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Welfare independent Scotland entirely

Welfare independent Scotland entirely dependent on five factors

The Scottish economy is in itself far from the riches of deposits or the abyss of despair within the UK. income levels, unemployment, productivity and inequality extraordinarily similar to the overall average for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Fully integrated, after 307 years of existence of the Union, Scotland shares the economic institutions of the UK, its tax system and powerful security mechanisms that support economic areas which are in the complicated position, for example, Northern Ireland, and allocate funds from such popular destinations as the London.Glavnym and the huge difference is the oil. Scottish public finances threatens chaos if the country does not receive most of the profits from the oil after the declaration of independence, putting thus its original well-being and prospects dependent on the conditions of the divorce. Subsequently, the economic prospects of an independent Scotland will be determined by its ability to change. Five key factors play a decisive role.


Independent Scotland should take for granted the fact that the rest of the UK refuses to enter into a formal currency union. Economists believe that the best available option will be initially unilateral use of the pound sterling, which was soon followed by the subsequent establishment of the Scottish Central Bank and the currency.

This option is undeniable is appropriate and can bring the stability of the currency, if the Bank of Scotland Scottish tie the pound to the pound sterling, about Denmark captures crown against the euro. The exchange will be required to increase the foreign currency reserves needed to protect the peg and the lack of economic stability, which may cause a floating exchange rates.

The main risk is the outflow of capital from Scotland and its banks, initiated by people who might be afraid of the future devaluation, and prefer to have their financial assets expressed in sterling, euros or dollars. Neville Hill said of Credit Suisse: "The question is not whether Scotland will keep the pound, and whether the pound will remain in Scotland".


To protect the peg independent Scotland would require foreign exchange reserves far in excess of 15 billion. Pounds, which at the request of Mark Carney, the chairman of the Bank of England, are in the "upper region of the range" that can inherit the country from the UK. In order to meet the level of Danish stocks as a proportion of national income, Scotland will need 34 billion. Pounds.

Ronald McDonald, a professor of the University of Glasgow, who worked together with the campaign in favor of the union, said that the need for the accumulation of reserves is "a set of austerity measures"That will be the end for any currency pegged to the pound. Scotland can borrow for the accumulation of protective equipment in the form of foreign currency by creating a foreign exchange risk for the Scottish people, or to their creditors. Thus, such a credit can be extremely expensive.

public finances

British distribution of assets and liabilities will require difficult negotiations. Given the already stretched public finances of Great Britain, Angus Armstrong and Monique Ebell wrote in the latest issue of the journal Oxford Review of Economic Policy ("Oxford Review of Economic Policy") That for any reasonable distribution independent Scotland will begin its life "with a sizeable debt burden"That cause the need for spending cuts or tax increases "for many years"Which will be much more severe than those faced by the UK in 2010.

Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, want to put a threat to life and does not agree that any British debt was Scottish. However, this comes at a cost, as the Scotland need UK support on issues such as the application for accession to the EU.

Provided that both sides deem fair distribution, Scotland is likely to face more stringent spending cuts and tax increases in comparison with England, which will contribute to the decline in profits from oil in the medium term. Supporters of the National Liberation noted excessive pessimism official forecasts of oil revenues, but they are distinguished by a constant excess optimism in recent years.


In the long term well-being of an independent Scotland would depend on the ability of the nation to increase its own growth to sustain higher living standards. This will require an increase in productivity - that is, more power for each hour worked or capital employed compared with current levels.

Sustained improvement in productivity growth is a cherished goal for any economy, and it is much easier said than done. At the moment, the Scottish economy is dependent on the financial services and oil is stronger than the British economy. Both of these sectors are characterized by extremely high performance, but they are on the decline, as dwindling oil reserves in the North Sea is becoming increasingly difficult to produce and extremely bloated financial sector has reduced the UK.

The Scottish Government hopes that lowering corporate taxes stimulates new entrepreneurial spirit - claiming that he will "an important tool for competitive advantage". In this respect it is similar to the behavior of the Westminster Government, which reduced the rate of the British. Such as the need to have a far greater impact in Scotland than it had in the UK as a whole, to compensate for problems caused by oil and the finances that are already experiencing the nation.


Scottish population will age faster than the UK, increasing pressure on public finances and health care costs. will have to attract more workers and immigrants to increase the rate of growth of Scotch. The Scottish Government has promised that the new "controlled, transparent and efficient" migration system to attract highly qualified people that promotes incomes, employment and public finances.

The risk lies in the fact that Scotland can not afford to be choosy in this simple choice of immigrants, as suggested by the government, especially this contributes to the fact that it failed to attract in recent years, the same number of migrants, many attracted by the English regions with a similar level of salaries. prepared based on The Financial Times Source: Forexpf.Ru - Forex Market News

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The indicator for the arbitration. It displays a graph of the sum or difference of any arbitrary number of characters.

The expression is entered in the parameters of the format string: "MIX-3.16 - RTS-3.16 - SI-3.16". Character names must exactly match the name in the "Market Watch". Dividers between characters can be "-" or "+".

The number of characters is unlimited. Symbols can be linked by addition or subtraction. Multiplication and division, including the numbers are not supported.


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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

SuperTrend AM

SuperTrend AM

The indicator allows to open a position at the beginning of a significant price movement. Another important quality indicator is the ability to follow the trend as long as possible to obtain all the profit potential while minimizing potential losses. The indicator is not redrawn and is not recalculated.

Signals when working with the indicator

  • the first appearance of the red dot on the price chart - the possible beginning of a downtrend;

  • the appearance of the first green dot under the price chart - the possible start of an uptrend.

Principles for the use of the indicator

Option 1

Purchase should make when prices will overcome the maximum value (taking into account the spread) of the bar on which the price is greater than the value of the indicator (green dot);

Should sell when the price will overcome the low of the bar where the indicator value is greater than the price (red dot).

option 2

Setting a stop order to buy an asset in the direction of the upward trend of the values ​​of the indicator during the rollback price (stop order to buy the asset values ​​of the red line);

Setting a stop order to sell the asset in the direction of the downward trend of the indicator value at the time of the price rollback (stop order to sell at the values ​​of the Green Line).

Customizable indicator parameters

  • Sensitivity (>0) - sensitivity indicator;

  • IndBarsCount (>-1) - the number of bars on which the indicator is displayed;

  • Alerts - displays comprising user data dialog box;

  • Text_BUY - custom text for a buy signal;

  • Text_SELL - custom text for a sell signal;

  • Send_Mail - sends an email to the address specified in the settings window on the "Mail" tab;

  • Subject - email header;

  • Send_Notification - sends a notification to mobile terminals whose MetaQuotes ID specified in the Settings tab of the "alert".

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

SuperTrend AM


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Monday, July 9, 2018

Review of financial and economic

Review of financial and economic press: Europe prepared for interruptions to gas because of the situation in Ukraine


Europe prepared for interruptions to gas because of the situation in Ukraine

The European Commission has taken the necessary measures in advance to ensure energy security and preparing for a possible disruption of gas supplies through Ukraine. This, according to Interfax, said the official representative of the European Commission Marlene Holzner. "We have the appropriate infrastructure. If some Member States will not be able to receive gas through Ukraine from Russia, other countries will be able to ship their gas from other sources ", - explained Holzner.

Malaysia Airlines froze trading in shares before the restructuring

Malaysia Airlines Airline (MAS), which this year has lost two liners, suspended trading of their shares in anticipation of the application of the basic parameters of the MAS restructuring, reports Reuters. Malaysian government investment fund Khazanah Nasional Bhd, which owns a majority stake carrier, will report on the restructuring plans at a press conference on 29 August.


Merkel: Moscow's actions in Ukraine will not remain without consequences

Russia's actions in eastern Ukraine will not remain without consequences. This was announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) during a telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama, which took place on the evening of Thursday, August 28th. As the official representative of the Federal Republic of Germany Shteffen Zaybert government (Steffen Seibert), the parties agreed that "the influx of new Russian troops and Russian military equipment violates the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine". He also noted that the Chancellor promised in connection with the situation "future costs and consequences for Russia", Reports agency dpa.

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Ministry of Finance proposed to

The Ministry of Finance proposed to regulate the SWIFT system, Bloomberg and Reuters terminals

The Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the law on the national payment system, offering to establish the regulation of global systems for the exchange of financial information and the provision of information services in the banking sector and financial markets, including SWIFT, Bloomberg, Reuters, and Target. The bill was placed on a single portal for discussion of legislative initiatives on Thursday, 4 September.

The purpose of the introduction of regulation - "to minimize the risks associated with the implementation of operations on the exchange of information on payments made and other aggregated financial information," stated in the description of the bill posted on the portal.

the message says that the Finance Ministry proposes to introduce for SWIFT, Bloomberg and others falling under the regulatory system of the concept "operator critical infrastructure services" and "operator is critical, significant infrastructure services" and to establish requirements for the implementation of the activities of such operators, and "determine responsibility" for failure to provide or improper provision of information and services.

Due to the lack of regulation of the operators of remittance and payment infrastructure services operators may suffer "real damage", according to the description.

According to the Russian National Association of Swift (ROSSWIFT), Russia on the number of users of the SWIFT system is the second largest in the world after the United States. Bloomberg and Reuters are leading financial information providers for professional participants of the financial markets. Bloomberg created the Bloomberg Professional terminal, through which market participants can access current and historical prices on the stock exchanges and OTC markets, the electronic bond trading system and other securities, as well as news. Reuters We also have a terminal for receiving and analyzing financial data (Reuters 3000 Xtra), as well as the terminal for access to electronic trading platforms (Reuters Dealing). Target allows real-time to carry out international payments within the European Union, corresponding members of which are some of the credit organizations in the Russian mode.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Brent crude oil reached psychologically

Brent crude oil reached the psychologically important mark of $ 100

from June 2013 for Brent crude oil
fell below 100
dollars. It happened on the data from
China and the United States, showing some
weakening of the two major world
consumers of "black gold". Futures
for Brent to
15.26 MSK been depreciating by 0.68 dollar
to $ 100.14 per
barrel, and in the course of further trades
dropped to $ 99.76.
This cheap oil was not nearly
14 months.

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GBPUSD Perhaps we can expect development

GBPUSD Perhaps we can expect the development of the wave (iii) of the ascending impulse

29 August 2014, GBP / USD

In the previous review ukazavalos that was formed by the resistance level, the breakdown of which the price is not yet possible.

So this level again stopped the rush of bulls, not giving them the opportunity for further growth.

However, after the failure of a powerful reduction did not occur, indicating that the bulls apparently preparing to break the barriers mentioned above.

Thus, in the near future we may expect growth, during which the wave will be formed (iii) pulse.GBPUSD Perhaps we can expect development

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Welfare independent Scotland entirely

Welfare independent Scotland entirely dependent on five factors The Scottish economy is in itself far from the riches of deposits or the aby...