Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Source

New Source

Easy to setup and use the adviser for trading in the Forex market. Advisor runs on all major currency pairs, including gold and silver. The EA uses Stop Loss and Take Profit. advisor's job is determining the pulse candle on the hourly "time frame", and mining it with a Fibonacci grid. For this purpose, the range between the levels 100 and 161. Another important factor is the determination of the level of tick volume which is generated by determining the mean value over a number of days.

The counselor option also has the choice of trade on even or odd days.

For each trading instrument is necessary to select the individual settings, such as minimum and maximum hour candles, as well as the level of the average tick volume for a certain number of days. The most profitable tool is a currency pair EURUSD.

customizable settings

  • iBarSize - the minimum size of a candle

  • iBigBar - the maximum size of the candle

  • iLot - starting auction

  • iThresDays - averaging the number of days for the tick volume

  • iThresCoef - extension coefficient tick volume

  • iCheckParity - choice of trading days, even, odd, or all days

  • iDrawdown - deposit minimum value (in%) at which the adviser stops.

New Source

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