Thursday, December 15, 2016

SuperTrend ATR

SuperTrend ATR

SuperTrend ATR - it is a popular trend indicator is determined by the current projected direction of the market with the help of the data of the standard ATR. Indicator is intuitive and easy to use and is an excellent filter to your trend trading strategies. The lines of the indicator are also the excellent dynamic level for the stop-loss. This indicator is included in the ExpertsTrailing Advisor as one of the methods of the trailing stop. Download the adviser can link


  • Super trend period - period ATR indicator used in this indicator

  • Super trend multiplier - ATR coefficient

  • Turn alerts on? - enable / disable notification about the change of trend

  • Alerts on still opened bar? - enable / disable notification about the change of trend in the uncovered bar

  • Alerts should display message? - enable / disable the display on the graph notification

  • Alerts should play a sound? - turn on / off sound when changing trend

  • Alerts should send a notification? - enable / disable Push-to send a notification about the change of trend

  • Alerts should send an email? - enable / disable sending notification about the change of trend in the email

  • Sound file - audio file name for the audio notification

SuperTrend ATR

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