Monday, April 30, 2018

Bank of Japan right way comrades

Bank of Japan: the right way, comrades?

A regular strategic
Meeting of the Bank of Japan leadership
after which all were made
official statements. Monetary
policy of the Japanese regulator remained

the target for
expansion of money by 60 - 70
trillion yen a year - remains valid.
As a result, the mass of the title by March
It amounts to about 270 trillion yen. this
decisions by the Bank of Japan expected more
part of professionals and market experts.
Also chairman of the regulator, Haruhiko
Kuroda said that the low yen
against the dollar is maintained and supported by:
Japan should move closer to the target
inflation (about 2%). Not
denies Mr. Kuroda and readiness
to sharp movements, "If this forecast
would not justify the Bank of Japan
make changes to the monetary policy
- it will increase the volume of
quantitative easing. "

A little bit later,
According to official statements of the Bank
Japan, it was stated that the current
level to stimulate the economy gives
the planned effect (despite
a weakening in industrial applications).

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Air France is losing profitability

Air France is losing profitability because pilots pests

France released
preliminary reports on the results of
third quarter. In the second case
largest airline in Europe are not
very well: her pretty Statistics
spoiled intractable pilots
September's two-week strike
which caused serious damage to the company.

preliminary estimates, strike
He took out of his pocket carrier
about 500 million, 320 million euros including
direct damage (from canceled flights,
eg). The remaining 180 million - mediated
loss (depreciation of stocks, reduced
the number of sales, etc.). thanks
grumpy pilots, income
the company before payment of duties and taxes
excluding depreciation and inflation,
It amounts to 1.7 billion euros, instead of 2,2 billion.
This reporters on a conference call
announced CFO Air
France Pierre-Fran├žois

Let me remind you,
strike of pilots, one of the longest
in the history of Air
France, there was a
about the fact that a group of airlines
He is trying to compete with low-cost airlines
and EasyJet),
its own budget division
restructuring plan, which began
work in 2012 did not help the French
carrier withdraw from unprofitable,
so the company has to look for
other ways to earn. It seemed
It would be a way was found, but he rebelled
avid pilots who ravaged two weeks
native enterprise, requiring conservation
ne_loukosternyh_zarplat and relevant
social guarantees. And to understand them, in general, you can. leadership
the company argues that it is impossible to
develop low cost airlines, spending
on it as much as usual and on. And management can also be understood.

strike - the loss of the holding's profitability

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Head of IMF will perform belly

The head of the IMF will perform a belly dance for US Congress

The head of the International
Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde on Thursday
He said it is ready to do anything
the US Congress adopted its reform. By
She said that he is even willing to perform
belly dance. By the way, the reforms already
G20 leaders approved back in 2010,
and it is still only get
resolution of Congress.

During the discussion on the
TV channel CNN Lagarde said that if
US lawmakers will
finally the bill, it will perform
once a belly dance. Recall that
attempts to reform the fund are
since 2010 and there is no result
Congressional IMF does not have.

project developers
reforms are asked to double the capital of the Fund
up to $ 755 billion, and provide developing
countries more opportunities for
management organization as given to China.
According to the draft, the total size should
be doubled - from 238.4 billion to SDR
476.8 billion SDR, and more than 6% is planned quotas
redistribute the developed countries
developing. As a result, China should
to become the third largest state quota
- a member of the IMF, while Brazil, India, China and
Russia - to become one of the top 10
fund shareholders.

Reforms can not be
accepted until Congress does not approve the
change. At a press conference in 2010
Lagarde was named the reforms "urgent
necessity. " "Everyone knows that in
Currently, we are stuck in Congress
United States, "- she said then.

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Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Source

New Source

Easy to setup and use the adviser for trading in the Forex market. Advisor runs on all major currency pairs, including gold and silver. The EA uses Stop Loss and Take Profit. advisor's job is determining the pulse candle on the hourly "time frame", and mining it with a Fibonacci grid. For this purpose, the range between the levels 100 and 161. Another important factor is the determination of the level of tick volume which is generated by determining the mean value over a number of days.

The counselor option also has the choice of trade on even or odd days.

For each trading instrument is necessary to select the individual settings, such as minimum and maximum hour candles, as well as the level of the average tick volume for a certain number of days. The most profitable tool is a currency pair EURUSD.

customizable settings

  • iBarSize - the minimum size of a candle

  • iBigBar - the maximum size of the candle

  • iLot - starting auction

  • iThresDays - averaging the number of days for the tick volume

  • iThresCoef - extension coefficient tick volume

  • iCheckParity - choice of trading days, even, odd, or all days

  • iDrawdown - deposit minimum value (in%) at which the adviser stops.

New Source

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018



This indicator tracks the market in search of the state of the flat and its subsequent breakout. The flat is determined as the predetermined number of successive bars, on which the price fluctuates in a small range. If one of the following bar closes outside the range, the indicator signals a breakthrough.

LED displays 3 lines: blue - the upper limit of the range of the flat and the subsequent breakout control zone; red - the lower limit of the flat band and subsequent breakout control zone; yellow - the center of the flat band (NOT including control breakout zone). When the bar is in the breakthrough control zone is closed the flat band is outputted the up arrow or down - for this allocated buffer indicator 2 that can be used of the experts.

There are expert MovingFlat, built using the same signals that generates the indicator.


  • FlatDetect - the number of successive bars that form the flat; default - 7;

  • BreakDetect - the number of these bars after the flat area where a breakthrough is monitored; breakthrough signaled, if one of the BreakDetect bars closed out of the current range, formed to the left FlatDetect bars; default - 3;

  • MaxDelta - the maximum range of paragraphs that will be treated as the flat; if on FlatDetect bars range between their highs and lows do not exceed MaxDelta points, it is considered as the state of the flat; default - 250.

It should be noted that the indicator displays "moving" the flat, that is, each additional bar can expand or narrow the range (which is displayed on the left of this bar!) Or cut the flat zone, if the range exceeds MaxDelta. In the process of "motion" from bar to bar indicator may redraw the previous breakout zone fresher ranges of the flat, but once derived signals (arrows) break are always the same. To better understand the process, you can see the display work in the tester in a visual mode.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

US Treasury and Fed Chairman went

US Treasury and Fed Chairman went bankrupt two banks

Today, 13 October,
will host the event, which conceived
US financial services and the UK.
They will model the collapse of two major
banks to check the readiness
countries to the probable consequences of the financial
crisis. In this unusual experiment
will be attended by US Treasury Secretary
Dzhek Lyu, and the head of the Federal Reserve
Janet Yellen system.

During the experiment,
participants plan "bankrupt"
American bank with a branch in
UK, followed by the British
financial institution with a branch in the United States.

According to the Minister
British Treasury Dzhordzh Osborn,
countries want to make sure that the rescue
major financial institutions and can
without the taxpayers.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

At Gazprom explained decision

At Gazprom explained the decision to leave the tripartite talks on gas

The official representative of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov said "Gazprom" delegation to leave the trilateral gas talks of Russia-Ukraine-EU in Brussels. It is reported by "KommersantFM".

"It will be something to talk about, come back. The European Commission and Ukraine need to adjust a number of issues related to financing. And without this, we continue on in a trilateral format - is meaningless, "- said the representative of" Gazprom "he said. He added that "there is a question related to financing the cash gap that occurs at the" Naftogaz "and its sources of coverage."

Answering the question of whether plans to "Gazprom" in the coming hours to continue the negotiations, Kupriyanov said the company is waiting for the delegation of information "that there is progress on bilateral EU-Ukraine Protocol, and then take off. This can be today. "

Earlier, on October 30, Bloomberg reported that the delegation of "Gazprom" has left the trilateral gas talks of Russia-Ukraine-EU in Brussels and returned to Moscow.

At the same time it was reported that in the first round of negotiations took place in Brussels on the night of Thursday, October 30, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union have not yet managed to agree on gas supplies to Kiev. The head of the Ministry of Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the meeting can continue the evening, provided that Kiev financial guarantees fuel payment.

At the same time, the head of "Gazprom" Alexei Miller said that the talks will resume only if Ukraine agreed with the European Commission on financial guarantees payment of gas supplies. "Accordingly, the meeting, held talks (30 October) only if the Ukrainian side and the European Commission reached an agreement on the bilateral protocols. If such an agreement is not reached, respectively, meeting tomorrow, negotiations will not and no documents will be signed. If an agreement between the European Commission and Ukraine will be reached, respectively, tomorrow you can expect the signing of the three documents ", - said Miller.

So far, he said Novak, Kiev could not provide such guarantees. "This is not about guarantees, but only on the Ukrainian side of the application because, as you know, no written guarantee to us today has not been granted. In this regard, the risks about what will be the means or not, are offset by the prepayment regime. There will be money - will gas ", - he said.

The total debt of Ukraine for Russian gas delivered earlier estimated at five billion dollars. According to the agreements reached at the end of September in Berlin, representatives of the EU, Russia and Ukraine, until the end of the current year "Naftogaz" has to pay 3.1 billion dollars, including two billion - before the end of October. This will allow to resume deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine, which Moscow in June translated into prepaid mode.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Strongest Levels Global Demo

Strongest Levels Global Demo


Strongest Levels Global Demo - demo version analyzer Strongest Levels Global.

Repeated use of the indicator with different settings create a verification system extended support and resistance levels!

The indicator calculates and building levels by the number of bars set by the user. It is recommended to set the number of the golden section Fibonacci (13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, etc.).


The analyzer can be applied only under the following conditions:

  • Financial instrument USDPLN

  • period H1

Strongest Levels Global Demo

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

How to make money on Bitcoin having

How to make money on the Bitcoin (Bitcoin) having in front of him only schedule

Small video about how to make money on Bitcoins having beside him a chart with this tool. Video on how to profitably buy and sell Bitcoins.

By the way, you're ready for the fact that Bitcoin will cost $ 5000 $ -10000 -25000 -50000 $ $ or even $ 100,000?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Crisis rare earth metals China

Crisis rare earth metals: China is losing influence

Investors in the steel sector and some companies can breathe easy. China's control over the world's supply of rare earth metals is significantly weakened, and a threat to the world economy has become less.

In 2010, China produced 97% of rare earth metals on the planet, which are used in the production of many things, from the magnets in your headphones to wind turbines and catalysts for oil refineries.

Then China began to restrict exports in the framework of a political dispute with Japan. World prices for rare earth metals have soared, and the United States rightly feared that this position of China is threatening the economy and even national security.

But the panic was exaggerated. In a new working paper of the Council on Foreign Relations, a former Pentagon adviser Eugene Gols explains that all the fears about the crisis did not materialize.

Shortly after the export restrictions, other countries have begun to rapidly deploy its own production or looking for ways to reduce dependence on metals. As a result, China's control of the market has decreased significantly.

The Rise and Fall of the rare earth crisis

Prices soared in 2010, when China has restricted the export of metals such as neodymium, dysprosium and cerium. But within two years, prices have begun to fall, and the panic subsided.

What happened? It was affected by three factors at once.

COUNTRY began to mine rare earth metals

Other countries have begun to develop their own reserves of metals. The key point is that, despite the name, rare earth metals are not so rare. In the twentieth century, the main producers of these metals were Brazil, India, the USA and South Africa.

In the 1980s, China has massively increased production, displacing competitors. This was done due to the almost complete lack of environmental oversight, as production of metals such highly polluting.

When China began to restrict exports, prices have risen and production has again become profitable.

As a result, the US company Molycorp expand and upgrade old facilities in California, the Australian mining company Lynas opened new facilities in Malaysia. As a result, the proportion of China decreased from 97% to 70% at present.

COMPANY reduce dependence

Many Japanese companies have also started to implement measures to reduce dependence on rare earth metals.

The Hitachi have found ways to use less dysprosium for magnet production in electronics.

Panasonic has developed a method of processing of neodymium from old electrical appliances.


restrictions on exports to China were not fully effective, especially for the heavy rare earths.

Some small Chinese companies have found ways to circumvent the ban, so acute shortage still was not.

However, some Chinese manufacturers have been hit hard by the collapse of prices in 2012

"rare earth panic" It was too bloated

China to restrict exports in order to put pressure on Japan, but the country has managed to reduce its dependence, so among the victims themselves, the Chinese authorities have lost the real levers of pressure due to too aggressive policy.

The US is also quite successfully coped with the restrictions in the short term, although there have been concerns that can threaten the production of armaments.

The market will settle all the problems and did it very quickly, which is an excellent example of what politics should not succumb to the pressure and act too quickly against the background of commodity risks

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Pointers Dual Strategy

Pointers Dual Strategy

Trading strategy trading is extremely important. Usually, we use either the short or long-term strategy. Each of the species potentially profitable, but why not use both at the same time? It gives the opportunity adviser Pointer's Dual Strategy. Advisor can use each individually or strategies at a time, creating a combined strategy. Select the desired strategy, and the robot will do the rest.


  • Strategy - select the desired strategy.

    • Shortterm_only - only short-term.

    • Longterm_only - only the long-term.

    • Dual - combined.

Capital Management

Advisor has advanced money management system. You can choose between fixed or dynamic lot size per trade. In the latter case, the lot size increases with the account balance and equity. It is possible to protect the capital.

  • Shortterm Basic Volume - number of lots in the short term.

  • Longterm Basic Volume - number of lots in the long run.

  • Volume calculation - control the amount of funds invested:

    • Per transaction - a fixed number of lots in each transaction.

    • Per 1000 account currency Balance - the amount of each transaction depends on the current account balance and is calculated as follows: the basic amount of the account balance * / 1000.

    • Per 1000 account currency Equity - amount of each transaction depends on the current account and the equity is calculated as follows: the basic amount of equity * Accounts / 1000.

    • Per 1000 USD - the amount of each transaction depends on the current account balance, expressed in USD, and is calculated as follows: the basic amount of the account balance * (in USD) / 1000.

    • Per 1,000 USD Equity - volume of each transaction depends on the current account equity expressed in USD, and is calculated by the formula: base volume * equity account (USD) / 1000.

  • Capital Protection - means covered by capital protection system.

If you use multiple copies of the advisor each can have its capital protection. Parties to the transaction under the protection did not fall.

While we have made every effort to protect the capital, in rare cases, such as price gepah, the size of the invested capital may fall below the established limit.

Pointers Dual Strategy

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Central Bank of Russia has reduced

Central Bank of Russia has reduced the value of the dollar and euro

The Bank of Russia
I set the official dollar exchange rate and
euro on 1 November (on public holidays and
Wednesday, November 5). Dollar lowered to 1.5
rub. -. To 41.96 rubles, the euro has lost almost 2
rub. - 52.72 rbl.

In the same time,
during today's currency trades
the dollar and the European single
Currency grow significantly. Now, for example,
pair USD / RUB traded
at around 43,022, EUR / RUB -
at 53.890.

ruble is not
managed to "defend" yesterday fastening
position. Now the value of currency
the basket is formed at the level of 47.0722 rubles.
Plus an additional reason for the change
courses were the results of the meeting
Central Bank of the Russian Federation today, which announced
raising the key rate to 9.50% per annum.

It is also important
the fact that the foreign exchange market, in fact,
ignored the news - even though,
seemingly, it was supposed to be
a good impetus for the national currency.
Yes, there was very little movement down
in a pair USD / RUB, but it is immediately returned
back, dollar "you bought". Among
Analysts have the opinion that the market is
increasingly unpredictable - he
like the Wild West, he lives by his own rules
and very little responds to something other than

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Hysteresis for MT4

Hysteresis for MT4

This indicator determines the market regimes based on the channel moving average of the highs and lows. When the system is in a bullish mode, the channel is growing, and vice versa for the bear market. The purpose of channel selection instead of a simple moving average is to obtain advantages in terms of reduction in hysteresis and spurious signals from the range of values ​​to a shift mode to bullish to bearish.

Hysteresis - a natural phenomenon, which manifests itself in magnetism, elasticity, and cell division control theory (e.g., thermostat). In these systems manifest dependence ways in which the current state is dependent on the way in which this condition has been reached. The system has a memory, and the consequences of the current changes will be felt only after a certain delay or or exceeding the range. Many believe that the market also needs time to respond to new information, and that this response occurs, taking into account the recent history of the market. Filter market regime requires that the price closed below the minimum channel before switching to a bearish mode.

interpretation of values

  • When the price is above the indicator value, the market is bullish and the need to look for opportunities to go long.

  • When the price is below the indicator value, the market is bearish and the need to consider the possibility of opening a short position.

Indicator Hysteresis is primarily intended for use as a trend filter in combination with other strategies or indicators. For example, you can use the Value Chart indicator in conjunction with the indicator Hysteresis. When Hysteresis indicates that the market is bullish, consider only the possibility of opening of long positions and use the Value Chart indicator to determine the temporary setbacks and vice versa for the bear market.

Hysteresis for MT4

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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Trajecta SpeedMap NZD

Trajecta SpeedMap NZD

What happens when you combine a trade market experience and intuition with the algorithm implemented in the form of visual maps?

In our opinion, the best strategies are, when traders see what other traders do not see. The concept of visual maps is to provide a new commercial vision and ideas that you can better see the market and trading strategies.

From quantity to quality: New trading technology every time provide more quantitative information. But the basic idea of ​​this indicator for MetaTrader 5 is the opposite: to create quality maps based on force, using some of the basic algorithms in our laboratory, and the rest will be the great power of quantitative analysis and intuition.

Trajecta SpeedMap NZD

The main difference from Trajecta ForceMap card - this algorithm for determining the velocity information showing strong trends upward (perekuplennost) and down (pereprodannost).

Description of the indicator

In the interpretation of the indicator is no strict scientific theory, and you can use it in conjunction with other indicators - in any case, the logic card algorithm is in the colors of bullish and bearish scenarios on the chart as opposed to simple indicators that portray the lines and / or histogram.

It is important to determine the best time frame (in display settings) and the financial instruments that you trade

Attention: this is a demo version of the product Trajecta SpeedMap, which only works with couples NZD.

Examples of visual information at trade analysis and decision support on the basis of this indicator:

  • volatility: large areas may mean more volatility.
  • Lateral movement: mixing different colors can mean no trend in the market.
  • The strength of the trend: one color indicator may indicate the nature of the market trend.
  • discrepancy: beginning of a new color can mean the difference in the market and the beginning of a new trend.
  • Risk: be careful with unusual formats of cards, because they can mean risky situation on the market.
  • cycles: conventional card formats may mean a cyclical market scenario.
  • scenarios: card template formats can mean a normal market scenario.
  • Correlation: template card formats two characters may indicate the possibility of trading the pair.
  • combinations: combinations of colors rising and falling trend (new color) may indicate lateral movement of the market or a change in trend in the lateral movement. 
  • Support and resistance: white areas (colorless) can mean from weak to strong areas of support and resistance.

display Setting

You can use this tool on any financial indicator and / or timeframe in MetaTrader 5 and create your own setting of the input parameters:

  • Period: primary analysis period indicator (default: 120)
  • Up Trend Color Map: select the color of the growing trend for cards
  • Down Trend Color Map:  Select a color for the falling trend charts

about the author

This indicator developed Rogerio Figurelli (Rogerio Figurelli), scientist and researcher of quantitative and algorithmic trading solutions. 

About Trajecta

Company Trajecta delivers quantitative and algorithmic trading solutions to global investors, always trying to provide the level of innovation and results that no other quantitative system can not provide (Full list of Trajecta Labs products on the Market and Signals). 

Trajecta SpeedMap NZD

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Euro jumped to 59 61 rubles today

The euro jumped to 59.61 rubles today

Today, in the area
10:20 MSK on the euro and the dollar grew on
background of falling oil prices Brent.

Near the
the beginning of trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange
Today the value of the euro to 59.61 rubles.
the dollar rose to 47.83.

according to
analysts, yesterday's main event
the day has been a sharp drop in oil prices
Brent, but there was a significant leap down
after the close of trading on the ruble.
Most likely, an attempt to win back the fall
We left on Friday.

Now the pair
EUR / RUB traded at
59.10 rubles, and the pair USD / RUB -. On
mark of 47.41 rubles.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

His ban and it grows stronger

His ban, and it grows stronger

Now the Ukrainian bank made a statement in which equates to the Bitcoin monetary surrogates - cat_id = 80928

Let's not talk about the most delusional statements, the legal status of Bitcoin as a surrogate, the problem in the definitions and other matters, the rake will be the same as that in the statement of the CBR.

The fact remains - the operation is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine (even this is nonsense, if you think about it)))

Despite the statement of the NBU, Bitcoin today shows very good growth.

Perhaps this means that, finally, the time has come to kriptovalyutnye bull markets)

All tuzemuna :)

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Monday, April 9, 2018



LED indicates with different colors, all transactions on your account for better visibility. Under the deals refers to removal, replenishment, profit, bonuses and other operations on your broker account. LED simplifies account management.

Input parameters

  • ShowOnBalanceLine - enable / disable the display of the balance (true / false).

  • ShowDeposit - enable / disable the display of replenishment (true / false).

  • ShowWithdraw - enable / disable removal from the difference value (true / false).

  • ShowProfit - enable / disable the display of the profit from the difference between the value (true / false).

  • ShowLoss - enable / disable the display of the loss from the difference value (true / false).

  • ShowOthers - enable / disable the display of other operations with the difference value (true / false).

  • FromDate - type in the prompt date (string mode) to select the part of the account history. If you leave the parameter blank, the display shows all the data.           

  • Currency - the currency pair when entering displaying profit and loss only for this pair. If you leave the parameter blank, data is displayed for all couples.

  • MagicNo - enter the magic number to view the profit and loss of the specific transaction (most advisors use the magic number to identify their transactions).


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Indicator qAutoActivation - one of the main components of the trade expert panel Trading Chaos Expert. The indicator visually shows on the chart, a trend at the moment takes place in the current timeframe. This indicator first attached to the graphics and the template stored in the shopping complex. It is, he points out some trading signals from the panel of expert trader needs to automate the entry into the market (bullish or bearish).

At the time of a change in trend, this indicator changes the color of the line and at the same time lights illumination timeframe trade panel. If the line of the indicator is red, the market there is a bearish trend. If the indicator line is absent, at a given time frame no definite trend. If the indicator is green line - the trend is up. The indicator shows a good level of support or resistance for the price of candles. As a general rule, at the approach to the price indicator line going to rebound the trend. This demonstrates the strength of the trend.

Detected pattern that is highly probable that causes a change in the trend for any timeframe, where price momentum observed that resulted in the abolition of the first directional movement, and then the change of direction.

How does the pattern change trend

  1. qAutoActivation indicator stops display line and then changes color to the opposite

  2. Generated fractal or a short-term price extremes, which is determined by an indicator Short term extremums

  3. At the time of forming the fractal histogram indicator AO (Awesome Oscillator) passes through a zero line in the direction of the generated fractal

  4. First level of the fractal formed after the color change indicator qAutoActivation, is the most attractive point of entry into the market. At the time of formation of such a fractal business expert panel displays the digit "3" (third sage) are more intense color

  5. Stop loss for the open position located below (above) the opposite fractal located in the previous trending direction. Then, the stop-loss, stop or stop trade turn transferred below (above) the level similar fractal directed in the opposite direction. The distance between these fractals may be mentioned the so-called saddle (Saddle point).

Recommended composition template

  • Trading Chaos Chart

  • Modified Awesome Oscillator

  • Modified Accelerator Oscillator

  • Spread and swap monitor

  • AutoFormat

  • Slider profy

  • Trading Chaos Expert

As well as the indicators presented in the MetaTrader 5 platform by default:

  • gator Oscillator

  • Market Facilitation Index (MFI)


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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trend Runner

Trend Runner

Forget about spending all day in front of his computer, the adviser will help you enter into long-term trends, it will detect the beginning of a new trend, and he will try to get it as much as possible.

Advisor to cut losses as soon as possible, but it will allow you to stay until the end of the trend.

Advisor will sweep your feet to lock your position, but leave plenty of "room for breath", so that the stop will not work because of such close trailing.


It is recommended to have a shift in the market (bullish or bearish), for example, the currency EUR and JPY experienced selling pressure due to quantitative easing for two years (2013), and this is expected to continue for 2 years (2017), so you can use this Advisor for entry into the two big trend.

The adviser is not recommended for Detrended markets, please avoid trade on them.

The adviser should only be used on a daily timeframe.

parameters advisor

  • Winning_Improved - Open more positions in the direction of the trend, when a signal

  • Winning_Rough - View more items in the direction of the trend on the approximate distance

  • Lot1 - lot size for each position that you are willing to trade

  • lot2 - If the first item in the profit, the size of the lot to which you are willing to trade in the following positions

  • Market Bias - If there is a market shift, only allow Buy or Sell
    • bullish- true / false

    • bearish - true / false

  • Breakdistance - after receiving a signal, before proceeding with trade, to wait until the price breaks through the support or resistance levels on a certain number of pips *

  • DistanceBetweenOrders - If one order is already in profit, unlock more items after a certain number of pips *

* The distance is measured in points, not in pips

  • Max_Orders - the maximum number of open orders

Trend Runner

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EURUSD signals decline to 1 2040

EURUSD signals a decline to 1.2040

EURUSD pair opens up new horizons for the decline.

Analyze Monthly, Weekly and Daily 4 1 hour

Monthly graph: pay attention to the moving average,
the current level of 1.2233 and not many are beginning to drop. RSI indicates
strengthening downtrend.

MACD prepares to cross the mark of 0, which indicates
prices continue to decline in readiness lo 1.22 and later to 1.2041.
1.2041 is the level of the fractal, the next fractal which can serve as support
for Eurodollar.

The weekly chart, the situation here suggests continued
EURUSD in a very narrow channel, fractal breakout at 1.24999 says
continuing decline in the level of 1.2440

MACD remains bearish trend.

Moving average MA 233 is dense with MA 55, a break
55 from top to bottom, will mean a strong decline in November.

Daily chart, RSI MACD MA everything points to a continuation of
reduction. As well as the closing day candle on Friday, the last day of October, in the
a sustained break through 1.2499 to 1.2485 in the last trading session. In spite of
no more waste to 1.2525 which could serve as a fixation of profits SHORTS

Intraday trading h4 h1 formed a clear level
consolidation from 1.2508 to 1.2440

Perhaps what the fundamental data will pair
move up to 1.2543 where recommend to set sell orders up to 1.2440
breaks to 1.2233

Recommendations of November, sell (short) at the top 1.25
1.2540 with the aim of 1.2240 and 1.2040

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Assistant Scalper Demo

Assistant Scalper Demo

This version of the advisor Assistant Scalper to verify the functionality of the pair EURUSD.

Assistant Scalper - real helper in trading by scalping simultaneously on several instruments (currency pairs). Minimum settings - maximum control. Advisor alone does not place orders, and for the trader executes the routine work on installing the set values ​​of stop-loss and take-profit and controls the risk / profit for all orders opened by the trader.

Functional advisor Assistant Scalper:

  • Exposes the trader to open market orders stop loss and take profit of the selected instrument.

  • Closes all orders on one instrument in achieving the position of a virtual aggregate profit or loss (mode - Symbol).

  • Closes all orders for all instruments in achieving the position of a virtual aggregate profit or loss (mode - All Positions).

  • It is capable of tracking all orders at once, and the order of the individual traders or other adviser. 

  • All settings are displayed in the dashboard.

  • Toggle tracking mode by pressing the button on the terminal diagram.

  • It shows the profit / loss value of the net position, depending on the tracking mode.

  • It can be paired with any advisor.

  • It works with any currency pair and the digit quotes.

Councilor settings:

Initial mode when initiating expert (false-All Positions)

  • Symbols - enabled by the character control mode.

Parameters of the closing net position

  • VirtualProfit - a virtual profit total position size in the deposit currency, which closed when the warrant.

  • VirtualLoss - the virtual loss of the total position size as a percentage of the deposit, at which orders are closed.

The parameters for the orders

  • StopLoss - The size of set stop-loss in ticks (exposed only for orders set by the trader).

  • TakeProfit - Size is set take profit in ticks (exposed only for orders set by a trader).

 Unique identificator 

  • MagicNumber  - at <0 - control of all orders at 0 - trader control orders, when >0 - control orders advisor.

Other options

  • Slippeg - Slippage in ticks.

  • textColor - The color of the dashboard text.

Setting units of account virtual parameters created by author preferences. You can create a potential buyer adviser preferences if desired. To do this, write a personal message.

Assistant Scalper Demo

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018



In Pipsburger expert's work is based on the analysis of price movements. Closing a position occurs when
the appearance of the opposite signal.

Input parameters

  • Period - the number of bars used for analysis;

  • Lifetime - minimum hold time position in bars;

  • Mode - Expert mode (0-80);

  • Fixed Lot - Lot fixed value;

  • Variable Lot - AC Lot as a percentage of free margin.

The screenshots shows the results of backtesting.
Testing was conducted with EURUSD and timeframe M1 in
mode, the "Every tick" for the period from 01.07.2013 on 10.12.2013. used
fixed lot 0.1 Period value of 60, the value of Lifetime equal to 210, the expert mode 38.


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Monday, April 2, 2018



Indicator displays on the chart Bollinger bands constructed on the basis of the mean-square moving average lines. The screenshots show a standard display (monochrome line) and SqrtBands LED (red and yellow lines) on one and the same time interval. When not very meticulous inspection shows that the second indicator strip located much closer to the low and clearly show its movement.

Item display

  • SqrtPeriod - period rms line and standard deviation.

  • SqrtDev - factor standard deviation

  • SqrtPrice - price type used (drop down list)

  • BarsCount - number of processed bars (reduces loading time when you install and use the chart in the programs).


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Batman Batman Advisor is based on a very simple system that uses ZigZag indicator and breakdown strategy. Transactions are opened only wh...