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trade system

EA trades only one day a week - on Monday. The robot opens only one order, if the difference between the closing price of a financial instrument on a Friday and the price of a financial instrument at the time the market opens on Monday, more than a user specified in the settings of the robot size.

Trading strategy is based on the fact that in a relatively short period of time is typically less than a day, the price of a financial instrument is returned to the value that the previous week's trading closed. Order is closed when the set level of income (TakeProfit) Or loss (StopLoss). The lifetime of the warrant is limited, order closes at 23 hours 57 minutes on Monday, if not closed prior to achieve a given level of profit or loss.

There are four settings available, providing four trading tactics:

  1. conservative,
  2. tactics moderate risk to the size of the lot, rising as deposit growth,
  3. aggressive tactics and high-risk trade,
  4. use of tactics based on martingale.

tactic 1. All trades are opened fixed lot size, which always remains constant.

Tactics 2. The lot size is calculated from the formula volume = lot function rounding to the nearest integer below the value (account balance / sto) *0.01. Variable Value sto default is 100, but can be changed by the trader if he wants to carry out more or less risky trade.

Due to the limitation on the number of characters in the description of the information about the other two tactics available upon request.

Work program timeframe - hour (H1).

  • Tactic 1. MM = false and MG = false;

  • Tactics 2. MM = true and MG = false;

  • Tactic 3. MM = true and MG = true;

  • Tactics 4. MM = false and MG = false.

trading robot parameters (one of the possible customization options in parentheses)

Please note that the value of the price gap, the closing level of the profit or loss is defined in absolute terms, not in relative terms (ie not in the form of points).

  • Lot (0.01) - used for trading value of the lot (strategy 1 and 4).

  • StopLoss (0.0300) - closing of the order of reaching the loss level (0.0300 value corresponds points 30, if used four-quotes).

  • TakeProfit (0.0090) - closing of the order reaches the profit level (0.0090 corresponds to the value of 90 points, if you use four-digit quotes).

  • sto (100.0) - a risk factor for the second and third tactics.

  • min_gapsize (0.0030) - the minimum price gap for opening an order.

  • Magic (123) - "magic" (unique) number of orders, exhibited trading robot.

  • MM (true) - a boolean choice of trading strategies.

  • MG (false) - a boolean choice of trading strategies.

  • koeff_mg (1.8) - the magnification factor of the lot size (for tactics 3 and 4).

  • MaxLot (3) - the maximum size of the lot, which may not be exceeded (tactics for 2, 3 and 4).


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