Monday, July 31, 2017

TRADER dies for metal Four simple

TRADER dies for the metal? Four simple criterion for the selection of profitable signals.

Probably the most
the famous line from Gounod's "Faust" sounds in the aria Mephistopheles "People are dying
for the metal. " In the previous article, sharing some of my observations on
subscriptions to trading signals via MT4 and MT5 platforms (remember? tab
"Signals" at the bottom of the terminal), I suggested that subscribers often choose
signal solely on its profitability, completely forgetting about the risks.

So what is next? Really
what follows is what he sang Mephistopheles?

To be
fair, of course, everything is not so tragic. First, the signal for selecting
themselves, can be guided not only by the popularity rating among
subscribers, but also to the rating that offers portal itself. this rating
based on more than three dozen indicators, although the formula for calculating it
the creators of the secretive and hidden behind seven locks, which naturally causes
displeasure of certain skeptics, who do not want to trust someone's word, and
willing to just dig themselves.

Well, him and all the cards in
hands - individually all three dozen parameters of each signal
available to anyone, and in the online mode. Want - to make his formula, and you want
- just studied and analyzed, and signs.

Personally, I do not ship
himself all this great lot of numbers, and guided only by 4 indicators:

- deposit growth,
in% (here, I think, no need to explain anything - the higher it is, the better)

- maximum
drawdown, again in% of the deposit (here, too, it is clear - the less, the

- lifetime

- and stability

Term life - very
an important indicator. If otranzhirovat signals presented at mql5 on this indicator, it is clearly seen that
the longer the signal lives, the less the average monthly income. Thus, for signals
with lifespan of more than 100 weeks, the rate is usually in the range of
from minus 10% to plus 10%. Of course, there are exceptions, but most often it happens.

On the other hand,
possible to isolate another group of signals, which shows just phenomenal
profitability in the hundreds or thousands of percent, the peak of which falls on life
20-40-th week, and then ... you can once again listen to the aria Mephistopheles.

It is in order,
that this did not happen, I propose to use a fourth of the proposed
criteria, which I call stability. If someone likes more
sounding terms, it can be called a dispersion of returns, the essence remains the
change. And it is to give us a clear result
What is the profit earned on a particular signal - happy
chance, luck or a single high-quality, thought-out trading strategy.

Only one
a vivid example (not to engage in any advertising or anti-advertising, specific
Signal names will not give). So:

At the time of writing
this material deposit on a signal increase of X% in 2400 and it is only 20
weeks! Impressive. Drawdown under this yields is also not inspire fears -
only some 15%. But if you look at the monthly rate of return, here we
We see the following picture: January - plus 1,176%, February - plus 85% in March - plus 21%
April - minus 7%, in May - minus 6%.

I do not know how anyone,
but I would not expect here a stable income - a deviation from the
the expectation on both sides in this case may be about
400%, and calculate the efficiency of such an investment is virtually impossible.

for comparison
another signal. Term life is almost the same - 21 weeks, maximum drawdown,
as the previous - 14%, but deposit growth at 10 times less - "only"
115%. In this case, the monthly rate of return
It is as follows: January - plus 9%, February - plus 15% in March - plus 22%, April -
plus 20%, in May - plus 15%. I think, here and without calculations show that in June, and
Further the subscriber may calculate the profit in the range of from 10 to 20%.

Some of us
It prefers the risk and adrenaline, someone - peace and stability. I do not
lazy and using a mql5 statistics, he made simple calculations. It turned out
more than 7000 subscribers who use this service, the category of avid
profit incorrigible optimists two-thirds of us can be attributed. And only one-third
Subscriber carefully analyzed what was singing Mephistopheles.

good luck and so, and others.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

GBPJPY adx based

GBPJPY adx based

Advisor is based on the ADX. EA trades exclusively on GBPJPY. This is a complex and powerful strategy for professional traders and investors. This is not one of those strategies that promises to get rich in a week. To assess its work takes time. When tested on the history of the expert has made more than 484 transactions for the period of 7.5 years with a maximum drawdown of 2.7% and a profit factor of 1.4. the quality of testing in 99% and real tick data provides an advantage over other strategies. Together with Monte Carlo analysis, this strategy has passed tests for reliability and is ready to work without any further optimization.

Note: Do not forget that any strategy are losing periods, so do not panic if you do not profit for a few weeks. I also recommend to get acquainted with my other strategies in order to build a portfolio to maximize profits and minimize losses.


  • MinimumSLTP = 10 - minimum stop-loss / take profit

  • MaximumSLTP = 50 - Maximum stop-loss / take profit

  • UseMoneyManagement = false - enable / disable automatic control of capital

  • Lots Decimals = 2 - broker should support trade micro lot; set the value to 1, if your broker does not support microlots

  • RiskInPercent = 2.0 - risk per trade as a percentage of the account balance using an automatic money management

  • Maximum Lots = 0.5 - maximum lot size

  • Use Fixed Money - use a fixed amount (True / False)

  • Risk In Money - the size of the risk in terms of money instead of the lot or%

  • Max Trades Per Day - the maximum number of trades per day

  • MaxSlippage = 3 - Maximum slippage

  • MagicNumber = 12345 - the magic number for the expert deals

  • CustomComment - user comment

  • DisplayInfoPanel = false - Enable or disable the display of the information panel on the chart

  • All other settings are rather simple. However, if you have any questions, please contact me.

GBPJPY adx based

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Asian stocks were down on Monday

Asian stocks were down on Monday

Greek default and turbulence
on major world markets affected
today at the Asian stock indexes.
All the major indicators lost APR
not less than 1.25%, while Chinese stocks
also influenced domestic news.

  • Shanghai

    a further 3.3%. index correction does not deliver
    no signs of deceleration, despite
    the fact that the People's Bank of China lowered
    base rates on loans to 4.85%, and
    annual deposits - to 2%. reduction
    rate followed the collapse
    Shanghai index on Friday, up 7.4%.
    Today he lost another 3.3%. For the last
    Two weeks correction Shanghai
    Composite was

    the background of the market experts do not see
    such as weakening the strong, as in
    the 2008 crisis. For support
    shares open opportunities
    within the country, but they provide
    the impact of the international situation. there is
    all are clear signs that the government
    seriously cares about stability
    the economy and the stock market. But,
    Nevertheless, the People's Bank of China did not
    could eliminate current fluctuations
    the stock market. Market analysts expect
    the following steps from the government.

  • Index
    Hang Seng I lost
    2.68%. Legend
    Holdings, a manufacturer
    Motherboard for Lenovo
    Group, showed
    very modest debut on the market. Between
    the fact that IPO
    the market waited as one of the largest
    recently. Against this background, almost
    5% lost securities Lenovo

  • Nikkei
    I lost
    many currency investors flee to
    the relative calm of the yen against the background
    events in Greece, so it grows.
    It is traditionally weighs on stocks
    exporters, and they, in turn,
    gone down the national stock
    index. Sentiment crushed and internal
    data. Industrial production in Japan
    May decreased by 2.2%. It is much worse,
    than consensus forecasts: pre
    drop was estimated at 0.8%.

    cheapened companies were, as stated
    above, primarily exporters.
    automakers have been particularly affected.
    Motor lost
    4.3%; Toyota
    Motor and
    lost weight
    on 2%.

    sector also retreated: Nomura
    Holdings lost

  • S P / ASX
    I lost
    2.2%. Sharp losses suffered bank
    sector and the "blue chips". Now the index
    It is on a five-month low.
    Billiton fell
    on 2%. South left and energy
    Company: Woodside
    Petroleum fell
    2.4%; Santos

    Gold Miners raised again
    head after the gold quotes.
    Mining added
    3.9%; Newcrest
    Mining grew

  • Key
    Korean index Kospi
    in the red at 1.4% amid a broad sell-off.
    Electronics dropped
    on its 11-year low, losing on
    trading Monday 4.8%.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

RSI on Realtime Deals

RSI on Realtime Deals

At the time of the transaction script records the value of the indicator Relative Strength Index (RSI) and OHLC price bars.

For quantitative analysis of trade data are stored in .CSV file format. RSI indicator parameters are specified in the input parameters of the script. Information on the location of the file is displayed after stopping the script.

RSI on Realtime Deals

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Volatility indication of what

Volatility - an indication of what went wrong in the QE something

Marcello Minenna, professor at Milan's Bocconi University, argues that the QE program is developing not quite as originally planned. His opinion was published today on The Wall Street Journal.

"President of the ECB,
Mario Draghi, warned last week,
that "we have to get used to the periods
high volatility. " The yield on the
10-year German bonds jumped
1%, crowning period of two months, during
during which investors watched
very rapid and unexpected jumps in prices
Bond (in different directions).

but Mr.
Draghi was silent about something in his
comments. He explained a new era
increased volatility in the background is extremely
low interest rates natural
forces. ECB President explains
almost no weather conditions that
It is beyond human
control capabilities. It's not only
downplays the ECB responsible for
bringing down the interest rate to nearly
zero, but also ignores the fact that
it is the last monetary program
controller directly contributed
such a sharp increase in volatility.

The main reason
yield fluctuations that began
in April, is simple: traders try
buy low and sell - it's expensive.
The price of bonds fell and yields
rose as investors who
We took advantage of the rise in bond prices
after the announcement of the ECB's large-scale purchases
sovereign debt securities now
They are trying to fix their profits.
This strategy (which has a centuries-old
tradition) interacts with features
QE program, officially
launched in March.

gosbondy demand as a result of QE
accelerated the decline in yield of
Eurozone bonds. As a result, many
all of them have gone into negative
territory. In April, yield
nine-year German bonds
slid below zero, taking the
even short-term bonds. for the first time
Throughout its history, the same Italian
six-month securities reached zero
profitability. By mid-April the total
the value of debt securities in the euro area
It reached 2.8 trillion euros, a quarter
of them had a negative return.

all trips
about the fact that, in accordance with the rules
ECB set for the QE program,
you can not buy in the secondary market
bonds with a yield of less than 0.2%.
Accordingly, the approach of the debt
paper to yield 0.2% - this is a signal for
trader that it is time to sell it,
because its price will not grow after
it would be unsuitable for participation
in the QE program. Respectively,
from that moment on banks and other investors
begin to create an excess supply
bonds, trying to fix their

recent fluctuations
prices of German bonds to a large
extent it is this and explained. it
no coincidence: in fact on QE program
ECB buys more and more
bonds. As a result, even a long-term
Bonds are suitable for threatening
Border yield of 0.2%. Similar
dynamics is observed in the sovereign markets
bonds and other euro zone countries, although
where volatility is less pronounced:
negative profitability there is still
not so big spread.

these fluctuations
prices strengthened further and other
QE programs and features
total control policy. For example,
reduced trading volumes, and after them,
- and liquidity. In particular, national
Eurozone central banks accumulate
emergency stocks of public debt.

In the same time,
Private banks are scaling back their
traditional activities as
market maker, because they interfere with
tightening the rules regarding their
capital base. Less paper circulates
in the markets, and the standard trade
strategies may cause significant
price fluctuations.

the nominal value of the sovereign
Eurozone bonds with a negative
yield fell to € 1.3 trillion
a result of the flash crash in April and June.
This autoimmune reaction participants
market on the likely deficit bonds,
held under the rules of QE.
Investors expect that the situation with
liquidity in the best case will remain
at current levels, and may get worse.
Seeing how quickly jump at such prices
politics, some investors reluctant
held at sovereign debt securities
Eurozone - and most simply sells
them when the first hint of trouble.

In the longer term
term, QE will turn
a game of hide and seek between the banks and the ECB.
Regulators will provide money
funds in exchange for government bonds, pushing
prices up to dizzying heights. banks
at the same rate will sell
its assets, preventing reduction in yield.
They are well-equipped to play
these games. At the right moment they will
central banks to sell their large
holdings of sovereign bonds, and in the period
convenient price, they will always be able to use
cash provided by
regulators to buy gosbondy
back in even greater numbers.

even though
a high short-term volatility,
for banks is a very good bargain.
Based on a comparison of average balance
the cost of government bonds in the commercial
banks with an average price at which they
sold by national regulators
in the course of QE, profits already
resulting in the end of the game, already
estimated by some experts
approximately 12 billion euros.

But if banks
pleasure incremented their capital
on a regular basis as a result of
QE program, they are unlikely
We tend to engage in risky
credit schemes of individuals and businesses
- But economists initially
We are counting on the stimulation of these
sectors. This helps explain why
after three years of recession reduction
the volume of bank lending
slowed only very little, and
Now turn to growth is not observed.

while volatility in the bond markets
- is the result of an error in the program QE,
and not "highlight", in which Mario
Draghi wants so much to make you believe
markets. Instead of the implant
scheme, the ECB should be urgently start
work on its revision - of course,
if it is to have any hope
to achieve its objectives to combat deflation."

Marcello Minenna, specifically for The Wall Street Journal. Retelling - Anomalia

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Zone pips

Zone pips

Zone pips - fully automated Forex-Advisor, which uses two types of orders: Buy Stop and Sell Stop. Advisor also uses the system recovery after damage.

It is recommended to expert testing on a demo account MetaQuotes.

timeframe - Only H1.

Input parameters

  • TP - Take Profit.

  • AutoTP - true / false (automatic calculation of take-profit).

  • Min_Zone - minimum recovery zone in pips.

  • Max_Zone - maximum recovery zone in pips.

  • Nbars - minimum number of bars for reduction zone.

  • Lot - the initial lot.

  • Lotmax - the maximum amount.

  • MN - factor.

  • MagicNumber - magic number.

  • slippage - slippage.

  • StartDay - the beginning of trading.

  • StopDay - the end of the trade.

Zone pips

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Bulls and Bears indicator

Bulls and Bears indicator

Bulls and Bears Indicator

An indicator showing who is dominant at the moment on the market: buyers (Bulls-bulls) or sellers (Bears-Bears).


About terms of the Bulls and the Bears first wrote K. Johnson in 1714. In the book «Country Lasses» he says about these categories of gamblers and especially their trade.

So bulls Forex - traders is playing in the rise of the market or at least count on the increase in the price of a particular financial instrument.

The origin of the name is inspired by the analogy - the bulls lifted the enemy on the horns, throwing it up - just trader bull "raise" the price for its aggressive shopping. Wild bear bore down on the enemy, or the victim, pressing the ground with their weight. Similarly, a trader bear tends to lower prices and increase supply. To do this, it opens a short position and sell, sell, while prices will not fall to the desired level.

In contrast to the stock exchange, foreign exchange operates on the exchange rates, acts as a financial instrument.

Therefore, the forex market bulls and bears are expected to rise or, respectively, the fall of the exchange rate, and to achieve the purpose they buy or sell the base currency against the quote.

on display

As mentioned earlier, this indicator shows who is dominant at the moment.

Color scheme:

  • Bulls - bar chart. Color - DodgerBlue. It reflects the dynamics of change in the propensity to buy at a given time.

  • Bears - bar chart. Color - Orange. It reflects the dynamics of change in the propensity for sale at any given time.

  • BLBR_MA - moving average. Color - White. Built according to Bulls and Bears. The main purpose - an additional landmark. The increase in this average indicates that at the moment the tendency to buy more than a penchant for sale. Reduction indicates that at this point in time the tendency to sell more than the propensity to buy.

  • BLBR_UP and BLBR_DW - These two lines form a channel within which the value varies BLBR_MA. If BLBR_MA leaves the channel or touches the channel boundaries (BLBR_UP or BLBR_DW), then at the bar must pay attention, because the High and Low prices of the bar can serve in the subsequent levels of resistance / support respectively. Or penetration of these levels will open the way for the continuation of the ascending / descending trend.

An indicator:

  • BLBRperiod - averaging period, data histograms Bulls (DodgerBlue) and Bears (Orange).

  • BLBRmethod - averaging method.

  • MA_BLBRperiod - averaging period moving average BLBR_MA (White), constructed according Bulls and Bears.

  • MA_BLBRmethod - method of averaging the moving average.

  • Channel - true - show the channel; false - do not show the channel.

It was said above about the role and BLBR_UP BLBR_DW together with BLBR_MA. Therefore, it is recommended to use one and the same averaging method, and averaging periods must differ from each other in three or more times. In this histogram averaging period should be longer averaging period moving average.

Bulls and Bears indicator

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Colorist for MT4

Colorist for MT4

Colors in your graphics using the most beautiful set of predefined color schemes. You can paint a separate schedule or all open charts.

This script is to decorate your graphics - no more, no less. All existing chart settings will remain intact.

color schemes

  • Blueprint

  • Coup de grace

  • Curiosity Killed

  • Gamebookers

  • Peppermint

  • Ruby Blue

  • TradeStation

Colorist for MT4

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Break Price Channel Martingale

Break Price Channel Martingale

Expert Break Price Channel Martingale. Here is a brief description. A more detailed description can be found on my blog TRADING WAY.

Signals used for forming a modified Price Channel Indicator (MultiRange_PCH). All operations are carried out on formed bars current timeframe. Link to download the indicator at the end of the description.

In this version, the expert added to the possibility of the protective level Stop Loss in bezubytka zone. It is also possible to include a function of controlling the volume of positions such as the Martingale, where in the case of a losing trade should be opened with the volume of unprofitable transactions multiplied by the specified parameters in the external factor.

The expert can be used in semi-automatic trading. The position can be opened manually, and to provide expert support positions. Since trade Martingale method can be dangerous, the position can be closed manually when the current income over past losses.

List of expert settings:

  • Indicator Period - indicator period MultiRange_PCH.

  • Mode Break - breakdown mode. It is possible to install the sample into the channel (BREAK IN) and out channel (BREAK OUT).

  • Take Profit - distance in points from the entry point to the level of profit-taking. If you set a value of zero, the level of profit will not be installed.

  • Stop Loss - distance in points from the entry point for the protective layer. If you set a value of zero, then the security level will be established.

  • Trailing Stop - a step in the points for the modification of the protective layer toward profit. The level is calculated from the highs (High) for Sell positions and lows from (Low) for Buy positions. If you set a value of zero, then modification of the protective layer will not be made.

  • Reverse - in this parameter, you can specify whether to use the position reverse, if there is a signal in the opposite direction.

  • Break Even Stop Loss - distance, in points, which must pass the price to install Stop Loss to breakeven. A value of zero disables this feature.

  • Break Even Offset - distance, in points, on which will be installed Stop Loss bezubytka in the region with respect to the current price position.

  • Lot - volume of position.

  • Martingale Coefficient - with a losing position will be opened next multiplying by this factor. If the value is less than or equal to 1, the volume equal to the specified positions in the parameter Lot.
  • Initial Deposit - This parameter is used to define which
    the value of the deposit size to include dynamic analysis of the lot to open
    position. Thus, the volume of open positions will be proportional
    The deposit amount, which allows the expert to increase faster
    profit. A zero value in this parameter disables the dynamic calculation
  • Maximum Lot Size - here you need to specify
    the maximum amount for the open positions. Perhaps, after reaching
    it is advisable to deposit a certain quantity proportional to stop
    calculation of the lot. Some traders use such tactics to
    aggressive acceleration of the deposit, starting with a small amount, then to
    move into a more conservative mode, not increasing risks for the growth of


to the opening position signal is considered true if the following conditions are fulfilled (an example of a breakdown of the channel):

For positions BUY:

  • The intersection of the upper boundary of the channel upward.

For the position SELL:

  • Crossing the bottom of the channel down.

In this mode (BREAK OUT) output from SELL position is performed, if the price crosses the middle channel up or Stop Loss/Take Profit.

In this mode (BREAK OUT) output from BUY position is performed, if the price crosses the channel down the middle or Stop Loss/Take Profit.

Additional parameters and features:

In the expert, there are two additional options:

  • On / Off Info Panel - turns on / off information and trading on the chart panel.

  • Setting "On The Fly" - setting ( "on the fly") enables / disables control parameters online trading panel. 

On the different symbols (graphics) can be placed various experts in this series, and they will not interfere with each other.

Download links:

  • Modified Indicator Price Channel - MultiRange_PCH (should be placed in a directory \ MQL5 \ Indicators and compile).

Here's one expert testing results Break Bollinger Bands Martingale. It is possible to use custom criteria to optimize the parameters (Custom Max). The formula I'm not going to disclose.

The same result can be a 6-hour (H6) timeframe, the symbol EURUSD, the default settings.
Break Price Channel Martingale

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

MACDivergence MTF

MACDivergence MTF

The development of the ideas embodied in the popular MACD indicator:

  1. It finds and graphically displays the classical inverse and divergence (divergence detecting two ways).

  2. Selects the display in different colors the trend is up, down.

  3. Two methods of determining the trend of: a) MACD crosses the level 0 (classical signal); b) the MACD crosses its average (early signal).

  4. Multiple timeframe indicator - MACD can show the data of other timeframes.

  5. Two ways to draw the indicator: classical histogram and line.

  6. Audible and visual signals when changing trend and divergence formation. Sending messages by email and push-messages to mobile devices.

The demo version of the indicator, you can try here.


MACD indicator parameter block

  • Fast EMA period - a period of rapid EMA.

  • Slow EMA period - slow period EMA.

  • Signal Line period - period signal line.

  • Shift relative to the current TimeFrame (can be >0 <0 = 0) - offset timeframe relative to the current timeframe. Value 1 means 1 over, 2 by 2 over the value -1 under 1 period, etc. For example, if the current period M15, then the displacement is 1, the indicator will show the data of the MACD M30, and if the displacement -1 MACD indicator shows data on M5.

  • The style of drawing MACD - rendering method MACD indicator (histogram or line).

  • MACD color change and Method of Divergence calculating - methods for determining the trend (MACD changes color) and finding divergences (crossing zero level (the classical variant) or the intersection of a signal line (signal earlier).

    1. the Elder's method - method proposed by Elder in the book "The strongest signal in technical analysis" (at the intersection of MACD and 0, but the end of the peak / trough - is the next bar after the extremum) - signals earlier, but increased the number of false;

    2. at simple Zero-Level crossing - MACD simple crossing and 0 (classical version) - late signals, but more accurate;

    3. at Signal Line crossing - intersection and MACD signal line (optimal) - accurate signals with a small delay.

Divergences display unit parameters

  • Enable Divergence - on off. divergences display

  • Show Reverse Divergence - show inverse divergence

  • Draw Divergence Lines in indicator's subwindow - If enabled, but the signal arrows, the divergence will be clearly displayed lines in the indicator window.

  • Draw Divergence Lines in chart window - visual display of divergence lines in the main window.

  • Classic Divergence line style - line style Classical Divergences.

  • Reverse Divergence line style - line style Reverse Divergences.

  • Classic Bullish Divergence color - color lines Classic bullish divergence.

  • Classic Bearish Divergence color - color lines Classic bearish divergence.

  • Reverse Bullish Divergence color - color lines downside bullish divergence.

  • Reverse Bearish Divergence color - color lines downside bearish divergence.

Block notifications and sound settings

  • ON / OFF - Sound when the signal - on off. audio signal feed

  • Signal when the MACD changes color - the name of the sound file played back when changing trend (MACD changes color).

  • Signal when the Divergence formed - the name of the sound file played in the formation of divergence.

  • ON / OFF - Alert - on off. Posts in the terminal when a signal

  • ON / OFF - Mail - on off. sending messages via e-mail

  • ON / OFF - Push - on off. push-sending messages to mobile devices

Block other settings

  • Language - Message language (supports English and Russian)

MACDivergence MTF

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Official failure QE Sweden has

Official failure QE: Sweden has not coped with the main task

Probably have all the experts
and analysts rattled the world on how to
dangerous program of quantitative
easing, although a couple of years ago about
it wrote only the bravest
economists. But then came the confirmation
- the example of Sweden officially indicates
that QE can not fulfill even its
The main purpose.

Yes indeed,
in fact, many experts have warned,
that the redemption of bonds by central banks
will lead to a rapid drop in liquidity.
But attempts Fed, ECB, Bank of Japan initially led
to "phantom" liquidity, stocks
grew to record levels without any
fundamental reasons. Today
the world's major financial media and
Serious scientists are saying about the collapse
liquidity in the bond market. TO
eg, a strategist at Citigroup Matt King
writes that the complete lack of liquidity
the bond market - the result of intervention
the central bank. But so far no one
hurry to solve this problem, because
Much more dangerous is
the impact of the quantitative policy
easing, central banks themselves.

See for yourself. In theory
the basic mechanism of QE is to reduce
bond yields, because
Investors should be interested in buying
more risky assets - stocks, for example.
And it worked until the volume was
small, but once QE beyond
certain limits, additional
bond purchases have led to the
the continued growth of profitability. can
this be? Yes, and it has already happened -
Sweden first in the world faced with
phenomenal situation when the program
quantitative easing led to
a marked increase in the government bond yield.

According to the chief
economist at Danske Bank, financial conditions
generally went beyond the standard
speakers: "Currency and profitability
moving in the wrong direction.
Bank of Sweden wanted to reduce the profitability of
and to lower the krona, but recently they
We have begun to show the opposite
dynamics. This became a problem".
- he said. Back in April, the yield
10-year-old Swedish bonds was at
0.2%, and at the beginning of the week indicator
It rose to 1.1%. By five-year securities
yields became 0.4%, although two months
ago it was negative. investors
can still earn extra
15 basis points, if they keep
10-year bonds with a rating of Sweden
"AAA" instead of similar securities

And all this because
the repo market has no available assets
because of the QE program by the central bank of Sweden.
Deflation is inevitable, experts say:
problems with QE there is also the problem
dynamics of the krona. Since the beginning of the program
purchase of bonds of the Swedish krona
It has appreciated by more than 4% against the euro, 5% - to
the crown of Norway and 3% - the dollar. And now, falling import prices and the central bank
I can not do anything for
prevent deflation.

The result was that
quantitative easing led to
completely opposite results,
and the Bank of Sweden in general drove himself in
angle. As economists say, is
future threatens many developed economies,
if central banks do not reconsider
its policy. And, most of all, for Sweden
it's too late to do anything.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Big Three Wall Street recovers

Big Three Wall Street recovers losses

trading session
Wednesday ended on Wall Street
steady growth. DJIA added
1.33%; 500 S P makes
the fastest growth over the intraday
month and increased by 1.2%. Nasdaq
Composite, thanks to a friendly recovery
technology stocks, rose

Rose all 10
branch subindexes S P
500, and a part of Dow Jones
Industrial Average, none of the 30 companies not
He went into the negative.

Intel first
eight days added 1,8%, Microsoft
It increased by 2.1%; Apple increased
capitalization 1.2%; Facebook - on
1.9%; IBM - 2%.

oil prices has affected the share prices
shares of oil and energy companies.
Shevron strengthened by 1.4%;
Halliburton - by 2.1%.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Brent wins back losses deal on

Brent wins back losses: deal on Iran seems to be delayed

crude oil
Brent back up
from the three-month low. By 14.29 MSK
August futures is $ 57.30;
WTI has risen to $ 52.70.
The main growth factor - news about
that Iran is not yet possible
reach an agreement.

Iran and six
World powers delay negotiations
in Vienna. Participants in the debate on both
parties show important contradictions
which are still hampered cancel international
sanctions (and therefore increase
Output of Iranian oil to the world markets).

Now, according to
analysts, those market participants who
We put on the rapid growth of the Iranian
oil market, will expand its position.
This will have a short-term oil prices

on the Iranian nuclear program agreement
It is delayed at least until
Friday. A senior Iranian
the diplomat said on Wednesday that Tehran
agrees to be flexible with regard to
its "red lines" and stated:
Financial markets have been excessively
optimistic about the prospects for a deal.

Another factor
segodnyashy support oil - expectations
decline in US oil inventories. Report
American Petroleum Institute yesterday
It showed a decrease of 958,000 barrels, and
official data is expected today.

medium-term investors
experienced legitimate concerns:
sad prospects of demand because
China turned a full stock
crisis, but Greece still has no
guarantee of salvation from the financial

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European stocks fall fall of leader

European stocks fall, the fall of a leader - the banking sector

in front of the situation with Greece today
pressure on European indicators. By 13.18
DAX decreased by 1.51%; FTSE
100 - 0.76%; CAC 40 - at
1.14%. Greatly subside peripheral
indexes - IBEX 35 is already in the red
1.45%; FTSE MIB - 1.93%.

now it accounts for banking sector
Europe. For example, the Italian group
Intesa Sanpaolo has already lost
2.92%: futures on Italian bonds
go deep down because of concerns
the debt crisis in Greece. BNP
Paribas has lost 2.10%; Deutsche
Bank - 2,35%. The Italian group Santander
in the red at 1.74%.

In the short
term, the majority of stock indices
Experts predict further

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Gazprom is building strategic

Gazprom is building a strategic alliance with Royal Dutch Shell

Director of Gazprom, Alexei Miller,
told the news agency Reuters, that
Russian gas giant is preparing
a global strategic alliance with
Royal Dutch Shell. This will allow
Russian company to enter new

Gazprom, one
of the world's leading manufacturers
gas, said on Thursday that a joint
Shell plans to build
two new pipelines under the Baltic bottom
Sea to Germany. They become part of
Northern stream. The project will cost
9.9 billion euros (two existing lines
Northern stream treated in 8.5 billion).

Alliance suggests
and the expansion of co-production
liquefied natural gas, and a wide
intensification of exchange of assets.

On the sidelines
Petersburg Forum Miller said:
"Documents such values ​​are signed
no more frequently than once every five or even ten

The deal with Shell
- a great success for Gazprom,
especially now that many Western
companies reduce their investments in
Russia as a result of large-scale sanctions.
Gazprom is under US
sanctions, but not subject to the European,
therefore, actively fighting for a share of
European market. "Many of our
traditional partners - strong
regional players, but Shell
- the player at the global level. As
how to develop global gas
market, we will strengthen and create
global strategic partnership
- not only in Europe but also in
Brazilian, Australian, Asian
markets ", - said Miller.

Earlier this
, Shell agreed to
buy its larger rival less,
BG, for $ 70 billion, and
Miller sees this as an additional
the potential for cooperation in terms of
exchange of assets.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

AFX Easy Scalp

AFX Easy Scalp

AFX Easy Scalp - a simple and reliable indicator for scalping.

It works on all timeframes, but is optimized for scalping on the M1.

  • AFX Easy Scalp generates signals vysokoveroyatnostnye any timeframes, especially on M1 for scalping. You can also keep track of multiple currencies for more signals.


  1. Multicurrency indicator

  2. Any timeframe. It recommended for scalping on M1

  3. Powered by 4- and 5-digit quotes.

  4. Can be combined with other strategies

  5. Do not repaint

  6. not converted

  7. User friendly

  8. High quality signals

  9. Free support and updates

Input parameters

  • buycolor - color of the arrows on the purchase

  • sellcolor - color of the arrows on the sale

  • Width - arrows width

  • Use_hour - forming an indicator signal in a certain period of time

  • StartTime - forming the start signal (if Use_hour = True)

  • EndTime - closure time signal generation (if Use_hour = True)

  • Alerts - sound notification / message

  • Email_Alerts - notification by e-mail signals

AFX Easy Scalp

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Monday, July 10, 2017

DollarRuble Technical Analysis

Dollar / Ruble (USDRUB) Technical Analysis - multidirectional correctional movement to the support level of 53.02

On day timeframe price is the primary upward trend of the secondary multidirectional corrective movement by testing the level of support and figure 53.02 motion 'triangle' to continue downward movement until the release of the cloud Ichimoku niskhodyaschenr trend in the primary zone.

D1 (price on the daily timeframe) - multidirectional movement correction in the primary upward trend:

  • the price is within the cloud Ichimoku, that characterizes the channel multidirectional movement rates between the boundaries of clouds - line Senkou Span B and 'reversal' line Senkou Span A;
  • 'Pivot' line
    Senkou Span A, a virtual boundary between the primary downward and
    primary uptrend is below the price and close enough to it for a possible reversal in the primary down trend in this and
    the following week;
  • 'Probojnaja' Chinkou Span line is
    too far away from the price, which makes it unlikely a sharp and rapid breakdown of cost
    key support / resistance levels in the near future.

DollarRuble Technical Analysis


  • H4 - multidirectional downtrend
  • D1 - correction inside the rising trend
  • W1 - multidirectional trend
  • MN1 - multidirectional uptrend

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Friday, July 7, 2017

Smart Price Oscillator

Smart Price Oscillator

Indicator (oscillator) analyzes price bars predetermined period and shows probable change of direction (correction). Rise and fall values ​​above and below the zero level and a zero level crossing allocated different colors. In the indicator built-4 standard results smoothing type (SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA). Minimum value calculation and smoothing period period is limited to 3. The signal may be input to the zero crossing level or color change.


  • AnalyzePeriod - the period for analysis

  • SmoothingPeriod - period for smoothing

  • SmoothingMethod - smoothing method

Smart Price Oscillator

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Robust Trader 20 EAs

Robust Trader 20 EAs

9 most terrible secrets of scalpers who make you lose money

  1. Scalper tested under ideal spreads, i.e. 0.5 or 1.0 pips? Your broker does NOT guarantee the tight fixed spread, so why do you test with a spread of 0.5 pips? Testing scalper on history in ideal conditions create false promises and make you end up losing money.

  2. Scalper uses a stop-loss of less than 6 pips? Do not be fooled by advisers with less stop-loss. Your advisor can work when tested on history, but will not be profitable at the volatile conditions of the real market. Tight stop-loss order does not provide sufficient space for market pullbacks.

  3. Advisor behaves the same when trading 1 lot, and 0.01 of the lot? Brokers will entice you, allowing advisors to win when trading microlots. However, when trade larger mini or standard lots, slippage will occur, leading to failure of EA. This is known as scalability test.

  4. Advisor shows that he is capable of printing money at a very low loss and without risk? Similarly, if you had a hen that lays golden eggs, would you sell it? If the results are too good to be true, it probably is not true. You should check with the advisor to a fixed lot in testing to reveal its essence.

  5. It was tested with more than 10-year trading period? Do not be fooled by advisers who fit a few years. How it behaves during the discharge of shares in 2002, the collapse of emerging markets in 2006, the subprime crisis of 2008? History tends to repeat itself, and the repetition of the mother of learning.

  6. If he passes the test for reliability? Trusted advisor will show similar gains in test models of both the opening price and the check points. If you have any large discrepancies, then your adviser is dependent on the broker, and he can no longer work after 6 to 12 months. Each year, brokers are making changes to their hardware, software, liquidity providers, etc. It would be a shame to lose all of their profits for the last two years, because your advisor is not sufficiently reliable to cope with technological changes.

  7. Does the advisor to optimize every few months or weeks? It is a sign of instability, because the optimization should be done at most twice a year. You need to optimize your skills, when it is recommended to forward the optimization.

  8. Adviser promises instant profits for a few days or weeks? Rome was not built; therefore, it is important to be patient. Understand that all trading systems will pass through some of the drawdown, and also some periods of stagnation (no profit for a few months). Please, do or learn about these conditions before using the advisor.

  9. We advisor for more than 90% winning trades? Do not be fooled advisors with a missing or large stop-loss. One losing trade can drain your account and destroy months of your patience and hard work.

Why Robust Trader's 20 EAs - it's your decision for Forex?

Robust Trader meets and exceeds all of the nine criteria above, and we invite YOU test it yourself. We do not offer ONE, and 20 Councilors, so you can choose and combine them to create your perfect trade solutions. Use recommended settings by us within 1 year, 3 years, 6 years old or 12 years old. Mix and match different combinations of advisers in order to diversify your trading experience. We offer a simple choice of ON / OFF for each advisor, and our maximum stop loss is equal to 100 points, in order to minimize your losses while maximizing your potential profits.


  • Broker: Spread range of 1.0-3.0 pips.

  • Symbol: EURUSD M5

Input parameters

  • Lotsize - Lot Size: 0 = integral, fixed lot = 0.1

  • Risk - Risk: 0.05 = 5% per trade

  • Default - Default: 2000, Risk constant 500 10000

  • EA_1: True = ON, False = OFF

  • EA_2: True = ON, False = OFF

  • EA_3: True = ON, False = OFF

  • EA_xx: True = ON, False = OFF

  • EA_20: True = ON, False = OFF

Limited offer in time and price

  • This is a limited offer price. The price of this advisor will be increased after the first five subscribers.

  • Secure your savings NOW at the affordable price.

  • We limit the number of subscribers to our software to 50.

Uinzor Huan (Winsor Hoang) - book author "The Bull, The Bear and The Baboon - FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way", a former consultant on trade in futures markets (Commodity Trading Advisor), member of the National Futures Association (National Futures Association), is engaged in research in the field of automated trading since 2003. Winsor actively cooperates with several well-known mathematicians, statisticians and experts in the field of IT and financial engineering.

Robust Trader 20 EAs

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Slide Trend

Slide Trend

Slide Trend - A simple indicator showing the trend and allows you to quickly and easily move between schedules.

It is designed for fast analysis and helps you to quickly scroll through all the graphs indicated in the input parameter list.

Minimalistic schedule provides data on the trend in the timeframes D1, W1 and MN.

Trend function (input parameters) allows you to sort out and view only the most powerful symbols. In this case, all the circles of the same color.

Indicator is a tool that accelerates the transfer and receipt of trend data.

graphical objects

  • Scroll arrows (symbols can be changed in the input parameters)

  • Current character

  • 3 range: daily, weekly and monthly trends

Input parameters

  • Show_Only_in_Trend (only symbol display in the trend)

  • SYMBOLS (28 characters)

  • LABEL SETTINGS (signatures settings)

    • Long_Color - the color of the bullish trend

    • Inside_Color - color in the absence of a trend

    • Short_Color - the color of the bearish trend

    • Label settings - Signature settings: color, size, font,

  • POSITION SETTINGS (position adjustment)

    • X, Y to change the position of objects on chart - to change the location of objects in the graph on the X and Y axes

Slide Trend


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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Negligent brokers and adviser

Negligent brokers and adviser to defense.

In recent years, the industry in providing brokerage services greatly expanded, and every day we see the emergence of more and more different brokers. It is also actively began to develop dillingovye centers and their subsidiaries.

The appearance of this kind of competition in this area gave traders the maximum deposit bonuses, promotions, and all sorts of delights, without which it is very difficult to imagine trade. That there is the provision of leverage is 1 to 1000 when a couple of years ago, 1 in 500 it was difficult to dislodge.

Number of bonuses and advantages of one over the other brokers can turn a head. However, among all the advantages that come along with the development of this sphere it is worth special mention, as the number of dishonest brokers also increased significantly.

This is primarily explained by simple statistics. On average, only three percent of people are able to make money in the forex market, and all the rest to my deep regret simply merge their day. And if you face the truth, even in real life success reaches approximately the same percentage of people.

And now a pent up. Look, if almost all of the account is drained, then what is the output of the transaction on the interbank market? That's how a typical broker thinks the deceiver, who besides that does not display the transaction on the interbank market, but also help successful people drown the crowd losers slipping to trade a variety of dirty tricks.

One of the most popular tools in the hands of a broker are unclean requotes and slippage.

Slippage - the difference between the price at which a trader wants to close the position (stated this to the broker) and the actual cost. I think many were such cases that the sudden movement of the price you want to fix their profits, and the broker just simply does not allow to do so, giving an error that it can not perform this operation because of the passage of the signal to the broker the price has changed. And you, instead of profit-taking get loss of profit, and if you are a scalper, you simply lose a trading signal at the input.

From this kind of pranks greatly suffer advisers, especially scalpers and are traded on the breakdown of important levels. In order to avoid this, many developers are adopting slip function in the expert algorithm. The majority of this line is called slip or slippage. In it you can specify the maximum slippage at the points at which will open the warrant.

Requotes is when your broker does retries on a new price, not allow you to open. In the second case, you have no chance to protect yourself, and an adviser may ask for the price and infinitely open it will give when it is clearly unprofitable for you.

The second powerful weapon in the hands of a broker against you is a broken link. This often occurs before or after the release of important economic news that would be at the time when there is no connection, you could not fix the damages or profits. Since the phenomenon is almost impossible to fight, and the only thing you can do is try to fix this phenomenon. To do this, use a variety of experts assistants who on loss of communication you send a message in the mail. If you happens quite often, and this is not due to poor internet you you should immediately withdraw the money and change the broker.

Just more brazen instrument in the hands of a broker is a manipulation of your profit and stop loss orders. Yes, yes it is manipulation. I have repeatedly faced with the fact that my stop order could trigger or earlier, or vice versa does not work. This kind muhlezh cranks broker when your skills, or you are working with a large number of orders. A lot of people who use forex advisors setochniki noticed this picture.

Fight with the broker does not make sense, but as a preventive measure, you can use the advisor who will close your positions when a certain profit or loss is not sending data to the broker server (when you open a position you do not specify a profit and stop). Also, when writing an Expert Advisor you can ask a programmer to implement such a function.

The most frightening tool in the kitchen can be a fight quotes. Just a year ago there was a scandal with one of the brokers, who managed to draw a candle nowhere as much as 100 points. If this happens to you, try to remove this manipulation and appeal to the regulator broker, what would you have to pay damages.

To be honest, fighting tricks dishonest brokers virtually useless. If you notice that you cheat just take the money and go away from him. When looking for a broker, pay attention to the type of order execution. Brokers, which stands type of performance Instant Execution often give requotes and slippage. Therefore, I recommend to work with the market performance of Market Execution type of transactions. Thank you for your attention, good luck!

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Tsipras can not convince Greeks

Tsipras can not convince Greeks the necessity of a new transaction

Prime Minister of Greece
Alexis Tsipras of the second day in a row
He meets with his Parliament in
Athens to get the approval of the package
austerity measures, which essentially
Now the coalition could break into two
half. And all because the requirements
lenders to increase taxes and cut
pensions are directly opposed
the promises made by his party
Syriza. However, official approval
the agreement must be obtained before
Wednesday to start talks on a new
loan of 86 billion euros.

Dozens of members of the party
Syriza and some lawmakers said,
they rebel against cuts
Tsipras is now necessary to count
Only on the support of the opposition.

potential conflicts in the ruling
Party, we believe that the transaction will be
approved with the support of the opposition
parties", - says the analyst of Roubini Global
Economics Nouriel Roubini. Nevertheless,
legalization reform plan means that
Greece "have to endure considerable
austerity measures and other
reforms, all of which are difficult to implement,
it is difficult to consolidate and perhaps difficult
to take the society".

It seems that the entire agreement
Tsipras with the requirements of the creditors after the
lengthy negotiations this weekend
Brussels promises a decisive impact
in his party, and this may lead to
Cabinet reshuffle has
earlier this week. Most likely, it
have to clear their
administration of hard radicals.
This will be the price for
third bailout program
Greece within the next five years. By
at least two fractions in its
The government has already said that will not
to support the deal. Tsipras has already met
with his closest aides to
try to stop the "uprising" in
Parliament before the vote on Wednesday.

The euro was little changed
by this time - to 10:55 MSK pair EUR / USD
trading at
1.0994 (-0.04%). However, yesterday the euro
fell 1.4% amid speculation that
this transaction will be a sufficient reason
for soothing Fed
The US system and the reason for the increase
interest rates this year. American
shares have risen well yesterday, and European
showed limited growth.

"there is a prospect
separation within the party part officials
Syriza and legislators do not take
tactics of our prime minister - said Janis
Valafas close to the government
official. - It is more important that the worst
default was avoided script".

"Over the next
three years things will only get worse"-
said Janis, 23-year-old law student
Faculty, who joined
protest of several hundred people for
outside the Parliament building on the square
Syntagma on Monday night. is he
He refused to give his last name. "Can
be, then people will think again about
is what kind of society they want to live".

Conditions that Tsipras
adopted, make up a long list of
unfinished business of the two previous
Greece rescue programs and some
new requirements. Tsipras welcomed
the fact that the new fund (it should
to transfer 50 billion of state assets of the country) will be
based in Greece. It also makes
emphasis on the fact that, thanks to a deal
It can ease the debt burden,
Although lenders and rejected his requests
write off the nominal value of Greek
debt amounting to about 310 billion euros.

Banks in Greece will
closed at least until 15 July until
ECB leaves limit for emergency aid
liquidity to Greek banks without

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