Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Forex Hunter

forex Hunter

Forex Hunter - is a fully automatic adviser.

Orders are opened based on the candlestick pattern "absorption" and the moving average.

In case the price will move in the opposite direction from the open orders, you can set the stop-loss. To turn the martingale system, set a stop-loss parameter above 1000 points.

This EA has a function of calculating dynamic lot size (e.g., DynamicLots = 10000 means = 1000 > lot = 0.1; means = 1500 > lot = 0.15), trade with 5-digit quotes and personal view of divergent positions.

Currency default pair - EURUSD, timeframe - M30

Monitoring real account

  • You can use the trading system with the use of stop-loss or martingale.

  • Suitable for use with five-digit and four-digit quotes with.

  • Test results are consistent with the work on a real account

terms of trade

  • Currency pairs: any

  • Timeframe: any

  • Leverage: 1: 500

  • The minimum deposit required: 100 USD.


  • MagicNumber - unique magic number adviser.

  • GridSetp - the minimum distance between indicator signals for opening an order.

  • TakeProfit - take-profit points.

  • StopLose - stop-loss points.

  • DynamicLots - dynamic calculation of the lot size. Lot = Account balance/DynamicLots. The greater this value is, the smaller the size of the lot.

  • LotMultiplier - lot multiplier for the second and subsequent orders.

  • Shutdown - If you want to stop the work of the adviser, select True. In this new order will not be opened.

Forex Hunter


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ruble strengthened against dollar

The ruble strengthened against the dollar

Exchange rates on Thursday
afternoon during a press conference of Vladimir
Putin exhibit multidirectional
character - the dollar falls and the euro rises in price.

By 12:45 MSK, we observed
today's high currency pairs:
EUR / RUB reached
78.108 rubles and USD / RUB. -
up to 63.58 rubles. By 14:00 MSK dollar falls to
61.144 rubles. (Minus 6% of yesterday's closing)
the euro, on the contrary, rose to 75.143 rubles.
(0.05% increase) (in data).

In their responses, Vladimir
Putin expressed the hope that the trend
to strengthen the ruble will continue.
"I hope that today, and
yesterday's decline in the foreign
currency and the appreciation of the ruble will continue.
Is it possible? maybe", - he said,
at a press conference.

The president also said
that the Russian central bank is not going to
"mindlessly shoot reserves" in order to
regulation of the ruble. Putin
recalled that the international reserves of Russia
now account for $ 419 billion. Provisions
Government - National Welfare Fund and the Reserve Fund -
increased this year by 2.4-2.5 trillion rubles,
he said.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Copy Trader MT4

Copy Trader MT4

Copy Trader - a convenient and fast copier orders for MetaTrader4.

  • Advisor performs copying orders of terminal - server to one or more terminals - customers.

  • Monitors the opening / closing, StopLoss and TakeProfit, and pending orders.

  • It uses a magic number for their orders, allowing you to open other orders in the terminal - client like hands and other advisors;

  • It has minimum settings.

We set to work counselor in two terminals:

  • at the terminal, from which the copy, select MODE - SERVER;

  • at the terminal, which is copied, select MODE - CLIENT.

Description of input parameters:

  • MODE - mode, SERVER or CLIENT;

  • Account_Number - account number from which the orders to be copied is inputted to the terminal - the client;

  • Magic - advisor magic number is entered in the terminal - client, allowing the adviser to work only with its own orders, the adviser does not touch orders, open hands and other advisors;

  • XLot - Lot coefficient is input to the terminal - the customer, the auction opened orders rounded to 2 decimal place (0.01);

  • PrefixServer - prefix trading tools introduced in the terminal - server, for example - with

  • SuffixServer - suffix trading tools introduced in the terminal - server, for example - .e

  • PrefixClient - prefix trading instruments, introduced in the terminal - the client, for example - m

  • SuffixClient - suffix trading tools introduced in the terminal - the client, for example - .m.

I will help with the installation and configuration.

If they need additional features, write their wishes and describe the required functionality by adding new product.

Copy Trader MT4

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Reverse Signal

Reverse Signal

The indicator represents the estimated market reversals in the form of arrows.

The indicator is built 3 types of reversal.

  1. The main signal a reversal. It is stronger and more important reversal. Designated the largest arrow.

  2. Alternative signal - this additional signal without the use of additional filters as opposed to ground. Suitable for scalping on small timeframes.

  3. The mixture was ground reversal and alternative, but with the addition of the trend filter. Also good shows itself in small timeframes.

The concept is to maximize the price deviation from the fast moving average.

If the price is above the MA, and at a greater distance, then the signal is considered to be for sale.

A buy signal is opposite.

All options are included separately.

Also in the light signal is integrated with the appearance of the arrow.

The indicator is not redrawn !!!

Input parameters

  • ShowStrongSignal - show the main signal.

  • ShowAltSignal - showing an alternative signal.

  • UseFilter - use a filter.

  • FontColorSymbol - color of the symbol.

  • FontColorPrice - price color.

  • FontColorSpread - spread color.

  • FontColorTime - time color.

  • UseAlert - use the signal.

  • ShowInfo - show information.

  • FontSize - font size.

  • fontFace - font type.

  • Corner - angle information display.

Reverse Signal

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Friday, January 26, 2018

US stocks declined yesterday

US stocks declined yesterday

On Wall Street on Tuesday,
it was very lively, but nervously. high
volatility can be assessed on the
Example 500 S P which
for the first 10 minutes of trading could fall
0.7% and promptly recover
(In parallel with the rise in oil prices). AT
During the day, it rose by 1.4%, and then again
fell, then rose again, but at the last
hour of trading left in a minus. Adventure
the index ended at around -0.85%.

DJIA lost
0.65%; Nasdaq decreased by 1.25%.

Among the negative factors that influenced the behavior
Wall Street, it may be noted, for example, reducing the PMI
China and France. Besides,
the market expects that representatives say
The Fed, which, at its meeting must
decide on the timing of raising rates.

As for individual stocks, then rose,
for example, the paper of some oil
Companies: yesterday's easy to say
oil rebound. Chevron Corp rose
on 0,8%, Range Resources Corp - on
5,1%, Nabors Industries - 2.2%.

It helped to increase the capitalization of dividends
Boeing Co.

And here
high-tech companies seriously
reduced quotes: Microsoft Corp lost
3,1%, Google Inc - 3,4 %%;
Inc - 3,5%, Facebook Inc -
3%. Actually, this "help» Nasdaq
leave down.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Money management from Disney Scrooge

Money management from Disney Scrooge McDuck

In 1940, Walt Disney
I created a new character named Scrooge
McDuck. This hero has accumulated a huge
state through hard work,
thrift and smart business decisions.
Perhaps a prototype cartoon Scrooge
was Endryu Karnegi, who, like McDuck,
I came to America as a Scottish
immigrants at the beginning of the century and amassed
huge fortune.

Once even a magazine
Forbes named the richest Scrooge
a fictional character - in 2013, it
supplies valued at $ 65.4 billion. Someone translated
the amount of its resources in the fictional action
- "several multiplizhilionov
dollars". Now Scrooge McDuck
a lot of the time he spends on
"Swimming" in his store that
get inherited by his nephews
- Huey, Dewey and Louie.

But we can learn
valuable lessons from those principles and strategies,
enjoyed this cartoon

1. humble beginnings

Like Carnegie, Scrooge
I started from scratch - in a single cent
pocket. He was cleaning the shoes as a boy
in Scotland, then it became a cabin boy on a ship
in America. Once I found more gold
egg and he made his first million soon
after that. Then he traveled to
around the world, where he was seeking opportunities for
business and eventually settled in
Daksburg, where he built his famous
"Money" house.

2. Education

McDuck, as well as many
successful business, I have never received
formal education because
I went to work at an early age. the
Still, he was self-taught and now
He owns a large library of books
a variety of studies. Scrooge firmly
He believes that knowledge - is power, and its first
step in the training of his nephews was
just explained that without the work
money does not get it. It also explains
nephews basic principles of economics,
such as the history of money and currency,
the importance of its permanent treatment and
the impact of inflation on the purchasing
the ability for a long time.

3. Investments

When it comes to
investment becomes Skrudzh Makdak
shrewd and stingy. It is very well
saves money, but most of
emphasizes the fact that his money
It worked for him. While most
Scrooge is in his state
proper storage, as Scrooge
It has a diversified portfolio,
which includes debt and
equity shares, real estate, precious
metals and other asset classes.

But it is important to be able to still
to choose the right moment and
idea, if you want to profit from
own business. For example, once in
his town there was a terrible event
and many lost their jobs. Scrooge is not
I frightened, and dropped his head and began to
of crops
culture on their farms. As a result, when
his crop arrived (and the people nothing
did), he could have set a high price
for goods - because he was in fact
monopolist in the agricultural market.

4. The work ethic

Scrooge and believes that
hard work and the first penny for it
- the first steps to success. but you can
do more clever things. many successful
businessmen and investors to understand how
create multiple streams of passive
income from various businesses such
as a direct ownership interest in the business,
which is administered and fully
controlled by others, royalties
income from artistic projects or
technological inventions or
possible lease of oil and gas that
may soon learn.

such common
forms of investment income as
dividends and interest, will also strengthen
your profit. Scrooge also acts
for the slow accumulation of wealth
For a long time - well, there
it is similar to Warren Buffett.

5. Budget and competent transaction

Of course, our stingy
drake constantly preaches about speech
the benefits of creating a realistic
budget, he does not pay a penny for
all he could get for free. AND
I never pay full price for everything,
he can get a discount.

Fictional character
can teach us many valuable lessons
in life. Skrudzh Makdak helped today
understand the basic principles of accumulation
money and financial management, despite
his difficult behavior. audience
any age can apply the lessons,
he gives his nephews about
the cost of work, savings and investment,
to start saving on your own

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Psychological trade strategy

Psychological trade strategy

I am a fan of the approach to forex trading in the book of Bill Williams.

I re-read them already 4-5 once. And each time I find new and operating highlights for yourself.

I want to tell about the history of their trade, and one psychological aspect.

The most important idea that I took from the books - this is something that can not always base their trading on technical indicators, candlestick combinations or something else mechanistic.

The main thing on my mind is tuned correctly "market breath".

One of the ways to set up, I think some self-hypnosis.

So, when I first used one simple phrase, then my trading results have changed dramatically, and it lasted a whole month. It was in October of last year, and the result for October was plus 2 more than a thousand dollars plus.

But then the family turmoil led me out quiet trade track and the deposit was fused in three days.

But the feeling of omniscience (ie, the ability to anticipate market movements, albeit with some delay) so radically changed me now thinking about how to give up trading due to its high riskiness is not in sight.

Now I see my task as complete relaxation during trading, receipt (as they say yoga) mirror surface effect of the water surface, where distortion reflects all changes in price, and give us the basis for flexible and immediate response.

Periodically, such a state can be achieved and the results again inspire their profits. Truth comes after dizzy with success and earned flies in a tube for two or three trading sessions.

By the way, the phrase that I used for the first time sounded like.

I have become a successful trader

Try it, maybe someone of you can help it at least for a time to feel omnipotent.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Elder Chandelier Short Entries

Elder Chandelier Short Entries

One of the key rules of trade - should never move the foot in the direction of increasing the risk.

This display sequence stops automatically narrows, they appear as a series of points that reduce the risks. You will be able to use them for in the transaction and every day to reduce them as long until the price touches the stop. If you do not enter the position at the beginning of a new sequence, that is, the risk of installation close stop.

LED Chandelier Short Entries has the same parameters as the Elder Chandelier Short Exit.


  • Factor (3) - a multiplier for ATR, can be a non-integer number;

  • ATR_Days (22) - the number of days to calculate the ATR;

  • Wingding_Symbol (159) - the symbol used for display.

Elder Chandelier Short Entries

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Believe in success

Believe in success!

Mental attitude is very important for profitable trading.

When you have a good mood and well-being, your results will be very good even in a bad market, but if you are worried about something, or you feel unwell, tired, or something else, even in good market a lot of chances to finish the day in the negative. We must always be adjusted to the trade by throwing out all the excess out of your head. To you nothing is disturbed, it is necessary to form a correct attitude to the market.

Believe in success!

nothing anyone Market should not! It is foolish to think if I bought this share, it needs to grow. It owes nothing. You have only a probability. If things do not go according to your script - exit the trade immediately. You do not need to be attached to the desired. It is necessary to adequately and soberly assess the situation.

You can not always be right. We all make mistakes. Not always, our calculations are correct.
Know where you are staying. Never lose control of the situation, create a rule.
Treat as a profitable and unprofitable to the transactions. Profit or loss - is an integral part of our work. And the only task - to have more winning trades.

Keep away emotionally from each transaction and every day. The value has the result at the end of the month.

Do not run after money. Our goal is - beautiful, and the right deal. A clear adherence to the rules, rigid discipline. And the money will come by themselves. When you move away from the financial component, the result obtained is always better. That, on what you focus your attention, it is of paramount importance.

Always believe in success and never be discouraged! Never give up! Path lends itself to reaching and success comes to persistent and hardworking. Treat your case with love!

Educate yourself continuously! Constantly grow and develop. The market is always changing, so we must be flexible and able to respond to change.

You should not have any emotions when trading, is one of the most difficult to trade. Learn how to manage them, you have to command them, and they are not you.

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Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator is unlike any other one harmonic light in the market. This harmonic light has a very unique and intelligent detection algorithm most reliable harmonic patterns. It also displays the panel with all current harmonic patterns in the respective timeframes schedule.

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator probably the most complete indicator for the automatic determination of harmonic patterns. He has a number of features that make it unique.


  • He confidently detect patterns Die Fledermaus (Bat), Alternative bat (Alt. Bat), Hartley (Gartley), crab (Crab), Butterfly (Butterfly), Monogram (Cypher) and Shark (Shark)

  • It builds primary, derivatives and additional Fibonacci projections.

  • He estimates the price action in the past and displays all past patterns

  • It is implemented multiple timeframe panel

  • It uses the breakdowns for the submission of profitable entry signals

  • He builds all relations patterns on the chart

Although the underlying projections and Fibonacci ratios are quite complex, the indicator makes it easier to find patterns. Forex-gears - a great tool for the best trade of the harmonic model. Improve your trading activities through a better indicator of automatic detection of harmonic patterns! Harmonic patterns can be corroborated by the oscillator divergences or use the Bollinger Bands. This indicator - an indispensable tool for all traders on the harmonic model!


When you run the indicator on any chart you will be prompted to specify the number of input parameters. Do not despair if you feel that there are too many. All parameters are grouped into blocks, which are self-explanatory. This is what makes each set of parameters.

  • Amplitude - The indicator is constantly looking for peaks and troughs. Amplitude - the minimum number of bars in which would not be determined by the peaks and troughs. Increase the time to see more patterns and trade intraday. You can set several indicators with different periods on a single graph.

  • BreakoutPeriod - The period at which breakdown occurs. (Default 3).

  • max historyBars - This parameter determines how many past bars tested. It is designed to reduce memory consumption.

  • OnlyPerfectPatterns - Displays only the ideal and pure harmonic patterns with ideal ratios.

  • Display Dashboard - 'True' for the display panel. 'False' to remove the panel.

  • Draw Triangle - Enable this option to display only the unpainted triangles. It is designed to reduce memory consumption.

  • Patterns - Choose the color patterns, turn off or turn on the patterns that you need.

  • Labels - Adjust the font size and color for signatures.

  • Ratios - Adjust the font size and line thickness of ratios.

  • Breakouts - After patterning significant breakthrough waiting indicator for signaling.

  • Alerts - Allow notifications on the screen, push notifications, sound, and e-mail notifications about patterns and breakouts.

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Night Trading

Night Trading

Expert to work at night on a quiet market. Do not use high-risk strategies such as Martingale and Grid. For protection always use a stop loss. Adapted for 4- and 5-digit quotes. Transactions are made on the market (Market Execution) - take-profit and stop-loss is set after the order execution, are modified according to the established in the EA settings. For the transaction using a trailing stop and breakeven. Advisor is simple to use, easily configurable, designed for maximum comfort and long in the market.


  • Do not use a grid and martingale;

  • Designed for real trading on today's market conditions;

  • It does not depend on the type of trading account, a broker or a financial instrument;

  • It works with both small and large amounts of deposits;

  • It can be used in combination with other counselors or manual trading.

Important! To test the expert in the strategy tester enable the "visual mode". It should also be understood that this is not the grail, but only program. How and where to use it, which markets and in which situations, a trader needs to decide for himself, based on his experience and knowledge. Before you buy be sure to test the program in the strategy tester visually, deal with all the settings. If in the course of testing any questions, please contact me. I hope that this product will be useful to you. Feedback welcome.


  • TimeStart - the start time of the expert's work;

  • TimeFinish - time of the expert's work;

  • BalanceLot - calculation of the trading lot on the balance;

  • ManualLot - Par, if BalanceLot = 0;

  • TakeProfit - initial take profit in points;

  • StopLoss - initial stop-loss points;

  • Magic - the magic number;

  • Com - comment on the orders;

  • Reverse - reverse transactions. If false, the expert works on breakdown levels;

  • CheckBars - the number of bars for levels of analysis;

  • ReDrawBars - the number of bars to redraw levels;

  • TimeFrame - timeframe for analyzing the support / resistance levels;

  • Threshold - the sensitivity of horizontal levels;

  • Expiration - the lifetime of the pending orders, in minutes;

  • DistanceMin - the minimum distance from the support / resistance level for sending the order;

  • DistanceMax - The maximum distance from the support / resistance level for sending the order;

  • BreakevenStop - the profit at which StopLoss transferred to BreakevenStep;

  • BreakevenStep - profit to be protected bezubytka;

  • TrailingStop - trailing stop value for the open positions;

  • TrailingStep - move the trailing stop;

  • DrawInfo - display information about the trading account on the schedule.

Night Trading

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Monthly Pivots With Time Shift

Monthly Pivots With Time Shift And Alerts


Monthly pivots indicator calculates and displays the monthly pivot levels
on MT4 charts. The indicator allows the trader to customize window
calculations so that the pivots can be synchronized with the market, to
which the trader is active. Thus, traders who want to trade at the opening
London (London open) or American (US open) session may
configure the base pivot system computation so that the pivots
their plots were the same as in the majority of market participants.

All pivot system on the FX AlgoTrader use hourly data for
Pivot your computing ... which means that you can set up your
Pivot calculations window up to an hour !! ... This also means that
you can ask very precise pivot levels to be accurate
almost to the levels pip promulgated by leading authorities,
such as Mataf.

An indicator:

  • Shift for Calculation Start Time: Integer values,
    representing the clock - can be positive or negative -
    positive values ​​retard calculation basis
  • Shift for Calculation End Time: Integer values,
    representing the clock - can be either positive or negative -
    positive values ​​retard calculation basis
  • Enable Alert on MR3-MS3 (13 levels) : If set to 'true'
    the system will follow the price movement and prevent a trader,
    if it will come to the specified range of the active level of the pivot,
    defined parameter Pivot Trigger Threshold
  • Pivot Trigger Threshold: determines the active channel
    trigger alerts about any pivot points that have included
    alerts - integer value in pips.
  • Send Email Alerts: If set to 'true', then the system will send an email-notification to the specified address
  • Alert Sound: This allows the trader to choose any wav-file from the Sounds folder in MT4
  • Max number of Alerts: Sets the maximum allowed number of alerts for a given cycle alerts.
  • Show Intermediate 'M' Levels: If set to true, then it displays the levels of M
  • MR3-MS3 Colour: Sets the color for each level of the pivot.
  • Line Style: Sets the line style for the pivot levels - Solid (Solid), dashed (Dash), Dot (Dot), etc.
  • Ray: If you specify 'true', it expands the pivot levels 'in the future'
  • Pivot Label Shift (periods): This allows the trader to shift the level of the pivot to the right or to the left for the period X - values ​​can be either positive or negative
  • M1-MN1 Line Lengths: It allows the trader to specify the length of the lines for each schedule period
  • Show Pivot Calculation Data Window: If you specify 'true', then computing the data window will be shown on the chart
  • Calculation Data X Position: Sets the x coordinate for the data window
  • Calculation Data Y Position: Sets the y coordinate of the data window
  • Calculation Data Colour: sets the color of the data window
  • Calc Data Font Size: Sets the font size of the data window
  • Vis_M1_Chart-Vis_MN1_Chart: This allows the trader to determine whether to display pivots for a certain period schedule
  • Show Calculation Points: If set to 'true', then the start and end points calculation window will be displayed on the graph points
  • Calculation Point Colour: Determines the color point calculation window
  • Show Previous Month's High / Low: If set to 'true', then you will see the highs and lows of the previous month
  • Previous Month's High / Low Colour: Sets the color of the highs and lows of the previous month
  • Last Month's High Text: Sets the text displayed for the previous month's high level
  • Last Month's Low Text: Sets the text displayed for the previous month's low level

Monthly Pivots With Time Shift

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

MQLTA Take Screenshot

MQLTA Take Screenshot

MQLTA Take Screenshot Utility allows you to take screenshots of the current chart directly from the graph itself. The utility is useful to quickly save an interesting situation and maintain the current schedule before opening or closing orders.

How does it work?

Take Screenshot uses a built-in language MQL4 function to save the snapshot schedule.

How to use the tool

Download display and select the desired options. Once the panel opens, click on the save icon to take a snapshot of the current schedule.

The file will be saved in a folder <terminal data directory>\ MQL4 \ Files \<FOLDER> in png format.

The file name will contain the prefix you specify, symbol, timeframe, the date and time of the server.

Why should you use this utility?

Take screenshot useful to quickly save an interesting situation and maintain the current schedule before opening or closing orders. Useful for integration into your trading journal.


  • Indicator Name - the name of the indicator, is used to create graphical objects, we recommend no more than 4 characters

  • Folder to save the screenshot - name of the folder to save the screenshot (in MQL4 \ Files folder)

  • Prefix for the filename - the prefix for the name of the file

  • Default Screenshot Resolution - File resolution (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x900, 1920x1080, the current size of the graph)

  • Horizontal spacing - the horizontal displacement of the panel position is used to change the initial position on the chart

  • Vertical spacing - vertical displacement of the panel position is used to change the initial position on the chart

If you like the tool, please take a moment to leave a review.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please send me a message and we can discuss it further.

Visit my profile and "add as friend"

MQLTA Take Screenshot

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Swiss franc has grown sharply

The Swiss franc has grown sharply today against the dollar, euro and British pound

Today, January 15 at 12:50 MSK, judging
the graphs of today's trading, the Swiss
Franc at the time greatly strengthened, but
a long time it was not enough - about
half of the currency fall already played
after a few minutes.

For example, couple
USD / CHF dropped over 20 minutes
from the level of 1.02193 to 0.74665 mark, but
Now the pair is trading at 0.87486.
Similarly, a pair was EUR / CHF
- over the same period of time (
12:30 to 12:50 MSK) couple
It plummeted to the level 1.20089 to 0.86571, Now
It recovered to 1.02629. And finally, a couple
GBP / CHF - the same period
time and the decline was from 1.55359 to 1.312,
Now the pair is trading at 1.3318
(All data from portal).

Traders, who are already
seen a sharp decline, probably
well we win this fall. Or,
on the contrary, they have lost much. Judging by
that there were records of a "global blog
fall "of the dollar against the Swiss
Franc such we definitely were.

currency pairs, most likely due to both
once with the news of the Swiss National Bank
that he actually refused
the ceiling for the franc and at the same time
this lowered interest rates. AT
a statement today, the Central Bank of Switzerland
He explained the decision to abandon
restrictions for the course: "Although the franc
still high, after the introduction of
floor rate of exchange
overrated as a whole declined.
The economy was able to take advantage of this
time to adapt to the new
situation. "

By the way, falling
the euro against the Swiss franc led to a reduction in
the European currency and the currencies
other countries. So, for example, the euro against
The dollar fell to 1.1579 - the most
lowest since November 2003. Now the pair
EUR / USD rose slightly -
to the level of 1.1724.

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    Daily Economic Digest from Daily Digest of economic Forex . ee Keep an eye on major economic news with us Wednesday, June 28 Couple EUR / USD It...

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Asia is growing thanks to jump

Asia is growing thanks to a jump in oil quotes

drop in US and European
indices, Asian behave slightly
better. In particular, shares of oil
companies rose after a jump
the price of oil.

Composite stock
region MSCI Asia Pacific Index rose 0.2%
Japanese Nikkei added 1.7%, Hong Kong
Hang Seng rose 0.2%, China's Shanghai Composite
- 1.4% and the only Australian S P / ASX
200 decreased to 0.4%. Indian S P BSE Sensex
also grew by 1.9%, when the
news about Bank of India's decision to reduce
key interest rates. investors
waiting for new stimulus measures from the world
central banks following the example of Bank of India.

oil night
It grew very sharply, however, on Thursday
morning has once again gone down. but shares
Japan's largest oil company
Inpex had to rise to 3.7%, Chinese
Cnooc - 1.5%, by Bloomberg data.

Shares of Toyota Motor
Corp. increased 1.6%. The yen weakened against
dollar 0.5% - dollar reached
117.92 yen. Now the pair USD / JPY
It is trading at 117.63.

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Friday, January 12, 2018



Professional robot, which implements the channel trading strategy StandardDeviationChannel. The signal generated by the rebound rates boundaries channel standard deviations. It is formed as a channel with a penetration and penetration of the channel outwardly. In the settings you can choose how to work the expert in the channel or the trend, or so and so. Also, the signal can be inverted.

Expert correctly handles the error and works reliably in the market. Expert utilizes basic concepts: breakeven, trawl stop loss and take profit, and the closure at the opposite signal. And an important function - correct calculation of risk. No output function unit lots, the concept of risk used, the stop-loss is required, as measured with respect to the lot allowable losses for a given risk from it. The expert also has a built-in progressive optimization of the sorting function, that is, it is desirable to optimize using the "Custom max" mode, but sort of the maximum balance.

Overview of parameters:

  • PeriodWork - the period for which the expert works.

  • Risk - The risk of which enter into the market, is given in percentage of the total losses of the deposit item is determined relative to the stop-loss and allowable losses when the stop-loss.

  • LotRounding - Rounding lot (before decimal point).

  • Deviation - re-quotes.

  • Sleeps - Waiting for the opening, closing or modifying the position.

  • Withdraw - Virtual withdrawals in the tester as a percentage of the initial deposit (necessary when optimizing a longer period of protection against lots of saturation).

  • ShowIndicators - Allows you to display indicator on the chart.

  • StopLoss - Stop-loss.

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit.

  • PeriodTrailing - The period that runs trawl.

  • TrailingBreakeven - Level bezubytka, 0 - off.

  • TrailingStart - The level of the beginning of the trawl, 0 - off.

  • TrailingStop - trawl level, 0 - off; trawl paragraphs, the active period of the trawl.

  • PeriodTrailingStep - Trawl the period.

  • ProhibitNewSeries - If you want to finish the current position and do not open the following, you need to include this switch (support position before disconnecting the expert).

  • WorkOpenLong - Permission to open a long position.

  • WorkOpenShort - Permission to open a short position.

  • WorkCloseLong - Resolution on the closing of long positions.

  • WorkCloseShort - Resolution on the closing of short positions.

  • Inversion - input inversion.

  • OnTrend - Work with the trend.

  • OnChannel - Work in the channel.

  • DistLine - Maximum price gap on the channel.

  • SignalBar - Bar, which begins with a look at the (1 - the first fully formed bars).

  • PeriodDeviation - the period for which indicators work.

  • PeriodSDC- PeriodSDC.

  • MethodSDC- MethodSDC.

  • DeviationSDC- DeviationSDC.

Instructions for optimization in standard mode:

It is desirable to optimize use "Custom max" mode, which has a function of a progressive optimization, which can slightly increase the potential forecast. Set time interval equal to the operating period (PeriodWork), this period should be less than any other settings. Set all ticks (or control points), to optimize the speed. Set the desired time interval, and if necessary the striker, if desired. The variant optimization three months and one month of work. setting an example for the optimization provided in the discussions.


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Close Positions Delete Pending

Close Positions Delete Pending Orders


This script is used to relieve one or more pending oredrov or closing one or more positions.

Enable "Allow auto-trade" on the "General" tab, run the script and choose the options in the "Settings" tab.


  • The script works on schedule.

  • You can select a pending order or position.

Input parameters:

  • See. Screenshots.

Close Positions Delete Pending

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

RVI pips

RVI pips

Cetochny trading adviser works on signals indicator Bollinger bands.

account balance exceeds 100,000 open transactions on both sides.

  • Sell ​​signal: Bollinger bands the upper limit, will close all open below.

  • Buy signal: Bollinger bands lower boundary will close all open up.


  • Standard trading account, a reliable computer, uninterrupted Internet or VPS;

  • Balance of at least $ 10,000, or a cent account of $ 100 (10,000 cents);

  • 5 - 3 digit quotes, lowest setting.


  • RiskBalance - risk percentage on the lot of the balance (1% = 100,000 0.01 1,000,000 = 0.1), 0 - MinLot;

  • MinLot - the starting amount of the transaction. RiskPercent enabled to view items from the balance sheet;

  • MaxLot - the maximum amount of open transactions for the grid. Step = 0 when the starting or first MinLot RiskBalance;

  • LotMultiplier - multiplication of the lot after a losing trade, or if more than 0 Step function for the grid orders 1 - disabled;

  • AmountOrder - the number of transactions in the net after that Lot multiplied LotMultiplier;

  • Step - the distance between points in orders if the price goes negative, will open a new deal, 0 off;

  • Stop - loss as a percentage of open positions on the chart, the adviser will stop and will continue to work on Monday or restart advisor 0 - disabled;

  • StopLoss - stop only for first order Step = 0, 0 is disabled;

  • TakeProfit - profit in points, 0 - fix the minimum size of the profit symbol price change in the deposit currency of all transactions;

  • TrailingStop - It carries a stop in the zone without the loss of the last open transaction 0 TrailingStop disabled;

  • TrailingStep - pulls the stop behind the price of TrailingStop distance;

  • DefaultCommission - Commission for 1 lot (100,000) feature for 3 - 5 digit quotes, + TakeProfit, 0 - off;

  • MaxSpread - allowable Spread. Spread If the above is not open transaction 0 disabled;

  • NewBar - opening and closing of the transaction by the signals at the new bar true (yes), false (no);

  • TickVolume - does not work in the tester using 5 minute bars if Volumes light deflected at the opening of a new bar will deal not true (yes), false (no);

  • TimeIntervalSekundsOpen - the interval between the closed and open in seconds 0 disabled;

  • CloseTradesOnFriday - closing of deals on Friday, the start of Monday's true (yes), false (no);

  • FridayCloseGMTHour - GMT hour Friday's close;

  • FridayCloseGMTMinute - GMT minute of Friday's close;

  • MondayStartGMTHour - GMT hour of opening on Monday;

  • MondayStartGMTMinute - GMT minute opening on Monday;

  • Indicator Bollinger bands;

  • BBPeriod - period indicator;

  • BBDeviation - deviation;

  • BBShift - shift;

  • BBApply - apply to prices;

  • LockMagic - number of transactions in the opposite direction;

  • InfoDisplay - Information on the true plot (yes), false (no);

  • UseButton - do not work in the tester button CLOSE SYMBOL and CLOSE ALL, true (yes), false (no).

RVI pips


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Daily Economic Digest from Forex

Daily Economic Digest from

Daily Digest of economic

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Friday, June 16

Couple EUR/ USD It halted its decline and traded in the corridor 20 pips
during the Asian session near its 2-week lows, noted yesterday
the level of 1.1130. It seems that the "hawkish" speech of Fed and Dzh.Yellen
the decision of the US central bank to increase interest rates by 25 bp
It continues to be the main driving factor for the pair, as it indicates
dismissing the Fed and ECB policy. Moreover, the positive data from the economy
USA, which were presented yesterday, also contributed to increased demand for
dollar, thereby speeding up the falling of pair. However, during early European trade, the pair
able to correct higher as traders booked profits after
important events of this week. Now all the attention of investors shifting towards
report on inflation in the euro area at the time, as the labor market data and the US
will be able to set short-term vector pair in the North American session.

Today the pair USD / JPY I ignored the decision
Bank of Japan regarding its future policy, as well as the following
the speech of the Bank of Kuroda. As expected, the Bank of Japan kept its interest
rate unchanged at 0.10%. However, in the course of his speech, Mr. Kuroda said,
that minimize a massive program to stimulate the economy is still a
inexpedient. Moreover, it seems that the market is still under
Impressed by the recent "hawkish" Fed meeting at the time, as interest
investors to more risky assets begins to gain momentum, as all
the main events of the week behind us, which in turn supports
Couple this Friday. Looking ahead, today is scheduled in the calendar of events
Only the release of data from the US real estate market, so the general market
predisposition to risky assets and the price action of the dollar will continue to
to set the course of the couple.

Couple GBP / USD It is trading near the top
border of its daily range, consolidating its yesterday's profit earned
against the background of the results of the next important meeting. Yesterday the pair jumped a penny,
Faced with resistance at 1.2800, after Results
Bank of England showed that the committee voted 5 to 3 to preserve
interest rate at the same level, where 3 out of the bank's members voted in favor
tightening of monetary policy. The market took this as an outcome of the meeting
"Hawk" because the voting results indicated possible further
interest rate increase. Today, the calendar data from the UK are not
planned anything worthwhile, that leaves in the hands of a couple ubiquitous trend,
while unit labor market data the United States, which will be presented during
New York trading, the pair will be able to give a short-term boost in the run-up
Closing of the working week.

Couple AUD / USD He regained their fighting
attitude at the beginning of the European trading after a short pullback, breaking the mark
0.7600, amid growing interest of traders to more profitable instruments. That
at least a pair remains under pressure lately, as the
Fed raising interest rates and the "hawkish" statement Dzh.Yellen
It continues to be the main driving factor in the market, which is favorable
affects the US dollar. Also mixed sentiment on commodities markets
will be unable to provide any Australian support in the end
this week. Further, today traders will focus on data
US labor market, so as not to miss out on the last trading opportunities before

events of the day:

The consumer price index in the EU - 11.30 (GMT +3)

The number of building permits issued in the US - 15.30
(GMT +3)

Support and resistance for the major currency pairs:

1.1072 C 1.1264

108.68 112.10 C.

1.2640 C 1.2852

0.9675 C 0.9809

AUDUSD 0.7529 P.
S. 0.7655

0.7137 C 0.7303

1.3183 C 1.3351

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Better Support Resistance

Better Support Resistance

Better Support & Resistance shows the optimal support line and / resistance zone. It is based on fractals (Fractals) you selected multiplier. All fractals are collected, weighed, expand and unite in a clear set of support / resistance lines. The next line is displayed as the areas where the price is in the area.

Better Support & Resistance gives you a complete picture of the important price levels.


Indicator Settings Support & Resistance defaults are effective most of the time. Almost all of them are fairly standard. Below are those that are in need of explanation.

  • Fractal factor (2..10) - fractals (2-10) multiplier. The higher the value, the more fractal. Try with different values.

  • Timeframe - timeframe, which will display.

  • Color Palette - color palette: Dark (dark) or Light (light). "Come over to the dark side, Luke."

  • Colors - colors.


  1. Fractals are displayed as a circle with a number inside the fractal.

  2. Support / resistance levels starting from fractals. The line may be a result of expansion and merger of several others.

  3. Highs and lows of the next areas of support / resistance are displayed as horizontal dotted lines.

  4. Zone takes the color, if it is the price. This means a possible reversal.

Better Support & Resistance - an effective tool to identify potential reversal zones.

If you have any questions, email me. Opinions, suggestions are also welcome. Only with your help I can create more effective tools for MT4.

Better Support Resistance

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    FiBoPivot This indicator support / resistance levels, rather than buy / sell. If there is reliable evidence of price action (for example, derived...

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Batman Batman Advisor is based on a very simple system that uses ZigZag indicator and breakdown strategy. Transactions are opened only wh...