Friday, May 6, 2016

Foreign Minister of Luxembourg

Foreign Minister of Luxembourg requires exclude Hungary from the EU

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said that the Hungarian authorities violate the basic European values ​​and demands to exclude a country from the European Union. "Whoever Hungary builds a fence against refugees from war or violates freedom of the press and independence of the courts, must be temporarily or, in extreme cases, permanently excluded from EU"- he said in an interview with Die Welt newspaper. According to Jean Asselborn, the only way to preserve the solidity of the European community.

According to the Minister, the European Union is in the most difficult position in its history. EC may fail, but not because the European institutions suddenly no longer exists, and therefore, that the EU is falling apart from the inside.

Expose criticized the head of the Hungarian government Viktora Orbana, Jean Asselborn said that the Hungarian refugees costing almost worse than wild beasts. "Fence that Hungary is building to keep migrants getting longer, higher and more dangerous. The authorities are not far from being able to give the order to fire on refugees", - said the head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg.

He also advocated changing the Lisbon Treaty in terms of the possible exclusion from the country of the EU. According to Jean Asselborn, it would be right if for the solution of this issue is no longer required a unanimous vote of all member countries of the European Union.

On Friday, leaders in Bratislava will discuss the EU's way out of the crisis.

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