Monday, December 26, 2016

Account currency on forex

Account currency on the forex.

Currently, an account with Forex can be opened in at least three currencies - rubles, dollars or euros, having the choice baffled some traders, in what kind of currency better to open an account?

Choice is not quite simple, to the question better suited to meet your individual characteristics, it is this decision will be the most correct.

First, we should take into account the forex tools with which you spend trading, the second convenience of calculations, in the third anonymity.

Immediately it should be noted that trading using the euro is not quite so convenient account currency on the forex will choose between the ruble and the US dollar.

1. Deposit and withdrawal of funds - with the transfer of funds within the Russian ruble is most convenient to use.

You lose less when the translation and exchange of money in a variety of electronic systems, since the use of foreign exchange you should first convert dollars to the purse of the electronic system, and then through the exchanger online at stake.

Output Options ruble more attractive - a post office, a bank card, Yandex Money.

Therefore, if you approach from this side of the ruble will be much more convenient and profitable.

2. Trade - the cost of currency conversion in trading are not that big, but psychologically the ruble to trade much more difficult. For example, when trading 1 lot, 1 pip Forex, an average of 10 dollars or 340-350 rubles, in the latter case the loss of 3 points is already the whole of 1000 rubles, the hand itself and extends to close.

The only exception is the trade ruble pairs then the result of the transaction in rubles looks more natural.

3. Anonymity - taxes on the earnings in the forex account for 15%, and that if you find a competent and honest tax inspector, an illiterate employee tax may try to charge you, and all 35%.

Most professional traders for this reason, use dollar card that produce some dealing centers, the score at the same time is in an offshore bank, and does not attract the attention of the tax authorities.

Money with the card, you can withdraw from any ATM, though in most cases you will only get rubles, if use the card abroad, the withdrawal will be made in dollars or euros.

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