Friday, April 28, 2017



Automatic - autonomous trading system, the trader gets rid of manual trading routines. Advisor determines the price pressure zone, when speculators are trying to go to the already "gone train" and the big players take profits.

Advisor takes into account the pivot-levels, the formation Price-Action 4H timeframes and D1 and some indicators.

Sometimes averaging can be used with the "fan-shaped" steps, ie first averaging Step-through points, the second through Step * 2, and the third through Step * 3, etc. As a general rule, the need for averaging orders does not occur often.

Automatic adjustment to the 4 and 5-digit quotations stream.

Timeframe for the work of 15m, the default settings of the currency pair - EURUSD.


  • The risk of an order - risk per trade as a percentage of the deposit;

  • Trading lot - Risk is 0, the item is so;

  • Lot Modifier - factor for the averaging of orders;

  • Step - step between the first and second order;

  • Take profit in pips - Advisor to close all orders when the profit of these items;

  • Continuous fractals - fractals number of continuous row;

  • Minimum channel width - minimum channel width of the opening order;

  • Period - period Bolinger Bands;

  • Shift - shift Bolinger Bands;

  • Deviations - deviation - period Bolinger Bands.

  • Further visual settings that do not affect trade.


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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gold becomes cheaper because recovering

Gold becomes cheaper because recovering stock markets

On Wednesday, the growth
quotations of gold stopped. Yesterday, China again softened
monetary policy and stock
markets received some support
after total defeat of the beginning of the week.
By 11.07 MSK December gold futures
lost 0.11% to 1 137,00 dollars worth.

Today from shocks
gradually recovering Asian
markets. Shanghai index albeit reduced,
but the extent of the fall are not as
cyclopean, on Monday and
Tuesday: Today Shanghai Composite
I lost "only" 1.30%. All this
again returns the focus of attention
investors in the long term improve
Fed interest rates. This is a key
a factor that underpins today
bearish on gold.

released yesterday
Statistics on consumer confidence
in USA. In August, the index reached
seven-month high, plus everything
new home sales rebounded. it
It implies support for the economy and
It may be the force that will allow
Fed to raise rates during this
of the year. Growth rates make the dollar more expensive,
that, in turn, would divert attention
investors from non-interest assets to
which include precious metals.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Number of vacancies to 5 8 million

the number of vacancies to 5.8 million increased in the US: it is both good and bad

In America recently
We counted a record number of open
vacancies in the labor market. According to
Ministry of Labor, 5.753 million jobs
It was in the US in July - it is much more
than in the past, the maximum (5.4 million) in May.
Splash job growth is
a mixture of good and bad news.

One side,
employers are hiring more and the economy
The US is growing - it is a healthy sign that
growth problems in the global economy
potentially become less significant.
In a sense, a large number of
vacancies shows that the labor market situation is improving, they say
economists. However, the open
jobs also mean that some
employers can not find the right
people to hire them. too much
the number is not filled vacancies shows
about one problem: inadequate
skills of potential employees.
Perhaps, it can generally be called
ongoing problem of America -
professional skills. During
many years, experts say
Americans do not have sufficient skills,
needed to work in new areas,
especially in the field of mechanical engineering,
technical sphere and in science-related
areas. "This, of course, worried
and it should be a problem for anyone,
who cares about the future of the US
working", - said Kris Tilli, professor
Economics in the University of California.

The issue even attracted
the attention of the White House - Administration
Obama last December has
He said it is ready to allocate $ 100 million for
improving training programs in the country.

On the other hand,
some say employers
too overstate the bar for
highly qualified workers and not
They want to spend the time to train new
workers. See: 65% of the ads
searching for the secretaries or administrative
assistants have a condition - the presence of
higher education. But among the current
secretaries are only 19% higher
education, says Joseph Fuller
Professor of Harvard Business School. "employers
want to have "ready" employees - says
Fuller. - If we take the kind of labor market,
where we are now, he
simply unavailable for
many workers".

But even
often high demands of employers,
Experts agree on one thing: the root
with the skills problem is the lack of
technical knowledge and practice. Some
Americans decided to go to a 4-year-old
college because they can then
to find at least a job as an electrician
or plumber, experts say.
These jobs require a "medium"
skills, there is no need higher education,
but it should be something more than a school
certificate, says Fuller.

"I can not decide
problems that can solve my
plumbers and electricians, - says Tilly.
- Moreover, in these professions you even
You can make a fair amount of

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dashboard Super Candle

Dashboard Super Candle

Dashboard Super Candle - It is intuitive and easy to use graphical tool that helps you:

  • Monitor 28 couples one panel.

  • Track direction candles, recognize potential traffic and price trend.

  • Provide trade signals in the chosen candle.

  • Automatically manage orders when receiving signals.

  • Choose a pair to trade among the 28 pairs with just one click.

  • Easily keep track of the position, learning the status of all the currency pairs at a glance.

expert Features

  • It provides an intuitive way to create a trading signal, control transactions, and track the positions of transactions.

  • Customizable trading sessions: for automated trading can be installed 3 session.

  • Customizable trade regime: the reverse mode or without reverse mode.

  • The possibility of automated trading

  • Selecting pairs (symbols) for trade: you can choose which pair (s) to trade.

  • Customizable status bar

  • Very simple and easy to use.

the input signal

See screenshot 2

Be sure to follow these steps to this panel to work.

Important steps in front of a panel

  1. Download historical data for all 28 pairs. Use this free tool to download historical data with just one drag link.

  2. Make sure that all 28 characters are selected in the window "Market Watch".

  3. The panel looked clear and neat, it is best to use black color scheme. Please see the screenshot 5.

Description of the input parameters

  • Use Reverse Mode: To use Reverse Mode, see the explanation in the section to the input signal

  • Use AutoTrade: Use automated trading

    • Yes: buy / sell orders will be sent when the signal

    • No: the order will not be sent even if there is a signal

  • Single pair TP in pips: takeprofit pips in one pair.

  • Single pair SL in pips: stop-loss in one pair of pips

  • Selection of candles to provide a signal:

    • Use M1 / ​​M5 / M15 / M30 / H1 / H4 / D1 / W1 / MN Candle

  • Magic Number: magic number.

  • Lot Size: Lot Size

  • Basket TP in $: Take Profit basket sum of money (see explanation in Note 1)

  • Basket SL in $: Stop-loss amount of money in the basket

  • Max Spread: The maximum spread, once spread exceeds the maximum spread, the order will be sent.

  • Trading Session: trading session, if the time is out of session, the order will be sent.

    • Close all trades after session (s): to close all transactions after the session

      • Yes: all active (open) positions will be closed at the closing session

      • No: neither active (open) position is closed at the closing session

    • Please note: as a start time and end time of the local computer, not the server's time

    • Use Session1: use the session 1

      • Session1 Start Time: start time of the session 1

      • Session1 End Time: End Time Session 1

      • Session1comment: Comment warrants session 1

    • Use Session2: use the session 2

      • Session2 Start Time: start time of the session 2

      • Session2 End Time: End Time Session 2

      • Session2comment: Comment warrants session 2

    • Use Session3: use the session 3

      • Session3 Start Time: start time of the session 3

      • Session3 End Time: the end time of the session 3

      • Session3comment: Comment warrants session 3

    • Non-stop session is active if Use Session 1, 2 and 3 specified false.

  • TimeFrame of new chart: new timeframe chart

  • Suffix: the suffix character. For example: you have the symbol 'EURUSDx' instead of 'EURUSD', enter 'x' in the suffix field, leave the prefix empty

  • Prefix: prefix symbol

  • X_axis: position of the panel along the x

  • Y_axis: position of the panel in y

Objects panel

Objects 1-5 6 shown in the screenshot.

Object 6-12: screenshot 7.

Objects 13-22: screenshot 8.

Objects 23-26: screenshot 9.

  1. Pair Tick Button: Press once to turn on the corresponding pair trade. Click once again to deactivate.

  2. Pair Symbol Button:

    • Click on the button to open the corresponding chart in new window

  3. Spread column: displays the current spread of each pair.

  4. Candle Tick Panel: shows which candles are selected to provide a signal

  5. Candle Direction Panel: Direction Notation candles

  6. Buy Button: buy button (see Note 2)

  7. Sell ​​Button: Button sale

  8. Close Button: closes all the positions of the corresponding pair

  9. Buy Volume Column: Column shopping spree

  10. Sell ​​Volume Column: Column sales

  11. Symbol: Symbol

  12. Profit Column: Column profit

  13. Profit Baskets: counting the number of baskets that have reached the take profit

  14. Basket TP: Take Profit basket

  15. Basket Highest: maximum profit, has ever reached the current basket

  16. Loss Baskets: counting the number of baskets that have reached the stop-loss

  17. Basket SL: stoploss basket

  18. Basket Lowest: the maximum loss ever reached current basket

  19. Current Basket Profit: The profit of the current basket

  20. Close All: close all positions

  21. Close Profit: close all profitable positions

  22. Close Loss: close all unprofitable positions

  23. Session Monitor Panel: Session Description

  24. Reverse Mode Monitor Panel: Key reverse mode

  25. Pair / Currency Selection Button: couples / Currency Button

    • All: select all 28 pairs

    • None: clear all selected pairs

    • EUR: select all pairs EUR, eg EURUSD, EURJPY ...

    • Similarly for the buttons USD, GBP, JPY ...

  26. AutoTrade Monitor Panel: Designation of automated trading


See screenshot 4

If you have any individual request and / or suggestion, contact me.
Dashboard Super Candle

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Friday, April 21, 2017

GBPUSD at end of year is expected

GBP / USD: at the end of the year is expected to increase demand for the dollar


at the last
week British currency significantly strengthened against the US dollar
Background Drop on demand publication US currency and favorable
macroeconomic statistics on the labor market and retail sales in the UK.
In the United States, in turn, came the weak data on the construction sector and a key
indices, but the main catalyst for growth of the pair was the decision by the US Federal Reserve to leave
the key interest rate unchanged at 0.25%.

Friday, demand for the dollar is still began to rise, and the pair has dropped slightly.
Today in the morning pressure on the pair survived.

This week, it is worth paying attention to statistics on the US labor market performance
Fed Chairman Janet Yellen and final GDP data for the second quarter.

Support and Resistance

against the backdrop of a lack of relevant publications for GBP / USD pair is expected low
volatility. In the medium term, the US currency is likely to

It reached the upper limit of the range, and further expected to decline to the level
Support 1.5100. An alternative scenario is movement in a narrow ascending
channel, overcoming the resistance of 1.5675 key level and to increase the local
highs 1.5815, 1.5920.

reached the upper line of the indicator "Bollinger Bands" strayed and rushed
1.5400 to midline, and then to the bottom of 1.5100.

Support: 1.5440, 1.5400, 1.5355, 1.5300, 1.5250, 1.5180, 1.5100.

Resistance: 1.5550, 1.5610, 1.5675, 1.5750, 1.5815, 1.5875, 1.5920.


positions should be open by 1.5610, 1.5675 objectives 1.5180, 1.5100 and stop loss
at the level of 1.5710.

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Advantage: The others do not know (yet).

Indicator Vidente for MetaTrader - tool to determine the price trend. For beginners it is a great help in assessing the trend and professional traders can be found in it confirmation of his opinion.

Numeric values ​​must be evaluated and compared, and the curve of the graph shows the trend and prospective logical conclusion.

Indicator Vidente for MetaTrader 4 - a reliable tool for every day to be successful. It is simple to use, based on actual data, fast.

The indicator is not intended to predict strong motions. He gives the trader an idea of ​​where the price can go in the near future. Since this is a purely technical indicator, the forecast will be more accurate if the forecast period is not expected to yield any important news regarding character.

The indicator is configured in the input parameters. Formed a line depends on the parameter exInput (An integer value from -10 to 10).

Principle of operation:

Price forecast is generated based on complex data calculations involving themselves OHLC prices and RSI.

If the market is overbought or oversold, the forecast is generated.

Indicator spends very little resources, as drawn only once. Only after the end of the forecast period, the indicator draws a new line. The length depends on the prediction RSI indicator.


It is recommended to wait for some time after the receipt of the forecast and see if it goes in the right direction. Very often during strong vibrations price may go in the opposite direction.

Input parameters:

  • Precision - It affects the duration of the generated curve

  • Aggression - aggressiveness. The higher the value, the more the curve

  • ExInput - 10doo integer from -10 to affect the direction of the curve

  • Morph - for exInput factor

  • Horizon - minimum number of bars on the graph to draw lines


  • The indicator gives a specific forecast, which is more than 60% of cases.

  • It can be used in the development of advisers.

  • It consumes few resources.

  • Draws only one line in the graphics window instead of displaying a large number of numerical values.

  • It works on all timeframes and symbols.

  • Prediction is configured in the input parameters.

  • Let me know if you have questions or suggestions.


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Thursday, April 20, 2017

FC Money Manager

FC Money Manager

This panel evaluates The volume of transactions and the ratio of risk reward (Risk: Reward) Based on said risk Interest (Risk Percent) And Stop Loss (Stoploss). It also shows the size of the pip (PIP value) Spread (Spread), Potential profit / loss (Potential Profit / Loss), The total profit and the volume of transactions on purchase / sale (Buy / Sell Volume) On the symbol.

Instructions for use

  • specify risk

    1. pressing the up or down arrow to (choose the desired riskRisk Percent), The risk increases or decreases 0.1%. (Default Risk Percent is equal to 0.1%)

    2. Then choose whether to calculate the volume of transactions on the basis of the amount of funds (Equity) Or available balance (Balance).

    When you select "Balance", the actual balance is calculated as (potential available balance + profit / loss).

    Potential P / L: The potential gains / losses. This is the amount of possible profit or loss, which can be obtained, the difference between the entry price and the SL.

    If SL is located in the lucrative area in the transaction has the potential profit; if bezubytka level, there is no profit or loss; In the remaining case - there is a potential profit.

  • Visual determination of the entry points / TP / SL on the graph

Adjust the three lines on the graph to define the properties of the transaction (entry price, SL and TP). These lines are automatically drawn on the graph at the panel on the chart.

The panel is implemented algorithm automatically determine whether a trader wants to buy or sell, according to the following criteria:

  • If the SL below the entry price, the proposed purchase.

  • If SL above the entry price, the sale is expected.

  • TP must be configured accordingly.

To ensure the preservation of capital, all transactions must be installed SL. Therefore, if a transaction is not SL, the whole capital will be at risk!

If the entry price line SL and remove from the chart, they will be created again with the default values. But if you remove the TP line, it will not be created again. To redraw it, you must change the timeframe or symbol graphics. You can also remove the panel with graphics and install it again. In this case, all three lines redrawn, but default.

  • That's all! The volume of transactions It is calculated and displayed as "recommended lot size" (Proper Lottage)!

Information panel

  • Potential P / L: The calculated value of the potential gain / loss on all open transactions.

  • Spread: Current and maximum spread for the current character on the account.

  • PIP Value: The size of each pip (no points, also known as Pipette) for the current character in the account currency.

  • Buy / Sell volume: The total volume of open transactions for the purchase / sale of the current symbol.

  • Profit:The total profit of the open transactions on the current symbol.

  • Risk: Reward: risk reward ratio in the format (1: #. #) to risk less profit (# #:. 1) to risk more profit.

  • stoploss: Possible loss based on the value SL, the user specified in the account currency and in pips.

  • takeprofit: Potential return based on the values ​​of TP, specified by the user in the account currency and in pips.

  • Proper Lottage: Calculated lot size for new transactions based on credit and interest risk, which is determined depending on the value of stop loss in pips * pips size.

  • The lot size is compared with the minimum and maximum limits per transaction and volume increments.

  • Panel avoids overlapping panels built for trading in a single click.

  • Under each line displays additional information that describes the required level of available funds, potential profit and loss, as well as their share of assets.

  • Descriptions shifted when moving or changing the scale of the chart.

  • Settings assets and interest risk are saved for each chart!

  • All values ​​are set visually in the display properties no input parameters.


Forecast City

FC Money Manager

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

China got to bottom and then swim

China got to the bottom and then swim up?

Analysts and China
European countries have started to talk about
that the Chinese stock market
It bottomed when greatly fell,
and now he has finally made a break
and at the end of trading on Thursday, he has already succeeded
fall bold growth: index of Shanghai
Composite rose today by 5.4% by the end of
auction and returned to a level above 3000
points, which experts call
critical. Chinese regulator all
scrambles to save his stock
market: this week he had already spent
double easing of monetary policy,
to lower interest rates and reserve requirements,
and then pouring into the market large volumes
fresh liquidity. By the way, the recent
injection of liquidity was the
scale with November 2012.

Of course, it is best to
feel financial giants -
Bank Of China and China Citic Bank. experts
said that the regulator incentives
benefit more just share large
companies, because the money goes to the banks,
and they prefer to lend
state-owned, not private enterprises.
Thus, stocks rose on Thursday
Industrial Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China
and Bank Of Communications. Rose and paper
PetroChina, which have the largest weight in the
index Shanghai Composite.

However, no
stabilization in the Chinese market
actually there now because the indices
very much fallen in recent years,
and therefore have to rebound
It happens, especially after the next
actions of local authorities. However, some
economists say that the market has already felt
bottom, and also in the country there are many
rich, who may well have to start
make cautious buying.

In addition, China
recently devalued the yuan yesterday
it turned out that two weeks regulator
sold US Treasuries
bonds worth more than $ 100 billion to
to support the yuan in the currency market. AND
yet, most likely, the PBOC
continue further "burning"
foreign exchange reserves to stabilize
Yuan and its market as a whole. So to talk about "bottom" and stabilization is still too early.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Betting on bet

Betting on a bet.


R4 1.1330 daily high September 1

R3 1.1260 daily high August 31

R2 1.1240 daily high September 3

R1 1.1230 daily maximum 8 September

Current price 1.1205

S1 1.1150 daily low September 8

S2 1.1085 daily low September 3

S3 1.1060 daily low August 17

S4 1.1020 daily low August 12

Another relatively boring day for those trading EURUSD. Since the beginning of the Asian session, the bulls attempted to develop
the upward movement and fixed in 1.12oy figure against the background of the renewed
Drop on Chinese stock exchanges, after the publication data weak
exports and imports in August. If exports from China came out a little better
forecasts, showing a drop of 5.5% against the expected 6.0%, imports
decreased by as much as 13.8%, instead of the projected 8.2%. However, then the market
There were rumors of a possible further reduction of interest rates by the People's Bank
China, significantly podogrevshy optimism of its members. As a result, Shanghai Composite, recouping all the losses, closed up 2.9%, and for them to significant
growth went up, and all the other stocks. Increased in connection with the appetite for
risks leaving the pair little chance that quickly flew back to the middle
1.11oy figures. The situation did not save even a positive revaluation of the German GDP in
second quarter from 0.3% to 0.4% on the quarter and from 1.2% to 1.5% per month

speech Mario Draghi last week, in the long term, the pair remains
fundamentally weak because of the possibility of expanding the program of quantitative
weakening. However, in the remaining days until September 17, the bulls can get
some support due to the reduction of positions, mostly shorts,
market participants in anticipation of a decision on interest rates, as
the probability of its increase at the next meeting is estimated at this time
just 30%. And if it is not increased, the euro can develop correction up
to 1.1380-1.1460.

The technical picture and trading strategy.

Against the background of the lack of significant on the horizon
macroeconomic releases in the price of the pair will likely be laid
raise interest rates by the Federal Reserve on September 17, and since it
estimated below 50%, the euro there is a certain potential for growth in the short
term. Daytime lights until neutral, time at the moment
They turned up and still have enough space to continue the movement. Breakthrough
recent highs around 1.1230 will open the way to the area of ​​1.1280-1.1300, where
as risky strategy, you can take a small sale with a stop above

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Monday, April 17, 2017

EasyTrading Reversal Expert

EasyTrading Reversal Expert

AlwaysWin Expert represents fully automated trading robot, which opens / closes the market position on your behalf and possesses simple settings, you keep under full control.

What is Forex? What is the commercial counselor?

Forex (Forex) means "foreign exchange" (foreign exchange). You can exchange currency (dollars, euros, yen, pounds ...) and earn on the difference in exchange rates.

To trade forex you need to open the corresponding account. This can be done by selecting one of the many available Forex brokers. I opened an account with different brokers (ActivTrades, FXCM, Alpari, AAAfx ...), to test their products. account opening procedure is quite simple. Some brokers allow you to trade, on account of having only a few euros (300 € / $ 300).

Finally, you need to install MetaTrader platform provided by your broker and you will be able to:

  • buy / sell foreign currency directly from the charts that display real-time prices,

  • use indicators (Moving Averages, RSI, Center of Gravity ...) and

  • launch trading advisors - robots that will trade for you.

MetaTrader platform screenshots can be seen here: MetaTrader 4 Gallery.

Description advisor

The adviser works on many currencies (currently I'm testing this
robots in all possible markets) and has been tested when working on
accounts of many major brokers. I worked on an advisor for three
years and achieved its full automation. Advisor does everything
self - determine entry / exit points, the size of the lot, as well as
It takes into account the volatility.

Explore the attached screenshot and start earning with our fully automated advisor now.

Features of AlwaysWin Expert are as follows:

  • expert is included in the position in the direction of the trend when the price appears the most appropriate;

  • Expert uses elaborate system of money management.

Since the transactions are made robot, emotions can not prevent your capital grow.

This robot is not waiting, when the position becomes profitable

I do not promise you a complete lack of loss-making transactions. If you have some trading experience, then you know that the complete absence of loss-making transactions is only possible if the adviser sits out losses to close with profit. Such sittings out may take days, months or years, and not the fact that your account his stand.

It does not martingale

AlwaysWin Expert manages unprofitable positions, to restore profits. THIS IS NOT A Martingale. Martingale I studied for many months, and I can talk about it with some confidence. When Martingale lot size after a loss is doubled, so that in case of winning recoup all losses incurred in the past. This system is very dangerous, and that the EA is not used. This trading robot uses its own method. The good news is that the robot is fully automated. I love it when it's simple.

Examine the test results

I laid out some tests with comprehensive results on the site: AlwaysWin Expert.

Why most traders fail?

I have studied the trade in the Forex market for years. Traders at different forums and seminars, I met people who complained that they lost money.

At the same time they had everything needed to make a profit (trading systems, the necessary knowledge, time ...), but they are still losing money. Why?

The first reason is always the same: EMOTIONS.

  • You're making a few trades and feel more confident. Then you increase the size of the lot and in the end bear large losses.

  • You find a good entry point, and open positions. And then think about when you close it.

  • You open big positions only to close it by getting one or two pips of profit.

  • You think you can get rich quick?

  • You know that all transactions must be recorded in the log for subsequent analysis. You do it?

  • If you're familiar with some of these situations, AlwaysWin Expert Advisor is for you.

This English-language article on pretty good description of the main problems trydera 4 Psychological Pitfalls That Will Blow Your Account (4 psychological pitfalls that will destroy your account).

Since AlwaysWin Expert Advisor is fully automated, it simply does not face such problems.

  • AlwaysWin Expert knows no fear. Position (both profitable and unprofitable) are closed at the right time.

  • AlwaysWin Expert patient. He can wait for days or weeks without doing any action if you do not see the opportunities.

  • AlwaysWin Expert no shame in case of loss.

  • AlwaysWin Expert not greedy. The lot size is calculated mathematically on the basis of the size of your revenue and said available funds in the account.

  • AlwaysWin Expert sleeps. Positions can be opened and closed at any time when the market works.

  • You do not need to learn all the details and methods of work in the forex market, AlwaysWin Expert knows all that is needed.

  • You do not need to control their funds, AlwaysWin Expert knows his business.

  • You do not need the clock to monitor the economic news. They do not affect the operation of AlwaysWin Expert.

Select the level of risk

Before we delve into the details, you must answer the question of how to use the account for trader in the Forex market?

Means that you put on your forex account and that you see in your terminal-in the MetaTrader, is not used directly at the entrance to the market. They spent only upon receipt of damages.

For example, when buying a one lot for the pair EURUSD, the size of your means will not change. It is only when the price of EURUSD will go up, the amount of your money will start to grow. If the price of EURUSD will go down, your funds will also begin to melt.

Brokers can automatically close your position if the size of your assets closer to 0. This is called the Margin Call (margin call, the requirement for additional margin).

If you want to earn more, you have to take more risk by increasing the size of the lot. If you are too greedy, you're bound to get a margin call.

So please do not be greedy.

How to buy

  • 0. Requirements

    • You need an account on MT4.

  • 1. Your account on

    • Sign up here:

    • Then go to your profile

    • Go to "Payments"

    • press "Deposit"

    • Translate into account the required amount of money to buy the product

  • 2. MetaTrader 4

    • Open the MT4

    • "Service""Settings""Community"

    • fill out the field "Login" and "Password", using your MQL5-login

  • 3. Product Buying Market

    • Return here:

    • press Buy

    • Open your MT4 terminal, and you can use my robot

EasyTrading Reversal Expert

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Friday, April 14, 2017

ATS Trend Bar

ATS Trend Bar

The indicator looks for the strongest trend and works on any time frame. It recommended for use on D1.

The product displays three lines showing fast, medium and slow bars.

If each of the three lines simultaneously appear red bars, there is a bearish trend in the market.

If each of the three lines simultaneously appear green bars, there is a bullish trend in the market.

The indicator is not redrawn and can be used with other indicators. The product is also suitable for trading binary options.

ATS Trend Bar

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

IDNR4 and July 28 Pairs Radar MT5

IDNR4 and July 28 Pairs Radar MT5

This indicator identifies two powerful pattern IDRN4 and IDNR7 28 pairs when a new daily bar.

IDNR4 - an acronym for "Inside Day Narrow Range 4", where the "Inside Day" - a day bar with a lower high and higher low than the previous bar, and "Narrow Range 4" - bar with the narrowest range of the last 4 bar. Similarly, "Narrow Range 7" - 7 bars.

Therefore, ID / NR4 and more reliable ID / NR7 - are objective criteria to determine the days with low range and volatility.

Upon detection pattern ID / NR4 or ID / NR7, should open transaction in the sample as resumption volatility.

The rules for long trades

  1. The inner bar with the lowest range in the last 4 or 7 bars.

  2. Set the Buy Stop order above the high of the bar.

  3. Wait until the sample does not activate the order.

The rules for short trades

  1. The inner bar with the lowest range in the last 4 or 7 bars.

  2. Install the Sell Stop order below the bar low.

  3. Wait until the sample does not activate the order.


  • Pairs_Suffix: suffix pair, for example, "micro" or "-ECN".
  • alert_Notification: alerts in the terminal when detecting pattern IDNR4 IDNR7 or on one or more pairs.

  • Push_Notification: Sending push-messages to the mobile device when it detects a pattern IDNR4 IDNR7 or in one or more pairs.

IDNR4 and July 28 Pairs Radar MT5

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dollar has appreciated at time

The dollar has appreciated at the time, although the reports did not coincide with the predictions

was added 173 thousand. jobs in August (the forecast 220 thousand.)
and the unemployment rate decreased to 5.1% (forecast - 5.2%) -
up to the level that the Federal
Reserve said level
"Full employment". Ministry of Labor
USA Today reported that the average
hourly wages also increased by
Compared to the previous month -
August salary increased by 0.3%. Level
Unemployment is now a
the lowest since April 2008.

hiring indicates that employers
optimistic about the prospects
Demand in the United States, although they do not deny
worsening problems in emerging
economy. Fed policy, which through
two weeks will come to the next
meeting, there is strong evidence
an improvement in the labor market, despite
the recent turmoil in the world
markets. Regulators also soon cease
any disputes about the terms of increasing interest
rates. "The labor market is clearly improving".
- says Jim O'Sullivan, an economist at
Valhalla, New York.

jobs in August helped jumps
recruitment in local authorities, in
mainly in the field of education,
health care and in the hospitality sector.
On average, economists had forecast
increase in the number of people employed in
non-agricultural sector 220
thous., while in fact we saw a figure
only at the level of 173 thousand. However, at the same time
this figure has been revised in July
-. Instead of 215 thousand economists have noted
change the number of employees by 245 thousand.

economically active population
It remained unchanged at 62.6%. Central
workweek for
all employees increased by six
minutes - to 34.6 hours in said
the report of the Ministry of Labor.

after the release of
Reports dollar appreciated sharply against the euro:
EUR / USD pair to the
15:32 has fallen to the level of 1.1093 with the level 1.1150. Then, to the 15:55 a couple has traded in positive territory - at the level of
1.1142 (0.17%). futures
US stock indexes fell after the publication of controversial
Statistics from the labor market. Futures
on S P 500 index decreased by 0.76%, and
Nasdaq - on
0.79% on the Dow Jones -

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

US markets supported chorus fall

US markets supported the chorus fall Tuesday

Yesterday, 22 September,
stock markets in the US fell by 1.1-1.5%
pulled down the indices falling quotes
shares of commodity companies and automakers.
The scandal surrounding the Volkswagen affected
all car companies, strongly
complicating their work these days. analysts
say test could soon
start in many sectors.
"Given the uncertainty regarding the
the world economy, any bad news
can swipe on the market -
warns vice president of Advantus
Capital Management Dzhozef Betley. - Investors
continue to respond to the decision
Fed last week, and yesterday
It was only a temporary rebound".

On Tuesday, US
stock indexes rose after the statements
members of the leadership of the Federal Reserve
a system that can control
increase the rate until the end of the year, if
sees strong macroeconomic
indicators. The Dow index
Jones Industrial Average fell by 1,09%, Standard Poor's
500 - to 1,23%, Nasdaq Composite - 1.5%.

Shares of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
fell yesterday at 5,7%, Ford Motor and General Motors -
respectively 2.8% and 1.9%. Falling prices
for raw materials led to the collapse of stock prices
Aluminum giant Alcoa Inc. (4%) and
steelmaker Nucor Corp. (2.9%), gold
Newmont Mining Co. - by 6.3%. paper manufacturer
Mosaic fertilizers collapsed by 7%, Dow Chemical Co. and
Monsanto Co. - 0.9%. Apple Inc. paper, Google Inc. and
Facebook Inc. yesterday dropped by about 1.5%.

Prices also fell
shares semiconductor manufacturers:
Applied Materials Inc., Micron Technology Inc. and Qorvo Inc. -
approximately 2.1% and Intel Corp. - 1.7%. shares
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. fell 2% after the news
that the Chief Executive
Bank Director Lloyd Blankfein
diagnosed with lymphoma.

But shares of oilfield service
company Weatherford International jumped
10.7% when the company decided to abandon
by additional issue.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Trading Psychology first 3 points

Trading Psychology. The first 3 points of immortality.

Today is not an ordinary article, which says that everyone knows, but can not win everything.

Psychology in trade in the markets, it is possible that especially financial, the first reason for the profit or equity drawdowns. Today is one of those trading days when it is possible to dry the head, as it is commonly called, earn and relax before dinner. Price holds excellent hiking from line to line, but alas, the enemy does not sit in the monitor enemy sits in the trader. Fear and despair, hope and pride, greed and poverty overcome in those days experienced trader continually replacing each other. The brain need to make urgent decisions, and then every hour to wait for the next turn, regardless of the lost points on the monitor.

What is the point of immortality. For me - it is a position postulates that the trader is obliged to perform every second, thereby protecting themselves from the false transactions, giving free rein to victory, right rsheniyam.

The first point of immortality. The immortality of the psyche and the trading system. Of course, if you do not play the lottery by guessing the price you are happy owner of a trading strategy. In its trading strategy you must be unshakable confidence. You should be aware that the trading system is working properly. Meeting this challenge requires you to perseverance and self-discipline. So, to be confident in your trading system, strategy to test it with stories, and make the process their own handles, not a tester. It is necessary to take the schedule and otlistat it anywhere stories. After that, based on your trading system without being told to take a decision on the transaction which you need to do. I recommend to record these results in the journal, notebook, record the key points of your trading strategy on schedule, in separate columns, notebooks, and then check the result by scrolling bar by bar graph to its present. The next step in the competence of your self - the study of a particular strategy (backup) or the use of a competent, trusted source of trading signals and forecasts. I recommend spending at least 100 training deals with the help of the history of graphics and only then move on a demo account. On the demo account, you will spend the same at least one hundred educated, informed of transactions in accordance with your trading strategy, maintaining, recording parameters, based on which you made the decision. Now you need to move to a real account, with real money to work - is also a factor of the psyche. Demo account is nothing more you do not give and could harm its pseudo reality.

The second point of immortality. The immortality of the mind at the sight of money. The decision on the transaction shall be at rest, but it is necessary to open a deal as you covers a wave of emotion or stupor. Therefore, during the transaction, before it started, select the level of Stop Loss and Take Profit, thus bezemotsionalny computer itself does all the work for you. Without this option, your mind may fail and close the deal sooner or later. Leaving you with a loss or negligible profits which does not cover incurred costs for this work. Just doing these positions will have an increased chance.

The third point of immortality. Mentality, flexibility and in-depth analysis. In the early days, before entering the market, you must be sure to write in his diary of the trader position, the key point of the market in which you make decisions, as well as alternatives to market movements. Keeping your own records of the trader, maintaining positions -Important key point.

If you manage to get yourself to execute these rules, attitudes and postulates, especially novice - profits will be more.

Comic picture accompanying this post, says that we have to work in trading, rather than relying on faith and luck - not here. This is a market.

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Trading System

Trading System

Indicator Trading System is a complete trading system, which is suitable for both novice and experienced traders.

TF for use on the M5 to H4 inclusive settings are balanced under any of the above TF (no customizable settings).

Examples of system works you can see in the screenshots. The simplest example of working with the system signals - Buy-Sell (purchase and sale) as well as the level of a possible rebound breakdown, which is being built on the basis of all available evidence TF (vertical line on the chart as a signal output from the position).

Also, this system allows you to work with the strategy of pending orders. Suitable for use with any currency pair.

Trading System

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

EURGBP currency pair

EURGBP currency pair

EURGBP currency pair consists of two monetary units, namely the euro and the British pound. Around this pair goes very many misconceptions, the main of which is that it has a calm trends without any abrupt discontinuities.

Some site owners recommend it for beginners, arguing that it is easily predictable, and thus it has high volatility.

All this is a myth and misconceptions, and I will try to explain why.

Initially, let's look at both currencies individually but would understand that actually affects the price movement.

We begin with the British pound. GBP - the currency of the third in the world by the proliferation and trafficking. Popularity applying GBP second only to the dollar and euro, but it was not always. Earlier, before the Second World War it was the first British world currency, which used a lot of countries. Pound was so popular and widespread that some countries at the local level was used as a second currency after the state.

This is due to the fact that the United Kingdom was the country colonizer and it went to the pound in its many colonies. However, after the Second World War gave way to pound its positions increase US economy and its dollar. To date, the UK has one of the strongest economies in the world. Do not forget that the UK is a member of the European Union, so it has a very strong trade relations between Western Europe and the US.

Therefore, the pound is largely influenced by trade with the United States and Europe, energy prices. Particularly strong news that really moves the pound, is the data on interest rates Bank of England. It is not necessary otkidat and internal key indicators for the industrial sector, on jobs, GDP, as well as the statements of the government.

If you predict the pound is difficult, but based on economic performance is still possible, with the European currency, things are a bit more complicated. The euro is the currency of the eurozone countries. As you can imagine in the euro area it includes a large number of countries that have a greater or lesser degree of influence on the euro. So, for example, the crisis in Athens very much struck by the international prestige of the euro weakened significantly its course.

To predict in the long term the euro at this stage is very difficult, because very contradictory data on the different countries can produce quite unexpected results. However, if the currency pair trading with the euro to pay particular attention to recommend the strongest indicators of the eurozone countries, such as Germany and France. Normally, the good news in terms of the German economy is more than can move the euro up against the poor performance of other eurozone countries.

If we talk, some of the indicators is strongly driven by the euro, then with courage, I can say that this is the interest rate of the European Central Bank, unemployment rates (by country) as well as consumer indices. It is also worth noting that in the last year because of the tense situation in trade relations with Russia, the European currency has become politicized.

Therefore it is always recommended to keep track of the statements of heads of state, as well as information on the sanctions policy, which is conducted in relation to Russia. You should understand that every time Europe imposes sanctions, it beats, and its economy.

EURGBP currency pair is very active during the European trading session and is very passive at the Asian. Fluctuations currency pair may exceed 150 points for the trading session. Do not forget that on the economies of both countries and affect the dollar, as both countries have a strong relationship with the United States. Therefore it is necessary to take into account fundamental indicators of the US and their impact on the euro and the pound.

In conclusion, I hope that debunked the myth of easy predictability of the currency pair EURGBP, as the euro at this stage one of the unpredictable rates, and hence the currency pair, too. Thank you for your attention, good luck!

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On Moscow stock exchange indexes

On the Moscow stock exchange indexes appear to help evaluate the effectiveness of state-owned companies

According to
the press service of the Ministry of Economic
Development of the Russian Federation, 29 September the Deputy Minister
Nikolai Podguzov sign a trilateral
an agreement with the Federal Property Management Agency and the Moscow stock exchange index on startup
companies with state participation and the index variable of the company. according to
According to Russian media, the method of calculation
New indexes developed jointly
three sides, they will be calculated
Stock Exchange under the full yield
based on prices of transactions made with
shares on the stock exchange.

In May of this
, when the technique is only developed,
representatives of one of the departments
reported that the launch codes have asked
officials who want to use this
tool to assess the effectiveness
work of state-owned companies.

form the basis of calculating the index
companies with state participation, will be used
a list of 54 companies which have
the share of the government, which accounted for
will only public company whose
shares are traded on the stock exchange. for the formation
calculation base of companies index
regulated activity Exchange will
use subjects registers
natural monopoly - for example,
lists of subjects of natural monopolies
in the field of water supply and sanitation,
in the fuel and energy complex,
transport, communications.

Moscow Exchange calculates the time
Two main index - is the MICEX index
and the RTS index, which includes
50 most liquid shares of the largest
and dynamically developing Russian
issuers. In addition to these, there are other
indicators - index of blue chips, index
second-tier stocks, stock index
the broader market, sectoral indices
shares and others.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Custom Fractals HTF MT5

Custom Fractals HTF MT5

It's no secret that for the market came to be sold when the market is at a maximum, and buy - at a minimum. To determine the highs and lows of the market fractals indicator is well suited proposed by Bill Williams. What is fractal (in classic view):

Fractal - a model of five consecutive candles, in which the third maximum (minimum) above (below) the remaining maxima (minima) in the model.

Custom fractals HTF - modified fractal indicator. However, unlike standard indicator, Custom fractals It has many advantages and improvements that will bring a visual analysis of the market to a new level.


  • You can set fractal dimension separately to his left (Size of left fractal part) and right (Size of right fractal part) parts;

  • Custom fractals offers three price modes of constructing fractal (Fractal building mode):

    1. Shadow prices - standard construction of high prices and low;

    2. Body prices - the construction of the open and close prices;

    3. Close prices - building only at prices close;

  • Provided eight display modes fractal (Fractal display mode):

    1. Do not display - fractals are calculated but not displayed (auxiliary mode);

    2. Display both types - displays both types of fractals;

    3. Display up-fractals only - displays only up fractals;

    4. Display dn-fractals only - displays only fractals down;

    5. Do not display (. Cont) - fractals are calculated but not displayed (extended display (ON));

    6. Display both types (. Cont) - displays both types of fractals (software);

    7. Display up-fractals only (. Cont) - displays only up fractals (software);

    8. Display dn-fractals only (. Cont) - displays only fractals down (software);

To continue the display modes can also be set to display the price tags!

  • Perhaps, the most important advantage - the ability to build fractals of a larger timeframe in the current (Display timeframe). This mode does not restrict any of the other settings!

  • You can set the size for the history of calculations (Download history size);

  • Want to find fractals only candlelight high volume? You are welcome! It is possible to turn the filter on the volume (teak / real) and set one of the four filter modes (parameter Mode):

    1. > constant value - fractal candle with a volume larger than permanent (user specified) value;

    2. <= Constant value - fractal candle with a volume not greater than a constant value;

    3. > average value - fractal candle with a volume greater than the average value for the last X candles (+ -% of medium, if necessary);

    4. <= Average value - fractal candle with a volume not greater than the average value for the last X candles (+ -% of the mean);

  • It is possible to indent, width, arrows code and display color separately for fractals up and down;

  • For those who like to work on levels of support and resistance, it is possible to set the number of levels (as well as a shift from the price of a fractal) separately for each type of fractals;

  • If fractals levels are displayed, it is possible to establish a verification of their intersection (Signal moment) in one of two modes:

    1. At the moment of crossing the price level (At the time of receipt);

    2. At the time of formation of a new candle (After bar closure);

  • You can also set the price, which will be tested to confirm crossing:

    1. Ask;

    2. Bid;

    3. Last;

  • intersection fact may be accompanied by one of the signals:

    1. Sound - sound (with the possibility to install your sound);

    2. Alert - Alert (window on the terminal screen);

    3. Push-notification - a message on the phone;

    4. E-mail - mail message;

  • You can also specify the signals at the time of the formation of fractals themselves and choose the language for messages.

Detailed description of the input parameters in the "Discussion".


AT Custom fractals HTF an attempt was made to collect as many elements for successful work with fractals. He is able to replace not only the standard indicator of fractals, but ZigZag.

Custom fractals HTF you can test the FREE tester client terminal MetaTrader 5 Strategy.

If you have questions or interesting ideas to improve the display, write. The best of them will be implemented in future updates!

Custom Fractals HTF MT5

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Joker System Stable

Joker System Stable

The new version poluskalperskogo multicurrency Expert Advisor, which uses an advanced adaptive trading strategies based on the averaged position. It used a completely different strategy for entering the market. The new version has a unique feature - a common trailing stop of open positions on amounts due from deposit currency, or in% of the profits. For the first open transaction can apply virtual trailing stop. For the protection of all means it can also be used a stop-loss. It adapted to 4-, 5-valued quotations. For work I recommend to use it on the VPS-server. Timeframe does not matter. Recommended minimum deposit - 1 000 units of base currency.


Advisor established simultaneously to several currency pairs with low spreads (e.g., EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF). Magic number at the same time does not change. MultiCurrency - authorization to use multitorgovlyu. When enabled, the adviser operates as a whole on all currency pairs installed. When reaching to ask him or profit drawdown parameters it will close all orders by magic number, and will begin its work again.


  • Designed for real trading on today's market conditions;

  • It does not depend on the type of trading account, a broker or a financial instrument;

  • It works with both small and large amounts of deposits;

  • Not afraid of gaps, slips and spread expansions;

  • It can be used in combination with other counselors or manual trading.


  • TimeStart - the beginning of the work of an expert;

  • TimeFinish - end of work. If the value is "00:00", it is not used;

  • OutWorking - action at the end of the expert's work. Close all or only pending orders;

  • MultiCurrency - allow the use multitorgovlyu;

  • PriceMove - recoilless price movement for the opening of the transaction;

  • LotPercent - avtoraschet trading lot, depending on the balance. When 0 is not used;

  • Lot - initial trading lot at AutoLot = 0;

  • AddLot - term increase in the lot to the next position. Next lot Lot = current + AddLot * Martingale;

  • Martingale - multiplier trading lot. When 0 is not rabotet;

  • MultiCurrencyLot - allow to calculate the lot on the basis of all open positions on the account;

  • SendOrderStep - the distance from the last open position to permit the installation of a pending order;

  • SendOrderPrice - step installation of a pending order, the distance from the current price;

  • TrailStopOrder - the distance that must pass price for the trailing pending orders;

  • TrailStepOrder - the distance at which pulled pending order following the price;

  • Magic - the magic number. When 0 is working with all orders;

  • Com - comment on the orders;

  • StopLoss - allow the use of stop-loss;

  • StopLossMethod - the choice of closing orders on stop-loss;

  • StopLossPoint - the closing value of the selected method;

  • TrailingMethod - selection method trailing stop, in% of the profits or in the deposit currency;

  • TrailStopPoint - trailing stop in the currency or% deposit;

  • TrailStepPoint - move the selected trailing closing method;

  • VirtualTrailingStop - virtual trailing stop works only if one position is open;

  • VirtualTrailingStep - step virtual trailing for the open position;

  • CloseAllFriday - allow to close all orders on Friday;

  • HourOnFriday - an hour to close all orders;

  • DrawButton - display a button quickly close orders;

  • DrawInfo - display information about the trading account in the schedule;

  • Language - language display information;

  • TextColor - color of the text output information.

Joker System Stable

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Do not expect that today Yellen

Do not expect that today Yellen will give clues on the timing of rate hikes

Federal Reserve Janet system
Yellen is unlikely in his speech on Thursday
evening make hints about when
US central bank plans
to raise interest rates.

"there is only
small chance that it is something
say about monetary policy and
that the Fed can do. It's like that
indeterminately"- said Maykl Moran,
chief economist at Daiwa Capital Markets America
Inc. in NYC.

Markets are on the move and has no
He does not know what the economic data
will come from emerging markets. On
The Fed last week decided not to touch
interest rates, given the uncertainty
the world economy as a whole. Yellen then
He said that central banks need to "Little
more time" for decision-making.

Dana Saporta,
US economist at Credit Suisse,
He agreed that Yellen does not seem to
mood to signal
any changes to policy
the next Fed meeting. "At Yellen
It had plenty of opportunities at the press conference,
to support market expectations
rate hike already in October or
December, but she did not use them".
- says Saporta.

"The theme of her
performance - and inflation dynamics
money-credit policy. We, of course,
all want to hear it, because the topic
topical", - says Joseph Vorn,
chief economist for the US in the Deutsche Bank. "will give
whether it signals a short term
monetary policy? My answer
- "No", because too little time
It passed since the meeting. Nothing changed".
- he added. but traders
still eagerly waiting for speech
Yellen at the University of Massachusetts,
where viewers will not be able to ask questions.

the decision of the Fed announcement last
Thursday prices for commodities have collapsed,
Copper has fallen more than 6%, oil - 5%.
China, meanwhile, has become even more
a source of concern for the markets,
so now some fear
that the Fed may see economic
issues that affect the economy

currently weighing the chances of
rate hike in October or December.
The Fed does not raise rates in 2008, and holds
target rate near zero.

Yellen speech today, there are still
several key elements, including
on unemployment benefits data and
durable goods reports
new home sales for August.
It is expected that the volume of orders for goods
durables decreased by

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