Friday, June 2, 2017

Forex Expert Pro

Forex Expert Pro

Forex Expert Pro - multi-purpose trading robot that performs automatic trading, whereby the direction of movement of the currency pair is irrelevant. Trading robot works on any timeframe and any currency pair. Implemented feature "reinvestment", which allows small deposits ($ 300-500) to increase for a short period of time. The news background and the market situation does not matter. Commercial carried out both in the lateral movement and trending. The robot does not require optimization and control.


  1. It does not use Martingale system.

  2. not use indicators and oscillators.

  3. is a function of the reinvestment.

  4. loyalty to slip and floating spread.

  5. there are stop-loss orders.

  6. It does not require complex configuration (setting is 3 minutes).

  7. It works with any FOREX broker.

Setting Trading Robot:

It is recommended to choose the currency pairs with an average and high volatility, excellent results shows robot with pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY. To get started trading robot to choose one or two currency pairs at $ 1000 deposit, drag it to the chart and it will work like a clock. It is desirable to select the account with the shoulder 1: 200 and higher. We recommend the use of VPS server for better and more reliable operation of a trading robot.


  • GMT = 3 (select GMT time depending on the terminal time)

  • Lot = 0,01 to the maximum value (fixed item, then Risk = 0)

  • Risk = 1 (the percentage loss of one transaction, calculated as a percentage of the deposit, the recommended value of 0-7%, whereas Lot = 0).

  • Loss = 12 (default to the current volatility).

  • Profit = 30 (default).

  • Breakeven = 0 (by default, the breakeven point)

  • Trail = 10 trailing stop (recommended default)

  • Distance = 0 (default)

  • Hour installation orders GMT = 21 (set orders Hour GMT - setting takes place at this hour)

  • Hour sitting warrants Monday GMT = 23 (hour set orders on Monday GMT - exception for Monday)

  • Hour closing orders GMT = 20 (hour closing orders GMT - at this hour there is the closure of all orders)

  • Hour closing orders on Friday GMT = 18 (order closing hour on Friday GMT - an exception to Friday)

  • Slippage = 2 (default).

  • Magic Number = 93628157 (default)

About the author:

A professional trader with trading experience in investment markets since 2009, winner of the contest «GOLD 999,99 samples III-season", the author of a trading strategy SRS-strateg and Commercial Counselor FOREX TREND, is currently conducting a beginners training in trading on the FOREX market.


If you have any questions please send a private message to the author or mail

Forex Expert Pro


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