Monday, April 10, 2017

Trading Psychology first 3 points

Trading Psychology. The first 3 points of immortality.

Today is not an ordinary article, which says that everyone knows, but can not win everything.

Psychology in trade in the markets, it is possible that especially financial, the first reason for the profit or equity drawdowns. Today is one of those trading days when it is possible to dry the head, as it is commonly called, earn and relax before dinner. Price holds excellent hiking from line to line, but alas, the enemy does not sit in the monitor enemy sits in the trader. Fear and despair, hope and pride, greed and poverty overcome in those days experienced trader continually replacing each other. The brain need to make urgent decisions, and then every hour to wait for the next turn, regardless of the lost points on the monitor.

What is the point of immortality. For me - it is a position postulates that the trader is obliged to perform every second, thereby protecting themselves from the false transactions, giving free rein to victory, right rsheniyam.

The first point of immortality. The immortality of the psyche and the trading system. Of course, if you do not play the lottery by guessing the price you are happy owner of a trading strategy. In its trading strategy you must be unshakable confidence. You should be aware that the trading system is working properly. Meeting this challenge requires you to perseverance and self-discipline. So, to be confident in your trading system, strategy to test it with stories, and make the process their own handles, not a tester. It is necessary to take the schedule and otlistat it anywhere stories. After that, based on your trading system without being told to take a decision on the transaction which you need to do. I recommend to record these results in the journal, notebook, record the key points of your trading strategy on schedule, in separate columns, notebooks, and then check the result by scrolling bar by bar graph to its present. The next step in the competence of your self - the study of a particular strategy (backup) or the use of a competent, trusted source of trading signals and forecasts. I recommend spending at least 100 training deals with the help of the history of graphics and only then move on a demo account. On the demo account, you will spend the same at least one hundred educated, informed of transactions in accordance with your trading strategy, maintaining, recording parameters, based on which you made the decision. Now you need to move to a real account, with real money to work - is also a factor of the psyche. Demo account is nothing more you do not give and could harm its pseudo reality.

The second point of immortality. The immortality of the mind at the sight of money. The decision on the transaction shall be at rest, but it is necessary to open a deal as you covers a wave of emotion or stupor. Therefore, during the transaction, before it started, select the level of Stop Loss and Take Profit, thus bezemotsionalny computer itself does all the work for you. Without this option, your mind may fail and close the deal sooner or later. Leaving you with a loss or negligible profits which does not cover incurred costs for this work. Just doing these positions will have an increased chance.

The third point of immortality. Mentality, flexibility and in-depth analysis. In the early days, before entering the market, you must be sure to write in his diary of the trader position, the key point of the market in which you make decisions, as well as alternatives to market movements. Keeping your own records of the trader, maintaining positions -Important key point.

If you manage to get yourself to execute these rules, attitudes and postulates, especially novice - profits will be more.

Comic picture accompanying this post, says that we have to work in trading, rather than relying on faith and luck - not here. This is a market.

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