Thursday, November 3, 2016

AUTOMATIC Forex trading

AUTOMATIC Forex trading

Did you know that in Forex, you can quickly put together yourself
state? You do not know how to trade the forex market? Did you know that 2/3
traders sell not their own, and advisors hands. So called
Automatic Forex trading market.

The more convenient a
way of working?

First, do not need to have special knowledge and experience,
to trade successfully.

Second, trade with the help of special programs does not
opportunity to show the human factor - the excitement and panic.

automated trading programs have been developed on the basis of
real experience trading clients.
Program (or advisors) use different modules, which are analyzed and
processed indicators and forex charts. There are many programs,
every year there are updates to them, allowing you to improve work

You need to download the program,
installed on your computer, adjust its parameters and you can start in the world
Forex! Any special knowledge of the program requires. Due to the active
advertising that literally guarantees good earnings trader
automated trading has become very popular lately. And many
beginners forex market players no longer puzzled
Choosing a good counselor, not getting new knowledge and experience in the work.

Is a program advisor can become a panacea for
traders in Forex? Of course, it is convenient that the use of software releases
trader from direct sitting in front of a computer monitor. Program
works by well-selected algorithm and parameters trade deal, does it
around the clock and very precisely, what exactly is superior to man.

Before purchasing the program is to carefully examine the information
about it: its profitability, on what
instruments and time intervals it can work. Better and explore its
in demo mode and self-test it on a demo account.

However, one of the most successful traders in the Russian forex
Alexander says Gerchik and disadvantages of working with an advisor:

Thus, automatic forex trading does not take into account (a
therefore, may not respond correctly) on the news and publishing data
economic indicators, rumors and expectations of the market.

With this method it is impossible to make a trade
fundamental analysis and many other types of analysis.

Advisor unprofitable to use in unusual situations
On the market. Such programs are traded on a particular market type, but the type of market and
his character just had to identify the person setting up the program advisor.

Most often, given enough experience on auto
trade in the forex market and understand the trading strategies trader
gradually comes to self-trade. Another good option
work is a combination of forex advisor with manual trading. here
trader has himself determines the type of market and his character, decides whether it is possible in this
situation to use the adviser, and when the need - to change the parameters of
programs. Those. bdit and again for bdit advisor! And also - increase their
knowledge and skills to use Adviser was effective.

Julius I..

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