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Custom Fractals HTF MT5

Custom Fractals HTF MT5

It's no secret that for the market came to be sold when the market is at a maximum, and buy - at a minimum. To determine the highs and lows of the market fractals indicator is well suited proposed by Bill Williams. What is fractal (in classic view):

Fractal - a model of five consecutive candles, in which the third maximum (minimum) above (below) the remaining maxima (minima) in the model.

Custom fractals HTF - modified fractal indicator. However, unlike standard indicator, Custom fractals It has many advantages and improvements that will bring a visual analysis of the market to a new level.


  • You can set fractal dimension separately to his left (Size of left fractal part) and right (Size of right fractal part) parts;

  • Custom fractals offers three price modes of constructing fractal (Fractal building mode):

    1. Shadow prices - standard construction of high prices and low;

    2. Body prices - the construction of the open and close prices;

    3. Close prices - building only at prices close;

  • Provided eight display modes fractal (Fractal display mode):

    1. Do not display - fractals are calculated but not displayed (auxiliary mode);

    2. Display both types - displays both types of fractals;

    3. Display up-fractals only - displays only up fractals;

    4. Display dn-fractals only - displays only fractals down;

    5. Do not display (. Cont) - fractals are calculated but not displayed (extended display (ON));

    6. Display both types (. Cont) - displays both types of fractals (software);

    7. Display up-fractals only (. Cont) - displays only up fractals (software);

    8. Display dn-fractals only (. Cont) - displays only fractals down (software);

To continue the display modes can also be set to display the price tags!

  • Perhaps, the most important advantage - the ability to build fractals of a larger timeframe in the current (Display timeframe). This mode does not restrict any of the other settings!

  • You can set the size for the history of calculations (Download history size);

  • Want to find fractals only candlelight high volume? You are welcome! It is possible to turn the filter on the volume (teak / real) and set one of the four filter modes (parameter Mode):

    1. > constant value - fractal candle with a volume larger than permanent (user specified) value;

    2. <= Constant value - fractal candle with a volume not greater than a constant value;

    3. > average value - fractal candle with a volume greater than the average value for the last X candles (+ -% of medium, if necessary);

    4. <= Average value - fractal candle with a volume not greater than the average value for the last X candles (+ -% of the mean);

  • It is possible to indent, width, arrows code and display color separately for fractals up and down;

  • For those who like to work on levels of support and resistance, it is possible to set the number of levels (as well as a shift from the price of a fractal) separately for each type of fractals;

  • If fractals levels are displayed, it is possible to establish a verification of their intersection (Signal moment) in one of two modes:

    1. At the moment of crossing the price level (At the time of receipt);

    2. At the time of formation of a new candle (After bar closure);

  • You can also set the price, which will be tested to confirm crossing:

    1. Ask;

    2. Bid;

    3. Last;

  • intersection fact may be accompanied by one of the signals:

    1. Sound - sound (with the possibility to install your sound);

    2. Alert - Alert (window on the terminal screen);

    3. Push-notification - a message on the phone;

    4. E-mail - mail message;

  • You can also specify the signals at the time of the formation of fractals themselves and choose the language for messages.

Detailed description of the input parameters in the "Discussion".


AT Custom fractals HTF an attempt was made to collect as many elements for successful work with fractals. He is able to replace not only the standard indicator of fractals, but ZigZag.

Custom fractals HTF you can test the FREE tester client terminal MetaTrader 5 Strategy.

If you have questions or interesting ideas to improve the display, write. The best of them will be implemented in future updates!

Custom Fractals HTF MT5

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