Friday, April 28, 2017



Automatic - autonomous trading system, the trader gets rid of manual trading routines. Advisor determines the price pressure zone, when speculators are trying to go to the already "gone train" and the big players take profits.

Advisor takes into account the pivot-levels, the formation Price-Action 4H timeframes and D1 and some indicators.

Sometimes averaging can be used with the "fan-shaped" steps, ie first averaging Step-through points, the second through Step * 2, and the third through Step * 3, etc. As a general rule, the need for averaging orders does not occur often.

Automatic adjustment to the 4 and 5-digit quotations stream.

Timeframe for the work of 15m, the default settings of the currency pair - EURUSD.


  • The risk of an order - risk per trade as a percentage of the deposit;

  • Trading lot - Risk is 0, the item is so;

  • Lot Modifier - factor for the averaging of orders;

  • Step - step between the first and second order;

  • Take profit in pips - Advisor to close all orders when the profit of these items;

  • Continuous fractals - fractals number of continuous row;

  • Minimum channel width - minimum channel width of the opening order;

  • Period - period Bolinger Bands;

  • Shift - shift Bolinger Bands;

  • Deviations - deviation - period Bolinger Bands.

  • Further visual settings that do not affect trade.


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