Thursday, November 16, 2017

GBPUSD potential to reduce not

GBP / USD: the potential to reduce not exhausted

Current trend

During the week the quotations of the currency pair GBP / USD declined and Thursday
We reached a three-week low of 1.5223. A couple of crushed published in
Wednesday, February data on the index of business activity in the services sector. If in
UK this figure fell to 56.7 points, the US - on the contrary,
increased. According to calculations of Markit it was 57.1 points. And ISM calculations - 56.9
points. In addition, the economic report "Beige Book" Federal Reserve showed that
Economic activity in most regions of the US continues to grow,
It provides significant support to the dollar.

The most important
Fundamental events today will be ECB President Mario Draghi.
While the program of the European QE does not give the desired results,
and the European Central Bank may well resort to new stimulus measures that
It will inevitably affect the European currency is not the best. Also
usually pay attention to the performance of the Bank of England head Mark
Carney. In the context of low inflation British regulator will not make the change
interest rate, but Carney can chart a course of further monetary

Support and Resistance

In the near future more likely to continue to reduce prices
around 1.5155. However, we can not completely exclude the possibility of compensation to
level 1.5335 (the middle line "Bollinger Bands" indicator). technical
LEDs exhibit opposite signals in response to the uncertainty
Market before the important fundamental developments. Bollinger bands are directed
down, confirming the presence of a downtrend. Histogram MACD is in the negative zone, its volume increases.
Stochastic lines are oversold and directed horizontally.

Support levels: 1.5210, 1.5155.

Resistance levels: 1.5275, 1.5335.

trading recommendations

In current situation
more pressing seen short positions, which can be opened from the level of 1.5210 with the aim of 1.5155. Long positions will be
current in the breakdown of the price level of 1.5275. The goal of long positions will mark 1. 5335.

GBPUSD potential to reduce not

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Sensh RD

Sensh RD

Trades on this indicator is carried out by the following signals:

  1. The green line is growing - we buy on the second bar; green line broke in down - close the purchase.

  2. The red line falls - sell on the second bar; red fracture line up - close the sale.

The indicator can be used in the trade, both independently and as an additional filter. It shows good results on the higher timeframes from one hour or more. I use it in some expert advisors.

Sensh RD

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Bezindikatorny poluskalpersky adviser working on the price jumps. Do not use the net orders and Martingale. It can operate as a market and pending orders. In ispolzute advisor trailing stop loss with a turn-protective pending order in case the price will be developed. Stop loss together with a turn-pending order is pulled at an equal value of the stop-loss region for the price to the time when the stop-loss open orders do not reach the level bezubytka. thereafter pending order is deleted and starts trailing stop.

Adapted for 4-5-valued prices. It is recommended to use the Advisor on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF. Transactions are made on the market (Market Execution), a take-profit and stop-loss is set after the execution of the warrant, and modified according to the established in the EA settings. For the smooth operation needs VPS-server, the minimum deposit - 100 units of base currency. Timeframe does not matter.

optimization expert

The following parameters need to be optimized for tuning advisor inputs:

  1. Step - The rate of movement of the price is given in points, the recommended values ​​from 4 to 20 points in 1;

  2. TimeStep - Recommended timer value from 10 to 30 seconds in step 1.

The other parameters are optimized to the trader examination.

Attention. Before installing the EA on a real dollar bill, you need to test selected parameters on a cent account.


  • Step - price movement speed is specified in points;

  • TimeStep - measuring the speed of the timer of the price movement, expressed in seconds;

  • AutoLot - avtoraschet trading lot, depending on the balance. When 0 is not used;

  • Lot - Par if AutoLot = 0;

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in points;

  • StopLoss - initial stop-loss points;

  • TrailingStopLoss - allow to trail the stop loss point by point, to the level of bezubytka;

  • SendStopLossOrder - resolve to put protective stop in the event of a price reversal;

  • TrailingStop - the number of points to start trailing stop;

  • TrailingStep - move the trailing stop;

  • Magic - the magic number. When 0 is working with all orders;

  • Com - comment on the orders;

  • Reverse - allow the reverse position, that is, instead of opening a buy a sell, and vice versa;

  • DrawInfo - the information on the chart;

  • Language - Select a language for display on the chart information:

    • _English - English;

    • _Russian - Russian;

  • TextColor - text color.

Need for Speed

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ruble strengthened against background

The ruble strengthened against the background of growing oil

In the Monday, April 6,
in currency trading of the Russian ruble
I began to strengthen. Ruble against the dollar
grew by 0.45% against the euro - by 0.97%. TO
11:00 MSK pair USD / RUB traded
at the level of 56.494 and EUR / RUB -
at the level of 62.051, according to the portal

According to experts,
the ruble is gaining momentum due to the resumption
rising oil prices - the latter growing
accompanied by increased Saudi Arabia
official "price tags" on the delivery
Fuel Asia. Bloomberg news agency claims
that there are signs of improvement in demand.

May futures for
Brent rose today by 2.99% - up to $ 56.60 for
barrel, WTI - on 3,50% - to $ 50.86.

The Russian currency
the market for the central bank last week
increased rates on the foreign exchange auction
REPO, and thus to tighten monetary
policy on the part of the currency.
But it is doubtful whether it is done because of the glut
the market is likely, it is a signal that,
that the strong appreciation of the ruble is not
currently the desired trend.
But soon the market will develop such conditions,
which will enable banks without any
Risk earn editions experts say "Conn. Economy".

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Extended Keltner Channel MT5

Extended Keltner Channel MT5

Extended version of the Keltner Channel. You can use a variety of moving average 21 and 11 different prices to calculate the average of the indicator line.

Possible types of averages: Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Wilder Exponential Moving Average, Linear Weighted Moving Average, Sine Weighted Moving Average, Triangular Moving Average, Least Square Moving Average (or EPMA, Linear Regression Line), Smoothed Moving Average, Hull Moving Average by Alan Hull, Zero-Lag Exponential Moving Average, Double Exponential Moving Average by Patrick Mulloy, T3 by T.Tillson, Instantaneous Trendline by J.Ehlers, Moving Median, Geometric Mean, Regularized EMA by Chris Satchwell, Integral of Linear Regression Slope , Combination of LSMA and ILRS, Triangular Moving Average generalized by J.Ehlers, Volume Weighted Moving Average, Smoothing by Mark Jurik.

pricing options: Close, Open, High, Low, Median Price = (High + Low) / 2, Typical Price = (High + Low + Close) / 3, Weighted Close = (High + Low + Close * 2) / 4 , Heiken Ashi Close, Heiken Ashi Open, Heiken Ashi High, Heiken Ashi Low.


  • PeriodMA - period the average line of the channel

  • MethodMA - method of smoothing the middle line of the channel

  • PriceMA - used to calculate the price

  • PeriodATR - indicator period ATR

  • MulATR - ATR indicator multiplier

  • ShiftMA - channel shift on the schedule backward / forward

  • AddDigits - further improving the accuracy of indicator readings in numbers after the decimal point

  • AlertOnUpTouch - enabling / disabling alerts when touching the top line of the channel

  • AlertOnDnTouch - enabling / disabling alerts when touching the lower channel line

  • EnableAlertMessage - enable / disable text message display

  • EnableAlertNotification - enable / disable sending notifications to mobile terminals

  • EnableAlertSound - Enable / disable audible alarm

  • AlertUpSoundFileName - the name of the sound file to alert you when you touch the upper line of the channel

  • AlertDnSoundFileName - the name of the sound file to alert you when you touch the lower channel line

Extended Keltner Channel MT5

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Bachurin resigns as chief trader

Bachurin resigns as chief trader of Russian shares RenCap

Main IR trader "Renaissance Capital" Russian shares Alexey Bachurin is leaving the company, where he worked for 13 years, and moved with his family to Portugal.

"Life is one, and not very long"- said Friday the 43-year-old Bachurin, adding that he was going "just live happily". "My work gradually replacing algorithms, and the trend was already clear 10 years ago", - he said.

Bachurin, financial whose career began in the PAO AKB "Metallinvestbank" in 1995, in 1999-2004 he worked at IFC "Metropol"And then moved to the controlled by billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov RenCap. In the future he plans to trade for themselves by investing savings accumulated while working trader.

"I think I have the cost of living will be two times less than here, with a higher quality of life and"- Bachurin said. "Hopefully, this will not have the need for ever", - he added about the prospect of finding a new job.

Position Bachurina takes a senior trader at Renaissance Capital Aleksandr Orehov, the company said.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Analyzer PRO

Analyzer PRO

A newer version: Please follow this link to get a new version of the product

Best Forex market in real-time analyzer with additional powerful features for professional traders and developers of Expert Advisors.

Light rapidly and shows the most suitable pair to trade on the international Forex market.

The strength or weakness of each of the major currencies is calculated by ticks. Results are sorted by the appropriate economic divisions to account for their correlation.

Key features

  • individually configurable analysis
  • Short, medium and long-term analysis from several minutes to several years
  • Identical results of the calculation for all brokers
  • Identical calculation results on all symbols and timeframes
  • It works on all types of offline-charts, such as graphics Renko bars and range bars
  • Optimized fast price changes

  • Alert function for E-Mail, messages in the terminal, Push-notifications.
  • notification when the delta rises above or falls below a certain value
  • Separate levels for notifications about excess and fall 
  • Separate on / off button alerts on exceeding and falling below
  • customizable 
  • A special display mode for the user with a standard font size 125% 
  • Highlight the current character

  • Available buffers for advisers developers
  • Full functionality of the analysis in the Strategy Tester mode
  • Resource-saving option "EACall" calls for iCustom
  • Automatic detection suffix
  • Automatic adjustment of the market review 
  • Access to the log file 
  • Detailed FAQ Analyzer PRO


  • values ​​strong areas: greater than 5.5.

  • the neutral zone is from 3.5 to 5.5.

  • values ​​weak zones: at least 3.

A simple strategy: buy and sell the strongest symbol of the weak (eg, NZD: 5.9 and CAD: 2.6 -> open a long position on NZDCAD).

Analyzer PRO


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GBPUSD potential to reduce not

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