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RealTrader - trade management tool for the elite and a great investment in your professionalism.

The panel was developed specifically for the management of public accounts and is intended for professional traders (which can easily be considered a huge potential and usefulness of this tool), or those who want to become quickly established.

It is well known: to learn how to trade the forex market, it is necessary first of all to sell. Nothing will ever replace your experience and trade with RealTrader bring you a lot of fun and will help to better understand the market.

With RealTrader panel you always have the right to make mistakes due to the convenient mass transaction management. You just need to drag and drop a line in the chart, and Take Profit of all transactions in the direction immediately set to the desired level, and you will know exactly what your profit potential at this level throughout the bulk of transactions. You can also in a special box on the chart set the desired profit in the deposit currency or as a percentage of the deposit and RealTrader immediately set the Take Profit at the right level for the mass of open trades in the direction of.

Draw arbitrary lines on the graph is an excellent technical analysis tools, and the ability to automatically trade on these lines makes RealTrader simply an indispensable tool in the trade. Analyze the market, select the type of transaction, draw a line of any length and any angle (build a canal or any figure of the selected lines Buy and Sell), and when the price touches the line, open the desired transaction necessary volume and with given your Take Profit and Stop Loss. When RealTrader will need to trawl your profits.

Skilled merchants often use levels pivot, support and resistance as well as so-called psychological (round) levels, so for maximum efficiency and user convenience in RealTrader built appropriate indicators, display which can enable or disable the buttons on the panel. There is also a convenient indicator of the separation of days of the week.

All main trading parameters are adjusted directly on the chart.

The simplicity, speed, and the clarity of trade management are the main advantages of this panel, so it is feasible and comfortable multi-currency trading.

Parameters, which are regulated in the chart

  • Lot - static lot size;

  • Percent - dynamic lot size, depends on the balance;

  • Distance - distance of pending orders;

  • LifeTime - lifetime of pending orders;

  • SL, TP - starting values ​​for single transactions;

The values ​​of mass Take Profit in both directions:

  • price Profit - the price at which TP is established for all transactions directions;

  • Profit $ - enter the desired amount of profit, and calculate RealTrader TP for all transactions directions;

  • Profit% - specify the required% profit, and calculate RealTrader TP for all transactions directions.

Input parameters

  • SpreadLimit - setting the maximum spread for opening transactions;

  • SlipNorm - Slip controller;

  • MagicNumber - transaction identifier;

  • orderstop (RealStops, VirtualStops) - real / virtual mass TP;

  • Length of Breakeven / Trailing (0-Off) - bezubytka length;

  • Breakeven - plus bezubytka;

  • Step of Trailing (0-Off) - Trailing Stop step.
  • Setup Grider Levels - setochnika setting. There are five levels
    accompanying pending orders, which can be configured as
    anything. With the active checkbox Grider on the panel, each transaction is open
    panel accompanied pending orders given here.
    Accompanying pending orders can be anything for anyone
    directions. Directions operate independently.

Since the panel is semi-automatic, testing is recommended only in the visualization mode. Drawing lines is not working in the tester.

I will be glad to consider the wishes of customers to improve the panel and make the agreed changes. Write to the PM.


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