Monday, May 30, 2016

Bill Williams SquatGreenFadeFake

Bill Williams SquatGreenFadeFake patternFinderFREE

The indicator provides a signal when a squat, green, fading or fake bars.

  • You can adjust the display so that it shows only the signal:
    for example, if ShowSquat set to true, squat bar will be displayed

  • You can change the color of each signal:
    For example, if set to the Blue SquatColor, squat bar will be blue

  • You can specify events for notification:
    For example, if SquatAlert set to True, an alert will appear when a squat bar

  • You can adjust the sensitivity of the MFI changes and changes in the volume:
    For example, if MFIsensitivity has a value 1.1, a sufficient change in MFI is 10%

The indicator works in any period.

What are the signals:

Each signal - a combination of MFI changes and changes in volume.

MFI - an index of market relief. It measures the change in the volume of teak prices.

Green bar (tick volume +, + MFI): It means a green light for the movement of the market. This breakout signal, and you have to follow any trend direction (the market comes more participants, new entrants have an impact on the direction of the trend, price movement is accelerated)

Fading bar (- tick volume, - MFI): It appears when the market takes a break on the move or lose interest in him. Opposite the green bar.

Squat bar (+ tick volume, - MFI): brings the most profit in comparison with all four indicators, almost all movement ends squat bar, though not all crouching bars mean the end, so they are perfectly confirm the end of the trend. Squat bars - this is the last battle of buyers and sellers. They indicate the presence of numerous purchases and sales, but a small price movement after the break squat bar can provide a better deal.

Fake bar (- tick volume, + MFI): It means price movement, but for some reason also occurs to reduce the volume. Beware of fake bar. Actions on the market at the time of the false bar quite dangerous. Often fake bar is a pause in market activity before take-off and break.

All that is stated in bold, it is available in version Pro.

Get the Pro version for only $ 10. Thank you.

If you think that the indicator is not enough any property, please contact me at the address I am ready to supplement and improve the indicator for your needs.

Bill Williams SquatGreenFadeFake

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Secure and profitable signals

Secure and profitable signals Here!

Good day dear investors and subscribers!

From the following link you can find a profitable and reliable signals.

Voprsoy would write, always answer.

Yours faithfully,


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Friday, May 27, 2016

Putin urges world to accuracy

Putin urges world to the accuracy of the DPRK

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday called on other States to act "carefully" and to avoid actions that could exacerbate the crisis in relations with the nuclear potential of Pyongyang.

At the economic forum in Vladivostok, in the presence of the President of South Korea, North Korea's main enemy and neighbor, Putin said that Moscow stands for to resume international talks on North Korea's nuclear program.

"President (South Korea Park Geun-hye) knows that we have preserved certain communication channels with North Korea (DPRK), and we are definitely going to use them to the situation got out of the acute confrontation in which she is now", - Putin said.

When talking present Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, concerned about the North Korean launches of ballistic missiles in the Sea of ​​Japan [nL5N16Q1KH] [nL8N1B500K].

"I think that any action that would provoke further aggravation, are counterproductive", - Putin said.

Russia and China, which is regarded as the most influential force in the negotiations with North Korea, condemned Seoul and Washington's plans to place on the Korean peninsula, the US anti-missile system.

The South Korean president in Vladivostok called on Russia and other powers to increase pressure on Pyongyang to force to abandon its nuclear tests.

"Need a clear implementation of Security Council resolution ... to North Korea was no other alternative than giving up a nuclear program. We need to make sure that North Korea agreed to return to the negotiating table for the future development of their state"- Pak said.

Contrary to the UN Security Council sanctions that Pyongyang calls a violation of its sovereignty, North Korea in January of this year has already held the fourth nuclear test, and later a series of missile launches, strengthening the international community anxiety.

In June, North Korea tested missiles "Musudan"One of which has risen to a height of 1,000 kilometers, enough to fly a distance of 3000 kilometers.

Pyongyang launched last week from a submarine off the east coast of ballistic missile that flew about 500 kilometers before falling into the Sea of ​​Japan.

This launch pointed to significant progress in the development of North Korea's weapons technology, but it is unclear whether the isolated country has created a nuclear warhead, Western experts say.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Forex ee Economic Daily Digest Economic Daily Digest

Keep an eye on major economic news with us

Tuesday, August 30



Range: at
the opening of 1.1189 Max. 1.1193 Min. 1.1155

All trend: down



support and resistance:
P. S. 1.1136 1.1234

CB consumer confidence in the US

Overview: AT
Currently, the single currency continues to lose ground against its
American rival, sliding down nearly 200 points, after the "hawkish"
speech Fed Chairman Dzh.Yellen presented last Friday at
Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole. Moreover, a new wave of speculation about
Fed raising rates this year will continue to support further growth
US currency across the board.



Range: at
the opening of 1.3011 Max. 1.3049 Min. 1.3009

All trend: ascending



support and resistance:
P. S. 1.2952 1.3076

commodity prices in Canada, the confidence index in the US CB Consumer

Today, the Canadian dollar failed to gain support from rising prices
oil, since the possibility of raising interest rates this year continue to stimulate
the growth of the US currency. Consumer interest in the dollar is gaining
momentum amid speculation the Federal Reserve to increase rates this year, which
They resumed after a "hawkish" speech Fed Chairman Dzh.Yellen. In this
moment all the attention of traders beginning to shift to the key report this week
- Change the number of people employed in non-agricultural sector, which is scheduled
this Friday.



Range: at
opening 101.91 Max. 102.46 Min. 101.75

All trend: ascending



support and resistance:
P. S. 101.47 102.61

CB consumer confidence in the US

Today, the couple returned to their yesterday's high above the level of 102,
despite the positive data from the Japanese market. Pair USD / JPY managed to
perform a minor correction of the price during the Asian session, but
the dominant interest in riskier assets, combined with the widespread
demand for US currency couple made to update its daily highs.



Range: at
the opening of 0.7569 Max. 0.7582 Min. 0.7542

All trend: down



support and resistance:
P. S. 0.7501 0.7615

CB consumer confidence in the US, Australian confidence in the business community of

Today the Australian dollar loses its upward momentum and retreats to his
day minima near the level of 0.7500, ignoring the positive data Released
for construction in Australia. The wave of interest in the US dollar amid continuing
discussion hints the Fed to raise rates this year, submitted to the
Dzh.Yellen hand, still has a significant pressure on the pair. Besides
today, the Aussie was additional pressure on lowering the price of gold,
which also made a couple of lows update today.

The best conditions for the start at the STP only! Sign up account is now

and feel the difference with the first deal!

your Europe ECN-broker,

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Chile in January July decreased

Chile in January-July decreased copper production by 5%

Copper mining in Chile in January-July fell by 5% - up to 3 million 227.013 thousand tons compared to 3 million 395.85 thousand tons in the same period a year earlier, according to preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute,..

Including in July output was 447.558 thousand. Tons compared to 454.382 thousand. Tons in the same month of last year (1.5% decrease).

At the same time molybdenum production increased by 19.7% and amounted in January-July of 33.674 ths. Tons against 28.136 thousand. Tons a year earlier. Including last month was released on 5,047 ths. Tons of metal, compared with 4,630 thousand. Tons a year earlier (an increase of 9.6%).

Chile is the world's largest copper mining.

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Good choice

Good choice

Advisor works by using the current market situation. Advisor uses Martingale, averaging, and other dangerous for your deposit methods. Developed specifically for trading in the GBPJPY pair. For other currency pairs are currently being tested. Working timeframe - M5. Testing was performed with a constant advisor lot, equal to 0.5 per 10 000 $ deposit. From customizable settings recommended to change only the size of the lot. The default is 0.1.

Good choice

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016



Commercial US crude stocks (excluding strategic reserves) for the week ended August 19, unexpectedly increased by 2.5 million barrels, or 0.5% - to 523.6 million barrels, according to a weekly review of the Energy Information Administration Ministry of Energy of the country. Analysts polled by Bloomberg, on the contrary, believed that reserves for the week fell by 0.495 million barrels.

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Monday, May 23, 2016



This script displays information about your account and the symbol chart.


  • Account information

    • amount

    • Name

    • Currency

    • Server

    • Leverage

    • Stop Out level

  • Information about the balance

    • Balance

    • Facilities

    • margin

    • Free margin

  • Information instruments

    • Symbol

    • lot size

    • minimum lot

    • step bid

    • maximum lot

    • Meaning teak

    • tick size

    • spread

    • Stop Loss level

    • Swap long position

    • Swap of short positions

    • initial margin

    • the maintenance margin

    • required margin

    • trade Resolution


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Friday, May 20, 2016

MA Statistics

MA Statistics

The indicator calculates certain statistical data relating to the moving average (MA) and price. Statistics associated with points (Points), candles (Candles) and slope (Slope). Live calculated values ​​are compared with the historical values ​​to determine levels perekuplennosti / pereprodannosti which signals are good to buy or sell. There are five types of statistics. Four of them provide signals to buy or sell.

Input parameters

  • Do I need to compare prices? (Compare Price?)

    When true indicator collects statistics based on data candle compared to AI. When false instead of candle data using a different line MA. In this case, the input data used MA # 2. In both cases, issued to the same types of statistics. The main difference is that the true data is compared with the candle MA, and when false MA # 1 is compared with MA # 2.

  • Candles on the history (Candles Back)

    The number of candles on the history used to collect statistics.

    Note: The indicator does not account for partial cycles (partial cycles). For example, if you set the value to 300 and the 300 candles on the history of the fall to the middle of the cycle, the indicator will ignore it and continue to collect statistics from later candles, until it finds a full cycle. That is, even if the value is 300, it is not necessary that this is the actual number of used candles.

  • Other inputs

    The other input parameters are standard settings MA, alerts, and display settings. In a special presentation, they do not need.

MA Statistics

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Central Bank revoked licenses

Central Bank revoked the licenses of two insurance companies and brokers stopped in four

The Bank of Russia revoked the license to conduct insurance business in SA "Insurance Company "Transneft (MCX: TRNF_p)", Licensed to CTP at JSC "D2 Insurance"And suspended the licenses of four brokers: Security Ltd. "INS-Broker", Security Ltd. "Cargo Broker", LTD "European insurance broker", LTD "Palladium Insurance Broker", Said in a statement regulyatora.Litsenzii revoked and suspended with 25 companies avgusta.Strahovye "Transneft" and "D2 Insurance" voluntarily declined to carry out the activities specified in the license."INS-Broker" and "Palladium Insurance Broker", According to the Central Bank, have shied away from getting a prescription. "Cargo Broker" and "European insurance broker" not fulfilled in due time control requirements."Suspension of a license means the prohibition to enter into new contracts for the provision of insurance brokerage services, as well as changes that result in an increase in liabilities to the relevant contracts", - said in a statement.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ALROSA assesses amount of diamond

ALROSA assesses the amount of diamond in stock at the level of 16 million carats

"ALROSA (MCX: ALRS)" assesses the amount of diamonds in stock at 16 million carats, he said during a conference call, Vice President - Chief Financial Officer Igor Kulichik company.

"Inventories at the end of the 1st half of the year amounted to 16 million carats in accounting prices is approximately $ 1.5 billion"- said CFO "ALROSA".

"In the 2nd half of the year we do not expect any surprises from the diamond market. We conservatively assume that the level of prices on the market is on a flat level, and do not expect a surge in demand or a fall. We expect that the market will be calm and steady, fluctuations are strong enough have occurred in the I quarter"- said I.Kulichik.

CFO diamond company said that in the 2 nd half of this year the volume of unsold inventory is expected to be in January-June.

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Monday, May 16, 2016



The expert on the basis of standard indicator Williams' Percent Range.

Advisor generates profit on higher timeframes, even without optimization.

Period:Daily (2011.01.01 - 2011.11.29)
Input parameters:Expert_Title = VIP_WPR

Signal_ThresholdOpen = 10

Signal_ThresholdClose = 10

Signal_PriceLevel = 0.00000000

Signal_StopLevel = 100.00000000

Signal_TakeLevel = 100.00000000

Signal_Expiration = 4

Signal_WPR_PeriodWPR = 3

Signal_WPR_Weight = 1.00000000

Money_FixLot_Percent = 10.00000000

Money_FixLot_Lots = 0.10000000
Server:MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Initial deposit:5 000.00
Shoulder:1: 100


The quality of the story:100%
Net profit:1 344.35Total profit:8 825.24Total loss:-7 480.89
Profitability:1.18Expected payoff:6.79Margin Level:3679.63%
Recovery Factor:1.27Sharpe ratio:0.09Result OnTester:0

Balance Drawdown:
Absolute drawdown on the balance sheet:0.00The maximum drawdown on the balance sheet:987.32 (14.99%)Relative drawdown on the balance sheet:14.99% (987.32)
Drawdown of funds:
Absolute drawdown of funds:89.90The maximum drawdown of funds:1 061.92 (16.01%)Relative drawdown of funds:16.01% (1 061.92)

Total trades:198Short trades (won%):97 (46.39%)Long trades (won%):101 (51.49%)
Total deals:346Profitable trades (% of total):97 (48.99%)Losing trades (% of total):101 (51.01%)

Largest profitable trade:100.00The biggest losing trades:-100.20

Average profitable trade:90.98Average loss trade:-74.07

Maximum consecutive wins (profit):4 (400.00)The maximum number of consecutive losses (loss):7 (-700.00)

Maximal consecutive profit (count of wins):400.00 (4)Maximal consecutive loss (count of losses):-700.00 (7)

Average consecutive wins:2Average consecutive loss:2


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System 1

System 1

Adviser strategy

Classic breakout strategy with pending orders.

Every 15 minutes, the order is reset.

For issuing warrants used indicators TEMA and Bollinger Bands.

Stop-loss is set at ATR.

Take Profit is not installed.

Closing a position comes on the market.

The default settings are recommended.

Stop-loss: traditional

Grid: not used

Average position holding time: 16 hours.


  • VPS

  • ECN broker with low commission and spread

  • EURUSD pair

  • M15 timeframe

  • The maximum spread is 30 points

  • Maximum Stop Level 50 items

parameters advisor

  • UseMoneyManagement - Use MM

  • Lots - volume items. Used if UseMoneyManagement = false.

  • RiskInPercent - Risk for positions as a percentage of the deposit. Calculated by the SL. Used if UseMoneyManagement = true and UseFixedMoney = false

  • MaximumLots - The maximum amount for a single position. It applies to all parameters.

  • UseFixedMoney - Read the volume of risk positions in dollars. It used if UseMoneyManagement = true.

  • RiskInMoney - The risk for positions in dollars. Used if UseMoneyManagement = true and UseFixedMoney = true.

  • ExitAtEndOfDay - closes an open position at the end of the day

  • ExitTimeEOD - Closing time position at the end of the day. Used if ExitAtEndOfDay = true

  • ExitOnFriday - Closing open positions on Friday

  • ExitTimeOnFriday - Closing time position on Friday. Used if ExitOnFriday = true

System 1

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Lines Profit Loss MT5

Lines Profit Loss MT5

The indicator shows the profit (loss) for the current symbol. You can freely move the level to determine the total profit or loss.


  • To count in money or in pips - to calculate profit / loss in points or money.

  • Add pending orders to calculate - to take into account in the calculation of pending orders.

  • Magic Number (0 - all orders by symbol) - Magik number, if you need to find certain order.

  • Offset for first print (from average price) - the displacement of the line at the first start, the average price.

  • Color profit - color line with the profit.

  • Color loss - color line with a loss.

Lines Profit Loss MT5


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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Alpha Trend

Alpha Trend

Alpha Trend - This trend indicator for MT4 platform, developed by a group of professional traders.

Indicator Alpha Trend It is the most likely point of reversal of the trend that allows you to make transactions at the beginning of a trend.

This lamp is equipped with a notification when a new signal (Alert, email, phone), which will help you to open a position in a timely manner.

Alpha Trend not redrawn, which gives the opportunity to evaluate its glamor on the story.

The advantages of LED

  • Suitable for scalping and intraday trading.

  • Simple configuration indicator.

  • It works on any timeframes.

  • It can be used in any financial markets: FOREX, CFD, binary options, the shares.

  • It can be used as an independent tool or in conjunction with other indicators.

Recommended trading tools


Recommendations for use

The signal on the purchase the upward arrow indicator.

Signal for sale: the downward arrow indicator.


  • Period - the main parameter setting corresponding to the period of calculation of the indicator.

  • Alert - on, off Alert. If true - enabled, false- off.

  • Email - on, off, send messages to e-mail. If true - enabled, false- off.

  • Push - on, off, send messages to your mobile phone. If true - enabled, false- off.


Evgeny Belyaev, a professional programmer and successful trader.

Alpha Trend


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  • Trend Beads

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Japan is stepping up production

Japan is stepping up production of copper products

In July, production in Japan of products from copper and copper alloys was 65.94 ths. Tons, which is 0.4% more than in July last year, according to preliminary data of the Association of copper and brass of the country.

Thus, the rise of the indicator continues for the third consecutive month after 14 months of continuous decline.

The association expects copper production in Japan for the current fiscal year that began on April 1 will be 787.22 ths. Tons. A year earlier, the issue amounted to 815.063 thousand. Tons, thus projected to decline by 3.4% this year.

Supplies of copper wire and cable (including exports and domestic market) in the country in July fell by 6.6% compared with the same month a year earlier and amounted to 56.8 thousand. Tons, according to preliminary estimates of the Association of manufacturers of electric wire and cable in Japan.

Index decreased 8 th month in a row, and the July drop was the highest in the past six months, Bloomberg notes.

According to the forecast of association, in this fingodu demand for copper wire and cable will grow by 1.8% - up to 711 thousand tons.. In this internal consumption will increase by 2.3% (up to 692 thousand. Tons), while the export reduced by 12.8% (up to 19 thousand. Tonnes).

Japan, according to the International Copper Study Group, is the third largest producer of refined copper in the world after China and Chile.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Battle for $ 500 billion to be

The battle for the $ 500 billion: to be continued

This week, the law on trading in the new edition, the discussion and the adoption of which was accompanied by the spring and summer of heated debate in the public space, again at the sight of senior government leaders.

First, President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with supporters of the party "United Russia", stressing that he knew about the attempts of retailers to circumvent the law, using as compensation "fines or something else" for suppliers, called "Do not let that happen." To this end, President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the prime minister to give a corresponding order of the Federal Antimonopoly Service. Dmitry Medvedev was not slow to respond: the next day, he said that if the Trade Act have any loopholes to circumvent it, then you need to change the law.

The law is harsh, trade is creative

Recall that the new amendments to the trade law designed to reduce retrobonusov - payments to suppliers in favor of large retailers - from 10 to 5 percent. Nationally, this means a redistribution in favor of the suppliers and manufacturers of products for about 500 billion rubles. The amount is quite palpable, even for the largest domestic federal networks with trillions turnovers. Of course, to block such a development were included considerable lobbying power, which, for example, the Alfa Group - the owner of one of the largest retailers with 8 thousand stores - can have an impact on virtually all levels of legislative and executive branches of government. measures have been developed in parallel to compensate for the financial losses from the introduction of the new law. And if lobbying little success has not brought, the options for how to prevent the loss of income in the framework of the law, found fairly quickly: introduced a new system of penalties in the relationship with suppliers, as well as offered to go to the three options prices during the contract of counterparts trading networks depending on delivery of goods - to the store, to the regional distribution center or to the warehouse. In the previous version of the law cost of logistics services included in retrobonus regardless of the shipping address. Moreover, a number of major suppliers of goods and food - and it is in their best interest as a new version of the law on trade sponsors of the amendments, and was claimed adopted - is not pleased to changing the rules of the game: they were deprived of the opportunity to promote their products the most effective way directly to the shopping hall. And, too, began to "be creative", organizing the work with retail chains through distributors. In this case, large companies disappear direct supplier status and an opportunity to legally promote trade marketing benefit for the promotion of the product, as it was within a ten retrobonusa.

Obviously, these developments, which include retailers in the contracts for the supply of products in the coming year, and resulted in many complaints of domestic producers, becoming the basis for the planned check Antimonopoly Service to find out whether the new law gave the declared benefits specifically for agricultural enterprises and farmers. In the meantime, apparently, and considering, again, the possibility of federal lobbying retailers, trade successfully preparing for the possibility of losses, with the Federal Antimonopoly Service was ready to legalize until recently almost any price discounts from suppliers in favor of federal networks. Implementation of these and other mentioned actions initiated by the federal retail chains, has not changed in essence "dozakonnogo 'financial status-quo manufacturers - by hook or by crook retailers pay the cash flows in their favor.

Does the seller will help the farmer?

But is it all determined with the arrangement of roles - bad traders, unnecessarily fleeced farmers and agricultural enterprises, and positive domestic producer, trying, in spite of the intrigues of the retailers, to fill the market with cheap and quality products? The problem, in my opinion, more difficult, and it would be wrong to reduce it exclusively to oppose trade and production. We can talk about the direction in which will develop the domestic food market: whether he will remain at the stage of small-scale production and retail sales mainly or will become stronger, developing a powerful and highly efficient processing industry large wholesale deliveries?

The new law states that 500 billion rubles - the cost of reduced retrobonusnyh five percent - will be reallocated from several major retailers to the hundreds and thousands of small and medium-sized farmers. Is this rational? After all, these resources are retailers, according to their statements, planned to send to the consumer market development, including the creation of new agricultural production that are guaranteed to be delivered is relatively inexpensive to import products under the brand name of the network. Or the money could be invested together with the agro-industrial complex on the development of logistics chains and warehouse infrastructure in advance of the deployment of a network of shops in some distant region. However, such real prospects only at a concentration of financial resources in a management center, a single powerful management organizational structure. It is an axiom of strategic investment decisions. Simply put, we must determine what is more effective: tens of billions of rubles at the disposal of a major investor, who will go to the construction of, say, a major canning factory for processing of fruits and vegetables? Or the same means, spread over hundreds of small and medium-sized owners, suppliers and manufacturers, which at best will be able to buy them a new not the most expensive car of the General Director?

The answer, in my opinion, is obvious. But only on one condition: if the hundreds of billions of rubles, for the right to control who comes today struggle will be obliged to submit strictly to the investment law large retailers. Not really rely on networks reteylerskih Declaration owners and managers that they sleep and see how to redirect funds retrobonusov downsizing of their incomes on the development of processing industries and the agricultural industry as a whole, and the law on trade deprives trade investment prospects. It is known that changes in mood often oligarches, especially after the objectives are achieved.

But in general, I would venture to suggest such an opportunity - to restore in law ten percent the size retrobonusov with the condition of their target of spending on investments in agriculture, food industry, the formation of logistics infrastructure and the development of commercial networks and the like - could well be a compromise between the federal trade networks and domestic manufacturers, freeing the way, from the federal budget for these expenditures. Then the reasons for conflicts involving referees in the highest state leaders would be exhausted.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Foreign Minister of Luxembourg

Foreign Minister of Luxembourg requires exclude Hungary from the EU

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said that the Hungarian authorities violate the basic European values ​​and demands to exclude a country from the European Union. "Whoever Hungary builds a fence against refugees from war or violates freedom of the press and independence of the courts, must be temporarily or, in extreme cases, permanently excluded from EU"- he said in an interview with Die Welt newspaper. According to Jean Asselborn, the only way to preserve the solidity of the European community.

According to the Minister, the European Union is in the most difficult position in its history. EC may fail, but not because the European institutions suddenly no longer exists, and therefore, that the EU is falling apart from the inside.

Expose criticized the head of the Hungarian government Viktora Orbana, Jean Asselborn said that the Hungarian refugees costing almost worse than wild beasts. "Fence that Hungary is building to keep migrants getting longer, higher and more dangerous. The authorities are not far from being able to give the order to fire on refugees", - said the head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg.

He also advocated changing the Lisbon Treaty in terms of the possible exclusion from the country of the EU. According to Jean Asselborn, it would be right if for the solution of this issue is no longer required a unanimous vote of all member countries of the European Union.

On Friday, leaders in Bratislava will discuss the EU's way out of the crisis.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

News Robot MT4

News Robot MT4

At the time of the release of economic news can overcome the price dozens of items only in first minute after release. News Robot MT4 It is designed to work on the news with the pending orders. The robot includes a number of trading strategies on the news. Using robot simplify the work on the news and protects against false positives order before the data.

The robot can operate as breakdown rates, and the rollback. Prior to the news the price of pending orders varies depending on the current price of the instrument. When triggered, one of the orders, the second order is deleted immediately. In the absence of a warrant price movements are deleted after a specified time. For fixing a trailing stop, you can use the profits. The ability to use the terminal time or the local time of the computer.

timing adjustment Example:

  • Out Time 15:30 News

  • Parameter StartTime 15:25 - at this time are set pending orders and held at a predetermined distance to the price

  • Parameter EndTime 15:29:59 - warrant no longer change, triggered one of the orders, the second order is removed.

  • Parameter SecondsToCancel = 60. If 60 seconds after EndTime (15:29:59 + 15:30:59 = 60) do not warrant any load, the two pending orders are removed.

robot settings

STRATEGY MANAGEMENT - choice of strategy for trade

  • StopsOrders - strategy on breakdown rates. 2 exhibited a warrant - Sell Stop below the current price and Buy Stop above the current price. When triggered, one of the orders of the second order removed.

  • LimitsOrders - strategy to roll back prices. 2 exhibited a warrant - Sell Limit above the current price and Buy Limit below the current price. When triggered, one of the orders of the second order removed.

  • OnlyBuyStopOrder - exposed only Buy Stop order above the current price.

  • OnlySellStopOrder - exposed only Sell Stop order is below the current price.

  • OnlyBuyLimitOrder - exposed only Buy Limit order below the current price.

  • OnlySellLimitOrder - exposed only Sell Limit order above the current price.

DISTANCE SETTINGS - setting the distance from the current price to the price of a pending order in points

  • BuyOrderDistance - distance to Buy orders

  • SellOrderDistance - distance to Sell order

  • ModifyStep - step changes the order price before the news

TIME SETTINGS - output setting time news

  • StartTime - start time. Set pending orders and held at a predetermined distance to the current price.

  • EndTime - exit time news. When triggered, one of the orders, the second order is deleted.

  • SecondsToCancel - the time in seconds, after which the pending orders will be deleted.

  • UseTime - UseTerminalTime - use terminal time, UseMyComputerTime - use the local time of the computer.


  • BuyOrderTakeProfit - Take Profit orders for Buy

  • BuyOrderStopLoss - a stop-loss order to Buy

  • SellOrderTakeProfit - Take Profit orders for Sell

  • SellOrderStopLoss - stop-loss for a Sell order


  • FixedLot - use a fixed lot

  • AccountBalancePercent - a percentage of the account balance

  • AccountEquityPercent - the percentage of own resources accounts

  • AccountFreeMarginPercent - the percentage of available funds account

  • Lot - lot size using a fixed Lot

  • Percent - percentage for calculating the lot

TRAILING SETTINGS - Parameters trailing SL

  • Trailing - turning on / off the trailing

  • Trailing_Start - start trailing SL

  • Trailing_Distance - distance rates

  • Trailing_Step - step change in SL

  • Trailing_Hidden - cloak mode

BREAKEVEN SETTINGS - output parameters of the order to breakeven

  • Breakeven - on / off orders O functions to breakeven

  • BreakEven_Start - the number of items for profit

  • BreakEven_Distance - distance in points


  • SendAlert - Display notification message in a terminal window

  • SendEMail - send a notification e-mail address

  • SendPushNotification - sending push notifications


  • MagicNumber - Magic number of warrants

  • Slippage - slippage


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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

PipSeek for MT4

PipSeek for MT4

Analog indicator PeepSeek.

  • Dynamic trohperiodnye exponential levels act as support or resistance, as indicated by the short-term price trends.

  • Adjustable width price channel (and invert levels perekuplennosti pereprodannosti).

  • The default settings for EURUSD.

  • Indication trading situation in the periods M1 and M5 at the same time on a single graph irrespective of the timeframe.

The indicator is displayed only in the timeframes M1 and M5.

PipSeek for MT4

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Moscow denied statement of Minsk

Moscow denied the statement of Minsk to reduce gas prices

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Monday that Belarus will receive gas at the same price, in spite of statements about the upcoming Minsk "significant decrease"Transmitted by the Russian agency.

Belarus said Monday on the settlement of the oil and gas dispute with Moscow and announced that it has agreed a significant reduction in the price of gas deliveries from 1 July.

However, the head of the Russian government said that the price remains the same.

"To avoid any misinterpretation, once again I would like to emphasize that the price of gas supplied to Belarus remains the same, calculated according to the existing formula, no adjustment is made"- quoted Medvedev Interfax news agency.

Minsk YTD demanded from Moscow to reduce gas prices and pay less than the cost of Gazprom. According to the Russian Ministry of Energy, to the middle of the year the Belarusian debt was $ 270 million.

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that until October 20, Belarus should pay the debt for gas supplies, which is in excess of $ 300 million, RIA Novosti reported.

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