Thursday, April 6, 2017

On Moscow stock exchange indexes

On the Moscow stock exchange indexes appear to help evaluate the effectiveness of state-owned companies

According to
the press service of the Ministry of Economic
Development of the Russian Federation, 29 September the Deputy Minister
Nikolai Podguzov sign a trilateral
an agreement with the Federal Property Management Agency and the Moscow stock exchange index on startup
companies with state participation and the index variable of the company. according to
According to Russian media, the method of calculation
New indexes developed jointly
three sides, they will be calculated
Stock Exchange under the full yield
based on prices of transactions made with
shares on the stock exchange.

In May of this
, when the technique is only developed,
representatives of one of the departments
reported that the launch codes have asked
officials who want to use this
tool to assess the effectiveness
work of state-owned companies.

form the basis of calculating the index
companies with state participation, will be used
a list of 54 companies which have
the share of the government, which accounted for
will only public company whose
shares are traded on the stock exchange. for the formation
calculation base of companies index
regulated activity Exchange will
use subjects registers
natural monopoly - for example,
lists of subjects of natural monopolies
in the field of water supply and sanitation,
in the fuel and energy complex,
transport, communications.

Moscow Exchange calculates the time
Two main index - is the MICEX index
and the RTS index, which includes
50 most liquid shares of the largest
and dynamically developing Russian
issuers. In addition to these, there are other
indicators - index of blue chips, index
second-tier stocks, stock index
the broader market, sectoral indices
shares and others.

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