Monday, September 5, 2016

Analyst from company ForexMart

Analyst from the company ForexMart (ForeksMart)

13.07. fundamental analysis

The focus today:

  • The index of producer prices in the US

  • Speech by US Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen

Yesterday, the US dollar lost positions before the performance Janet Yellen and finally weakened after. Investors were disappointed in the US currency due to insufficient optimistic position Yellen. Fed chief said that future policy depends on inflation, which at the moment is below the target level. Overall Yellen rejects plans for further rate hikes, but does not insist on them.

The Canadian dollar is updated yearly highs against the US dollar after the Bank of Canada took the expected decision to raise rates by 25 bp. n., and updated forecasts of GDP growth for the next 1.5 years. regulator representatives said that the slowdown in inflation is a temporary phenomenon, and the chairman Tsentrobanka Stiven Poloz has no doubt that the policy of monetary tightening over time will continue.

Australian and New Zealand dollars are also stronger because of rising commodity prices and the US dollar's decline. As commodity currencies were supported at the expense of a good trade and economic statistics from China.

Euro unexpectedly weakened against the US dollar after a speech Dzhanet Yellen, while all other major currencies strengthened. Most likely, this is due to fall in profitability of European bonds and technical factors. Next week will be a meeting of the ECB and, possibly, investors fear that the officials refuse to "hawkish" position.

Pound sterling was also up against the US dollar, supported by good data on the labor market.

Technical analysis of the levels of Pivot 13.07.

Yesterday the pair designated maximum level near 1.15, then gone down to the level of 1.14. Today in the morning was an attempt to develop an upward movement, but it was unsuccessful and the couple is now located a little above the level of 1.14, below the level of Pivot 1,14292. Indicators signal a decrease in pair. If the pair is able to demonstrate growth in the region R1 1,1469, it can test the level of 1.15. If not - we expect decrease in pair in the region S1 1,1371. Support levels: 1.13717, 1.13319, 1.12744. Resistance Levels: 1.14690, 1.15265, 1.15663

Yesterday marked the pound at least 28 June, but recovered quickly and started climbing to 1.29. Today, the pound showed a growth in the region last week's highs. The pair is currently trading near the R1 1,2927. Indicators point to the growth of the pair. Today, the pair is possible in the region of 1.30. Support levels: 1.28326, 1.27745, 1.27376. Resistance Levels: 1.29276, 1.29645, 1.30226

After rising on Tuesday, the yen sharply yesterday tore down to lows of 6 July, and today continued to decline, designating at least in the region of 112.856. RSI is close to oversold levels and now turned up. MACD tends downward. Penetration level S1 112,749 indicate a further reduction pair. Support levels: 112.7490, 112.3180, 111.7150. Resistance Levels: 113.7830, 114.3860, 114.8170

Yesterday the pair broke through the upper boundary of the descending channel and has designated week high of 0.96949, and before that Frank had gone to week lows. Today steam touched S1 0,96157, and then pushed and starts an upward movement. Now the franc is trading at 0.9655, testing the upper limit of the downward range. Today we expect the growth to two-week highs. Support levels: 0.96157, 0.95794, 0.95569. Resistance Levels: 0.96745, 0.96970, 0.97333

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