Monday, November 21, 2016

OPEC has not yet made decision

OPEC has not yet made a decision on a meeting with non-cartel

Organization nefteeksportorov Countries (OPEC) has not yet set the date of the meeting with Russia and other countries that are not members of the cartel, to discuss ways to support oil prices, said two members of OPEC.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday that Russia is ready for such a meeting and is open to cooperation with the OPEC countries and the states which are not members of the cartel.

"OPEC nothing. It is not decided"- said one of the participants in the cartel, referring to the possibility of meeting in February. Previously, the willingness to her said Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

"We have already had two meetings. We discussed the market, but concrete steps are not followed", - he said.

Another representative of OPEC said that there is little point in such a meeting, as long as the organization has not developed a common position on quota production.

"Some of the OPEC countries are not sure what needs to be done at a meeting with non-member countries of OPEC. If the meeting will be held without results, we will have big problems in the market, the price will go down".

OPEC members Venezuela, whose economy is collapsing due to low oil prices, has called for an emergency meeting, but the idea was coldly received by the other members of the organization.

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