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Multicurrency Cross Oscillator

Multicurrency Cross Oscillator


Color universal indicator / oscillator crossing moving averages. It is possible to raise or lower coloring line and histogram display, that their combination (plus the line histogram) application raises the level of analysis in deciding on the opening and closing deals.

The indicator may be calculated as a standard Price Oscillator or as a derivative on the basis of the following eleven other indicators included in the standard package MetaTrader terminal 4:

  1. AD - the accumulation and distribution of light volume.

  2. OBV - On Balance Volume indicator.

  3. Volume - tick volume indicator.

  4. Force - Force Index Indicator.

  5. MFI - an indicator of the market index of relief.

  6. ATR - Average True Range indicator.

  7. Momentim - pace indicator.

  8. RSI - Relative Strength Indicator.

  9. Moving Average - Moving Average indicator.

  10. CCI - Commodity Channel Index indicator.

  11. ADX - average indicator index direction.

  12. DeMarker - DeMark indicator.

  13. Standard Deviation - Standard Deviation indicator.

The default Price (price).


The indicator can be used for manual or automatic trading advisor in the composition. readings of the indicator a double buffer can be used for automated trading

  1. The main line of the indicator - the buffer 5.

  2. Bull indicator line - buffer 2 must not be 0.

  3. Bear indicator line - the buffer 3 must not be zero.

  4. Bull histogram display line - buffer 0 should not be equal to 0.

  5. Bear histogram display line - buffer 1 must not be zero.

Input parameters

  1. Currency_Name - the name of the financial instrument

  2. Calc_Method - indicator code from which the indicator Multi Cross Osc (0 to 11) will be calculated. By default, that is, more than 11 - Standard Price Oscillator

  3. Periods - the period for calculating the basic indicator of which will be calculated Multi Cross Osc

  4. FastMA - a period of rapid moving average 

  5. SlowMA - during the slow moving average  

  6. MA_Method - average averaging method for the base and / or calculated indicator:

    1. MODE_SMA - 0

    2. MODE_EMA - 1

    3. MODE_SMMA - 2

    4. MODE_LWMA - 3

  7. Applied_Price - basic indicator used price:

    1. PRICE_CLOSE - 0

    2. PRICE_OPEN - 1

    3. PRICE_HIGH - 2

    4. PRICE_LOW - 3

    5. PRICE_MEDIAN - 4

    6. PRICE_TYPICAL - 5

    7. PRICE_WEIGHTED - 6   

  8. Mode - line index (MAIN - 0 or SIGNAL - 1) basic indicator of which will be calculated Multi Cross Osc.

  9. Shift - shift indicator relative to the base price chart.

Multicurrency Cross Oscillator

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