Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Forbes published list of top 20

Forbes published a list of the top 20 largest Russian oil buyers

Rating twenty largest Russian oil buyers on Tuesday introduced the magazine Forbes. The publication said that in drawing up this list, the journalists took into account data on the sales of black gold at the end of last year.

So, here I was the leader of the Swiss company Litasco, Russian Lukoil to buy from 35.8 million tons of oil for a total of $ 13 billion. This is followed by China National United Oil Corporation with import volumes at 26.9 million tons for $ 10.5 million. "Transneft" and "Rosneft" There were partners. Three leaders closes the company Total Oil Trading procurement to 14.5 million tons for the sum of US $ 5.2 billion.

It is also reported that the expectations of the representatives of oil sector on the reduction of raw material production in Russia this year, due to lower prices for black gold is not currently justified. The MED predict output increase by 1% to 540 million tons.

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