Friday, December 29, 2017

Choosing long term view and why

Choosing a long-term view, and why Switzerland is shooting itself in the chocolate

Typically, an emergency financial news from the West delivers Greece, but this time they have come up with a completely unexpected direction, from Switzerland.

Just a few weeks ago, the central bank of the country gave a soothing statements about the continuation of the current year: the artificial retention of the Swiss franc at around 20% cheaper than the euro. On Thursday, the franc against the euro has been sudden untied. Within hours after the start of trading the national currency has soared by 30%.

While investors were happy the Swiss banks, stock markets have fallen into the abyss. All of the country's export-oriented and tourism, have ceased to be competitive, and their stocks have collapsed in unison, creating seismic waves in all quotes. UBS AG -8.7%, Swatch -14.5%, Zurich -9%, Nestle -7.5%, then everywhere. Glory banking powers number one does not interfere with Switzerland a lot to produce and export. Watches, jewelry and medicines, complex mechanisms and the famous chocolate. 40% of it consumed the European Union, which is itself always loved anything to produce and export, and just place it on the domestic market will never reach them. Swiss manufacturers are suddenly deprived of these places, giving the chocolate in Belgium, France, pharmaceuticals and mechanics - Germany.

Bind itself to the euro gave rise to a similar crisis in 2011. Frank had to be protected from the crisis scared investors from the euro zone. The course took off so that the Swiss export companies began to go bankrupt, and the Central Bank of Switzerland announced buying euros "in unlimited volumes" to lower the rate of return. Continue in the same vein, is about to become impossible: the ECB is planning to launch a program of quantitative easing, and even more to weaken the euro against the Swiss franc.

Given the suddenness of reversal in Swiss carefully planned operation in front of us. It affects not only a ruthless and cold-blooded surgical precision with which suffered a blow, but the fact that the blow inflicted on ourselves. Moreover, with the determination that says - now or ever. There remains only one reason, resolving the Swiss Central Bank to make a move with such losses.

Hence, by Zurich opinion, the alternative is even worse. Much.

The Swiss do not like to lose money, and probably even more do not like to lose 40% of exports, and who knows how many tourists. In the field of finance decided to pay attention not only to act, but even on the Swiss regulator words, and if he suddenly makes such a move, but still at a loss, then tomorrow will be too late.

What the Scylla and Charybdis between which Zurich wants to slip in alone?

Scylla is still possible to feed and survive Swiss chocolate and Charybdis will take everything. Close the threat of a Greek exit from the eurozone is obvious. Not least because that the program of quantitative easing Greek bonds are not included in any way. Naturally, this will lead to the collapse of banks, several times resell its debts. And this is not only the voltage. No matter how addresses specific problems of the eurozone, on the Swiss Central Bank point of view, we still do not get full picture is not seen. And whether it is necessary?

It is enough that the losses from knock off ties with Europe have them weighed and found to be small compared to the abyss into which you can get away with. What specifically Swiss professionals see the future of the eurozone, it is easy to understand if to escape from it, they are ready to shoot yourself in the chocolate.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Elder Chandelier Short Exit

Elder Chandelier Short Exit

LED Chandelier Exit, designed by Chuck LeBeau (Chuck Lebeau) is described in the book "Trading with Dr. Elder. Encyclopedia of speculation."

This indicator calculates the stop level for short positions from the lowest price reached during the rally downtrend. To calculate the Chandelier Exit uses Average True Range several indicators (ATR), subtracting the values ​​of the lowest prices.

LED Chandelier Stops different from the traditional stops so that it can move against the position in case of increase in ATR due to volatility. A more conservative approach is to
stops ignoring changes that increase your risks.


  • Factor (3) - a multiplier for ATR, can be a non-integer number;
  • ATR_Days (22) - the number of days to calculate the ATR;
  • Wingding_Symbol (159) - the symbol used for display.

Elder Chandelier Short Exit

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Microsoft adds Revolution Analy

Microsoft adds Revolution Analytics

Microsoft has reached an agreement to obtain Revolution Analytics. Revolution
Analytics- leading commercial provider of software
providing R, the most common language in the world
statistical calculations and forecasting. We conclude this transaction to
help more companies use the power for more R
understanding on the basis of advanced data analytics.

As data volumes are constantly increasing, organizations of all
forms - financial, industrial, healthcare, retail,
research - need powerful analytical models for decision
management decisions. This requires a high-performance computing, which
"close" data and is commensurate with the needs of the business for
long time. At the same time, companies need to reduce training costs and
use of data mining, thus more
employees can use and benefit from R.

Revolution Analytics provides a platform for the level
enterprise development and deployment based on analytical R
decisions that may be based on the large data repositories Hadoop and
can integrate with enterprise systems. Revolution Analytics into R - is a line
products, combined with expert consulting services and training,
help people and businesses realize the potential of big data, using
normal statistical, scientific methodology. are the main customers
some of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations,
pharmaceutical companies, organization consulting, production and
technology companies. Revolution
Analytics is also an important part of a community of more than R 2 million
users around the world. The company regularly promotes projects open
source R, such as ParallelR and RHadoop, and helps support more
150 R user groups around the world.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Neuron AUTO

Neuron AUTO

Neuron AUTO - multi-adviser.

Advisor uses to trade high-risk trading strategies like the Martingale. It works with take-profit and Elman neural network. Stop-loss is not used.

It may work on other major pairs.

Advisor is based on a 39 input, 10 hidden and 2 output nodes of the neural network, as well as the sigmoid function of automatic learning in real life. Trade is almost every candle. Neuron AUTO studying for a seven-day candle stories and predicts the next candle.

The robot is designed to overcome the erroneous predictions. He knows how to learn from their mistakes. The robot is no complicated settings.

The results of the strategy tester

I tested on data for 5 years: has shown good results in the EURUSD pair from 2010 to 2015.


  • The minimum initial deposit - only $ 1000.

  • You need at least a dual-core processor.

  • Minimum RAM - 1 GB.

  • Timeframe - M1 or M5.
  • It is recommended to set the value of the parameter training = true.


  • trainingWhether the robot has to learn.

  • lot: the number of lots.

  • TakeProfit: The level of take-profit.

  • MaxSpread: Maximum spread, in which trade is allowed.

  • Slippage: Allowable slippage for opening orders.

  • max_order: The maximum total number of orders.

  • Min_Margin_level: minimum level of margin accounts with no transactions as a percentage.

Neuron AUTO

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Auto Trend Line

Auto Trend Line

Indicator automatically displays a trend line on all timeframes.

Suitable for any trader, regardless of his trading style.

It works well with the indicator of the trend line. It is recommended to use the trading system Level 3 Reversals.

The larger the timeframe, the stronger the trend line.


  • Auto_Refresh: If true, the trend line is updated automatically.

  • Normal_TL_Period: bars count for the calculation of the trend line.

  • Three_Touch: when used true triple touch.

  • M1_Fast_Analysis: If true, it enables fast analysis of the M1.

  • M5_Fast_Analysis: if true, It includes a quick analysis of the M5.

  • Mark_Highest_and_Lowest_TL: If true, the maximum and minimum observed trend lines.

  • Normal_TL_Color: line color of the normal trend.

  • Long_TL_Color: the color of the uptrend line.

  • Three_Touch_TL_Widht: width trendline.

  • Three_Touch_TL_Color: Color trendline (triple tap).

Auto Trend Line

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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Thank you OPEC China will save

Thank you, OPEC! China will save $ 100 billion on oil imports

China will save $ 100
billion on oil imports in just six months
- and all thanks to the collapse of oil prices. Such
numbers are real, if oil prices
remain at current levels, - says
Boky Lin, chief economist for
Energy in China. "And we do not even need
nothing to do", - he added.

Speaking on CNN website
to talk about the emerging markets, and
and the World Economic Forum
Davos, Lin said China - the largest
oil importer in the world - hopes that
Prices remain low and thus give
good economy pulse.

"Low prices give
push us to work"Said Zhou
Xiaochuan, governor of People's Bank
China. Cheap oil, you can also buy,
to spend more economic
reforms, he added.

Recall that the price of
Oil fell from a high of $ 116 a barrel to
less than $ 50 in just six months,
the strongest decline was after
OPEC's announcement of the decision not to cut
crude production levels.

Comments Lin touched
a chord in the public debate
Representative of the Russian side -
Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. Half
Russian State Revenue comes from
the sale of oil and gas - that is, the country
Now he will miss three trillion rubles
budget. Ruble fell to record low
levels, when oil prices dropped.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

EU Juncker Britain should clarify

EU Juncker: Britain should clarify our position on trade

European Commission President Jean-Klod Yunker in an interview with Reuters said that

• The European economy is losing its essential
• The United Kingdom does not open all the cards in the negotiations on Brekzitu
• None of the documents of the United Kingdom, reflecting its vision of the issue, not yavlyaets ?? satisfactory
• Britain should understand that it talks about the future of trade with the EU is not possible until the issues are resolved on divorce process

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gold rises in price against backdrop

Gold rises in price against the backdrop of a weak dollar on Friday

The price of gold rises
up during the Asian session on Friday
morning. Investors shift money
a metal due to the falling dollar
major international currencies. About it
show auction details.

So, to 8:50 on MSK futures
gold with delivery in April rose
at $ 9.2 - up
1229.9 per troy ounce. In the same time
silver futures for March delivery
rose in price to 17.017 per troy ounce.

dollar today
It shows a negative trend
weak influence of statistical data
from USA. According to reports, the volume of retail
sales in the country declined in January
0.8% - these data were worse than expected,
which reduce waiting only by 0.5%.
In addition, the volume of retail sales (excluding
motor vehicles and accessories) decreased
compared to 0.9% for December. Forecast
It was - a decline of 0.4%.

It did not escape past the buck
and other economic reports from the United States.
For example, data on unemployment - numbers
initial claims for unemployment benefits
for the week increased by 25 thousand applications -. up
304 thousand. (And just waiting to 285 ths.).

According to a trader from
MKS Group Sam Laughlin, gold may continue
rise on reports from Greece. In particular,
For 16 of February should continue
negotiate with creditors and many
investors are waiting to sign agreement
Greek authorities with the
Eurogroup or not. "Support for gold
well expressed by the average value,
the last one hundred days at $ 1216
per troy ounce. The price will remain at
this level in the short term,
as we expect the resumption of
negotiations on Greek debt already
Monday", - he said.

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Ultimate Panel Demo

Ultimate Panel Demo

Control Panel "All in one on Ultimate Panel" helps to open and manage orders according to "trade in one click" system.

This is the demo version for testing only works on CADCHF pair.

The full version can be purchased here:

expert Features

  • Trade in one click.

  • Installing a pending order by dragging and dropping the line.

  • Line concealed stop-loss and take-profit.

  • order management.

Instructions for use:

  • Trade with one click.

    Adjust the size of the lot as well as stop-loss and take profit. Then click on the "BUY NOW" or "SELL NOW" button. The order is immediately established.

  • Drag the line to place a pending order

    Select the button "BUY LINE" or "SELL LINE" and drag the line, determining the opening price, the stop-loss and take-profit.
    Then click on the send order "SEND ORDER" button. Advisor will automatically set a pending order.

  • Line concealed stop-loss and take-profit

    After the opening of the order, press "ACTIVE" button will appear on the chart horizontal lines.

    Line dragged the mouse. Stop-loss can be set at 1 pip or 1 point.

    These lines are invisible to broker, however, your transaction will be closed at that value.

  • order management

    All orders are automatically closed when a certain profit / loss.


    • Set the option "close if profit" = 100 in the chart EURUSD. When the profits of all orders reach $ 100, all open orders will automatically close.

    • Set the option "close if loss" = -50 in the chart EURUSD. When the loss of all orders reach $ -50, all open orders will automatically close.

Input parameters.

  • Select_Mode: Select capital management mode.

    • 1 - fixed lot size.

    • 2 - MM% BALANCE (item is calculated as a percentage of the account balance)

    • 3 - Risk to $ (lot is calculated based on the value of the stop-loss is converted into the amount of)

  • Alert_To_Email: Enter the address of the E-mail address to receive notification when opening and closing orders.

  • Add_Spread_To_Order: True / false (automatically adds spread to the opening price of the warrants).

  • Magic_Start: The magic number for orders opened an expert. Specify a unique number, which does not interfere with Magick other experts working on the same account.

Ultimate Panel Demo

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Pound Trader

Pound Trader

  • Advisor is designed to work with a pair GBPUSD, but you can also try other couples.

  • To search for signals Advisor uses MACD and Stochastic indicators.

  • The first transaction is opened when the signal.

  • Subsequent transactions are opened when a new signal is provided that has passed a sufficient distance after the last transaction.

  • Transactions for the purchase and sale of closed individually or all together.

  • You can disable the global level take-profit and stop-loss and set them separately for each transaction.

  • You can set the emergency brake level - all trades will be closed, if the price reaches this level.

  • It works on M15 timeframe.

  • Minimum account balance for trade with 0.01 lot = $ 500.


  • lot - lot size to open a position.

  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of open orders.

  • Pipstep - distance between transactions.

  • Global_TakeProfit - Set to True, to automatically shut adviser warrant when the take-profit. If the value is set False, the transaction will have to be closed manually, the calculation of take-profit: TakeProfit * Lot.

  • Global_TakeProfit _Value - closing orders when it reaches take-profit and conditions indicator.

  • Global_StopLoss - automatic closing of orders to limit losses, True - to close the order when the level StopLoss * Lot, False - close orders on profit and on the indicator signal.

  • Global_StopLoss_Value - closing orders on stop-loss.

  • TakeProfit - individual take profit for each transaction, ON / OFF.

  • TakeProfit_Value - the size of the take profit for each transaction in points.

  • StopLoss - individual stop-loss for each transaction, ON / OFF.

  • StopLoss_Value - size stop-loss for each transaction in points.

  • Reverse - coup transactions - opening transactions for the purchase of sell signal, and vice versa.

  • Magic - magic number.

Pound Trader

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Dollar rises in price in correction

Dollar rises in price in the correction after falling on the DPRK missile launch news

against major world currencies, the dollar moved to an increase in the correction after falling the morning news about North Korea's ballistic missile launch, which was interpreted by investors as a new round of geopolitical tensions between the US and North Korea, according to the auction.

As at 22.46 MSK dollar index (the dollar to a basket of currencies of the six countries - major US trading partners) grew by 0.09% to 92.29 points. The euro exchange rate against the dollar fluctuated at the opening session in the 1.1978 dollars per euro. Dollar against the yen grew up to 109.74 yen per dollar from 109.25 yen at the previous auction.

On Tuesday morning, North Korea launched a missile, which flew over Japan, in five minutes fell in 1180 kilometers from Cape Erim, which is located in Hokkaido. President Donald Trump said in this connection that "all possible options" resolution of the situation around North Korea's missile program. At the same time, Japan, the US and South Korea demanded the convening of the UN Security Council on the situation.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Paradox of conflict Greece and

The paradox of conflict, Greece and the EU require different, are threatened by the same

European Union
very afraid that in the Greek elections
Syriza party wins, but it still happened. Party in a relatively short period of time
brought together a coalition and formed
government. And now a new
Greek Prime Minister Alexis
Tsipras requires the EU single - cancel
exactly half of the country's debts to
Union. If the European ministers are not
agree Greece out of the eurozone,
and perhaps even of the EU itself.

But officials
The EU, on the contrary, for its part, is actively
require the payment of debts, otherwise
case threatening exception of Greece
the euro zone. Paradoxically, the fact is that both
hand require different, but threatened
one and the same.

But no one
He does not want a party to rid Greece
the euro. It will be difficult to the country itself,
because it is already used to living "on loan"
but because no new loans have
complicated. Last year, of course,
Samaras government barely managed to
to achieve a surplus in the budget - € 1.9
billion, but this is not enough even to
debt service. Now, with
Tsipras declared program
increased government spending, even this
surplus will have to forget.
It turns out, the country needs the money, and take
they are more comfortable just being in the eurozone.

If the EU
"Forgive" the debts of Greece, the indignant
other countries of the Union - Italy, Spain and
Portugal, too, want to them
"Written off" their debt. In a different
If Greece leaves with success
eurozone, these countries may also follow
its example.

according to
analyst of the newspaper "Kommersant", the best
solution for both parties would like
time exit from the euro zone. Greeks return
to the drachma and devalue it quietly,
to get rid of debt. Then
recover the cost of its own
goods and services that will
competitive on the international market.
So did Turkey, playing the lyre,
and I was able to overcome the hardest
financial and economic crisis of 2001
and restore the economy. which
Incidentally, today is a very well developed.

plus for
Eurozone exit of Greece, too, have -
getting rid of the problem
the debtor will be focus
to help other countries.

But until about
economy, few people think -
parties decide purely political
Problems. Well, because the economy will
way to take revenge on the politicians ...

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

News of day

news of the day

Today the attention of market participants drawn
the UK and the US. In the United Kingdom will be published
Preliminary GDP data for the final quarter of last year, and in
The United States released the January statistics on the volume of orders for goods
durables and consumer price index.

GDP is the most important for
state of the national economy of the UK, however, is forecast, it is not
unchanged at 2.7% a year, and 0.5% on a monthly basis.
Thus, in the case of realization of the forecast, these data do not strongly affect the

It seems more important statistics from the US.
It is expected that in January, the volume of orders for goods will increase significantly
durables, which include products with a lifetime of more than
three years. Usually, an increase in demand for expensive durable goods reflects
citizens' confidence in the future and willingness to spend, which has a positive effect on
state of the economy and contributes to the strengthening of the dollar. To increase by
1.9%, which is the biggest increase since July last year. However, in December
the volume of orders fell by 3.4%, which was the sharpest decline since August 2014.

Even less rosy forecasts look
the consumer price index in the United States. It is expected that in January the indicator again
decrease, this time at 0.6%. In annual terms inflation in the United
States may for the first time since 2009, to reach down and negative values
to around 0.1%. Recall that low inflation has long been a headache
pain for the Fed, and largely for this reason snare regulator with increased
interest rate. However, many experts agree that in the course of the year
raise interest rates still have, despite the low
inflation threatening stagnation of the US economy.

Based on the totality of the fundamental factors
in the morning we expect correction of the pair GBP / USD in the area of ​​the level of 1.5470,
then continue to rise to 1.5550 and 1.5600 marks.

News of day

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Trend Scanner

Trend Scanner

Indicator trend lines Trend Scanner It shows the direction of the trend and its change. The indicator works on all currency pairs on timeframes M1 to D1. Indicator displays on the chart several factors: support and resistance lines of the currency pair, the existing trend lines, high and low prices, as well as the current direction of the trend. The indicator generates an accurate signals allowing open transactions with the trend. Blue dots on the chart indicate the high and low prices, the white trend lines show a support line, red trend lines show the resistance line, the yellow solid line shows the direction of the current trend, the blue dot at the beginning of the yellow line is a reference point for setting Stop Loss. When the direction of movement of the currency pair tooltip Alert Buy or Alert Sell indicating the price and the recommended values ​​of StopLoss.

Input parameters

  • TrendDirection - the current direction of the trend

  • DrawUpDownArrow - displaying highs and lows prices

  • DrawTrendline - display trendlines

  • TrendlineInMemory - the number of displayed lines on the graph trend

  • High_Period - the maximum value of the trend analyzer period

  • Low_Period - minimum period trend analyzer

  • Trigger_Sens - trend analyzer trigger sensitivity

  • Alert_Box - a pop-up notification of change in the direction of price movement

  • Send_Mail - sending notifications to your email

  • Send_Notifications - sending push-notification on your mobile device

Trend Scanner

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bill Gross of European QE Too

Bill Gross of the European QE: Too little, too late

Bill Gross,
a veteran in the world of investing,
Mario Draghi praised the plan to revive the economy
Eurozone vkachivaya it 60 billion euros
monthly, the words' too little,
too late". According to Gross, in
ECB President had no choice,
but to aggressively promote the idea
quantitative easing. but
The company's success hampered by the
the fact that Mr Draghi is too long
I waited and did not start the buyback program

Mr Gross
said that the delay in decision-making
and the subsequent drop in interest rates
throughout Europe raises doubts on
the topic of whether banks will be able to - pipeline
between QE and the real sector
Economy - to use the money for

"I do not think that
Europe's QE will work well
the same as in the US. There is only a limited
the number of securities to buy and
interest rates are now so
low, that banks do not necessarily
begin to pump capital into the real
sector of the economy. I'm wondering,
I do a lot of good will from QE
European model ".

a veteran of the stock market is variegated
history of relations with QE. AT
2011, he is very much mistaken, wrong
assessing the value of redemption of securities
US and missed the rally American
Treasury securities. In 2013, he
incorrectly calculated the beginning of time
Fed purchases of assets. This error is caused
the biggest drop Pimco income
the last two decades.

Also in the interview
for the Financial Times Mr Gross
He said he expects the two increases
Fed interest rates this year, the first
of which will be held in June or July.
The rate will rise to suspected
25 points.

sure we'll know about it by March -
he says. -If at the March meeting
The Fed will maintain a tough, impatient
rhetoric, and it will be a signal to the fact
It will rate increased in June or later.
Even in the face of looming deflation
The Fed acknowledged that the zero or close
zero interest rate itself distorts
the essence of capitalism. " Bill Gross adds,
that an increase in interest rates will
"Symbolic" the Fed move.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Pinbar Detector

Pinbar Detector

The indicator shows the pin bars on the chart.

  • If the pin is formed by a bar over the body of the candle, light it blue circle marks.
  • If the pin bar is formed under the body of the candle, the light of his notes with a red circle.

The circle is displayed if the body of the candle is less than 25% of its shadow, and the color is determined by the position of the real body with respect to its center.


  • Pips_Between_H_L: number of pips between the maximum and minimum spark.

Pinbar Detector

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

ATP traded mixed on Wednesday

ATP traded mixed on Wednesday

Wednesday in Asia, Japan's indexes fell
0.1%) and exchange Shanghai (Shanghai
Composite lost
0.53%). Korean Kospi rose
(+ 0.73%), Hong Kong
Seng (+ 0,01%) and
Australian S P / ASX
(+ 0.30%).

Hong Kong ended with a series of six
winning sessions due to the sharp fall
HSBC shares
(-3.5%) in
result of weak financial statements.
Added fuel to the fire and the action of operators
Casino: Galaxy
Entertaiment and
China lost
by 2.7% each. As a result, shares of Hong Kong
Exchange nominally increased, but only a
a hundredth of a percent.

Chinese investors immediately
enter the stock market after a week of rest
rushed to take profits, resulting
on the seven-day New Year's rally.
As a result, the index fell. among the most
actively traded stocks in Shanghai were
Petroleum (+ 3,6% to
rise in price of crude oil), United
Network (- 3,6%), Bank of China (-1,2%).

stocks fell on investor assessment
Janet Yellen comments. Among
interest movements - 3% increase
NTT Data Corp added
2% after it had increased its rating
at JPMorgan
Chase. 6,2%
the company lost Sankyu
on reducing
net income forecast for the year by as much as
42% due to slowing sales.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Apple is secretly developing elec

Apple is secretly developing electric

two days earlier in one of the articles on users
wondering about what lies
Apple and whether the Corporation will be able to
present to the world a new leader,
iPhone level product that
a revolution in the market. The other day
The Wall Street Journal published
material, according to which the Apple
It is a secret work
electric model development. well
possible that this project will
the future of the corporation.

Not much is known: a project called
Titan, the machine
It would resemble in appearance a minivan and go
rumors that Apple may
close the project, leaving the idea. but
the technology used in it will pass
in other projects of the company (battery,
electronics, materials). However, in
several hundred people involved in the project
and high-level managers, so
there is every reason to believe that the plans
Apple has serious.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fibo Trader ULTRA MT4

Fibo Trader ULTRA MT4

fibo Trader - This advisor allows you to create automated templates for oscillation patterns of the Fibonacci correction values, using a fully automated and dynamically created mesh.

This process is achieved by optimizing the advisor, followed by running it in the automatic mode.

Advisor allows you to switch between automatic and manual mode. In manual mode the user is presented with a graphical panel allows you to manage the current trading conditions, or at any time to take trade under manual control. For example, it is possible to reduce the force required movements in the Asian session, to increase the frequency of automatic transactions.

Advisor must be disabled during the most important economic events (eg performances ECB decisions on interest rates, jobs outside the agricultural sector, etc.) and other events.

If you do not want to have the ability to bypass your side while you are asleep or busy with something else, if you like the idea of ​​grid trading, but you are inconsistent in your grid trading, if you want to be notified on the set of pairs, do not follow them all, then this product is for you!

Differences between versions


Number of activations-525
The maximum number of positions31001000

The ability to exclude the test periodsperhapsperhapsYes, embedded





Other settings (including additional options and detailed descriptions of the settings) are available in the PDF-manual, which can be downloaded in the "Discussion" section. Please pay attention to the video-based training on YouTube.

list settings

0. Trade module - Module selection: Automatic or manual panel.

  • 0.1 Manual panel ON / disable AutoMode - Selection of automatic or manual module panel.

1. Trade size and details - Various settings trading lot.

  • 1.1 Base LOT SIZE - The basic lot size first position.

  • 1.2 Maximum supportive positions (+1 main) - The maximum number of additional positions, in addition to the original. (Limited to 2 in the free version).

  • 1.3 Money Management (-1 for OFF) - The value of money management. The value of this parameter will affect the basic lot size.

  • 1.4 Martingale factor (x1.0 for OFF) - Martingale Modifier allows you to gradually increase the size of the position. .

  • 1.5 Block one direction of trades - Lock transactions in one direction - for trends. Use of low (2.6) configuration, preferably 23%. .

  • 1.6 Magic Number - magic number for transactions and saved states.

2. Fibonacci Positioning and Open / Close Settings - General settings for position management.

  • 2.1 Hold position at X FIB ret - The purpose of the position to the middle position. X [%] - this is the purpose for moving the middle position.

  • 2.2 Let position slip X [%] before taking action - After installation position in (2.1) can slide position X [%] re to "commit" at item level (2.1).

  • 2.3 Close position at X FIB ret - Closing position when the Fibonacci correction X.

  • 2.4 Minimum "unloaded" pips trend - The minimum step size in pips to open the opposite position.

  • 2.5 Reduce close requirements by a degree - If the trend is much more demanding, reducing closing positions Fibonacci.

  • 2.6 Trailing stop - Trailing stop for the open position.

  • 2.7 Reset non-used trends at Fibonacci level X - Reset opposite trend in the trade in one direction. Set it low, if the trend is strong.

  • 2.8 Zero MIN / MAX Fibonacci at Take Profit - Reset the minimum and maximum on reaching the target of correction.

3. Refresh and Filters - It allows you to customize some of the filters.

  • 3.1a MA Cross Open Filter - The filter of the moving average.

  • 3.1b MA Cross PIPS - Additional pips, which must be between 2 moving averages, to open a position.

  • 3.2a Channel Filter - Filter channel strips.

  • 3.2b Channel Range - Range channel as a "deviation" (typically from -2 to 2).

  • 3.2c Channel Refresh - channel refresh rate. (Recommended 5 minutes).

4. Stop Loss - stop loss settings.

  • 4.1 Stop Loss in [%] (0 for OFF) - stop-loss when the management of capital.

  • 4.2 Stop Loss in points per base lot (0-OFF) - stop-loss as in the management of capital, and without.

  • 4.3 Reset Trading after Stop Loss - Reset trading after reaching a stop-loss.

Fibo Trader ULTRA MT4

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Triple Channel MT5

Triple Channel MT5

Indicator constructs three successive channel closing prices and checks them for matching with the scheme demonstrated in screenshots. The length of each channel is not fixed, and the program moves into the range ChMin and ChMax. When the coincidence signal is formed of conditions displayed on the corresponding color chart arrow. Rhombus graph showing the level of a possible stop loss. At the time of the signal can be displayed pop-up window, go Push and / or Email-messages. The indicator works on the opening prices of bars.


  • ChMin - Minimal channel length;

  • ChMax - the maximum length of the channel;

  • signalLive - life time of the signal (lock signal re interval);

  • UseAlert - Pop-up windows on a signal;

  • UsePush - Push-resolution warning on cue;

  • UseEmail - Resolution Email-alerts signal.

Triple Channel MT5


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Monday, December 4, 2017

High frequency trading interview

High frequency trading - an interview with Haim Bodek

Haim Bodek - an extraordinary figure for the financial world. After receiving a bachelor's degree in mathematics and cognitive science at the University of Rochester, he decided to devote his career development of trading systems and has made significant progress in this field. However, he created the company Trading Machines failed after trading algorithms under its control became ineffective. Bodek himself believes - because of the spread on the market of a special type of orders, who managed to jump his application in the general flow (the so-called queue jumping) - with the help of exchanges. With the submission of an American developer issue unethical norms in HFT-industry received wide publicity. As a result of the recently released American documentary "Wall Street Code", which Bodek sheds light on the industry of high-exchange algorithms, and exposes the evil, in his view, trading practices.

- Heim, you've already been to Russia?

- No, I first visited your country. The trip runs great, I feel pretty. I have something to compare: recently I was in Asia, and it always felt some stiffness. In Russia, in front of me opened up business opportunities.

- What kind of business are you talking about?

- I was an interesting, intense meeting with traders of your country. In general, I do consulting companies that need help with work in foreign markets. I have the relevant experience, as my work activity is mainly associated with options trading on international markets.

- How did you fall into HFT-business?

- Since the late 1990s, I am developing trading algorithms, mainly for the options market. At one time I worked for companies such as Hull Trading, Goldman Sachs (acquired Hull Trading), UBS. The Swiss bank, I was one of the heads of departments who trade volatility and market making on all US option markets. Then he created his own company Trading Machines. Its trading algorithms in the best of times wrapped up-half of the total volume of trading in the US options market. At the same time, I would not say that ran HFT-by or use-HFT strategy. I am more involved and engaged in the study of various HFT-practices.

For me, high-frequency trading is a kind of tradition, which already has its own history. This kind of trading reached a peak in 2007, between 2007 and 2010, he brought a lot of money, with the result that many companies specializing in algorithmic trading, began to ascribe to themselves the abbreviation HFT, although they do not engage in this practice after the fact.

- You-you traded hands?

- trades, but I'm still a typical "algoparen". I come up and run in 'The Fighter', but in actual combat them manage others. To be honest, I've seen good day traders, but I do not know of a single market maker that would be also a good trader.

- The modern high-frequency trading have any feature?

- The main difference between modern-HFT trading from the traditional is now in the process of building a high-frequency algorithms mainly focus on the desire to receive for your orders the best position in the general flow of applications. This is what I call "alpha". This nuance past 15 years, almost no attention has been paid in most traditional mathematical trading techniques.

It should be understood that for the modern-HFT traders core value is the most advantageous position for their orders. For them, it is just as important as the other - to book a table at a good restaurant for example.

Once in HFT-industry realized it (and it happened sometime in the early 2000s), all immediately began to look for ways to ensure yourself getting a better position in the queue of orders. Here, in the struggle to include such components as the speed and market microstructure - management system selection Exchange orders (order matching system), their setting and tripping.

All this has nothing to do with the mathematical trade types. This is a totally different dimension in trading, the fourth dimension, if you want. Three others - the traditional trading, technology and mathematical methods. Fourth Dimension prioritizes microstructure angle.

This nuance dropped out of sight of people, they do not understand. Normal trading systems developer or trader do not know anything about market microstructure.

The problem lies in the fact that many aspects of HFT-trading were incorrectly displayed in the media, and I'm sure it's even played into the hands of exchanges and HFT-players. Who wants to be the secrets become public domain? Published in the book? Speaking about today's high-frequency trading, journalists always put emphasis on information technology, the rate of iron, but it still can be reduced to IT. In fact, in the first place it is the microstructure of the market.

I repeat: when I talk about the microstructure, I mean how exchanges reduce and execute warrants. A method in which HFT-systems receive a comfortable position in the queue on US stock exchanges, longer dictated by the rules themselves exchanges than the connection speed, equipment and features of the infrastructure networks.

At the time I got to the front page The Wall Street Journal, when told regulators about the possibilities of exchanges with orders to maneuver, allowing some of them to pass the queue (queue jumping). It was into the hands of some HFT-algorithms, because they get a "jump" orders that were sent to the stock exchange even before they do.

In the end, it is not even in the speed and the ability to find holes in the bidding rules and regulation of the markets, which allow to make deals without interference.

It does not fit with the concept of "I'm the fastest and so do half a billion dollars a year." Some companies are not that fast. They just skillfully used gaps in regulation. Some of them can be circumvented quite legally, but others, in my opinion, is so difficult to detect that at times it is not the power of even the controller.

- This is a major problem?

- If the application "out of turn" would be absolutely legitimate, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would not waste time on two major investigations into these kinds of trade Commission. Many HFT-practices are unethical, but the question is, which ones really should be banned. As I understand, control and trying to figure it out.

At stake are big money. I estimate that about 40% of the trading volume of US stock market assets in one degree or another connected with this type of trading. It is understandable why these investigations last long: it's a big piece of cake.

-What kind of investigation?

- They are built around a debate on the types of orders (order type controversy). This point is the main object of critical attacks on the exchange. Like, some HFT-companies have certain advantages over other bidders, since they are provided with the possibility of issuing certain types of orders. Warrants have been developed in the strictest confidence to those who are supposedly "close relationship" with the exchanges.

History has passed into the public mainstream in 2011, and the first official statement of the regulator in this regard was made in February-March next year. Another significant event occurred a little later, when the test management and control of the Commission on the Securities and Exchange Commission (Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, OCIE) also announced the initiation of an investigation of these practices. In June this year OCIE announced that has completed the collection of the necessary information. I hope that we will see some results by January next year.

In my view, that the investigation HFT-practice began only relatively recently, it has "merit" of a number of companies that make huge amounts of stock. In the meantime, regulatory arbitrage, the use of loopholes in the law is the main component of the same "strategy", which I have already spoken.

By the way, it is indicative of the fact that a number of the company's key positions are occupied by former SEC lawyers. When these people start to manage a trading company ... I do not want to name names, but the difference between those offices and organizations, which stand at the helm of traders legend, visible to the naked eye.

So a trader, of course, may well be able to predict the market movement, but when, despite all his ability, someone would come, he can not do anything about it.

- You heard something about the history of Sergey Aleynikov who was accused of stealing code from GoldmanSachs?

- Yes, an interesting story came to him. Personally, we do not know, but on one of my first jobs, I was engaged in collecting data for the system, which was called "three-factor model." Aleynikov was accused precisely in the fact that he stole the code of the model. The problem is that, as recognized by one of my acquaintance traders, this model is more likely to steal on Wall Street.

One day I met a guy who wanted to work in the Trading Machines. He was at the time engaged in the development model, which, as it seemed, was a real know-how. After watching, I cooled the ardor of his, saying that this is the three-factor model. "You're with someone from Goldman Sachs worked?" - I asked him. "Oh, my boss. He was from Goldman ... »- he answered. In general, throughout my career I have encountered at least twice with the people who praised me this model.

Unfortunately, in the financial industry for intellectual property is treated with great disdain.

- The traditional question of the human world of finance: your most successful and most transactions failing?

- I have often seen people algorithms and lost 50 thousand dollars for 10 seconds or even half a day of profit earned. Once in 20-30 minutes, I lost half a million, and once managed to make a million dollars in a very short period of time. Of course, all this is done on a massive scale. At one time, the operation of my desk is made up to 10% of the turnover of US options market. When you say you are so significant amounts, such events occur frequently. In this game you do not need a superstar and past failures. If you earned a lot of money, which means that you hoisted on their shoulders excessive risk. Of course, it is better to contain both of these options.

I remember once our trading system is out of order, and we were confident that the trading algorithm also stopped working as the appropriate option was to turn it off. However, it turned out that the guy who was responsible for this very option, for some reason, it cut down, resulting in a half-hour unsupervised algorithm trade lost 400 thousand dollars.

Well, the most famous example is connected with the collapse of Knight Capital. It is known that their algorithms brought them $ 440 million of losses is less than an hour. Even though it is not even so much in comparison with the fact that they might lose even. In the case of Knight Capital I was shocked that they had an active correspondence with the New York Stock Exchange. They asked, they say, all you have to order with the algorithm, but no one in the company did not even bother to understand!

- Yes, when before my eyes there is such an example, it is unlikely to wish to appear to start their own business, especially in the HFT-industry. And when they came to the idea of ​​opening your company?

- We organized Trading Machines in November - December 2007, we have been developing trading algorithms almost all of 2008 and started trading just 4 weeks before the financial crisis hit. At that time, we were able to scale their operations up 0.5% US option market turnover. You have no idea what it was nerve-wracking ... We normally worked until May 2009, after which we had the first problem: one of the exchanges dramatically changed the rules of the game.

- You can announce any results?

- We managed to pick up from the market more than 20 million dollars, but the bulk of the payments went to the commissions, and profit was not enough to cover the costs of maintenance of the firm, which is 10 million per year. Perhaps the algorithms that we used could contain a couple of guys, but they were not good enough for a large trading company. At the peak we employ 25 people.

The main problem arose after the market has spread the very practice of extraordinary orders, queue jumping. I myself would never have understood that this is what actually brought the game of my algorithm, if I had not been told about the existence of the special order types that can jump over other applications in the general stream.

- But there is a silver lining: you could probably get a positive experience.

- We hired people from the units competing companies. While all this was like the establishment of a dream team. But I realized that even if you have a good track record in investment banks, it does not mean that you will be able to show outstanding results.

The business environment is constantly changing, with the market unable to take less and less. We needed a more creative people who can easily adapt to the new situation.

But we must add that the Trading Machines closed, including due to the unfavorable situation on the options market. Perished not just us, some companies have also reduced their optional units, and brokers who have been leaders in this segment, received a loss from market making.

Structure of the market in general has changed dramatically over the past five years.

- Why, in your opinion, many left the market?

- Most people get hung up on strategies that have already begun to fail. Everyone in this business tend to be innovators, but most use the same algorithms that are simply trying to do something better than others. Create a new strategy is extremely difficult, especially when the regulatory environment and market conditions change every two months.

- What do you spend the time now?

- I have lots of projects. I am developing new strategies, I advise a number of companies trying to create a synthetic platform includes all - risk management, operations, back-office. However, preference is given to me all the same creation of a fund under the control of its own algorithms. Yes, I want to say that the lessons I learned Trading Machines.

At the same time I was doing a lot of community work, in every way seek to warm up the debate around the market microstructure.

- Why do you need it?

- When I started a campaign against the illegal, in my opinion, trade practices, I thought that the players of the financial industry will stand on my side, will publish, disclose any facts.

Expectations were met only partially. Legal departments of large financial institutions on the part of customers and banks and the stock exchange, on the other - all are closely watching the process and waiting to see what will happen next.

We have a systemic problem, but it is not so easy to solve. It is not enough to exclaim: "Hey, guys, come illegal actions, can not you see ?!" In this game involves imposing forces that seek to maintain the status quo. At the same time, many companies are interested to find out how the money goes out of their nose, many just want to SEC that has already started to do.

- And what, in your opinion, HFT-moving industry?

- As long as there is economic sense to compete in a battle-HFT algorithms, the industry will continue to exist. All these companies are fighting for the right to, figuratively speaking, the first to come from the back patio. If it did not exist these same back door, which I have mentioned, there would be no economic sense to hire people to go all the volume of work. Understand, if all of them get to knock on the front door, the HFT simply die out.

- Do you have a familiar Russian traders on Wall Street?

- Somewhere in the mid-2000s I became involved in the process of building a team. From about this time their composition has become a serious change. If in the late 1990s and early 2000s it was still a high proportion of technicians - a kind of tribute to the days of the dot-com heyday, then after the mid-2000s universities have modified their programs and students have lost some of the technical skills required to do business.

Among developers of trading systems many Chinese, Russian, and citizens of other CIS countries, Indians. Even in my company Trading Machines Russian and Chinese were the main ethnic groups. I always had to take into account the cultural characteristics, to establish constructive interaction. Sometimes it was not easy.

My father, who dealt with the physics of elementary particles, working as a team, composed of different ethnic groups. All of them were technical people, the wisest men - and all of them he had to adjust to working.

I'm always interested in visiting the country, the citizens of which I've worked.

- That is, in China, too, has already visited?

- Yes. I also suggested to visit Hong Kong a few weeks ago, but the Russian embassy have retained my passport too long ...

- Have you ever traded on the Russian market?

-No. I do before going to your stock market had some concerns, but I was pleasantly surprised by the structure of the Russian market. My main message: you have a good, solid base, but no matter what you were going to take, be very careful not to repeat the mistakes of other markets.

For example, it is not necessary to expand opportunities to create artificially high volumes. This includes the excessive growth of all kinds of orders. In fact, it will do no good and do not need to build a mature market.

At the same time you need to do a lot of work for the development of institutional investors.

-Not in all of us should be on America?

-American stock market is a real example of how competition, which should in theory be useful, in fact, causes harm to the environment.

In the US there are 13 stock exchanges. In the struggle for the client of their work was like the appeasement of their pets. When you give customers the opportunity to place their equipment in the data center by introducing reduced commission - it is justified and correct. But to churn out various types of orders, which are de facto look like they are set under the trading practices of certain firms - is inappropriate.

As soon as the market begins to affect the process of determining the winners and losers in the market struggle, it has a negative impact on the overall situation.

I suppose it comes from the fact that the exchange does not know how to position themselves, and as a result they begin to adapt to certain customers. For example, in the United States does the new Exchange IEX, which is kind of more convenient for pension and mutual funds. But again, this is one of the forms of assistance, as market supposedly protects these companies from HFT-strategies.

In general, it is clear that the situation has gone too far. Actually, from what I'm trying to fight.

Exchange must provide open and fair market access to all players. Once they start to look towards one group of customers, then, in my opinion, starts to deviate from the basic principles of the law of the exchange activity of 1934.

- You never wanted to drop everything and leave the world of finance?

- Throughout his career, I do automate trading systems. My job is to replace people algorithms. I would be happy if the business declined, however, to my surprise, in this industry is working more and more people, in fact all that might fill the workers only a dozen offices. But it's better to let others return to the science, but I'll stay in this area and more work.

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LinePRO - an indicator without delay and redrawing, which shows the trend of the selected timeframes.

The blue line shows the uptrend, red - top-down, and the yellow line shows the Detrended market. For best results, before making a trading decision is recommended to take into account the signals c other timeframes.

LinePRO works best on timeframe H1.


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