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YPY EA Serena NG PRO - multi-currency trading robot that uses an adaptive strategy skalpingovuyu a quiet market and implement automated trading with the real levels of Take profit and Stop loss.

For each tool used by only one order in trading, which ensures maximum safety trade.

This expert developer adapted for short-term trading under the current market (the last 36 months trading) through regular updates.

Version "PRO" trading robot YPY EA Serena NG (Next generation) It recommended for multi-currency trading on the following instruments: AUDCAD, AUDUSD, EURCHF, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDCHF, GBPAUD, EURAUD, GBPCAD, XAUUSD. timeframe: M15

The cost of renting will be periodically increased along with the growth of return on the developer monitoring.

Key features

  1. Fully automated trading;

  2. No need for optimization;

  3. Easy to use, no extra settings;

  4. Protective levels of real and stoploss takeprofit;

  5. Additional protection against abnormal movements of market prices.

Description of the main expert settings

  • TradeMode = Trade / Pausetrade / Stoptrade:

    • Trade - trade regime;

    • Pausetrade - when this mode is enabled shopping complex continues to support already open orders without finding new entry points with a view to progressively complete the trade on the account;

    • Stoptrade - when this mode is enabled shopping mall immediately exits the trade by closing all its orders.

  • AutoMM - system, which automatically calculates the lot on the size of the free equity, taking into account the deposit currency:

    • Extreme / High / Medium / Low / Minimum - levels of risk;

    • OFF - disables the automatic money management, and allows the user to customize the lot size manually using parameter Lot.

  • Lot - lot size for trading (maximum 10);

  • MinLeverage - the minimum size of the leverage required for the opening of new orders;

  • MinMarginLevel - the minimum level of account margin percentage required for the opening of new orders;

  • Slippage - the maximum allowable slippage at the opening of the order;

  • GMTOffset - this parameter is necessary for each user necessarily set the current shift in hours of your trading server time relative to GMT;

  • MaxDrawdown - the maximum size of the total equity drawdown all of their orders in the currency of the deposit, at which shut down all their orders on all instruments (trade will be automatically restarted on the next trading day).


  • User self-testing, determines the risks and the instruments used for each new version of the expert. It recommended to read the work of expert in the tester terminal and strategies on demo account;

  • It is recommended to always use the most recent version. To update the latest version of the expert's enough to download and install on your schedule instead of the former, all previously open orders will be accompanied by a new version properly;

  • The expert must be installed separately on each graph tradable instrument;

  • of trading conditions Requirements:

    • Any broker c types of ECN accounts, MTF, DMA, NDD from the market performance and thin spreads to the night market;

    • Minimum / Recommended leverage: 1:50 / 1: 200 or more;

    • Minimum / Recommended Deposit: $ 1000 / $ 3000 and above (cents for cent accounts).


IPA Investments LTD - specializes in innovative software development in the field of trading for their own needs, as well as the implementation of corporate objectives.



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