Friday, September 16, 2016

EURUSD waiting two important m

EUR / USD: waiting two important meetings


according to published
According to today, the trade balance in the euro area deteriorated in February for the year (20.2
billion euros against 21.2 billion in the previous month). Along with other
previously given macro data, this confirms the deterioration
economic and trade conditions and can add arguments in favor of further
QE program of expansion in the euro area.

prices in the Euro zone, released yesterday, showed in March, a zero annual growth.
Released earlier in the week on industrial production data were also
negative, worse than forecast in February and showed a gain of negative dynamics
(-0.8% vs. 0.7%). ECB's efforts to inflation and
support the euro area economy, remain ineffective, which could give
European Central Bank more determined additional expansion
the program of quantitative easing in the Eurozone. As repeatedly stated earlier
key representatives of the ECB's management, if the prospects deteriorate,
"reduction in interest rates will be one of the possible options". at
This even mentioned the famous statement of the former head of the Federal Reserve Bernanke
"dumping money from a helicopter".

next weekend the important events (meeting of G20 and meeting
representatives of the largest oil-producing shit in Doha), the EUR / USD could to
Monday to remain in a narrow corridor between the levels 1.1285, 1.1240. However, due to the unpredictability
results of the meeting and the decisions taken, it is recommended towards the end of the trading day to close
trading positions.

EURUSD waiting two important m

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