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Mt5 Classic PivotPoints

Mt5 Classic PivotPoints

There are various ways to configure Classic Pivot Points indicator. If you prefer to trade manually and graphics without unnecessary items, you can adjust the display so that it only drew pivots for the current session. Or if you develop a Counselor who uses pivots, the indicator can be configured to display historical pivot.

Another feature of this indicator is that you can set the start of counting the daily pivot. Instead of counting the pivot with the usual time period between 00:00 and 23:59, you can set its start time counting for each day. For example, if you select 17:00 as the start time indicator will count reversals in view of the bar opened at 17:00, as this will be the time of opening the afternoon session, and the bar at 16:59 (the next day) as the bar closing of the day.

It is possible to show / hide the pivot values ​​in the data window.

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • SetTimeFrame - setting a timeframe, which will go counting pivot.

  • ShowValuesInDataWindow - dependent on the true or false in this parameter is governed by mapping historical reversal values ​​in the data window (true - display, false - hide).

  • ShowMedians - (True / false) parameter is valid only if the supplied ShowHistoricalIndicatorValuesOnChart parameter value false; at a value between the true values ​​and the pivot support and resistance levels median line drawn.

  • UseCustomStartTime - (True / false) should be aware that this property is valid at installation SetTimeFrame on the daily timeframe.

  • StartTime - enter the start time in the specified format, ie hh: mm; parameter value is valid only when a true UseCustomStartTime parameter.

  • ShowHistoricalIndicatorValuesOnChart - (YES / NO) for the parameter selection display of historical values ​​pivot on the graph. Set to NO to display pivots for the current session.

  • pcolor - choice of colors pivot.

  • scolor - choice of color support levels.

  • rcolor - selection of resistance levels of color.

  • medianscolor - color selection of median values.

NB. Note that the value set StartTime must comply with the discovery of any bar on the current chart. For example, you can not set StartTime 17:30, if the indicator is applied to the hourly chart in the absence of a bar, which opens at this time on this chart.

Mt5 Classic PivotPoints

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