Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Info Binary Options

Info Binary Options

The indicator displays the information on the open binary options with the nearest expiration. The information displayed from left to right:

Order number | Option type (Call / Put) | Volume (USD) | Points (difference from the opening price) | Time left

Attention! The indicator is designed to work on platforms that support the binary options trading through MetaTrader and forming information on open orders in the "Comment" field.

Input parameters

  • Type - Display Type

    • Following the price - Following the price

    • In a selected corner of the screen - In the selected corner of the screen

  • Chart corner for binding - The angle of the schedule to bind

    • Center coordinates in the upper left corner of the chart

    • Center coordinates in the upper right corner of the chart

    • Center coordinates in the lower left corner of the chart

    • Center coordinates in the lower-right corner of the chart

  • Shift Y coordinates - Indentation vertically (associated with Type b)

  • The shift in bars - Indentation bars (associated with Type a)

  • Save position - Save the position of the text. (If is False, then you can move to any point of the graph)

  • text settings

    • The size

    • Font

    • Colour

  • display Options - the individual elements can be switched off if necessary.

    • order number

    • option type

    • volume

    • points

    • Time left

Info Binary Options

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