Thursday, May 25, 2017

Seven Candles

Seven Candles

Advisor looking for an opportunity to make a transaction using the position of the closing price relative to moving average and candlestick patterns.

It works well in a trending market.

A detailed description can be found on my website.

Initially Advisor was developed for trading on stock market indices (SP500, NASDAQ, etc.) to day chart and was intended only to buy. I made a change in strategy, and is now an adviser may also sell.

Initially, the adviser does not use stop loss and take profit. As a result of losing trades was more than profitable. I expanded the adviser functionality, adding:

  • Stop-Loss

  • Take profit

  • Trailing Stop

  • Timer to set the time of the robot

  • And some other improvements

The adviser works on any symbol and timeframe.

Seven Candles

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