Friday, March 31, 2017

Fed Chairman Janet Yellen is not

Fed Chairman Janet Yellen is not talked about monetary policy in the speech on Wednesday

Yesterday, as
It is known to be chairman of the Federal
Janet Yellen Reserve System
once again he gave a speech - to
This time, the bankers at the third
the annual conference of the community
bank researchers and policy makers.
But she did not give any comments
the US economy or monetary
control policy in the welcome
word. It noted a significant
improvement in the US economy. it
It was the first public appearance
Yellen after a speech at the University of
Massachusetts, where she was frightened all his
state, she even had to turn
for medical aid.

Yellen said yesterday that small banks "required"
for the US economy and the Fed will tailor your
control to make sure that it is not
too burdensome for banks. She is
believes that small banks should not
undergo unnecessary checks.

In fact
Yellen speech was more
formality - it welcomed
Conference participants on behalf of the
Fed, so to say more about
topics performances, the regulator plans
in the control of the banks. Conference
last two days.

Yellen speech dollar as a whole
He remained in positive territory in relation to other
Majors, particularly after
strong employment statistics.
The US currency is still showing
strong - dollar rises against
the yen and the euro: USD / JPY pair is trading at
120.12 (+ 0.2%), a pair of EUR / USD - on
1.1156 level (-0.18%).

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Which country is most expensive

Which country is the most expensive in the world?

If you come to mind
Japan, Switzerland, Iceland or Norway
- the most expensive country, it does not
So. According to the blog author
Simona Bleka, the most expensive country in
world - is Venezuela. At least,
In this he found when he was in the
the country recently.

For example, for a trip
in a taxi recently Simon paid $ 158. most
strange that just a week earlier
he paid a lot less money for
rent helicopters in Colombia. And indeed,
if you think about it, this resource-rich
a country like Venezuela, should be the
thriving in Latin America, however,
this does not happen. Main reasons
- is corruption and incompetence
local authorities. See for yourself, usually
large companies, when they begin to build
business in some new place, spend
part of the funds to improve the infrastructure,
research and do it with the expectation that
these expenses are invested in the future development of
and convenience.

But in Venezuela Guide
why the country prefers to spend
oil revenues to the various social
program, which essentially allow
them to avoid social unrest and
retain power in their hands. Exactly
so the country had virtually no
developed infrastructure, and no
investment in the future it is not happening.
Money is spent on maintenance
tranquility. here
why all the oil in Venezuela
infrastructure rots, production is stagnating,
and here and oil prices fell for the year
almost twice. But the country almost
all incomes received only
oil exports, and therefore can no longer
balance their budgets (deficit-free
Venezuela budget is only possible if
oil price of $ 100-120 per barrel).

Print new money
the country can not, not because Bolivar
It is the reserve currency, and the whole
inflation remains within the country. By
some estimates, the growth of consumer
prices in Venezuela is the highest in the world -
it is about 800%. Attempt
control prices failed, it
It led only to more stringent deficit
goods. The authorities had to impose control over the
capital, setting the so-called
the official exchange rate. Here it is what makes
Venezuela so expensive. official exchange rate
It is 6.3 bolivars for $ 1, but on the black
dollar market is worth 60 times more expensive. By
According to the author, he changed money
a local resident, and for $ 50 got 20 thousand.
bolivars, ie it is 400 bolivars for

Let's go back to the trip
by taxi - it really is worth 1
thousand. bolivars. If we assume that the rate
black market, it is mere pennies -
only $ 2.5, but if you counted on
the official exchange rate, then it is $ 158. here
here lies the secret of the mysterious:
depending on whether, at what rate
consider Venezuela becomes a
the most expensive country in the world, or one
of the cheapest.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AVSh775 vs 2

AVSh775 vs 2

New Auto Advisor Forex - AVSh775. You do not need to reside in the computer, as EA trade automatically.

EA does not require large capital investments. The deposit amount for a standard account is $ 1000. Minimum - $ 300. Cent accounts for only 10 $ (ie 1 000 cents).

Councilor setup simple and straightforward even for a beginner:

  • TradeType - 0 - trade BUY, 1 - trade SELL. Default 0.

  • Lots - starting lot, the default 0.01.

  • StepPrice - step opening orders. By default, 30.

  • Profit - profit, 0 - not set. By default, 80.

  • TrailingStart - start trailing, 0 - not set. By default, 50.

  • TrailingStep - trailing step, the default is 10.

  • LotsFactor - lots factor, 1.0 (default) - Average starting lot.

Recommended pair - EURUSD, timeframe - M1.

AVSh775 vs 2

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The expert working on their own algorithm and does not use the standard indicators. expert point of entry would not want to disclose. This will lead to the writing of such a huge number of experts and its strategy will not be relevant.

When detecting the entry point opens the expert market order volume Lots. Automatically set levels StopLoss and TakeProfit for each order. Open can be several market orders to buy and sell. In the expert it is possible to use TrailingStop. As there automatic recalculation, volume of market orders Auto_Lots.

Expert shows good results in any period of testing. It was originally developed under the EUR / USD. But the strategy is working and on other currency pairs. The period of work, you can use any. open about 2000-4000 market orders per year.

If your broker is slowly modifies the open orders using TrailingStop = 0. In this case, the order will be closed by TakeProfit and StopLoss.

Input parameters

  1. Lots - the amount of opening of a market order Buy and Sell;

  2. Auto_Lots - automatic recalculation order opening volume (if Auto_Lots = 0 is not used);

  3. TakeProfit - level TakeProfit Orders Buy and Sell in points;

  4. StopLoss - level StopLoss orders Buy and Sell in points;

  5. TrailingStop - level TrailingStop Orders Buy and Sell in points;

  6. Magic_buy - the magic number of the order Buy;

  7. Magic_sell - Sell order magic number;

Recommended inputs 4 Digits:

  1. Lots = 0.1;

  2. Auto_Lots = 5;

  3. TakeProfit = 20;

  4. StopLoss = 20;

  5. TrailingStop = 4 (if not used TrailingStop = 0);

  6. Magic_buy = 1;

  7. Magic_sell = 2;

Recommended input parameters 5 Digits:

  1. Lots = 0.1;

  2. Auto_Lots = 5;

  3. TakeProfit = 200;

  4. StopLoss = 200;

  5. TrailingStop = 40 (if not used TrailingStop = 0);

  6. Magic_buy = 1;

  7. Magic_sell = 2;


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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tipu Panel

Tipu Panel

Tipu Panel displays trends / signals at selected timeframes and running indicators (separately installed). For greater efficiency it is recommended to install the latest Tipu Panel after the other instruments.


  • Easy-to-use panel displaying trends + signal on the selected time frame based on the running indicators.

  • Start the graph any additional indicators (e.g., Tipu Parabolic SAR), to achieve maximum efficiency (e.g., alerts by timeframes). Currently Tipu Panel supports up to six additional displays.

  • Customizable toolbar. The panel can be moved to any place on the chart or minimized to save space.


  • ... 5 Mins?: Five minute trend display panel + signals, true / false

  • ... 15 mins?: Fifteen minute trend display panel + signals, true / false

  • ... 1 hour?: + Trend display clock signals to the panel, true / false

  • ... 4 hour?: + Trend display four-panel signals, true / false

  • ... 1 day?: Daily trend display panel + signals, true / false

  • ... 1 week?: Display a weekly trend + signals on the panel, true / false

  • Uptrend Color - color uptrend

  • Buy Signal Color - color signals to buy

  • downtrend Color - color downtrend

  • Sell ​​Signal Color - a sell signal

Tipu Panel


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Friday, March 24, 2017

Katong Zigzag

Katong Zigzag

This indicator is a modification of the original zigzag. I usually use the indicator on the GBPUSD with timeframe H4.

This indicator works best in trending markets.

The indicator shows:

  1. When combined open positions (two positions in one direction)

  2. Confirmation of the trend (always use the take-profit and stop-loss)

  3. Weekly breakdown Monthly breakdown

The red arrow indicates the trend confirmation. It works best in conjunction with other indicators.

Katong Zigzag

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Oil futures continued to rise

Oil futures continued to rise. Brent 15-week high

By 10:00 MSK November
Brent futures are
$ 52.72 per barrel for WTI
- $ 49.59.

The main reason
Gain quotations became Hope
investors that the global
oversupply in the markets finally began
decline, and verbal intervention
Delegates Conference "Oil and Money"
in London. For the first month Brent
He passed the mark of $ 50 per
barrel. To date, the North Sea
Oil is on the 15-week high,
WTI was not as high
for 16 weeks.

However, experts
warn that too early to rejoice, because
Today, China continues to relax,
therefore, the trading volume is quite low.

Oil prices
We received additional support from an unexpected
weak US statistics on Friday: Now
chance of a rate hike
The Fed is running out, and it helps
"Black gold" to go up.

Today the market
Oil receive additional incentive
from the official release of data on stocks
Oil, which will release during
American session EIA.
Analysts expect that stocks slightly
fell. If this forecast comes true,
WTI can get
extra push upwards. In his
short oil review
Energy Information Administration
US says that the expected increase
global demand for oil up to a maximum
six years on reducing the supply of
Countries outside of OPEC. slowdown
US production is also beginning

US production plays into the hands
OPEC members, who are trying to oust
with manufacturers market higher
even though production costs for
serious financial difficulties of their
own colleagues in the cartel.

On Tuesday
an industry conference in London a boon for the oil market were the words of the delegates of the "dramatic" decline of American
production, which could pave the
way for future spike in prices.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Video Maks Kayzer Markets no longer

Video: Maks Kayzer. Markets no longer give fruits and America waits IV round of quantitative easing

In the next issue
program "Review by Max Kaiser 'leading
looking for answers to questions about when
in the United States will begin the next recession, talk about the real estate market conditions and the impact of oil prices on low frekingovye company. Maks Kayzer
sure that barren land
modern markets run head
central banks. And while the Fed will
to provide financial aid to all, no one
will not lose money. However, it is
soon in the bond market is over
30-year increase, and it was then that
Money will lose everything.

It seems that America is waiting
the fourth round of quantitative
mitigation, because even Janet Yellen is not
I was able to raise rates for the last time
at least a quarter of a percent. And if
change control policies finally
there will be fresh again cheap money will go to
"Right" direction - into the pockets of speculators,
only provoking increase in poverty. This is a typical situation, when 10 new $ 1 dollar gets work, and $ 9 - "approximate" Fed speculator. So, at least, according to leading the program.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Indicator gap (№23 pattern of Thomas N. Bulkovsky book "The Complete Encyclopedia of price patterns." 


  • Alerts - Enable alerts when a arrow  
  • Push - Push-sending notifications when the arrow (requires setting in the terminal)
  • GapSize - The minimum size of the gap in points
  • ArrowType - Icon: from 1 to 17
  • ArrowVShift - Shifting icons for points in the vertical  
  • Auto5Digits - Automatic multiplication GapSize ArrowVShift and 10 when operating at 5 and 3 hznachnyh quotations.

Note. Arrows appear at the opening of a new bar on the analysis of the formed bars, after the appearance does not disappear.

No warranty that the indicator recognizes the pattern exactly as implied author.

Parameters recommended to optimize: PeriodBars.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Oil Canadian

Oil, Canadian

Production orders in U.S. slipped over the previous period to -0.8%;
Strategic reserves of crude oil in the US fell to a minimum of 2005;
Barclays: Bank of Canada to hasten the rate hike in July (P.S. with the opinion of the bank's hard not to agree, the best solution would be an increase in the fall, they likely will)

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Monday, March 20, 2017



Fully automated multi-adviser. Do not apply the martingale, grid trading. For protection use a stop loss. Powered pending orders permitted to trade in the time after the time of the advisor idle pending orders are removed. Transactions are made on the market (Market Execution) - take-profit and stop-loss is set after the order execution, are modified according to the established in the EA settings. Advisor intended for trading on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF.

Advisor uses a multi-currency trading strategy, so test all the features of the EA strategy tester will not work. Look at the controls of the EA in my signals. If necessary, a request can provide the investor password.

The demo version of the advisor:

Performance Monitoring Adviser:


  1. Minimum deposit 1000 base currency units;

  2. Leverage from 1: 100;

  3. Use VPS server;

  4. Currency pairs with high volatility and low spreads;


  1. The trading platform MetaTrader 4, Market Overview, select all the characters;

  2. Make sure that the names of characters in the review of the market correspond to the names of characters in the EA parameters;

  3. Install adviser to one, any currency pair;


  • Symbols - trading symbols, which will be adviser to work;

  • TimeFrame - timeframe for the adviser;

  • StartBar - number of the bar to start the analysis of the maximum / minimum prices;

  • EndBar - number of the bar to complete the analysis of the maximum / minimum prices;

  • InputBar - the number of bar pricing for placing pending orders;

  • MM - enable / disable the calculation of the trading lot of risk on the transaction;

  • BalanceRisk - the percentage of risk on the transaction to calculate the trading lot;

  • FixLots - trading lot;

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit;

  • StopLoss - stop-loss;

  • Distance - indent from the maximum / minimum price signal bar to set the pending orders;

  • MaxSpread - the maximum permissible level of spread;

  • Comment - comment on the orders;

  • Magic - the magic number;

  • Reverse - Reverse transactions;

  • StartHour - watch the beginning of the EA;

  • StartMinute - minutes of the beginning of the EA;

  • EndHour - watch the end of the EA;

  • EndMinute - minutes of the end of the EA;

  • Breakeven - breakeven, On / Off .;.

  • BreakevenStart - the number of items to display in a breakeven position;

  • BreakevenStep - the distance at which the level is set bezubytka;

  • Trailing - trailing on points, on / off .;.

  • TrailingStart - the minimum number of points for the trailing;

  • TrailingStop - the number of points to start trailing stop;

  • TrailingStep - move the trailing stop;

  • ShowInfo - show / hide information on trade;

  • Languages - language output of trade information;

  • TextColor - color of the text output information.


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Friday, March 17, 2017

Opinion crisis in emerging markets

Opinion: The crisis in emerging markets - the third wave of global financial crisis

in emerging markets - is not just a
the result of the local events. according to
Goldman Sachs, this is the third wave
the global financial crisis. The note
from last week's analysts write: "Growth
uncertainty on the prospects for weak
EM, lower commodity prices and the potential
increase in interest rates in the United States -
All this gives rise to new fears
about asset price stability and
It marks the beginning of a new wave
the global financial crisis. "

A fall
emerging markets against the backdrop of the fall
commodity prices - is the next step for
the crisis the real estate market in the US and its
spread on European gosbondy

that the US Federal Reserve for the first time in nearly
decade increase interest rate
spurred massive outflows
from developing economies, including the
Asian. But the Fed meeting September 16 - 17
again not over the growth rate, and
Many analysts have suffered these expectations
next year.

helped stabilize slightly
shaky stock markets and currencies
developing countries, but some
analysts believe the stabilization of a
temporary suspended.

from Goldman reasons for concern
related about emerging markets
the fact that the low interest rates
the world's leading central banks have caused
the growth of credit debt, especially
in China. This is likely to prevent
future economic growth.

note that the deteriorating prospects
for emerging market economies and
Bad reporting - possible way to
stagnation. However, they add that,
probably fears are exaggerated. "Most
weakening of the emerging markets
and China is likely to reflect the change
the balance of economic growth, not
structural impairment. In fact, to
to stabilize the situation, probably,
it will take time (as it was in the United States and
Europe). But it should lead to a reduction
economic imbalances over time
and provide a platform for normalization
economy, earnings and interest rates. "

when it comes to returning
lost value, Goldman does not
necessarily waiting for that developing
markets will return all of its lost luster.

not all market participants are convinced,
that emerging markets will restore
its economy. Growth rates are reduced,
and is compounded by the lack of this process
structural reforms over the past 10 years.
He writes about this in his October
forecast investment group Deutsche
Asset and Wealth Management. "Ultraekspansionistskaya
Monetary policy in the advanced
economies has prompted many investors
invest in developing
markets - in particular, because it is
they offer the advantage of interest
rate. However, favorable conditions
funding is actually
only helped developing markets
disguise its growing economic

Emerging markets as a result of
face is not the only high
debt load, but with a potentially
burdensome interest payments
against the background of weak economic growth.
According to the forecast of Deutsche Asset, will
increase the risk of loan defaults and
increase the number of bankruptcies.
The combination of high rates of investment,
debt growth and reduce growth
EM has made more vulnerable,
than ever before.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Wall Street indexes fell on concerns

Wall Street indexes fell on concerns about China and weak accountability expectations

Tuesday Wall Street indexes fell.
Dow completed a seven-day
winning streak, there was a wave of sales
in the biotechnology sector, and around
Market concerns about the spread
slowing growth in China. Dow
Jones decreased by 0.29%; S P
500 lost 0.68%; nasdaq Composite
was lower by 0.87%. Sector
Health S P 500 lost
1.1%; Nasdaq biotech sub-index
It decreased by 3.2%, extending its recent

investor sentiment continues
have started the season period
accountability: It is expected that the income of companies,
included in the S P 500 decreased
almost 5% in annual terms. According to
Thomson Reuters, III quarter was
worst in profitability over the last six

managers warn that the nervousness
the US stock market will be
observed over the next
a few weeks. International
situation also continues to influence
market sentiment, especially against the backdrop of recession
commodity prices. Without
strong new statistics or unexpectedly
upbeat corporate reports
trends are unlikely to change in the near future
time. Uncertainty over Fed adds
chaotic markets.

income reported Johnson Johnson.
Its revenues for the third quarter was
lower than expected, and therefore the action
fell 0.26%. JP Morgan Chase
reported weaker than expected,
a result of its shares fell by 1.7%.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Info Binary Options

Info Binary Options

The indicator displays the information on the open binary options with the nearest expiration. The information displayed from left to right:

Order number | Option type (Call / Put) | Volume (USD) | Points (difference from the opening price) | Time left

Attention! The indicator is designed to work on platforms that support the binary options trading through MetaTrader and forming information on open orders in the "Comment" field.

Input parameters

  • Type - Display Type

    • Following the price - Following the price

    • In a selected corner of the screen - In the selected corner of the screen

  • Chart corner for binding - The angle of the schedule to bind

    • Center coordinates in the upper left corner of the chart

    • Center coordinates in the upper right corner of the chart

    • Center coordinates in the lower left corner of the chart

    • Center coordinates in the lower-right corner of the chart

  • Shift Y coordinates - Indentation vertically (associated with Type b)

  • The shift in bars - Indentation bars (associated with Type a)

  • Save position - Save the position of the text. (If is False, then you can move to any point of the graph)

  • text settings

    • The size

    • Font

    • Colour

  • display Options - the individual elements can be switched off if necessary.

    • order number

    • option type

    • volume

    • points

    • Time left

Info Binary Options

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  • AkenMFI

    AkenMFI AkenMFI intended for trading binary options on the timeframes M5 and M15. Oscillator AkenMFI closely linked to the indicators and AkenATR...

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bollinger Bands on Bars

Bollinger Bands on Bars

The script exports the file OHLC prices of each bar on the current graphics and numerical values ​​of Bollinger Bands (BB) indicator.

Quantitative analysis OHLC prices and values ​​of the indicator BB stored in .CSV file format.

Bollinger Bands indicator specified in the input parameters of the script. After
storing data script displays information about the file's location.

Bollinger Bands on Bars

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  • RSI on History Deals

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Intuitive trading

intuitive trading

Exchange is like a beautiful woman -
unpredictable, changeable, infinitely complex and hypnotically fascinating. AT
there is always something unknown, that defies logic. ( "Adam Smith": "The Exchange.
Game for Money ")

you do not believe in the existence of regularities in the behavior of markets, why
even play this game?

There are financial theorists who say,
a completely random nature of price changes, and argue that their movement
You can never predict. Some of them had never traded, the
Yet they dare to assert that versed in the functioning of markets. But,
for me, even more surprising, too, there are those who disbelieve among traders
laws in existence in the movement of prices and try to build a system
successful trade by any tricks in the field of risk management.

Regularities exist everywhere, in any
area, believe me! They are crisp and fuzzy; in mathematics clear
regularities in chess almost all clear, but in nature there are clear
and unclear laws. In different
intellectual games, where the factor of chance, all the present laws
They are unclear.

The concept of "clear" is also no different
clarity. If we have an exception in one case out of a thousand - if it can be
considered a clear pattern? From the point of view of mathematics - is not, and with
In practical terms, probably yes.

To believe in the possibility of price predictions are not
It means to represent the price in the form of train schedules - in a kind of point and
when the price arrives. It is a probabilistic process.

Technical analysis, on which is built
most trading methods, is also based on the laws -
laws, as reflected in the charts, either identified by mathematical
calculations. But mathematical formulas are not able to describe the complexity of the
financial markets. They give us a rough, very rough, inaccurate picture
happening. The more hidden is the pattern, the more difficult it
reveal, the longer it will operate and the more benefit
it will detect the trader.
The most difficult perceptible patterns of interaction is hidden
different trading signals - signals the latent synergy.

Intuitive Trading - is first and foremost the ability to see in the
laws of the market.

Fortunately, the price movement has
a lot of predictable characteristics.

Successive bullish and bearish
phase movement, trends and consolidation, storage and distribution,
overbought and oversold, changing supply and demand cycles, small and
big bands and the formation of the trend of the day, constantly changing and greed
fear of market participants - all this contributes to recurring
developments in the market.

So what is the intuitive trading?

Intuitive trading is a method
trade based on market surveillance, search for and creation of laws
method of perception - understanding the market behavior of the system. When this information
going not only in consciousness, but in the subconscious.

trading - it is not for sale
instinctively, as many think. Processing information and objective analysis
carried out in a conscious field and although it is possible that in the unconscious
Region is a breakthrough in the decision, but the decision itself in
most cases are also accepted in the conscious field.

Intuitive Trading - is a way
speculation, when the task of successful trading is decided on the basis of methods
fuzzy logic.

This ability to analyze the interaction
different market forces, to feel the change in the supply / demand, seen dominant
the direction of purchases or sales, and feel the presence of major players. it
the ability to feel the strength or weakness of a particular security in advance
catch arisen interest in it on the part of a large buyer.

This is the ability to weigh the value of each
factor affecting the market, and understand their mutual influence. This ability
to feel certain emotional level - the specific price on which the
It is a change of a significant number of players sentiment.

This is the correct choice of the perfect tense
deal - psychologically important turning points that determine the beginning
strong movement.

This search and analysis of the synergies of trade
signals. For each signal is some kind of a group of players and skill necessary
assess their strength and understand the intentions.

Not always aware of all
those signs and arguments on which to make inferences. The subconscious can
give us a great help in the search for regularities.

Intuitive trading does not negate the use of
technical trading systems. Technical analysis plays an important role in
intuitive trading, and I believe that, in principle, possible to trade only
by engineering analysis. But the methods of intuitive trading more perfect,
they allow you to account for these vague laws that technical analysis
not able to catch, for example, Cross-correlation
markets, actions of market makers and major players, market numbers, etc.

Market model and installation kit will be
different for every trader, so each trader is its
unique trading method.

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Monday, March 13, 2017



TradeWithNews - fully automatic Advisor trading on major news releases that have a strong impact, such as the Non farm employments (jobs outside the agricultural sector).

It opens two different stops. Once triggered one of the orders, the second will be canceled immediately. Simply set up expert parameters and watch him work.

expert settings

  • DayOfWeek: Trade on weekdays, select the required settings.

  • HourOfDay: Trading hours, enter a two-digit hour value.

  • MinuteOfDay: Minute, two-digit value.

  • lotstobuy: The lot size for the buy orders.

  • lotstosell: The lot size for sell orders.

  • stoploss: The level of stop-loss orders to.

  • takeprofit: The level of take profit for orders.

  • trailingstop: Trailing stop; If you want to disable the function, enter zero.

  • distancetobuystopDistance to buy stop order must be greater than the stop level broker (pip).

  • distancetosellstop:: Distance to sell stop orders must be greater than the stop level broker (pip).


July 2nd, 2015 at 15:30 leaves USA Non farm employment. July 2 - Friday, ie the fifth day of the week, so:

  • dayofweek = 5.

  • hourofday = 15.

  • Minuteofhour = 30 (or better 29).


  • It is better to choose a broker that provides five-digit quotes.

  • If you close one of the councilor orders manually, the new order will not be opened.

  • If you do not turn off the advisor after the transaction, it will be automatically activated every week at the same time.

  • In case of errors, check the information in the log.


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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Overview of Russian stock market

Overview of the Russian stock market and oil market

Overview of the Russian stock market and the oil market. Russian stock market closed yesterday mixed. The MICEX index rose on the session by 0.80% from the previous close to 1725.89 points. RTS index, in turn, decreased by 2.19% to 839.26 points.

On the New York Mercantile Exchange # WTI oil for December delivery was trading at 43.17 $. Minimum session made a mark $ 42.60. Futures for Brent crude oil for December delivery fell by 1.51%, reaching $ 46.82, and the price difference between contracts for Brent and WTI crude oil was $ 3.65.

# On the Forex market the pair USD / RUB closed at around 64.73, and quotes EUR / RUB reached the level of 71.43. Meanwhile Forex pair EUR / USD fell 0.14% to 1.1041. USD Index, showing the US dollar against a basket of six major currencies, was up 0.11% and trading at 97.02 USD.

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Signal bar shift

Signal bar shift

Signal bar Drawing shift indicators, from what they eat indoor bar and the current bar.

Parse examples of indicators portray and portray. The difference signals during programming. Using the shift


This article was written at the request of our friends.

Quite often you can find complaints on the Internet that some counselors do not work on indicators. I will try to elaborate on such signals and to prove the opposite: all indicators paint, and they need to eat properly. In the video version of this article is present, but before you watch the video, I recommend still read the text version.


This article shows you examples of the use of different indicators and different meanings shift parameter. Naturally all of the indicators individually, so the development is taken into account advisor type of indicator and its signal. But before you order the programmer - advisor. Please check your indicator at the time of repainting. After all, this depends on how your robot will trade.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017



Signal MicroTrendChecker LED monitors on the terminal price chart of the currency pair. Yet the trend level returns to the value of Ask points upwards and accordingly to the value of Bid points down.

Input parameters

  • MaxSpread - the maximum spread (recommended to put it more than the average spread of the instrument), it is necessary to filter widening of spreads during of news.

  • * wits - the first indicator parameter (a positive integer value of 2 or more);

  • * body - second parameter indicator (positive integer value of 2 or more) are generally greater than the value size0;

  • * sense - third indicator parameter (a positive integer value of 2 or more);

  • * points - the number of points of indentation from the current price (Ask / Bid);

  • * delta - Trend value / evaluation of the flat (fractional value greater than zero);

  • tracker - Switch tracking modes for the price (the default values true/false). If you enter true, in indicator buffers will never be null (EMPTY_VALUE), if false, in indicator buffers usually appear null values ​​when the trend, with new label indicator on the chart will not be fixed during the formation of the bar.

Example of the indicator code advisor

input int _MaxSpread = 15;
input int _size0 = 2; // * wits
input int _size1 = 21; // * body
input int _size2 = 2; // * sense
input int _point = 10; // * points
input double _dlt = 1; // * delta
input bool _tracker = true;
// + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
// | Expert initialization function |
// + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
int OnInit ()
// ---
// ---
   return (INIT_SUCCEEDED);
// + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
// | Expert deinitialization function |
// + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
void OnDeinit (const int reason)
// ---
// + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
// | Expert tick function |
// + ----------------------------------------------- ------------------- +
void OnTick ()
   double _buyStopValue = iCustom (Symbol (), 0, "microTrendChecker", _ MaxSpread, _size0, _size1, _size2, _point, _dlt, _tracker, 0,0);
   double _sellStopValue = iCustom (Symbol (), 0, "microTrendChecker", _ MaxSpread, _size0, _size1, _size2, _point, _dlt, _tracker, 1,0);
   if (ExistPositions ()>0) TreilingPositions ();
   if (OrdersTotal ()<1)
      YourTradeFunc (_buyStopValue);
      YourTradeFunc (_sellStopValue);
   if (ExistPositions ()<1 && ExistStopOrders ()>0)
      ModifyStopOrder (_sellStopValue);
      ModifyStopOrder (_buyStopValue);
   if (ExistPositions ()>0 && ExistStopOrders ()>0)
      DeleteStopOrders ();


This indicator is used in the EA USDCatch.


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Monday, March 6, 2017

All MT5 TimeFrames CCI

All MT5 TimeFrames CCI

This indicator is based on a classic display CCI (Commodity Channel Index, Commodity Channel Index) . It will be useful for those who prefer not to use visual and numerical representation of the indicator. Indicator All MT5 TimeFrames CCI It shows values ​​from all timeframes:

  • M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M10, M12, M15, M20, M30, H1, H2, H3, H4, H6, H8, H12, D1, W1, and MN1.

The input parameters can be adjusted for each CCI with each timeframe.

Example M1

  • sTF1___ = "M1";

  • Period1 = 13;

  • Price1 = PRICE_CLOSE.

Input parameters

  • OverboughtLevel = 100; - the level of overbought CCI (all timeframes)

  • OversoldLevel = -100; - the level of oversold CCI (all timeframes)

  • aColor = ClrAqua; - color labels timeframes

  • wColor = ClrWhite; - color digital values ​​CCI


  1. If you change the currency pair on the open chart, you must wait a few seconds (until the next tick) for computing an update.

  2. Before using this indicator, open all schedules (all timeframes) for the current currency pairs.

All MT5 TimeFrames CCI

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

FollowTheTrendMulti FREE

FollowTheTrendMulti FREE

This is a limited version of the advisor "FollowTheTrendMulti" (

Advisor calculates an index for any base currency in real time (EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, CHF, CAD, AUD and NZD).

Position opens if the delta between the second index currency pair exceeds a certain value. FollowTheTrendMulti selects the best pair for the opening of the transaction and simultaneously work with several pairs of your choice (parameter 'Max open positions on the account' - the maximum number of open positions).

Only one copy of the advisor can run on the schedule.



This free version of the volume is set to 0.02 lots, and can not be changed (make sure that your account receives a minimum order size 0.01 lots).

Number of simultaneously open positions on your account can not exceed 4, otherwise the EA will not open new positions.

Only the following currencies: EUR, GBP, AUD, and USD.



  • Volume Max - the maximum amount of positions

  • Trading Mode: Operating mode, you can select "Safe" ( "Safe"), "Automatic" ( "Automatic") and "Agressive" ( "aggressive").

  • StopLoss - stop-loss at a distance 'x' from the current price points at level Martingale Max Level (cm. below).

  • Secure Stop Loss: The use of stop-loss (default: disabled)

  • Martingale: Max levels (0: disable) - maximum level for martingale (0 to 'x'). Previous versions of the adviser based on Martingale used prices high / minimumyb is now implemented a more efficient model based on the indicator "Laguerre" (created by John Ehlers).

  • Martingale: Coefficient - martingale coefficient. Martingale increases as follows: the first step, volume = 0.3, the second step, volume = 0,3 x Coeeficient (3) = 0.9, total volume: 0.3 + 0.9 = 1.2 lot and so on .

  • Trailing Stop Start Level (ticks) - trailing stop accompanies the stop-loss at a certain distance below (long position) or higher (short position) the market price. Stop loss is continuously changed in accordance with fluctuations in the market price. Running a trailing stop as soon as the position starts to make a profit, will not bring you considerable income. Specify the number of pips that you must achieve to activate a trailing stop.

  • Pairs to exclude: Specify the currency with which the adviser will not work, separated by a space (for example: "EURNZD GBPAUD")

  • Enable sound alert when a position is opened - sound notification on opening "Open Position" position.

  • Send a notification when a position is opened - when opening a position notification is sent to the mobile device. You must correctly configure the MT5 notice.

Green Button "Freeze"Prohibits opening new positions, as well as changing existing ones. The button can be pressed before the start of a period of high volatility.


Setting the MetaTrader 5

Advisor uses economic calendar "Forex Factory" to avoid increasing the size of the position for 2 hours before the release of important economic news.

To enable automatic download of the economic calendar, you must enable the option "Allow WebRequests" for "" addresses (menu: Settings / Experts / Allow WebRequest for listed URL :)



Do not hesitate to contact us for expert guidance on the use of (

FollowTheTrendMulti FREE

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European stocks closed Wednesday's

European stocks closed Wednesday's trading in positive territory on good reports

Trading in shares on
Western Europe ended yesterday
positive note, the indices showed
growth thanks to good news on mergers and
acquisitions and financial
report of the company.

So, by the end of the session
composite index Stoxx Europe 600 grew 0.65%
Britain's FTSE 100 rose 0.35%, France
CAC 40 - 0.82%, German DAX - 0.7%.

Shares of Anheuser-Busch InBev
rose 2,2%, SABMiller - 1.9% after
how brewer AB InBev
He said it would buy British
SABMiller rival for $ 107 billion. Shares of the Danish
brewer Carlsberg grew
6.2% due to good performance,
although the company had a net loss
4.45 billion last quarter. shares
Henkel AG grew by 6.7% on a good prognosis

Positive news about
third quarter results also
Banca shares rise helped
Popolare di Milano Scarl - by 6.5%, shares in UK
provider TalkTalk Telecom Group Plc rose
13% and
But shares of Vivendi SA fell 5.8% because
French media conglomerate is not justified

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017




Irresistible as time.

Advisor is the result of many months of hard work in trying to create a system that does not need a big capital or a lot of attention.

The strategy is based on the intersection of several moving averages. I do not want to go into the fine details, you'll see for yourself.

I developed the adviser for themselves. But now I feel I have to share their achievements with other traders who have gone the same way and are now looking for a similar tool.

This is not one of those systems that are rapidly making big profits!

I invite your attention to the Advisor who:

  1. It does not need the help of a trader at work

  2. It does not need a big deposit

  3. Over 11 years of backtesting has not been a significant loss

  4. Gets growing winnings Capital

The absence of significant losses in the adviser has its price:

I do not believe in a win-win system, for me, the losses are a part of the game. This means that people with little capital or risk should be very patient to get good earnings.

To minimize the risk, I created a strategy that trades only under certain conditions. Thus, I was able to greatly increase the likelihood of success, but it also reduced the number of transactions made by an expert.

Working hours advisor is a very important factor. Each profit increases capital for future transactions.

To summarize, I would say that my system requires patience, but at least when tested on history from 2004 to 2015, the expert did not have a significant loss!

The results are highly dependent on the market. As I said, the expert for work requires certain conditions:

  • For example: 01.01.2004 - 24.09.2008: Deposit 100 €, profit 12.337 € | Deposit 1.000 €, profit 120.532 €

  • But: 25.09.2008 - 27.11.2012: Deposit 100 €, profit 757 € | Deposit 1.000 €, profit 11.324 €

To test, download the demo and check the work of the adviser.

Input variables and important notes:

  • Risk - risk value of 1 to 100. The higher the value, the greater will be traded lot.

  • onlyBUY - If this parameter is set to true, the EA will trade only long positions.

  • modifier - by modification of open positions that number is multiplied by the value of a similar spread. Levels of stop loss and take profit will be updated to this value.

  • BUYtp - It may affect the level of take profit of some position.

  • BUYsl - may affect the level of stop-loss of some positions.

  • barsPause - the number of bars, for which the adviser has to wait before opening a new position.

IMPORTANT: Advisor has been tested only on EURUSD with M15 timeframe. If necessary, I will optimize for other symbols or timeframes.


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Batman Batman Advisor is based on a very simple system that uses ZigZag indicator and breakdown strategy. Transactions are opened only wh...