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How to choose PAMM account and

How to choose the PAMM account and control.

The Internet is one of the most profitable ways to invest their own money, one of the possibilities earn, advocates investing in PAMM accounts. Typically, for such an option resorted former traders who understand that forex is not cheating, just for the fact that to make money on the foreign exchange market requires knowledge of mass and practical experience.

But often the question of how to choose the PAMM account arises from the ordinary man in the street who wants to simply invest their money in stock trading.

You can make the right choice, if you know a few points that you should pay attention in the first place, surprisingly it is not profitable trades, and controls the operation stability. As well as several other aspects, which we discuss in more detail in this article.

It should be noted that to lose your money in the forex can be used only if you are a novice trader, professionals working in the forex market, almost none when not fused deposit, but there are some drawdown account, but they are usually offset by profitable trades.

To select the rating should be analyzed PAMM managers, according to several parameters.
Choosing the most reliable PAMM account.

1. The funds in the account - is one of the quite important aspects, so you can learn how much trust it to manage other investors. It is advisable not to invest in the PAMM account with a deposit of less than 50 000 dollars.

Just check the history of how long the similar size of the balance, if nebyli made money a couple of days ago just to attract investment.

2. Work experience - before you deposit money first find out how long this person works in the forex, you can do so by requesting the history of transactions in the last year. You can break through the name of the control with the help of Internet search engines, usually each of the professional traders have a lot of reviews.

3. Profitability - choosing a manager, you should pay more attention not to the amount of profit, and the period for which it was obtained. For example, it is better to choose a PAMM account with average profitability of 30% and 300% per year, over 700% in the last month and 100% per annum. Once again - in this case the stability of the most important selection criteria, why not try to buy the highest rates, pay more attention to the analysis of the period of the PAMM account.

4. Distribution of profit - then you should not be greedy, I for example, give 70% of its profits to a manager, but he consistently makes me 20% of the amount invested in his funds. As a result of six months of work I was able to not only get their money back, but also to get some profit.

The standard commission is 40 to 60 percent, but if you are confident in your choice, you can pay more.

5. Additional insurance - do not trust all of your money to one manager, divide them at least into two parts, in addition to this it is desirable that these traders worked in different brokerage companies, it will give you the opportunity of insurance just in case.

6. A company or a third-party trader - I trust the trader than the employees of a broker, because in the latter case dealing center is interested in fraud statistics and rating control can be rigged by the company itself.

Choose the PAMM account, but rather control this account is not quite difficult, you just need to take into account all the above guidelines. Good luck.

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