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EasyTrading Reversal Expert

EasyTrading Reversal Expert

AlwaysWin Expert represents fully automated trading robot, which opens / closes the market position on your behalf and possesses simple settings, you keep under full control.

What is Forex? What is the commercial counselor?

Forex (Forex) means "foreign exchange" (foreign exchange). You can exchange currency (dollars, euros, yen, pounds ...) and earn on the difference in exchange rates.

To trade forex you need to open the corresponding account. This can be done by selecting one of the many available Forex brokers. I opened an account with different brokers (ActivTrades, FXCM, Alpari, AAAfx ...), to test their products. account opening procedure is quite simple. Some brokers allow you to trade, on account of having only a few euros (300 € / $ 300).

Finally, you need to install MetaTrader platform provided by your broker and you will be able to:

  • buy / sell foreign currency directly from the charts that display real-time prices,

  • use indicators (Moving Averages, RSI, Center of Gravity ...) and

  • launch trading advisors - robots that will trade for you.

MetaTrader platform screenshots can be seen here: MetaTrader 4 Gallery.

Description advisor

The adviser works on many currencies (currently I'm testing this
robots in all possible markets) and has been tested when working on
accounts of many major brokers. I worked on an advisor for three
years and achieved its full automation. Advisor does everything
self - determine entry / exit points, the size of the lot, as well as
It takes into account the volatility.

Explore the attached screenshot and start earning with our fully automated advisor now.

Features of AlwaysWin Expert are as follows:

  • expert is included in the position in the direction of the trend when the price appears the most appropriate;

  • Expert uses elaborate system of money management.

Since the transactions are made robot, emotions can not prevent your capital grow.

This robot is not waiting, when the position becomes profitable

I do not promise you a complete lack of loss-making transactions. If you have some trading experience, then you know that the complete absence of loss-making transactions is only possible if the adviser sits out losses to close with profit. Such sittings out may take days, months or years, and not the fact that your account his stand.

It does not martingale

AlwaysWin Expert manages unprofitable positions, to restore profits. THIS IS NOT A Martingale. Martingale I studied for many months, and I can talk about it with some confidence. When Martingale lot size after a loss is doubled, so that in case of winning recoup all losses incurred in the past. This system is very dangerous, and that the EA is not used. This trading robot uses its own method. The good news is that the robot is fully automated. I love it when it's simple.

Examine the test results

I laid out some tests with comprehensive results on the site: AlwaysWin Expert.

Why most traders fail?

I have studied the trade in the Forex market for years. Traders at different forums and seminars, I met people who complained that they lost money.

At the same time they had everything needed to make a profit (trading systems, the necessary knowledge, time ...), but they are still losing money. Why?

The first reason is always the same: EMOTIONS.

  • You're making a few trades and feel more confident. Then you increase the size of the lot and in the end bear large losses.

  • You find a good entry point, and open positions. And then think about when you close it.

  • You open big positions only to close it by getting one or two pips of profit.

  • You think you can get rich quick?

  • You know that all transactions must be recorded in the log for subsequent analysis. You do it?

  • If you're familiar with some of these situations, AlwaysWin Expert Advisor is for you.

This English-language article on pretty good description of the main problems trydera 4 Psychological Pitfalls That Will Blow Your Account (4 psychological pitfalls that will destroy your account).

Since AlwaysWin Expert Advisor is fully automated, it simply does not face such problems.

  • AlwaysWin Expert knows no fear. Position (both profitable and unprofitable) are closed at the right time.

  • AlwaysWin Expert patient. He can wait for days or weeks without doing any action if you do not see the opportunities.

  • AlwaysWin Expert no shame in case of loss.

  • AlwaysWin Expert not greedy. The lot size is calculated mathematically on the basis of the size of your revenue and said available funds in the account.

  • AlwaysWin Expert sleeps. Positions can be opened and closed at any time when the market works.

  • You do not need to learn all the details and methods of work in the forex market, AlwaysWin Expert knows all that is needed.

  • You do not need to control their funds, AlwaysWin Expert knows his business.

  • You do not need the clock to monitor the economic news. They do not affect the operation of AlwaysWin Expert.

Select the level of risk

Before we delve into the details, you must answer the question of how to use the account for trader in the Forex market?

Means that you put on your forex account and that you see in your terminal-in the MetaTrader, is not used directly at the entrance to the market. They spent only upon receipt of damages.

For example, when buying a one lot for the pair EURUSD, the size of your means will not change. It is only when the price of EURUSD will go up, the amount of your money will start to grow. If the price of EURUSD will go down, your funds will also begin to melt.

Brokers can automatically close your position if the size of your assets closer to 0. This is called the Margin Call (margin call, the requirement for additional margin).

If you want to earn more, you have to take more risk by increasing the size of the lot. If you are too greedy, you're bound to get a margin call.

So please do not be greedy.

How to buy

  • 0. Requirements

    • You need an account on MT4.

  • 1. Your account on

    • Sign up here:

    • Then go to your profile

    • Go to "Payments"

    • press "Deposit"

    • Translate into account the required amount of money to buy the product

  • 2. MetaTrader 4

    • Open the MT4

    • "Service""Settings""Community"

    • fill out the field "Login" and "Password", using your MQL5-login

  • 3. Product Buying Market

    • Return here:

    • press Buy

    • Open your MT4 terminal, and you can use my robot

EasyTrading Reversal Expert

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