Monday, April 9, 2018



LED indicates with different colors, all transactions on your account for better visibility. Under the deals refers to removal, replenishment, profit, bonuses and other operations on your broker account. LED simplifies account management.

Input parameters

  • ShowOnBalanceLine - enable / disable the display of the balance (true / false).

  • ShowDeposit - enable / disable the display of replenishment (true / false).

  • ShowWithdraw - enable / disable removal from the difference value (true / false).

  • ShowProfit - enable / disable the display of the profit from the difference between the value (true / false).

  • ShowLoss - enable / disable the display of the loss from the difference value (true / false).

  • ShowOthers - enable / disable the display of other operations with the difference value (true / false).

  • FromDate - type in the prompt date (string mode) to select the part of the account history. If you leave the parameter blank, the display shows all the data.           

  • Currency - the currency pair when entering displaying profit and loss only for this pair. If you leave the parameter blank, data is displayed for all couples.

  • MagicNo - enter the magic number to view the profit and loss of the specific transaction (most advisors use the magic number to identify their transactions).


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