Thursday, September 8, 2016



This indicator support / resistance levels, rather than buy / sell. If there is reliable evidence of price action (for example, derived indicators Holy Trinity
Prices, Peaker or any other), and to determine the most likely direction of prices, the indicator displays the support / resistance levels at which the price of the pre-correction during retrace.

As shown by the historical data, the indicator shows the timely correction of the point, so the value of the indicator must be selected carefully.

  • Father Period - the number of bars from which starts the calculation of the maximum price (for bullish trend) or minimum (for bearish).
  • Son Period - the number of bars in the interval. Used in conjunction with
    Father Period for determining the maximum and minimum range.
  • Holy Spirit - percentage or fractional value is multiplied price difference of maximum and minimum values ​​within the set of the first two parameters. It allows you to fix the price levels, which displays the Fibonacci levels.


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