by simply upgrade BoM Collection. Creating a counselor for a currency pair takes a long time (a thorough analysis of the behavior of prices, optimization of inputs, the balance of risks and benefits, and so on. D.), But the new advisors "Breath of Market" series for other currency pairs is planned to gradually add. Keep for updates.

Input parameters

  • MaxOrders - the allowable number of simultaneously open trades;

  • Swap (true, false) - enable / disable the account when calculating the profit rate swaps;

  • StopTrade - maximum drawdown, in which close all unprofitable positions;

  • Common goal (Fix, Var, Off) - It aims for a series of deals in the direction (off by default, ie, without averaging)

  • Fix - It is fixed in the deposit currency;

  • Var - dynamically, as a percentage of the deposit;

  • Off - series are not formed, all the transactions are considered to be single;

  • ExpLot - multiplier free transactions (default is 1, ie without martingale);

  • Autotrade (true, false) - enable / disable automatic trading;

  • Handtrade (true, false) - enable / disable manual trade;

  • Step - rates allowable distance from the level of the received signal for the opening of the transaction;

  • SpreadLimit - maximum spread at which the transaction will be opened by the signals embedded within the Advisor;

  • auto SL - Automatic installation of SL

  • SL

  • TP

  • On / Off AutoLot (true, false) - enable / disable the automatic calculation of the volume of transactions starting AutoRateLot parameter;

  • AutoCalculation (Balance, Equity) - Select the type of calculation of the start of the lot (focus on the balance sheet or equity);

  • AutoRateLot - dynamic calculation of the volume of starting transactions;

  • ManualLot - a fixed amount of starting transactions;

  • MagicNumber - magic number advisor to manage their transactions;

  • Slip - slip control.

Important recommendations:

  • Use only adviser on currency pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP;

  • it is desirable that the graphs of various currency pairs were different MagicNumber;

  • work with ECN-brokers, with minimal spreads on the accounts;

  • The default settings are optimal for the five-digit quotes; time frame - 15 minutes.

BoM Collection

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Is it possible to consistently

Is it possible to consistently earn on forex

Let's ponder over the following. There are people who have a billion capital once read in the news about the appearance of the first trillionera in the coming years. Can we assume that these people without any problems can afford the best traders in the world, forming one whole super team?

Why do these people earn an average of 10-20% of annual income?

The answer of course is safety at work. Their main task is to secure obespechet maximum capital growth. He must cover all the costs of inflation and the movement of money, otherwise such excessive security would not make sense. This does not mean that they are not professionals. Just their professionalism allows them to earn more than the rate of return on bonds, but with the same level of reliability.

It's the richest people of the planet, and they are primarily investing in thinking about safety and security, but not on how to make $ 100 $ 1000 for a short time. In their case, it's a $ 1 million to make $ 2 million in a few years.

I understand those who now begin to throw stones at me. You may say that the rich can afford it, because they have at their disposal a lot of money. But I hasten to disappoint you. They have a lot of money, because they grown them safely for decades and generations, rather than trying to make $ 100 $ 1000 for a short time.

I have experience of communicating with one potential disciple

I ask him a question, but how much do you want to earn per month in forex, ie how do you see the real rate of return on the market? His answer of 50% per month. Next, I tried to explain to him that no one makes the forex a stable profit. What he told me that I am not a professional, because my income is less. As well it is difficult to get rid of the shackles of the slave of his desires, even if they have little to do with reality. In trading, the real profit is up 30% per annum in US dollars, all that above, this is in excess of the yield, which in the long run show unity traders.

I noticed this interesting trend. Somehow, traders come to me only three years of experience in the market. In rare cases, there are those whose period of stay in the market less. Apparently you need to spend so much time and money to impose okrylenie fast and easy money is over. Each person needs to go through its number of rake to reflect on the correctness of the chosen path.

How are all the same really earn in the market?

First, I tell what I have seen with my own eyes and feel the objective

  • One trader has worked for over five years through the service control and made 5% per month average results, taking into account compound interest. Now, this desk has become final in the scam company called Forex Club.

  • Several traders worked for four years. They showed the result of taking into account compound interest rate of about 14% of the average yield.

  • Those who had worked for three years to 30% profit per month.

I have described the best indicators for the monitoring of long-livers in signalstart on Myfxbook, everyone knows that there is a serious choice for the traders. The results of a guy taken with the monitoring service control ForexClub. I watched for a long time personally for him and I can say that his trade is real, and not painted.

We see a clear relationship and the level of profitability of the deposit period of life. The oldest account signalstart 4 years and 4 months. In mql5, has experienced traders to trade for a period almost 8 years. Their average return per month is nearly 13% compound interest. I hope I gave an exhaustive answer to the question, who consistently earns and whether it is possible to do it in the forex market.

Regarding the results of the monitoring systems PAMM Brokers, I did not take them into account, because the broker can draw any statistics. What will not make independent brokers signaling services such as mql5 and signalstart, because they do not have to etog material interest. successful centenarians do not make more than 13% on average per month, taking into account compound interest. And what a return over eight years of trading history, I saw only one person. In fact, this phenomenon in trading, one of the millions.

My personal performance results and performance of my students range in yields ranging from 3% to 20% per month, depending on the market situation and the use of multi-currency job or not. If this work multicurrency investment strategy "Global range" using the analysis system "cyclic deflection", The yield is higher than with a single currency pair. yield results are shown, as well, taking into account compound interest.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Maduro loses control over Venez

Maduro loses control over Venezuela

The situation in Venezuela is suffering from the economic, currency and food crisis continues to worsen.

The number of victims of mass protests, which are the third week in the capital Caracas and Merida, Barinas and other major cities in five states in the country, has grown to 23 people. According to the BBC, on Monday, police shot fired on the crowd, injuring several demonstrators.

On Friday, 11 people were killed by electric shock, trying to get to the warehouse with bread, protected by a fence under tension.

The opposition, which controls 106 seats in parliament out of 160, urges people not to stop and get out of the street after the Supreme Court allowed President Nicolas Maduro, a former bus driver and union leaders to bypass the National Assembly, the de facto usurping power.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Dashboard Currency Strength Advanced

Dashboard Currency Strength Advanced MT5

Available demo panel Dashboard Currency Strength Advanced MT5 DEMO, To start you with the functionality of the panel free.

Free version: link.

Version for MT4: link

Panel Dashboard Currency Strength Meter Advanced graphically displays the strengths and weaknesses of the currency in the four selected timeframe. Through the use of four force measuring indicators Currency Currency Strength Meter in the same panel, you can monitor almost all kinds of pricing models (see. Screenshots 3, 4 and 5) and receive signals to buy / sell based on the selected pattern.

Dashboard Currency Strength Meter Advanced - It is intuitive and easy to use graphical tool that allows you to:

  • Monitor 28 pairs with one panel.

  • Track all 28 pairs and receive trading signals based on the selected type indicator Currency Strength Meter, selected timeframe, the first and last spark period used to form the specific patterns. (See. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

  • Automatically accompanied by a warrant.

  • Track positions for all trading pairs.

entry rules

See. Screenshots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

In order to cover the work necessary to make the following steps.

Important steps in front of a panel

  1. When you first launch the panel may require 3-5 minutes to download stories. When you run it takes a few minutes.

  2. All 28 characters must be available in the symbol box.

  3. The panel looked clear and accurate, it is recommended to use a black pattern. See. Screenshot 6.

Input parameters

  • Use AutoTrade - use automated trading

  • Send Alert upon Signal - Alert when new signal

  • Send Notification upon Signal - to send a notification about the appearance of the signal

  • Single pair TakeProfit in pips - takeprofit one pair pips

  • Single pair StopLoss in pips - takeprofit one pair pips

  • Use Currency Strength Meter 1/2/3/4

  • Time-frame of Currency Strength Meter 1/2/3/4 - setting timeframes

  • Currency Strength Meter 1/2/3/4 Gap Limit - value divergence (entry rule)

  • Currency Strength Meter 1/2/3/4 Signal Direction - Direction signal (entry rule)

  • Currency Strength Meter 1/2/3/4 Starting Candle Index - the index of the initial spark (input rule)

  • Currency Strength Meter 1/2/3/4 Ending Candle Index - the index of the final candle (input rule)

  • Magic No - Magic number

  • Lot Size - Lot Size

  • Basket TakeProfit in $ - total take profit of $

  • Basket StopLoss in $ - the overall stop loss of $

  • Max Spread - the maximum spread

  • Trading Session - - trading session, the session is the order will not be sent

    • Close all trades after session (s) - close all transactions after the closing session

      • Yes: all current open positions will be closed at the closing session

      • No: the position will not be closed

  • Note: Use the local time of your computer, rather than the server time.

  • Session Input - session, see the descriptions of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength).

  • Time-frame of new chart - new chart timeframe

  • Suffix - the suffix

  • X_axis - the location of the X-axis

  • Y_axis - location on axis Y

Objects panel

See. Screenshots from 7 to 10.

  1. Pair Tick Button - steam selection button. Selecting / deselecting happens with just one click.

  2. currency pair button

    • Click on the button to open a new window with the graph of the corresponding pair

  3. Spread Column: the current spread of each pair.

  4. indicators of the panel:

    • If Currency Strength Meter indicator is selected -> yellow plate

    • Otherwise black

  5. Panel direction discrepancy indicator for Currency Strength Meter

    • up -> green color

    • Down -> red

  6. Currency Strength Meter Gap Panel - divergence on the indicator

  7. Currency Strength Meter 1/2/3/4 Panel - Indicators

  8. Currency Strength Meter Time-frame - timeframe indicators

  9. Currency Strength Meter Ending Candle Index - the index of the final candle

  10. Currency Strength Meter Starting Candle Index - the index of the initial spark

  11. For a description of the remaining elements cm. Description of other products (Dashboard Super Currency Strength).

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.
Dashboard Currency Strength Advanced

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Signal Two Pyramids report for

Signal Two Pyramids. The report for April. + 17.90%

The first half of April was very calm. The second half was full of events that caused markets to move well. Tensions over Korea, the first round of elections in France, waiting for the publication of the new tax policy of Donald Trump. This allowed us to increase the balance 17.90%. Total revenues for the five months amounted to 590%.

Signal Two Pyramids report for

Drawdown this month reached 32.58%. drawdown size is not critical, but the management of losses is based on the strategy "Two Pyramids". In the future we will try to avoid this size drawdown.

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Professional robot, which implemented trading strategy using neural networks. Used fully connected multilayer feedforward network MLP (multilayer perceptron). BotNeyron development project. Externally, the expert user is not very different from its predecessor, it changed the internal configuration of the neural network, which is aimed at forecasting over longer periods of time. Added options for MonoInversion, which simplifies the internal structure of the neural network. Examples of settings for different structures in the form of files with the extension ".set" provided in the discussions. All information relating to the previous expert BotNeyron, suited to this expert.


Expert at work uses accounting positions in the netting mode (one character can have only one position). Expert does not work with independent accounting positions (hedging, when one character can be several positions). When tested on a demo account you need to choose an account without hedging. Also, consider this fact when opening an account for the real work.


  • PeriodWork - working period of the expert system.

  • Risk - The risk (calculation of the lot of the deposit).

  • LotRounding - Rounding out the lot.

  • Deviation - slippage.

  • Sleeps - waiting before retrying the order opening.

  • StopLoss - Stop-loss.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.

  • PeriodTrailing - Period to control the trailing stop.

  • TrailingBreakeven - zero-loss level.

  • TrailingStart - Trailing start.

  • TrailingStop - Trailing Stop.

  • PeriodTrailingStep - step period trailing stop.

  • ProhibitNewSeries - Allows you to close the series and do not open a new one.

  • WorkOpenLong - Allows you to open a long position.

  • WorkOpenShort - Allows you to open a short position.

  • WorkCloseLong - Allows you to close long positions.

  • WorkCloseShort - Allows you to close short positions.

  • WorkCloseReversLong - Allows you to close a long position when opening brief.

  • WorkCloseReversShort - Allows you to close a short position at the opening of the long.

  • SignalBar - The main signal bar.

  • PeriodSignal - The period in which indicators work, and, respectively, and the neural network.

  • TypeDual - Switch mode neural network with 2 or 4 outputs.

  • MonoInversion - Simplifies the internal structure of the neural network.

  • LevelInLong - entry threshold of the neural network for a long position.

  • LevelOutLong - neural network output threshold for a long position.

  • LevelInShort - entry threshold of the neural network for a short position.

  • LevelOutShort - neural network output threshold for a short position.

  • EnabledRSI - Activation of the RSI indicator.

  • k1_RSI_long - Coefficient of influence of the RSI indicator on the total signal for a long position.

  • k1_RSI_short - Coefficient of influence of the RSI indicator on the total signal for a short position.

  • Period1_RSI - RSI indicator period.

  • Layer_1AL - Setting up a neural network for a long position on the RSI indicator.

  • Layer_1BL - Setting up a neural network for a long position on the RSI indicator.

  • Layer_1AS - Setting up a neural network for a short position on the RSI indicator.

  • Layer_1BS - Setting up a neural network for a short position on the RSI indicator.

  • EnabledCCI - Activation of the CCI.

  • k2_CCI_long - Coefficient of influence of CCI on the total signal for a long position.

  • k2_CCI_short - Coefficient of influence of CCI on the total signal for a short position.

  • Period2_CCI - Period indicator CCI.

  • Layer_2AL - Setting up a neural network for a long position on the CCI indicator.

  • Layer_2BL - Setting up a neural network for a long position on the CCI indicator.

  • Layer_2AS - Setting up a neural network for a short position on the CCI indicator.

  • Layer_2BS - Setting up a neural network for a short position on the CCI indicator.

  • EnabledWPR - Activation indicator WPR.

  • k3_WPR_long - Coefficient of influence WPR indicator on the total signal for a long position.

  • k3_WPR_short - Coefficient of influence WPR indicator on the total signal for a short position.

  • Period3_WPR - Indicator Period WPR.

  • Layer_3AL - Setting up a neural network for a long position on WPR indicator.

  • Layer_3BL - Setting up a neural network for a long position on WPR indicator.

  • Layer_3AS - Setting up a neural network for a short position on the WPR indicator.

  • Layer_3BS - Setting up a neural network for a short position on the WPR indicator.

Settings work when optimizing for Custom parameter:

  • kProfit - Corrects the profit impact on the result.

  • kDeals - Adjusts the effect of the number of transactions on the result.

  • KDD - Corrects the impact of subsidence on the result.

  • kSharpe - Sharpe ratio corrects influence on the result.

  • kGross - Adjusts the influence of negative positions on the result.


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Friday, December 7, 2018

Forecast Angle

Forecast Angle

We offer you a light Forecast Angle, designed to create adviser or manual trading.

The indicator produces a technical analysis of historical data and displays the most probable direction of price movement. In predicting growth rates angle will be a positive value, and when fall prediction - negative.

The indicator is designed to work on any currency pair and on all timeframes, except MN.

Before you start, or test, you need to download all available history of the currency pair quotes. After loading history on all timeframes (including MN1) is necessary to update the display of quotes history by performing the steps in the screenshot below. Only after the download history, you can download the indicator. If historical data is not enough, the indicator will warn you about this.

Then you must configure the display settings.


  • MySpread - the parameter for setting the price deviation from the predicted line (for example, for EURUSD 0.0035, which corresponds to 35 points four-digit quotes). This option would eliminate the noise and excessive volatility, which is not interested in the trader. If computer performance is low, it is not recommended to use a value of less than 10 points. Calculation that produces a light, complex and resource-intensive.

  • WorkByMySpread - this parameter should be set to true to automatically calculate the value of the spread, or be false in the case of setting MySpread you set.

Visual angle of the line may not match the numeric value as well as the angle calculation is not tied to the scale of the price chart. It explains this phenomenon by the fact that during the formation of the price curve, fit ignores the aspect ratio vertically and horizontally. Therefore, the on-screen graph of the currency pair shows the current value of the angle of inclination of prediction lines for ease of operation - the value of the current price of the instrument sales. Numeric angle value will not change with the possible rescheduling of scale to provide a stable signal to buy or sell.

This is the first version of the indicator. Be sure to consider all requests and responses. Please write comments.

Forecast Angle

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Daily Economic Digest from Forex

Daily Economic Digest from

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Wednesday, May 3

Couple EUR / USD I came out of the consolidation phase
early European trading and is now moving in a southerly direction, peering
resistance level 1,0900. Falling pair mainly due to
termination of dollar sales and a slight correction in the market.
However, a further fall in the pair remains unlikely, as investors
They are preparing for one of the major events this week - FOMC decision on interest rates, which will be held
Today in the second half of the SA's trading session. It is expected that the regulatory
Body to maintain the status quo with respect to its interest rate, but any comments
Committee members regarding the tightening of monetary policy the Fed will form
further medium-term trajectory of the dollar. Also, traders are supporting
euro ahead of the second round of the presidential elections in France, where the centrist
Emmanuel Macron continues to be the clear favorite. In addition to the FOMC Statement, today the US economy will also provide
traders block of macroeconomic indicators, including a report on the working
places from ADP and Index
business activity in the non-manufacturing sector from the ISM, which will provide a couple
short-term momentum during the New York trading.

The pair NZD / USD I could not hold their position,
as the dollar bulls are trying to regain control of the pair. During the Asian
trading session the pair has updated its six-day high of 0.6968
after New Zealand published an excellent performance on the labor market.
However, at the time of writing, the pair has managed to lose most of its
profit, as the US dollar's recovery made a couple back in range
0,6930-40. Moreover, the decline of interest of traders to more risky assets on
background of the approaching Federal Reserve decision on monetary policy also had a
negative impact on the couple. Looking ahead, today traders will focus their
focus on the fundamental US indices, which are planned for SA
trading session while the FOMC decision will remain in the spotlight
in this Wednesday.

Australian dollar It remains one of the main outsiders Asian
trading session, allowing the pair AUD / USD lost over 60 pips from its night
highs. It seems that yesterday's weak PMI
China's manufacturing sector by Caixin still has a negative
impact on the commodity market, and in particular copper, forcing a couple
update its lows of the week at the level of 0.7486. Moreover, small
US dollar correction and falling investor interest in riskier assets,
which is caused by the Fed's decision on interest rates, and
add some bearish pressure on the pair on Wednesday. Now the market focus shifts
in the direction of the US unit of macroeconomic indicators, which includes index
business activity in the non-manufacturing sector from the ISM and Change of
non-farm payrolls from ADP, and will be presented before
The Fed's decision on the refinancing rate during the CA session.

Couple GBP / USD It has come under intense pressure
from the bears this morning, losing more than 50 points from their night
highs, as well as breaking the mark 1.2900. In this Wednesday, the pound was in a field
of sellers after the recent statements by EU leaders that Prime Minister
UK Tereza Mey will not be able to join the discussion conditions
Breksita. This statement is contrary to the intentions of Ms. Mei personally lead
Breksitu negotiations, about which she spoke during his last
performances. Next will be presented today, PMI
UK construction sector, as well as a report on US employment from ADP and Index
business activity in the non-manufacturing sector of the United States from the ISM,
which will be published during the CA session before the Fed's decision on interest

events of the day:

The index of business activity in the UK construction sector
- 11.30 (GMT +3)

Changing the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector of the US
on ADP - 15.15 (GMT +3)

The index of business activity in the non-manufacturing sector of the US
from ISM - 17.00 (GMT +3)

Crude oil reserves in the United States - 17.30 (GMT +3)

Decision on interest rates Fed - 21.00 (GMT +3)

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.0873 C 1.0961

P. S. USDJPY 111.49 112.55

1.2838 C 1.2988

0.9879 C 0.9981

AUDUSD 0.7488 P.
S. 0.7580

0.6887 C 0.6963

1.3596 C 1.3812

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Steady EA System

Steady EA System

Steady EA System - fully automated Advisor trading on spreads during consolidation. Each open position is protected by a fixed take-profit and stop-loss of 90 pips in order to minimize a possible drawdown. However, in most cases, the algorithm looks for reversals and profit records himself. Since the value of the take-profit varies depending on the price, volume and volatility, it is not set in advance, and is calculated on each tick. Advisor seeks spreads using its own settings hidden oscillators.

Expert allows trading fixed lot, and also includes money management unit to automatically calculate the value of the lot, depending on predetermined settings at risk for one transaction. For reliable operation experts recommend using ECN-account with narrow spreads and fast execution of orders.

Features advisor

  1. Advisor is designed, tested and optimized for professional software engineer who worked at Microsoft with more than 6 years of experience in the Forex market

  2. Counselor passed stress testing on historical data for the last 6 years with the modeling quality of 90%

  3. Testing on a live account more than a year (from 2015)

  4. According to the test results are optimized more than 10,000 variables

  5. The relatively low drawdown, with an average 15% per year

  6. High Profit Factor

Built-in security system

  1. Avoids slipping.

  2. Trend reversal.

  3. Accounting drawdown.

  4. Accounting for equity.

  5. The maximum number of simultaneously open positions = 15


  1. Lots: Lot size, default 0.1. A fixed volume of trade

  2. Leverage: Shoulder. Default 5. If compoundProfit is true, the trading volume is calculated based on the values ​​of the shoulder

  3. Slippage: Slip. Default 3.0. The maximum allowable slippage.

  4. TimeZoneOfYourMT4Server: Time Zone MT4 server. 3. Change the default setting in accordance with the time server of your broker. For example, if the broker's server is located in Malta (GMT2 +), while on the MT4 chart is equal to 02:00, and time is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is 23:00, the time difference is 3 hours. Thus the parameter value should be equal to 3, despite the fact that Malta GMT2 + is in the band. Depending on the daylight saving time, the time displayed on MT4 schedule may vary by + -1 hour. Be careful! This parameter has a direct impact on the efficiency of the adviser, so be sure to test the robot on the history before starting a real trade.


  • Built-in intelligent fixed stop loss of 90 pips for worst-case scenario (at least 1% activated time);

  • Built-in fixed intelligent takeprofit 90 pips to best scenario (triggered less than 1% of the time);

  • Fixing loss based on current market conditions and fixed period of time allotted for the trade;

  • Profit-taking on the basis of current market conditions;

  • Lot fixed or automatic calculation based on the account balance;

  • Do not use indicators;

  • Without hedging;

  • Do not use a grid, martingale, arbitration;

  • Low trading drawdown;

  • Easy to set up.

  • Never leave the transaction open for the next day

  • Trades in relatively calm Azitaskuyu early session for detecting significant trend reversals


  • Symbol: USDJPY.

  • Timeframe: M5.

  • Spread: Less than 5

  • Recommended minimum deposit: $ 500.

  • The recommended type of account: ECN (low spread).


  • Use money management. Recommended trade risk per trade 1-3%.

  • For a fixed lot: 0.06 per each $ 1000.

  • Use a separate ECN-dollar bill with a narrow spread.

Steady EA System

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Currency market pound will go

Currency market. The pound will go further

GBP / USD morning added once 50
points. And on the empty market without any catalysts.
movement is always particularly important. They talk about the mood of the market to buy
currency, just because it looks good.

Currency market pound will go

Comments from Bank of England's last chapter
week weakened the pound and allowed traders to pick him up at the attractive
levels. Tomorrow there will be the publication of the inflation report. And we have
warned how important it is. Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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  • Computing power of market structu

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FX Compass

FX Compass

indicator "FX Compass"Predicts the likely direction of the price movement and displays 10 levels for purchases and sales.

The indicator is used on any timeframe and any currency pairs

Prior to the practical application of indicator parameters are adjusted so that the level of buying and selling price have blocked the entire history of quotations. It is desirable to pre-load the history of quotes in full.

After setting up the display, purchases are made from the level of purchases only with growth forecast, orders are not recommended to open for sale. Sales - from sales levels, the forecast falling trend, orders are not recommended to open the purchase.

Parameters indicator settings

  • Channel - option to adjust the forecast (eg 0.0018 for EURUSD timeframe M30)

  • Delta - a step of levels of buying and selling (eg 0.0005 for EURUSD timeframe M30)

  • CLR_Forecast - color display predictive line

  • CLR_Buy -color display purchase levels

  • CLR_Sell -color display sales

This is the first version of the indicator. Please e-mail comments and suggestions to enhance the capacity and functionality. I will make sure to completion.

FX Compass

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  • NearUSD

    NearUSD Indicator NearU $ D pane in any trading instrument displays the average value of the price variance US dollar in items for the period. to...

  • PipSeek for MT4

    PipSeek for MT4 Analog indicator PeepSeek. Dynamic trohperiodnye exponential levels act as support or resistance , as indicated by the short-term price...

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

GBPUSD will keep cautious in short

GBP / USD will keep cautious in the short term

According to the forecasts of the main Commerzbank technical analyst Karen Jones, GBP / USD will keep a cautious attitude in the short term.

Key points

"At the pound reached a 55-week MA at 1.2966 which now consolidates last week. I would like to mention a complex divergence on the daily RSI, however, to weaken the bull pressure is required breakdown of 1.2760 the pair (at least 21 of April). In the medium term, our outlook remains bullish as long as the pair is trading above the 200-day MA at 1.2603. Near 1.3000 the pair is likely to fizzle, at least temporarily.

Break of 1.2603 could cause a decline to 1.2515 (April 18th low) and 1.2347 (low of February). "

The terminal number 1 in the world to operate in the financial markets. $ 5000 is already in the account.

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    Speculators increasing their short positions in Brent After rising by more than 50% in the period from February to March, the oil is rapidly becoming...

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Expert Recoil

Expert Recoil

Recoil - Advisor for trading on Renko charts

In the tests used 100 points brick size for the 5-digit and 10-point quotations - 4-valued.

EA trades only after the confirmation of a buy or sell signal, that is waiting for the candle to close Renko. As a confirmation of the entrance used one candle ago and one candle ago - to exit. When you trade on several currency pairs carefully distribute the load on the deposit!

The screenshots show the test results without optimization.

Attention! To learn how to properly test counselor, read
"Discussion". Advisor is designed to work on Renko charts.
Testing is only necessary on Renko charts.

Recommended currency pair: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD and USDCAD.


  • sNameExpert - Councilor name;

  • MAGIC - magic number of orders;

  • dBuyStopLossPoint - StopLoss for Buy orders not used by default;

  • dSellStopLossPoint - StopLoss for Sell orders not used by default;

  • dBuyTakeProfitPoint - TakeProfit for Buy orders not used by default;

  • dSellTakeProfitPoint - TakeProfit for Sell orders not used by default;

  • dBuyTrailingStopPoint - TrailingStop for Buy orders not used by default;

  • dSellTrailingStopPoint - TrailingStop for Sell orders not used by default;

  • nRecoil - the main parameter for optimization. The larger the value, the longer the transaction, the smaller, the more scalping. 12 by default.

  • dLots - the number of lots;

  • dLotsPercent - capital Management. When used True Lot percentage of the deposit is set Percent parameter. False When using a fixed lot, set in dLots parameter.

  • Percent - a percentage of the deposit to determine the lot. Percent = 1, the deposit - 1000, Lot 0.1, deposit 100, Lot 0.01, etc .;

  • nSlippage - the maximum deviation of the price for market orders (buy or sell orders);

  • lFlagUseHourTrade - trade restrictions on the time of day is not used by default;

  • nFromHourTrade - Start of Trading;

  • nToHourTrade - the end of the trade;

  • lFlagUseSound - use sound notifications;

  • sSoundFileName - Chime file;

  • colorOpenBuy - Flowers for open Buy orders;

  • colorCloseBuy - the color of the closure order Buy;

  • colorOpenSell - Flowers for open Sell order;

  • colorCloseSell - color closing a Sell order.

Expert Recoil

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Nomura speeches of heads of Central

Nomura: speeches of the heads of the Central Bank in Jackson Hole can put pressure on the New Zealand market dollarValyutny

Speculators continue to occupy a fairly aggressive long position in the kiwi, and the upcoming symposium in Jackson Hole speech by Fed and the ECB may make adjustments to the situation on the currency market. It is expected that Ms. Yellen will discuss the "financial stability", and, according to our US economists in the framework of this concept it may well declare the necessity of this year to increase target levels of short-term interest rates, even if inflation is rising more slowly than expected.

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    Negative interest rates mean that the Bank of Japan is the currency war - Kuroda TOKYO (Reuters) - The Central Bank is not engaged in a currency war,...

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Impulse Checker

Impulse Checker

Indicator Impulse Checker It intended to inform the acceleration of prices and determine the optimal entry points with increased volatility in the market, such as the opening of the market or at the time of important news release.

Indicator exploits the fundamental law of the market, which implies that after the occurrence of the desired size pulse at the desired point, the price movement will continue, which will make a large number of points.

Description of the indicator

During operation indicator price channel draws a rectangle width T1 T1sec seconds. This channel is graphically displays the amount of current Delta. If included Mode2, then the graph is drawn a second rectangle T2, which indicates the size of previous price channel width T2min minutes.

Delta - This price movement over the past T1sec seconds. The movement of prices is considered to be the point size of the current price to the price, which was T1sec seconds ago.

The indicator draws the entry point if Delta is greater than all the included modes Mode values:

  • MinDelta (If the Mode1)

  • HL * T2ratio (If included Mode2)

  • DayVolAvg * T3ratio (If included Mode3)

All of these values, including the value of Delta, are displayed in the information box in the top left corner of the screen in real time.

Key Features

  • is not redrawn

  • It produces precise calculations based on tick data

  • Draws a point of entry

  • Draws SL and TP levels

  • Ideal for news and exploitation of the strong price movements

Input parameters

  • T1sec - the width of the price channel T1, s.

  • T2min - price channel width T2, min.

  • T3day - the number of days to calculate average daily volatility days.

  • Mode1 - to form the Delta signal must exceed MinDelta

  • Mode2 - for the signal must exceed the Delta HL * T2ratio

  • Mode3 - for the signal must exceed the Delta DayVolAvg * T3ratio

  • MinDelta - the minimum prices for passage in paragraphs Mode1

  • T2ratio - correction factor to HL to Mode2

  • T3ratio - correction factor to DayVolAvg for Mode3

  • SignalPeriodSec - the minimum frequency of the signal information, sec.

  • LogInExpertsTab - message signal to the experts log

  • Alert - message signal in the Alert window

  • SendEmail - message signal on email

  • PushNotification - message signal to the mobile terminal

  • PlaySound - a message about the signal of the sound file playback

  • WavFileName - the name of the sound file to PlaySound

  • ColorT1sig - T1 rectangle color at the time of signal

  • ColorT1 - color of the rectangle without a T1 signal

  • ColorT2 - T2 rectangle color without signal

  • SignalPointWidth - the size of the signal input point

  • SLratio - factor to the size of Delta to calculate the distance from the entry point to the level of StopLoss

  • TPratio - factor to the size of Delta to calculate the distance from the entry point to the level of TakeProfit

Impulse Checker

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Monday, November 26, 2018

S2 Price Frequency

S2 Price Frequency

S2 Price Frequency indicates the number of repeating values ​​or percentage of the available size (height) at a predetermined interval. The resulting chart is a handy tool for market analysis.


  • Set the number of the previous candle for comparison with the current.

  • Adjusting tolerance for each comparison.

  • The mapping diagram in two modes (in percentage or amount).

  • Plotting one of the seven indicators (Close, Open, Low, High, HLC3, HLoc4).

S2 Price Frequency

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Asia stock finished trading in

Asia stock finished trading in the red zone

Stock indices in Hong Kong, China and Australia declined on the basis of trading following the collapse of commodity prices, writes MarketWatch.

Hong Kong Hang Seng lost after trades 0.8%, Chinese Shanghai Composite - 0,8%, Australian S P / ASX 200 - 0.7%.

Markets in Japan and South Korea are closed for a holiday (Children's Day).

Metal prices continued their decline on Friday, after a significant reduction in the day before on fears that the Chinese authorities adopted measures to curb speculation in the market, as well as tighter restrictions on the debt market will help reduce the demand for raw materials.

Against this backdrop, shares of BHP Billiton fell by 2,7%, Fortescue - by 3%, Rio Tinto - 2%.

It became aware of the new measures the Chinese authorities to limit borrowing volumes. Several government departments have promised to tighten control over the project, in which regional governments are investing the borrowed funds.

"The tightening of regulatory control Chinese financial markets contributes to the elimination of positions by investors in a number of asset classes in China"- said a trader Forsyth Barr Asia Bill Bowler.

A sharp drop in oil prices pushed down the share prices of oil companies: paper Australian Santos and Woodside Petroleum fell by 3% and 2.7%, China's PetroChina, Cnooc and Sinopec - by 2.4%, 1.1% and 2.8% .

"We see a very serious concern about oversupply of oil"- said the managing director of Haitong International Securities in Hong Kong Endryu Sallivan.

Experts point out the risk that the reduction in consumption of oil and energy points to weak demand and jeopardize global economic recovery.

Meanwhile, the value of shares of Macquarie jumped by 3.2% due to a stronger than expected, reports the Australian banking group over the past fingod.

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) on Friday said the growing confidence that inflation in the country will accelerate. The RBA's quarterly review praised the prospects of the global economy, noting the decline in unemployment in the United States and Germany, as well as maintaining the momentum for growth in China.

RBA experts believe that the period of reduced investment in the mining industry in Australia, which limited the economic growth of the country in the last five years, is nearing completion.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Trading results kept from collap

Trading results: kept from collapse

On Friday, the Russian stock market opened down on the background of a collapse of oil the day before, which continued at the beginning of the day. But a special panic is not observed after the oil quotes turned up, our indexes started to return lost ground. As a result, the MICEX index added 0.18% to close just above the 2000 level n., The RTS index rose by 0.4%, ending trading around the level of 1086 n.


Positive factors:

rise in oil prices.

The growth of world stock markets.

Reducing political risks in Europe.

Decrease key rate of the Central Bank.

Possible high dividends of state companies.

Negative factors:

Negative corporate news.

High geopolitical risks.


Today, the Russian indexes opened down due to the ongoing collapse of oil prices. Brent price at the opening of our session lost more than 2%, and despite the fact that yesterday it has decreased by 5%. However, today's low was set before the opening of the Russian market and the oil is already actively bounced, so that our indexes from the beginning of trading went regain daily losses.

Today quotes Brent set a new five-month low at $ 46.64, down more than 3.5% at the moment. And this after yesterday's loss of 5%! Thus, a bit of Brent nedotyanul to a minimum of 30 of November of last year ($ 46.5), - the day when the agreement was announced on the reduction of oil production. Thus, oil market participants eloquently shown that the effect of OPEC deal + almost zero. In addition, before the next meeting of the participants of the agreements on the reduction of production there are still 3 weeks.

One of the main factors that led to such disastrous results, has become an uninterrupted growth in US production, as well as unsatisfactory high level of oil reserves. In addition, slowing growth in Asia creates additional risks for the demand for the black gold. To save the situation, most likely, will not just rollover arrangements to reduce production, but the increase in terms of such a transaction, as well as the commitment by the member countries of obligations under a substantial reduction in oil production.

Futures on the US indices rose moderately most of the day, the indices in the United States also rose slightly in early trading. In the lower house of Congress was finally adopted the bill on health reform that revived investors' faith in the possibility to promote Trump and other measures aimed at stimulating the economy. Also today, in the United States came out good data on the labor market, which is not the last role was a significant rebound of oil prices. After all, the US is the locomotive of the world economy, and its condition directly affects the demand for raw materials.

In general, while our market produces a favorable impression of their resistance against the backdrop of the collapse of oil prices. Even the risks associated with the upcoming long weekend, most players on the decline forced to close some of its positions. In any case, this equanimity of our market gives hope that if oil prices stabilize, we see Russian indices at higher levels.

corporate sector

The leaders of growth today Uralkali, rising to 6.12%. MTS increased by 3.85%. Aeroflot has added 2.43%, historical highs again.

In the largest decline today Transneft, which fell by 2.46%. Extends the decline of ordinary shares (-2.38%) and preferred (-2.44%) shares of Mechel. Capitalization VTB decreased by 2.04%.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Political analyst suggested how

Political analyst suggested how to change the relations between Russia and France, with Macron

leader of the Movement Policy "Forward" Emmanuel Makron against Russia, if he wins the presidential election in France, will not differ from the course of the current president Fransua Ollanda, relations remain difficult. In an interview with RIA Novosti said a professor at the American University in Paris Ziad Madzhid.

According to experts, the foreign policy of the Makron, if elected, will be close to the vector, formed with Hollande, "It will focus on the relationship with Germany, especially after the British exit from the EU".

"With regard to relations with Russia, the Macron here will follow the policies chosen by Hollande, that is, relations will remain as they were when Hollande - complex and unfriendly"- says the Lebanese-French political scientist.

As for the position in relation to the official Damascus, here, according to Madjid, politics Fransua Ollanda will continue. priority Makron "will struggle with IG * no recognition of Bashar Assad as a partner in this war".

"He will continue to Hollande's policy in Syria, but with more caution, waiting for the new US approaches to Damascus"- said Ziad Madzhid.

In the second round for the presidency struggling Emmanuel Macron, who scored in the first round, 24.01% of the vote, and the candidate of the party "National front" Marine Le Pen (21.3%).

terrorist group "Islamic State" (IG) is banned in Russia

The second round of presidential elections in France watch online reportage RIA Novosti

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  • Standard Poor's downgraded credit

    Standard Poor # 39; s downgraded the credit ratings of China The outlook on the Standard Poor's agency of China adjusted the credit rating of the experts...

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

USD / JPY. 08.05. The fight for the key level of 113.00

A currency pair USD / JPY consolidated under round 113.00 resistance level, the strong line simple MA (100) on a daily taymfeyme. On the same level is a simple MA (100) on the weekly chart, it means - a key level for which the fight will unfold this week. The breaking resistance opens the way for the bulls to 115.00, and gives a chance to rebound in the medium term, the bears go to 108.50. With more likely to expect the downtrend to continue, but probably need a couple of time to get out of the overbought zone, also did not exclude false breakdown 113.00. Today, the pair is trading on the slide, the immediate goal is to 112.00. Important economic reports do not have a pair, but traders remember the good US labor market data on Friday, and it can make sure the US currency.
Analyst from company ForexMart

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Set Your Strategy EA

Set Your Strategy EA

This EA opens the opportunity for all users to create their own trading strategies using two basic indicators:

  1. My own indicator, (Which is already in the store) displays the dynamic support and resistance levels, as well as the ability to work independently.

  2. 2 indicator CCI Support added for the first indicator. They can work on their own, if the first indicator is off (CheckTrendLine = false).

  3. Automatic calculation of the lot size when LeverageUse = true, or you can specify a normal numeric value of the lot size be specified FixedLot equal to 0.01 and above.

  4. warrants: Use stop-loss, take profit and trailing stop, true / false. (Trailing orders is carried out only when the profit).

  5. Many other features, such as hedges (CloseOnOppositeSignal) And the start of trading after ConfirmCross.

  6. A host of other features to display on the chart.

Expert works on currencies and all commodities, indexes and actions on all timeframes MetaTrader 4 terminal.

It is only necessary to try your own settings and test strategy for stories on any instrument and time frame. Both indicators have been combined so that you can create your own advisor.

Input parameters

  1. CheckTrendLine = false / true - activate the first indicator (My own indicator).

  2. Cci1, Cci2 Enabled = false / true - enable CCI indicators with their variable. Cci1 begin its work only after confirmation Cci2 conditions.

  3. This advisor may generate signals shopping when installing AllowSignal = true, and when specifying SendNotify = true you can send signals to your mobile MT4 terminal. at startup ShowPopUp = true pop-up message with the text of the signal will be displayed.

  4. TrendLineSignalMaxDelayBars = 1 - confirmation of any signal to buy or sell as soon as fully formed the first candle after punched by the red trend line will appear above or below the red line. Install 2 or 3 only if you want to specify a delay confirmation signal in 2 or 3 bars after crossing the existing trend line.

  5. ConfirmCross = true - intersection confirmation CCI CCI specified levels. When false, the signals will be confirmed immediately after the intersection or tangency CCI predetermined levels.

  6. LeverageUse = true - Leverage Calculator transactions. This calculator was added to allow users to control the use of leverage by multiplying numbers given in MaxLeverageToUse: 1 or 2 or 3 up to 100 by means of balance in your account. Thus, a value of 1 for each transaction using a leverage of 1: 1. When installing 2, Advisor to multiply the number 2 means the size and select an equal number of lots: dividing the total value at the price tool will choose the number of standard lots to trade them. Advisor will take into account the new value of the funds that will increase or decrease over time due to the profit or loss.

  7. LotSize - lot size (1 to 0.1). For example: 0.5 or 0.3 or 0.4 or 0.2 or 0.25 or 0.1. This parameter is used to separate a portion of the lot size selected in MaxLeverageToUse. 0.5 means 2 pieces = 2 possible when a transaction signal. At 0.1, the total amount of lots will be divided into 10 equal parts or transactions at each new signal in the same direction, and so on.

  8. FixedLot - fixed lot size for every transaction indicate the values ​​of 0.01 to 100 lots. used in LeverageUse = false

  9. CloseOnOppositeSignal = false - not close the open transaction (Buy or Sell), until they become profitable, whereupon they are closed for a total profit, for example, equal to MinProfitToClose =15 pips.

  10. Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing orders You can be configured by specifying the values ​​in pips for the currency, or adding a few decimal places for metals and other commodities or indices.

Finally; I hope that everyone will be able to create their own secret strategy with this advisor after successful strategy backtesting. I do not promise any profits or successful strategies when using this tool, but I have found a successful strategy, which is commercially available in the Market.

Important: You should know that the data provided will vary depending on the broker. I advise you to achieve the success of the strategy for testing on the platform of your broker before you can use it in real trading.

For further discussion, please send an e-mail to

Thank you.

Set Your Strategy EA

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Central Bank plans to make decision

Central Bank plans to make a decision on the key interest rate insider

The Central Bank plans to expand the list of insider information, data about the decision of the Central Bank Board of Directors on the key rate and the introduction of an interim administration in banks.

Such information is contained in the regulator, published on the portal of the federal draft laws and regulations.

As noted earlier decision on the key rate and the introduction of the interim administration of insider information were not considered

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Friday, November 16, 2018

KFX Support and Resistance

KFX Support and Resistance

The indicator shows the levels of support and resistance lines as the larger timeframes. It can be run on any timeframe, but will appear only data timeframes H1-W1. Therefore, the indicator is well suited for small tayfreymov to search for inputs when price movement of line.

The screenshots show the actual trading situations, using KFX Trade Plotter.

The use of the indicator in the chart analysis

Select indicator for displaying (H1, H4, D1 or W1). The indicator also displays the time of the candle. I use the indicator on the M15. On the last screenshot briefly mentioned, how to analyze the currency pair and choose the best entry point. Usually I am looking for a minimum of three confirmation:

  • Price observes line support and resistance

  • RSI shows a divergence

  • Candles form a W or M, price touches support and resistance lines 2 times


  • Candle_Closing_Time - closing candles

  • location - select to display 1-4 times (schedule angle)

  • displayservertime - 1 at close to the time of closing the candle displays server time

  • fontSize - font size

  • SHOW_H1 - enable / disable the H1 line

  • SHOW_H4 - enable / disable the H4 line

  • SHOW_D1 - enable / disable line D1

  • SHOW_W1- enable / disable line W1

  • Supply_Demand_Area - the size of the support / resistance lines

  • All colors are set

KFX Support and Resistance

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pearl Diver

Pearl Diver

Powerful streaming system of tools for technical analysis and trading strategies. Specially selected set of internal modules provide a target functionality for trading, from trading within the day before the long-term strategic positioning. In general, the system is one of the realizations of the ideas and principles contained in the article at

Consider the structure of modules:

  • Murray 8x8 square grid with Gunn and conflict zones

  • Murray 12x12 square grid with Gunn and conflict zones

  • Immediately Pearl Diver module operating in three different modes

  • Five kinds of Pivot levels - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual

  • Wave notation, the state of each of the three streams of the current, younger and older timeframes

  • A set of linear instruments for each of the three streams in the current timeframe: Fibonacci levels, Andrew forks, standard deviation channels, the channels of linear regression, equidistant channels

  • StopLoss levels in Long Flow in the current timeframe, calculated in the current wave fractal on RMS deviation

Splitting into streams is automatic, state wave fractals promptly displayed on the graph. Linear Instruments include any flow through intuitive input parameters. Most of the technical tools familiar to traders and requires no special explanation. Expound here Gunn and Murray's theory does not make sense, because the network can easily find the relevant literature as according to the theory as well as on various trading strategies based on these theories. The only unknown is the tool Pearl Diver. Let us dwell on it in detail.

Tool Pearl Diver serves to identify and capture new emerging trends, and more accurate selection of entry points and exit. This tool is a distant relative of the famous indicator Heiken Ashi and presenting data in a Range Renko bars, operates in three modes, and has no close analogues. In fact, Pearl Diver is a flexible tunable filter market noise with a small settling time and stretch recovery time. That is a new trend, captured by the filter, quickly displays appropriate graphical changes. Further, all market noises and minor financial instrument movement rate filter are eliminated, and the inverse image changes occur only in the event of a significant adjustment or a change in the current trend.

Pearl Diver algorithm involves capture a specially designed pivot point of the selected range and filtering trigger price fluctuations. Further, based on the current state of the course are drawn candles of a particular color, with a certain amount of their bodies and the shadows that gives an indication of the direction of the trend and its strength or attrition. When searching for input / output points can be obtained outstanding accuracy result if an integrated filter Pearl Diver + StopLoss. Since the levels StopLoss module when calculating the value rms deviation rate in the range of wave acting fractal, the trader is able to filter small additional adjustments local breakdowns and false boundaries range of standard deviation.

One of the operating modes (Live Mode) is more suitable for intraday trading, as it shows a tendency to zero bar, the current candle. Simultaneous control of two or three neighboring timeframes in Live Mode Mode allows you to keep an in-effective trading. The main mode is designed for mid-term trading and long-term investments. Fractal module mode works on fractals Williams. This mode is for strategies and tactics, based on the breakdown of fractal data. To install Pearl Diver need to translate the graph to display line instead of bars or candles, and in the properties of the graph to set the color for the line in the state NONE.

Pearl Diver

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