Friday, February 15, 2019

USDCAD Bank of Canada's decision

USD / CAD: Bank of Canada's decision on interest rates

Current trend

The era of extreme
loose monetary policy of the American central bank comes to an
end. On Monday said Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen,
He is stressing that "now the Fed gives the economy the possibility to move by inertia,
measured. "

Wednesday minutes of the March meeting of the Federal Reserve showed that the leaders of the Central Bank
USA inclined to to begin reducing the portfolio and treasury
mortgage bonds constituting 4.5 trillion dollars. many economists
equate reduction Fed's balance sheet to tighten monetary policy. This
the process usually leads to an increase in value of the dollar, because sale of government bonds
can pull in an increase in their yield and the dollar.

Yellen yesterday affirmed that interest rates in the US will reach approximately 3%
For two years (at the moment the current range of 0.75% -1.00%).

Janet Yellen
also he believes that in other developed countries, economic growth and inflation are restored
and, probably, the central bank will begin to curtail incentive programs.

In this regard,
it will be interesting to know tomorrow's decision by the Bank of Canada interest
rate, which is published at 14:00 (GMT).

rate level of 0.5% in Canada. Canada is a net net exporter of oil, and
Oil is the main export commodity of the country. The Canadian dollar, while remaining
commodity currency, sensitive to oil quotations. The price of oil at the end of
last month, adjusted by 10% after a recent fall and continues
rise due to supply disruptions in Libya and Canada. In this case, Canadian
the dollar, which has a correlation with oil prices of 92% since the middle of last month, almost,
standing still.

If tomorrow
The Bank of Canada only hint at the possibility of an early increase in interest rates
Canada, the Canadian dollar strengthened sharply on the currency market, including in
pair USD / CAD.

And vice versa,
pronounced tendency of the Bank of Canada to continue the loose monetary
policy will contribute to weakening of the Canadian dollar.

In any
if during the period of publication of the decision of the Bank of Canada rate is expected to highest
volatility in the bidding for the Canadian dollar and the pair USD / CAD.

levels of support and

Since the middle of last month, the pair USD / CAD traded mostly in a range between the levels of support
1.3300 and resistance 1.3430. Currently the pair USD / CAD has found support near 1.3340 levels (EMA200 on 4-hour chart)
1.3315 (the lower line of the rising channel on 4-hour chart).

OsMA and Stochastic indicators do not give clear signals. Much of the dynamic pair USD / CAD will depend on tomorrow
Bank of Canada's decision on the interest rate and the accompanying comments.

In case of breaking the support level of 1.3300 USD / CAD pair will go to
the support level 1.3240 (EMA200 on the daily chart).

The reverse scenario is a short-term break
1.3375 resistance level (EMA200 1 hourly chart) and further growth in
the rising channel on the daily chart with the targets 1.3430, 1.3590.

Support: 1.3315, 1.3300, 1.3240, 1.3200, 1.3155, 1.3100, 1.3010, 1.2840,
1.2760, 1.2635

Resistance levels: 1.3375, 1.3430, 1.3590, 1.3680

trade scenarios

Buy Stop 1.3360. Stop-Loss 1.3320.
Take-Profit 1.3375, 1.3430, 1.3590, 1.3680

Sell ​​Stop 1.3320. Stop-Loss 1.3360. Take-Profit 1.3300, 1.3240, 1.3200,
1.3155, 1.3100, 1.3010, 1.2840, 1.2760, 1.2635

USDCAD Bank of Canada's decision

USDCAD Bank of Canada's decision

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Black Sails

Black Sails

The mathematical trading system based on the principle of neural network and uses in its work over thousands of the most stable trading algorithms. Before getting into the overall framework of algorithms, each block of conditions has been tested for resistance to the identification of certain market constraints to the block. Thus created a network allows the adviser to choose the best option to respond to the market situation of the more than a thousand options included in its database algorithms. In the case of unsuccessful login Advisor uses a unique multi-level system of averages with an increasing rate.

Despite the fact that the work of the adviser does not involve the use of Stop Loss, the opportunity is present in the EA. EA does not need to be optimized, it is already fully configured to work.

operating parameters

  • Currency pair: EURUSD;

  • timeframe: M5.

The recommended size of the deposit with an initial item 0.01

  • 250 USDC - cent account;

  • $ 2,500 - standard score;

  • leverage: 1: 500.

basic settings

Do not change them if you are unsure of your actions

General trading settings

  • MaxTrades - the maximum number of simultaneously open orders in the series.

Risk management

  • Lots - original lot size. Is activated if the value Riskand DepoStep equal to zero;

  • Risk - % Of the deposit balance, which increases the original lot. Is activated if the value lots size is zero;

  • DepoStep - move the deposit size at which doubles the original lot. Is activated if the value Lots and Risk zero.

Trailing Stop

  • Use Trailing Stop - enable / disable parameter Trailing Stop;

  • Fixed trailing size - the size Trailing Stop in points from the opening price of the order;

  • The size of the correction Trailing Stop - stroke range of prices in points Fixed trailing size to trip Trailing Stop.

Black Sails

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Spread Live

Spread Live

LED displays spread directly from your broker.

Existing pips on all charts, and a very simple indicator code.

This indicator simply shows the current spread in the upper left corner of the graph for ease of reference.

If your account is a fixed spread, this indicator will help you in time to follow the change in the spread broker.

Spread - is the difference between the buy (also called bid) price and sell (also called ask).

Spread Live

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Britain Brekzit for that fought

Britain Brekzit: for that fought for it and ran

«The Guardian» quoted sources of the European Union (EU), noting that the British government will abandon its threat to leave the EU without the conclusion of a trade agreement in the event of the failure of negotiations on Brekzitu.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the British officials acknowledge the risk of "chaos" that will arise in the event of such a step, the UK Government, and came to the conclusion that the way in Britain becomes unregulated in offshore tax havens.

One of the British ambassador, has a deep knowledge of the European Union, he said: "They [the British ministers] have realized that the principle of" no deal is better than a bad deal "in this case does not work. I am concerned about the fact that in this country there are people, ideological and political intentions which could provoke chaos. "

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Exp Assistant 5

Exp Assistant 5

exp Assistant capable as your personal assistant to help organize support your position.

If you have open positions, but your expert is not possible to set a stop loss, take profit, trailing stop to breakeven, and if you trade manually, you can use our assistant. It will automatically put a stop loss, take profit on your transaction, including trailing stop or put a stop-loss to breakeven when needed.

You can also download the version for MT4 terminal: Assistant 4

The three main functions of our assistant:

  • Installation stops;

  • Turning trailing stop;

  • Enabling bezubytka.


  • SetStopLevels - Set stop-loss and take-profit to open the position.

  • StopLosss - Stop-loss points. 0 - disabled.

  • TakeProfits - Take-profit points. 0 - disabled.

  • SetBreakeven - Enable breakeven.

  • LevelProfit - Profit level position for installation bezubytka in points.

  • LevelWLoss - The distance from the opening price for bezubytka in points.

  • SetTrallingStop - use a trailing stop.

  • ProfitTrailing - use a trailing stop only when a position came a plus.

  • TrailingStop - trailing distance in points. 0 - the minimum allowed.

  • TrailingStep - Step trailing in points.

currency pairs

By default, it runs on the currency pair, which set our helper!

  • PAIRhhh - xxx - the name of the currency pair for operation (12 currency pairs).

Exp Assistant 5

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Monday, February 11, 2019

EURUSD during day change direction

EUR / USD during the day: change the direction of down.

EURUSD during day change direction

Sell ​​below 1.0905 with targets 1.0835 and 1.0815 points.

Our pivot point is at 1.0905.

Our preference: to sell below 1.0905 with targets 1.0835 and 1.0815 points.

Alternative scenario: The upside breakout level of 1.0905 will open the way to 1.0925 and 1.0950.

Analysis: RSI mixed, but rather bear.

Support and resistance levels:




1.0870 closing price




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Friday, February 8, 2019

XY problem

XY problem

What the "Problem XY»?

This is a mistake that often leads to a waste of time like asking for help, and those who are trying to answer him. It is also called "problem of the Hammer." Its essence is, in short, is that people tend to ask about his failed attempts to solve the problem, not the problem itself. The result is something like this:

  • Man wants to do X.
  • He does not know how to do X, but realize that success can bring fulfillment Y.
  • However, a person does not know how to do Y.
  • At this point, he decides to ask for help from other people.
  • Everyone is trying to help the person with the problem of the Y, surprised because it is unclear why some people may even be necessary is.
  • After lengthy questioning and price uymy lost time finally it becomes clear that people actually want to solve the X, Y and does nothing to help him can not.

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