Friday, November 16, 2018

KFX Support and Resistance

KFX Support and Resistance

The indicator shows the levels of support and resistance lines as the larger timeframes. It can be run on any timeframe, but will appear only data timeframes H1-W1. Therefore, the indicator is well suited for small tayfreymov to search for inputs when price movement of line.

The screenshots show the actual trading situations, using KFX Trade Plotter.

The use of the indicator in the chart analysis

Select indicator for displaying (H1, H4, D1 or W1). The indicator also displays the time of the candle. I use the indicator on the M15. On the last screenshot briefly mentioned, how to analyze the currency pair and choose the best entry point. Usually I am looking for a minimum of three confirmation:

  • Price observes line support and resistance

  • RSI shows a divergence

  • Candles form a W or M, price touches support and resistance lines 2 times


  • Candle_Closing_Time - closing candles

  • location - select to display 1-4 times (schedule angle)

  • displayservertime - 1 at close to the time of closing the candle displays server time

  • fontSize - font size

  • SHOW_H1 - enable / disable the H1 line

  • SHOW_H4 - enable / disable the H4 line

  • SHOW_D1 - enable / disable line D1

  • SHOW_W1- enable / disable line W1

  • Supply_Demand_Area - the size of the support / resistance lines

  • All colors are set

KFX Support and Resistance

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Pearl Diver

Pearl Diver

Powerful streaming system of tools for technical analysis and trading strategies. Specially selected set of internal modules provide a target functionality for trading, from trading within the day before the long-term strategic positioning. In general, the system is one of the realizations of the ideas and principles contained in the article at

Consider the structure of modules:

  • Murray 8x8 square grid with Gunn and conflict zones

  • Murray 12x12 square grid with Gunn and conflict zones

  • Immediately Pearl Diver module operating in three different modes

  • Five kinds of Pivot levels - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual

  • Wave notation, the state of each of the three streams of the current, younger and older timeframes

  • A set of linear instruments for each of the three streams in the current timeframe: Fibonacci levels, Andrew forks, standard deviation channels, the channels of linear regression, equidistant channels

  • StopLoss levels in Long Flow in the current timeframe, calculated in the current wave fractal on RMS deviation

Splitting into streams is automatic, state wave fractals promptly displayed on the graph. Linear Instruments include any flow through intuitive input parameters. Most of the technical tools familiar to traders and requires no special explanation. Expound here Gunn and Murray's theory does not make sense, because the network can easily find the relevant literature as according to the theory as well as on various trading strategies based on these theories. The only unknown is the tool Pearl Diver. Let us dwell on it in detail.

Tool Pearl Diver serves to identify and capture new emerging trends, and more accurate selection of entry points and exit. This tool is a distant relative of the famous indicator Heiken Ashi and presenting data in a Range Renko bars, operates in three modes, and has no close analogues. In fact, Pearl Diver is a flexible tunable filter market noise with a small settling time and stretch recovery time. That is a new trend, captured by the filter, quickly displays appropriate graphical changes. Further, all market noises and minor financial instrument movement rate filter are eliminated, and the inverse image changes occur only in the event of a significant adjustment or a change in the current trend.

Pearl Diver algorithm involves capture a specially designed pivot point of the selected range and filtering trigger price fluctuations. Further, based on the current state of the course are drawn candles of a particular color, with a certain amount of their bodies and the shadows that gives an indication of the direction of the trend and its strength or attrition. When searching for input / output points can be obtained outstanding accuracy result if an integrated filter Pearl Diver + StopLoss. Since the levels StopLoss module when calculating the value rms deviation rate in the range of wave acting fractal, the trader is able to filter small additional adjustments local breakdowns and false boundaries range of standard deviation.

One of the operating modes (Live Mode) is more suitable for intraday trading, as it shows a tendency to zero bar, the current candle. Simultaneous control of two or three neighboring timeframes in Live Mode Mode allows you to keep an in-effective trading. The main mode is designed for mid-term trading and long-term investments. Fractal module mode works on fractals Williams. This mode is for strategies and tactics, based on the breakdown of fractal data. To install Pearl Diver need to translate the graph to display line instead of bars or candles, and in the properties of the graph to set the color for the line in the state NONE.

Pearl Diver

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

EURUSD remains neutral in short

EUR / USD remains neutral in the short term, perhaps the resumption of the bearish trend

  • On Monday EUR / USD He stepped down after the euro, which retreated from the highs as the victory Makron shifted the focus of attention of investors to the election campaign in the monetary policy.
  • The political risks associated with the elections and dominated the European markets during the year, receded into the background. It is expected that the acceleration of economic growth in the euro zone could lead to a tightening of monetary policy of the Fed.
  • After the breakdown of the daily high of $ 1.1022, the pair declined sharply as soon as it became known that the victory in the elections, Le Pen lost to Macron.
  • The pair is currently trading at 1.0929. In the short term could be continued downward movement first towards the mark 1.0880 and then to 1.0850.
  • Instantaneous resistance of settled in 1.1000 breakthrough above which will throw the nearest pair to the line resistance near 1.1045 marks.
  • Immediate support was seen within 1.0929, a break below which will pave the way to the next level in the area of ​​1.0884.

    resistance levels

    R1: 1.0978 (50% correction level)

    R2: 1.1000 (psychological Levels)

    R3: 1.1045 (the high of December 16)

    support levels

    S1: 1.0929 (38.2% correction level)

    S2: 1.0884 (23.6% correction level)

    S3: 1.0849 (low of April 27)
The terminal number 1 in the world to operate in the financial markets. $ 500 already in the account.

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Average Spread

Average Spread

It is a tool for those who want to know exactly what is happening with your broker. It not only shows the average spread in real time (gray histogram), but the average price deviation Bid and Ask (red and blue lines). It shows what happens during high volatility, and allows you to adjust your trading strategy for your broker.

In the spread is often extended periods of high volatility. This indicator shows exactly how and what is happening.

provided parameter Smoothing Samples, where you can specify the number of samples to construct a medium in this indicator.

Please note that the LED will not work in the strategy tester, as required for the current data.
Average Spread

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Signs of weakening momentum evident

Signs of weakening momentum evident in the GBP / USD pair

According to the "rhetoric" on the hourly chart GBP / USD, the pair moves to the field of new lows, but it suffers from a lack of volatility.

Typically, such dynamics is associated with the formation of the narrow consolidation range and makes it possible for the resumption of growth and volatility breakout followed by the start of a new upward trajectory. There may be additional sales in the case of loss of the nearest support range.

Traders to adhere to recommended neutral approach as long until a clear breakout in one direction or another.

The terminal number 1 in the world to operate in the financial markets. $ 5000 is already in the account.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

CB half months from opening of

CB: a half months from the opening of the bank withdrew 500 billion rubles?

Director of the Department oversight of systemically important credit institutions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Mikhail Kovrigin said Tuesday that the bank "Opening" before the introduction of the interim administration has experienced the strongest liquidity outflows

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Trump asked former head of FBI

Trump asked the former head of the FBI to stop investigating Flynn

President Donald Trump in February asked FBI Director James Comey to terminate the investigation related to the former national security adviser to Michael Flynn, said the source, who received a copy of the memo on the results of the Komi conversation with Trump in the Oval Office.

Disclosure of this information, exacerbating the political crisis in Washington, suggesting that the president could try to obstruct justice, that is an offense that can run the impeachment process. Trump's administration has not yet had time to recover because of the criticism after the dismissal of Komi a week ago, as well as information published on Monday, Trump revealed that secret intelligence Russian diplomats.

See also: Advisor Trump: Disclosures Russians was appropriate

Komi is not directly respond to a request Trump, which he announced the day after the dismissal of Flynn for providing the Vice-President allegedly false information about his contacts with the Russian ambassador, said a source on condition of anonymity. Komi has prepared a memo immediately after his meeting with the president and sent a copy of the leadership of the FBI and his closest associates. First it said on Tuesday, the newspaper New York Times.

"I hope that you can leave it"- said Trump director of the FBI, according to the New York Times, which cites a note.

The White House denies the version of events contained Komi. tramp "I never asked Komi or anyone else to stop any investigation, including those associated with General Flynn"And details of the alleged notes "are not truthful or trustworthy statement of the conversation between the president and the Komi", Informed the administration by e-mail.

White House officials declined to comment immediately after the appearance of the information. FBI spokesman Carol Kratt also declined to comment.

Komi has prepared a note to document a conversation with Trump, because he was concerned about the request to the President, but did not consider it a direct threat, said the person who received a copy of the message. Trump called Flynn's a good guy, and Komi has agreed with it, the source said.

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KFX Support and Resistance

KFX Support and Resistance The indicator shows the levels of support and resistance lines as the larger timeframes. It can be run on any t...