Friday, September 21, 2018

Forecast financial markets on

Forecast financial markets on Friday: what the outcome of this week?

In Portugal, the coming financial stress in the euro next test of strength, gold rises in price, and even oil crept up.

Next week, large corporations will begin to publish their reports. The US stock market is now trading at all-time highs. Expectations for company profits is very optimistic: the majority of the companies included in the pool of S P 500, according to analysts, have added an average of 6.6% during the quarter.

However, some problems
expected in the financial sector: The Fed
has already announced that turns its
program to support the economy, and
rate hike, apparently, are not for
mountains. All this will surely affect
on the banking system. The problems began,
for example, JP Morgan Chase, and
they are caused by a complex of factors.
At the company's CEO,
Jamie Dimon, the big problems
health, but still there is a danger
trial on charges of
violation of sanctions (in complicity with
notorious BNP Paribas).
In short, if you have the stock JPM
- better sell them.

panic markets around the Portuguese
bank Banco Espirito Santo leads
to the fact that gold grows well, the goal
$ 1341 per troy ounce
achieved, and experts expect a continuation
rising to $ 1,350 an ounce. A
Now the price of oil, reaching its
minimum, began to grow, and today
analysts put as a target for Brent
point 109.70.

the foreign exchange market, the purpose of the pair EUR / USD
estimated by analysts as 1.3640 -
further growth of the euro have not yet seen.
GBP / USD slowly begins
fall, and experts predict a breakdown
below 1.70. The deficit in the United Kingdom
increases and economic growth reached
its maximum. It's time to go
the podium, ahead of correction. Couple
USD / JPY continues to be
under pressure, analysts advise
enter it on the market Long.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Quantum analysis

quantum analysis

Epic quantum analysis began around 2000, when the native of St. Petersburg Andre Duka published his work "The general theory of evolution"In which the author strictly mathematically and physically shown that all dynamic processes in our universe are subject to quantum mechanical hook zakonam.Glavnaya quantum analysis proposed A.Duka - quantization trajectory market movement on price and time shkale.V this theory, the fundamental point is equality of price and quantum of time and the transition to the new space, which the author called the space Duca.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018



BTT is a trend indicator signal indicator. The algorithm is based on the principle of price movement - a trend to roll back - the entrance. The indicator gives a signal to enter the market and signal to the partial or total orders fit. The indicator works on all timeframes, and with almost all the instruments.

The indicator does not draw or delayed

The indicator can not be considered independent trading system. When passing the flat there are losing trades, that is more than compensated with lovlennym trend. In addition, filters are required for it. In particular, I use MA. In all of this, the indicator gives a huge percentage of correct signals and helps to catch a lot of traffic.

Trading Strategy (Recommendations for use)


  • Enter the market, when the MA formed and BTT trend indicator gives a signal (arrow) to enter the market.

  • Exit the market when BTT indicator gives a signal (arrow) on the order fixation.

  • Only the first work formed of motion signals.


  • Enter the market when MA changing trends and BTT indicator gives a signal (arrow) to enter the market.

  • When the signal at the fixation / partial order fixation - close the portion of the order, to the residue accompany the return signal. Signals on new refill indicator BTT short stop.


  • Nearest minimum / maximum.

  • Reverse indicator signal BTT + reverse patern MA.


  • Indicator perfectly complements the work with trend lines, lines of support / resistance.

  • Not trade before the release of significant news (1 hour before and 1 hour after). Do not trade during high volatility.

  • Do not forget to transfer without loss and trail the stop.


  • Big_Trend_Trap_Intensity = 4; - Calculation period / the number of bars to calculate the indicator

  • sell_level = 0.99; - sell_level / level for SELL

  • buy_level = 0.01; - buy_level / level BUY

  • sell_level_trend = 0.93; - sell_level_trend / level for SELL

  • buy_level_trend = 0.07; - buy_level_trend / level BUY

  • Sound = true; - Sound / audio notification

  • alert = true; - alert / notification of the alert window

  • SoundFileBuy = "alarm.wav"; - SoundFileBuy

  • SoundFileSell = "alarm.wav"; - SoundFileSell

  • SoundFileCloseBuy = "alarm.wav"; - SoundFileCloseBuy

  • SoundFileCloseSell = "alarm.wav"; - SoundFileCloseSell

  • Cod_Arrows_SUp = 71; - Cod_Arrows_SUp / arrow code signal buy

  • Cod_Arrows_SDn = 72; - Cod_Arrows_SDn / Kostrelki signal sell

  • Cod_Arrows_SUp2 = 34; - Cod_Arrows_SUp2 / arrow code signal buy

  • Cod_Arrows_SDn2 = 34; - Cod_Arrows_SDn2 / Kostrelki signal sell

  • DnColor = clrGold; - DnColor / color arrow SELL

  • UpColor = clrSpringGreen; - UpColor / color arrows BUY

  • DnColor2 = clrGold; - DnColor2 / color arrow SELL

  • UpColor2 = clrSpringGreen; - UpColor2 / color arrows BUY

  • Arr_Dist_DN = 30; - Arr_Dist_DN / distance for arrow Dn

  • Arr_Dist_UP = 30; - Arr_Dist_UP / distance for the Up arrow

  • Arr_Dist_UP2 = 40; - Arr_Dist_UP2 / distance to stops Up2

  • Arr_Dist_DN2 = 40; - Arr_Dist_DN2 / distance to stops Dn2

  • Arr_width = 1; - Arr_width / arrows Thickness

  • Arr_width2 = 1; - Arr_width2 / arrows Thickness

  • Normalize = 1; - Normalize / rounding calculations

  • delta1 = 450; - delta1 / delta divergence MA

  • delta2 = 250; - delta2 / Delta to calculate the probability of regression

  • ExtPeriodFastMA = 96; - ExtPeriodFastMA

  • ExtPeriodFiltrMA = 128; - ExtPeriodFiltrMA

  • ExtPeriodSlowMA = 210; - ExtPeriodSlowMA


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Pound is preparing to sharp move

Pound is preparing to sharp movements

Pound closed in New York on Tuesday at $ 1.6813 after being unable to continue to recover from early European lows around $ 1.6757 to a maximum of US $ 1.6817 session. This step has been given a boost before and after the London fixing at 1600BST, and the reason was the positioning in anticipation of today's key events, namely the UK labor market report at 0830GMT and review of inflation from the Bank of England at 0930GMT. Pound slowly returned profits in the Asian session, down from opening highs of around $ 1.6813 to $ 1.6801, but again trading around $ 1.6813 this morning in Europe. Euro / sterling also reflected the revival of sterling fell Tuesday below support at stg0.7970, extending the pullback to stg0.7945. Cross held in Asia in the narrow stg0.7951 / 54 range. Reports on major transactions in the show that recent mixed data this morning suggests that the BOE will reflect some cooling in the process of recovery of the UK economy, but the choice of sterling - still a good bet, since the absence of such negative assessments of the inflation report will lead to a sharp rise in the currency. Buying sterling on dips remains the best course of action. Employment data, expected to show further improvement. Pound bidami maintained at 1.6800 $, $ 1.6787-80 (50% -61.8% of the $ 1.6757-1.6817). Resistance is at $ 1.6820-30.

Technical analysis on the GBP / USD

Impedance 4: $ 1.6894 - resistance hour July 31
Resistance 3: $ 1.6880 - the 100-day moving average
Resistance 2: $ 1.6863 - a maximum of 7 August
Resistance 1: $ 1.6828 - hour resistance of August 8
The current rate of the currency pair: $ 1.6823
Support 1: $ 1.6795 - the high of August 11 is now supported
Support 2: $ 1.6757 - a minimum of 12 August
Support 3: $ 1.6738 - a minimum of 11 June
Support for 4: $ 1.6718 - month low on June 4

Comment: after finding support at $ 1.6766 a pound sank to new 2-month low on Tuesday, but rebounded to the initial resistance of $ 1.6828. resistance layers remain in the neighborhood of $ 1.6828-1.6894, and the bulls continue to look at, to close above $ 1.6894. This will confirm the weakening of bearish pressure. Daily oscillators are oversold and are a key concern for the subject bears now. Now they need to see a close below initial support $ 1.6795 to confirm the downside pressure.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Copper rose to four month high

Copper rose to a four-month high on Chinese wave

copper futures on unit Comex
New York Mercantile Exchange, while
European morning trade, up
0.25% (up to 3,265 per dollar
lb). The range of traded prices - in
between $ 3,247 and
$ 3,269 per pound. these values
are very close to April
maximum. Most likely, in the near future
while futures support will
is at $ 3.237 / lb
(This is at least 7 July), and the resistance -
to $ 3,294 / pound (this is the maximum
July 8).

such movements
copper due to the publication of data
from China, where consumer inflation
prices rose by 2.3% in annual terms.
In this case, price inflation proizvoditeleyupala
1.1% (it is more
0.1% predicted). these data
quite positive, and given the fact that
China consumes 40% of global copper, then
Copper futures on the statistics from
Celestial is also, of course, influenced.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Hunter delete

Hunter delete

Script - Remove Hunter

This script is designed to quickly remove pending orders, the channel boundary lines Up and Dn, as well as arrows (symbols) that arise when installing warrants.


  • Maybe at one time to delete all pending orders of the current chart

  • Maybe at one time to delete all pending orders of the current account

  • Can remove only a predetermined order number (Sorcere)

  • Can remove the lines indicating the boundary of the channel, levels of support / resistance of the symbols Up and Dn

  • Can remove all the arrows (symbols), remaining after the installation and removal orders


Drag the chart title of the script of the navigator pane in the Preferences window that appears, enter the required parameters.

Do not forget to check if trading is allowed - must also be checked in the second tab. Otherwise, the order will not be deleted!

Customizable options:

  • Only current symbol = true - delete pending orders only current character, false - all pending orders in current account

  • Only this magic - true = delete pending orders only a predetermined number, false - pending orders with any number (Sorcere)

  • Magic number = order number to be deleted (Magik)

  • Remove line Up, Dn = true - remove the line Up and Dn, false - no

  • Remove arrows = true - remove arrows, false - no

A comment:

The script displays the following comment in the upper left corner of the active chart:

  • script name

  • the number of closed otlozhennikov (No symbol)

  • or the number of closed otlozhennikov (all instruments)


The script can be used to delete a pending order, exhibited the following advisors and scripts:

  • News Hunter Bot OneTime

  • Hunter on the channel breakout BuyStop SellStop

  • Hunter on the channel breakout BuyStop

  • Hunter on the channel breakout SellStop

  • Hunter on the channel breakout BS SS DEMO

signal lines Up, Dn can be used by an expert tool The signal at the sample channel to alert the trader calculated intersection of the channel.

Hunter delete

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rhino Scalp

Rhino Scalp

Rhino Scalp - Advisor is a fully automatic, based on divergences of moving averages and standard deviation indicator.

The algorithm calculates the divergence between the two moving averages, and then applies the power of the standard deviation for transactions.

Advisor can be used for any timeframe, but it is recommended to run on the graph at low M5 spreads and low commissions.

Input parameters

  • Expert Name - advisor name and comments to transactions.

  • Magic Number - advisor magic number to identify transactions.

  • Fixed Lot Size - fixed lot size.

  • Activate Auto Lot Size - If true, activate the automatic calculation of the lot size.

  • Auto Lot Risk (%) - the risk for the calculation of the automatic lot size.

  • Trailing Start - distance in pips to include trailing.

  • Slippage - slippage.

  • SL - stop-loss.

  • Max Spread Allowed - maximum spread above which the adviser does not trade in Buda.

indicator settings

  • MA fast Period - during the fast moving average.

  • MA slow Period - period of slow moving average.

  • Standard Deviation Period - standard deviation indicator period.

Temporal filter:

  • Weekly days - Specify true for trading on that day.

  • StartTime - start time adviser.

  • StopTime - the close of the advisor.


  • Volatile currency pairs.

  • Low spread.

  • Low commissions.

  • Leverage - at least 1: 200

  • Five-digit quotes.

  • Hour virtual hosting (VPS) with low latency.

Rhino Scalp

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