Friday, July 29, 2016

Rules of my trading strategy

The rules of my trading strategy

General provisions

Working hours
Hours: The first transaction not earlier 12:00 Moscow time. Last, permitting volatility may be about 20:30.

Before you start working, shower breakfast, everything. Further included terminal and 15 minutes look at the chart. After the spent on a warrant transaction 15 to 30 minute break in the opposite direction do not take the deal. If somewhere waste (lunch), then return the transaction did not immediately open, watching 15 minutes.
The trading time is nothing new to write!
Opened trade - doderzhi to order! Which I would not have opened, even if it was a mistake.

indicator profiles
Bollinger Bands - 24, 2
RSI - 5 (85/15)

trading interval
M1, M2, M3 - Schedule hanging on the M1.


capital controls
A stop order is always 3%.
Profit-order: Standard is set 1 / 1.9. Profit not to touch.
Hold the position until operation of one of the warrants.
Wait for the correction. Profit from the goal a little closer.



Flat divergence (peaks in the chart are for oscillator divergence koterdvizhenie not long trend)
Brokeback divergence (peaks on the graph - the discrepancy on the oscillator allowed equal peaks - 85/15 koterdvizhenie not long trend) - for both divergence: if the signal candle absorption, only two candles.

Pinbar of resistance (tape, resistance outset)
Pinbar the level (feed, level, sideways)

Tailed tadpole (departure for resistance tailed top, snatch a candle outset, only the sale)
Tadpole - veil (departure for the resistance, the veil, the jerk one candle outset, only the sale)
Retreat from the level (the level of the tape, the absorption of 2-3 candles, sideways)

A retreat from the tape (the level is not required for the removal of the tape a strong move, meditation, candle strong return to the channel. Trend sideways)


Key points of entry points

1. Divergence
At the first peak of the flight of the tape - always, without interpretations. Departure sharp jerk 2-3 candles.

2. Pinbar
There is a strong movement against it. Outset. no trend

3. Tadpole
Lateral movement. Schedule somewhere in the middle of the screen. No uplink.

4. End of the level.
Absorption 2-3 small candles one marubotsu. Lateral movement. No uplink.

5. End of the tape.

Candlestick combination with a pit in the middle.


Reversal levels for setups № 3,4,7

1. Hump layer (formed steer market forms a mound)
2. Mirror level (level have losses or formed hillock or spike after lights out on the level of breakdown on the back side)
3. Separately growing spike (formed large, sudden tail)

================================================== ================================================== =

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

ChannelTrend MT5

ChannelTrend MT5

Indicator ChannelTrend - is a trading system that allows you to analyze the market in terms of several aspects of technical analysis. The first of them - a price channel, which is being built in an automatic mode and enables the trader to see the main direction of the price movement. It also makes it possible to analyze the market with the help of channel strategy (the breakdown and release from the channel line).

Block 2 - a SAR system that provides general information about micromovements on the market and this is a confirming signal to the shooter.

Unit 3 - is the main unit, it displays an arrow, which you need to enter and exit trades. These signals are good that they are not kept in small movements, and point directly at a large and long-lasting trend.

Enter into transactions for this indicator is very simple. If there was a hand up and under the curve following are yellow, it means entering up. If there were purple circles and a down arrow, then enter down.


  • period - during the emergence of the arrows

  • showSar - Parabolic Sar show or not

  • Steps - a step for the Parabolic SAR

  • Maximum - a maximum of Parabolic SAR

  • NumBars - the number of candles on which the indicator is calculated

  • channel_width - channel width ratio

  • CountBars - suppositories for calculating the number of channels

  • Applied_price - type of prices to calculate the indicator

  • SoundOn - Sound Alert

  • EmailAlert - Sound Alert

  • MobileAlert - Sound Alert

The indicator is not redrawn. If an arrow appears at a certain place, where it remains.

ChannelTrend MT5

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News Speed ​​Advisor written for EURUSD M1 trading on news output, changing the settings can be probyvat other currency pairs and time periods of testing, uses five-digit katirovki.

When the market starts rapid price movement, counselor begins to enter the market in the course of these movements on the signal integral indicator, the best results were at the output of important news when the price moves in one direction. Recommended trade time with the arrival of the European session and the end of the US, with low volatility in the market day is advisable to use only on the major news outlet.

using the feature ReverseSignal you can turn the alarm strategy.

Integrated stop function return to the place after a slip, slip on the last example screenshot., When a situation like this function tries to return to the stop in place during installation ukaznoy warrant.

The number of transactions in the strategy tester, a demo account real account is almost identical, the result depends on: the size of the spread, slippage, Level Stop Level and broker execution speed.

Available settings:

  • MoneyManagement - Using a dynamic Lot

  • MaximumRisk - fixed lot

  • OpenLong - To set orders to buy

  • OpenShort - Install sell orders

  • MagicNumber - identifier orders

  • StopLoss - mounted stop

  • TakeProfit - installed profit

  • MaximumSpreadOpen - The maximum possible spread to install order

  • MaximumSpeadDelete - When this value is exceeded, the spread is not triggered warrant removed

  • OrderPrice - The distance from the installation of a warrant price

  • MaximumOrdersCount - The maximum possible total number of simultaneous orders (-1) is any

  • MaximumOrdersBuy - The maximum number of simultaneous buy orders, (-1) is any

  • MaximumOrdersSell - The maximum number of simultaneous sell orders, (-1) is any

  • Breakeven - Using without loss

  • LevelProfit - The level of profit in points

  • LevelWLoss - installation level without loss of points

  • TrailingStop - The use of trawl stop function

  • TSProfit - trawl work zone, YES-trawls only profit, NO-trawl with loss

  • TStop - The level of profit in points

  • TStep - step rate in paragraphs

  • TimeFrame - The time period of the signal

  • DistanceMarket - Removal from the market to enhance the signal-value greater-less transactions, greater profitability

  • SignalBar - With a bar take the signal-current 0, 1 closed before running

  • MATrendFilter - Use a filter on the transactions MovingAverage *
  • MATrendTimeFrame - The time period MovingAverage

  • MATrendPeriod - period MovingAverage

  • MATrendShift - shift MovingAverage
  • MATrendMethod - MovingAverage method

  • ExpertTime - Using the trading function of time

  • TimeOpen - Start trading time counselor

  • TimeClose - ending time advisor to trade

  • ReverseSignal - Coup strategy signal

  • TradeOneBar - Trade several times in one bar

  • DoCloseBar - The signal is checked at the close of the bar or after the opening of the new

  • Breakdown - Signal is activated without waiting for the closing of the current bar

  • Sound - Use sounds

  • PrintEnable - Print log

  • AllMessages - Log all messages

  • DisplayTable - Conclusion on the graph of the data window

  • cl ... - color settings

  • Sound .... - sound settings

* The filter is based on MovingAverage: SMMA, if the price (Bid) above Hight only purchase price (Ask) below the Low sales only.


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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In California there was explosion

In California, there was an explosion at the largest in the state refinery

In California, there was an explosion at the largest in the state refinery companies Tesoro, said local authorities. As the Air Force, the company, located in Carson, exploded oil storage tank. Then the fire started. Witnesses said that after the explosion in the air there was a chemical cloud.

The Los Angeles Times published on its website a video with footage from the blast site. It can be seen scattered structural elements adjacent to the damaged tank which continued to smoke. The city was able to observe. At the explosion site emergency services arrived. Sheriff's Department called on people in the 40-kilometer zone around the explosion, stay indoors.

The Tesoro companies can not be called the cause of the incident, reports Assoshiyeted Press. A company representative assured that the company monitors the air quality. While Tesoro found no dangerous excess levels of toxins in it.

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Sarkozy said need to phase out

Sarkozy said the need to phase out anti-Russian sanctions

French ex-President Nikolya Sarkozi said on the need to gradually abolish the anti-Russian sanctions. As it became known to agency AFP, before his departure to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum politician suggested the need for positive steps between Moscow and the European Union.

"Such could be gradual and reciprocal lifting of sanctions, and reciprocal steps on both sides," - said Sarkozy.

He stressed that Europe does not want another Cold War, it is not necessary to reinvent the "iron curtain".

At the same time, despite the public criticism of the US decision to deploy missile defense in Europe, Sarkozy stressed that his feelings for the American people are friendly.

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Monday, July 25, 2016



Altitude - indicator showing distance moving average of the current price in points. A simple but effective tool! Altitude indicator can be used in manual trading, and embedded in the expert.

He is represented by ?? in the form of a histogram in which you can change the color for positive and negative results. The indicator can also display the standard deviation of its values ​​in a line graph.

  • positive results when the moving average is above the price.

  • The results are negative, when the moving average is below the price.

Automated trading

To use the automated trading indicator buffer type double:

  1. MA above the price (always positive) - buffer 0.

  2. MA below the price (always negative) - 1 buffer.

  3. Standard deviation indicator (always positive) - 2 buffer.

  4. Note that Zero - always empty.

Input parameters

  1. MAPeriod - period moving average.

  2. MAMethod - averaging method:

    • MODE_SMA - 0.

    • MODE_EMA - 1.

    • MODE_SMMA - 2.

    • MODE_LWMA - 3.

  3. MAAppliedTo - used price:

    • PRICE_CLOSE - 0.

    • PRICE_OPEN - 1.

    • PRICE_HIGH - 2.

    • PRICE_LOW - 3.

    • PRICE_MEDIAN - 4.

    • PRICE_TYPICAL - 5.


  4. ShowStdDev mapping line standard deviation can be set to True, and False.

Altitude indicator developed by Hilton Global LLC.


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Friday, July 22, 2016

Surprises from Aussie

Surprises from Aussie

trading on the foreign exchange market had been very volatile and controversial
character: the first EUR / USD I was able to restore the position and
thanks to strong data on the German labor market, and due to favorable
the dynamics of cross-country EUR / GBP. However, with the onset of the US session, the entire
growth came to nothing. As a result, the pair from the highest 1.1173 rolled back to
1.1130. Meanwhile, GBP / USD in the morning I got under sell all
the same unfavorable polls by the British referendum. From high 1.4725
the pair went to 1.4530.

markets showed a moderately positive dynamic, receiving support from
individual stocks. Brent after some hesitation still managed to close
day above 50.00 dollars. / bbl. The precious metals market silver and gold
continued to suffer losses.

Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Thursday, July 21, 2016



Morgan Expert - is not an automatic trading robot. It has no built-in trading strategies. The sole purpose of this report is the execution of transactions through the pending orders on the basis of any object on the graph: trend and horizontal lines or equidistant channels. In addition to the direct execution of the breakdown of transactions, he also performs the transaction to roll back, if you suddenly missed the point of breakdown.

The main advantage of Morgan is its ability to install and configure the pending orders in accordance with the graphical object drawing, including objects that have a slope. This makes it easy to execute transactions for such popular patterns like a triangle (ascending, descending and equilateral), channel, flag, rectangle, head and shoulders, double top, etc.

Level Break is defined as a simple touch. Morgan will not wait until the price closes above / below this line. He will put the pending orders to be executed when the price touches the first of these levels.

There are a number of input parameters that govern the work of the expert. But it can also be run immediately after installation on schedule and add graphics objects with the appropriate names. After that, the schedule objects can move freely. Expert will continue to recognize their position and accordingly change the parameters of the order. By default, the expert puts your current status in the comments of schedule.

Since graphics objects are drawn at the Bid price, expert adjusts the levels of entry, stop-loss and take-profit, adding the current value of the spread when the Ask price must be used. This action turns off the input parameters that are sent to the trading server by reducing the amount of the modified orders.

Morgan can count the size of the position based on the input parameters, the level of stop-loss and balance / surplus funds account, which is very similar to the position size calculator for MetaTrader. You can disable this feature and set a fixed size for the position of an expert.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Nepererisovyvayuschiysya indicator Zigzag fun to work on the Forex market.

The indicator is a series of trend lines by means of which connect the base and significant peaks on the chart. The indicator of the minimum price change determines which is the percentage of the price should move to a new line has been formed.

It is eliminated by means of the indicator the changes in the chart to be analyzed, which is below a predetermined value. Technical indicator Zigzag Luck filters minor price fluctuations. It can serve as a useful complement to other technical analysis indicators. Zigzag indicator reflects the fun on the chart a series of lines that connect between the peaks and troughs of the price movement, and shows where you can buy and where to sell!

Main advantages of the indicator Zigzag Luck:

  • Very easy to use, enough to hang on a price chart.

  • Nepererisovyvayuschiysya algorithm indicator compared to standard LEDs!

  • Shows where to buy and where to sell (red cross indicates where to sell, and the blue - where to buy).

  • It works on all instruments!

  • Automatic adjustment to a job market!


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Aero Trailed

Aero Trailed

The program itself does not open warrant. (In test mode opens a random order to render the work)

This tool is designed to help traders trading manually and using Trailing Stops. The utility allows you to drag the stop-loss of open positions on the selected algorithm.

The program allows you to use one of the seven algorithms (moving average, fractals, SAR, ATR, the movement of a candle, profit and points) to determine the trend. It is also possible to specify bezubytka level to move the stop-loss positions.

Open positions can filter by magic number. It works with any time frames and pairs.

Information panel allows you to view trend MA indicators, RSI and CCI on all timeframes.


TRAIL_SETUP - Trailing

  • Trailing method - trailing method, one of the seven algorithms (moving average, fractals, SAR, ATR, the movement of a candle, profit and points);

  • Distance in pips - distance to start trailing in points;

  • Trail Step in points - Step trailing in points;

  • Minimal profit in points - minimum profit in points;

  • Use breakeven - use breakeven, true / false;

  • Use Virtual Trailing Stop - use the virtual trailing stop, true / false.


  • Timeframe for indicator - indicator for the selected timeframe;

  • MA period for MA Method - period moving average;

  • Mode for MA Method - the moving average method;

  • Price for MA Method - price moving average;

  • SAR Step for SAR Method - SAR indicator step;

  • SAR Maximum for SAR Method - the maximum SAR;

  • ATR period for ATR Method - period ATR indicator;

  • Percent of profit Method - Profit as a percentage of the balance sheet for closing orders.

RSI_Setup - RSI settings

  • Fast Period - a period of rapid RSI;

  • Slow Period - a period of slow RSI;

  • Price - RSI price.

CCI_Setup - CCI settings

  • Fast Period - a period of rapid CCI.

  • Slow Period - a period of slow CCI.

  • Price - the price of CCI.

MA_Setup - setting the moving average

  • Fast Period - a period of rapid moving average;

  • Slow Period - period of slow moving average;

  • Mode - mode moving average;

  • Price - Price MA.

OTHER_SETUP - other settings

  • Show Info panel - show the dashboard, true / false;

  • Show Trade panel - Trade show panel, true / false;

  • Show Trend panel - show information panel on the trend, true / false;

  • Font Color of Info - font color;

  • Background Color of Info - the background color of the panel;

  • Corner of Info Panels - angle information panel location (left or right);

  • Magic number filter - magic number to filter orders.

Test on a demo account before using a live account.

Trade is associated with risk. You trade at your own risk.
Aero Trailed


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Monday, July 18, 2016

Currency market ruble will grow

Currency market. The ruble will grow 2 weeks

The ruble is now trying
consolidating below 59.00, touching the mark of 58.90, but fell back, returning to the area

Currency market ruble will grow

Now, nearing the traditional period of strengthening
Ruble - tax payments peak usually in the third decade of the month. And this
time exporters are already beginning to prepare rubles.

Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Labor market is mixed Fed Cards

The labor market is mixed Fed Cards

indices experienced a difficult week. Moderate positive at the beginning after the
US statistics was replaced by an impressive decline, but the closure of
US indices were able to recover some of the losses. As a result,
Dow Jones decreased by 0.34%. NASDAQ
lost symbolic 0,13%. German DAX 30 fell to 1.75%, even
despite the fact that the outcome of the ECB Mario Draghi made it clear that
If necessary, the regulator is ready to go for additional stimulus.
Index nudged down to dramatically strengthen the euro. From the strengthening of the national
currency and the Japanese suffered Nikkei. The benchmark ended the week with
the result of -3.52%.

data on labor market and business activity in the US service sector weakened position
the dollar across the board. The strongest growth has shown a couple NZD / USD,
Add 3.81%. But the kiwi were their own cause in the form of index growth
confidence in the business community to + 11.3% versus + 6.2% and the index of conditions
trade. USD / JPY fallen by 3.41%, down to the level of 106.52. Even
Russian ruble could grow to US currency, in spite of the vague
the dynamics of oil. Couple USD / RUB losing 0.44%.

crude oil Brent
It ended the week below $ 50.00. Following the results of five-day losing energy source
0.56%, including under the influence of the lack of action on the part of OPEC quotas.
Precious metals were able to recover part of the losses incurred earlier.
The key factor of support were weak data from the United States, that change
expectations for the Fed's monetary policy, at least for the next month.
Gold (XAU / USD) increased by 2.61%. Silver (XAG / USD)
It added 1.05%.

Continued on site GK FOREX CLUB

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Margin requirements in AlfaForeks

Margin requirements in AlfaForeks in Breksa

In general, alpha-Forex is also suggested an increase in margin requirements. I turn all advisers like and there is a market, and it seems as though no time. On the eve of Alpari more confidently informed about their increase. Alfa-Forex in this regard sort and can take action and sort of can not take, or how much to increase did not say anything - squeezes boobs. By the way, they wrote me a couple of days ago in the Saporta that no margin requirements do not change on Breksa. In general, the week of the trade out. I'll write something for market or kodebeys.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016



The indicator shows a favorable entry points into the market by the arrows. Can be used for pipsing on small periods, and for the long-term trade.

Item display

  • Count bars - the number of bars that are used to render the indicator. The optimum value 500..1000. Councilor for this value can be reduced to 1 to speed up the optimization and testing

  • Indicator period - indicator calculation period in bars, from 0 to 100

  • Deviation, 0..100 - deflection coefficient from 0 to 100

  • Filter period - period of the filter in bars, from 1 to 50

  • Filter applied price - price used is selected from the list

  • Filter level (50-100) - Filter level, from 50 to 100

  • Filter Shift - filter buffer offset, default 0

  • Only completed bars - choice of employment only on closed bars or considered null and also

  • Arrow vertical shift - distance from the arrow to Extremum bar

  • Up arrow color - the color of the up arrow

  • Down arrow color - color srelki down

  • arrow size - arrow size

  • Allow alerts globally - enables or disables the sending of notifications and alerts

  • Pop-up alert - Alert allows the terminal with the appearance of the arrow

  • Play sound - It enables playback of sound with the appearance of the arrow

  • Sound file - sound file must be located in the%% terminal directory \ Sounds or subdirectory

  • Send e-mail - allows sending messages by e-mail when a arrow

  • Send push notification - allows sending notifications to your mobile with the appearance of the arrow

Example of a list of parameters for a peredachi iCustom

input int drawbars = 10000; // Count bars
input int P = 5; // Indicator period
input int K = 5; // Deviation, 0..100
input int cper = 4; // Filter period
input ENUM_APPLIED_PRICE cpr = PRICE_CLOSE; // Filter applied price
input int lim = 70; // Filter level (50-100)
input int csh = 0; // Filter Shift
// rest of the parameters can not pass, they have to adjust the display indicator is attached to the chart

EXAMPLE call from the EA at the 1st bar

double dc1 = iCustom (_Symbol, 0, "DreamCatcher_v2.500release", drawbars, P, K, cper, cpr, lim, csh, 0,1); // first buffer - arrow
double dc2 = iCustom (_Symbol, 0, "DreamCatcher_v2.500release", drawbars, P, K, cper, cpr, lim, csh, 1,1); // second buffer - down arrow

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amazing Channel

Amazing Channel

Advisor using mathematical strategies without the use of indicators. The first transaction is opened when the price touches or exceed the level of the price channel. Price channel is based on the price at a distance of n and is modified by a timer in seconds. If the price did not manage to touch the upper or lower channel level or cross it over a given period of time, the transaction does not open and the price channel is modified. Recommended minimum deposit 1000 USD. Use Advisor on a VPS server with low latency.


  • First Lots - the initial auction;

  • lots Multiplier - the lot multiplier;

  • Take Profit - Take Profit in points;

  • Max. Drawdown - maximum drawdown, above which the adviser does not open warrant greater;

  • Price Step Channel - step price channel in points from the Ask / Bid price;

  • Time Modify Channel - modification of the price channel in seconds;

  • Step Orders - step opening new orders in points;

  • Slippage - Maximum slippage;

  • Magic - the magic number;

  • Comment - comment on the orders;

  • Show Info - show / hide information;

  • Text Color - text color;

  • Up Color - color of the top line of the channel;

  • dn Color - the color of the lower line of the channel;

  • Order Filling Type - order execution policy.

Amazing Channel

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Monday, July 11, 2016

FxGlow Zone Barrier MT5

FxGlow Zone Barrier MT5

This unique indicator identifies overbought and oversold using adaptive support and resistance levels calculated based on the volatility of the market.

The indicator shows the zones, so that we can prevent the behavior of prices, before it is overbought / oversold.

Expected results

To achieve more accurate results, use this tool to supplement your trading system. It works best in combination with the right strategy.


you can combine the indicator to increase efficiency FxGlow Reversal Edge.

Check out the strategy for the video by clicking on the link

It can also be used as an alternative exit strategy for other indicators. See link

Key Features

  • Recognizes the conditions of overbought / oversold

  • Adaptive Support / Resistance

  • It can be used as an alternative exit strategy for other indicators FxGlow

    • the indicator output signals Retrace Pulse

    • the indicator output signals Climax Counter

    • LED output setting Tight Congestion

  • It is not redrawn after the close of the current bar

  • NOT recalculated

  • The signals at the close of the bar

  • It works on all cylinders

  • It works on all timeframes

  • It can be used with advisers

  • It has the functions of a pop-up notification, the notification e-mail, push-notification and sound alerts


  • Period - the number of bars used for calculation of the indicator

  • Max Bars - the maximum number of bars used historic


  • Support / Resistance Zones = zones that responds price

  • Overbought / Oversold Zones = grayed out when the price goes in them

    • Overbought = looking for windows of opportunity for the sale, if it is confirmed by our analysis of the market

    • Oversold = looking for windows of opportunity to buy, if it is confirmed by our analysis of the market


The indicator is designed for a variety of manual trading methods.

First try the free demo version to test its effectiveness in combination with your trading systems.

FxGlow Zone Barrier MT5


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Friday, July 8, 2016

More than million people want

More than a million people want to hold a second referendum on the Brexit

More than 1 million people have signed a petition to revise the results of the referendum on membership in the EU the UK, where it was decided to withdraw from the Union.

The petition is available on the website of the Parliament of Great Britain. It has already been signed by 1.04 million people. For consideration by Parliament petition should collect at least 100,000 signatures.

"We urge the government to apply the rule, according to which, if the number of votes for or against the exit from the EU amounted to less than 60% turnout is lower than 75%, to be held another referendum," - reads the petition description.

Earlier website has posted a petition to recognize the London independent from Britain and attach it to the European Union, it is addressed to the mayor of London Sadiq Khan and collected 118 thousand signatures.

On Thursday in the UK held a referendum on the country's EU membership. According to official data, for the withdrawal from the European Union voted 51.9%. Calls on the Union to remain British Prime Minister David Cameron has decided to submit his resignation in October. He reserves the right to pursue the next prime minister will of the citizens and to withdraw from the EU.

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The utility closes all positions on equity reaches a certain value in the X units of currency. Example: You have three orders in the market. You want all of them closed at achieving equity in 145,000. JustYourEquity close your order reaches the target value.


The program determines the presence of the strategy tester and opens up a market order to simulate trading. JustYourEquity close the warrant reaches the target value of equity to profit or loss.

In real trading, all orders are closed upon reaching the target value in the presence of the three orders on different pairs.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me.


  • Equity Target: Target value of equity in currency units. All orders are closed upon reaching a specified value is exceeded or equity.

  • Equity Loss Target: The maximum loss in currency units. All orders are closed when the equity is lowered to the specified value or is below it.

Good luck!


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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gold becomes cheaper to British

Gold becomes cheaper to the British referendum on EU membership

LONDON (Reuters) - Gold is cheaper on Tuesday amid fears of cooling that the UK will vote to secede from the European Union.

Published on Monday, polls showed strengthening the position of the supporters of continued membership in the EU.

Gold in 16.17 MSK traded at $ 1.272,93 per ounce compared to US $ 1.289,75 at the close of trading on Monday, and in the course of trading became cheaper to ten-day low of $ 1.269,51.

Futures in the US fell $ 11.4 to $ 1.283,40 per ounce.

"This week does not leave any important economic data, and gold lacks new momentum in the run-up to the referendum in the UK"- said an analyst at Macquarie Metyu Terner.

Gold touched the high of nearly two years at $ 1.315,55 an ounce last week due to uncertainty about the outcome of the referendum in the UK and after cautious comments about the Fed interest rates.

The assets of the world's largest gold exchange-traded fund (ETF) SPDR Gold Trust on Monday, rose 0.1 percent to 908.77 tons, the highest since September 2013.

Silver traded at $ 17.31 per ounce, compared with $ 17.479 to the close of trading on Monday, platinum worth $ 972.10 compared to $ 983.78, and palladium - $ 542.50 versus $ 546.50.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

As far as China is excited about

As far as China is excited about the prospect Brekzita?

All the light of China's business was sure he was ready for any EU referendum result. However, now that the majority voted for Brekzit, Chinese business begins to experience.

In Tianjin, at the annual meeting of influential figures from all parts of Asia, it seems that many worry a lot more than expected.

The main topics at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in north China have been high-tech solutions to problems of the whole planet. On it also addressed the issues of influence of 3D printing on medicine and pharmaceutics, engineering of the human brain, as well as logistical problems sending astronauts to Mars. However, all these issues outweighed Brekzit.

China has less than others affected by the result of the referendum, and yet the mood when discussing the upcoming exit the UK from the European Union, it was pretty grim.

However, some residents of China may benefit in the short term. The sharp decline in the value of the pound, will allow tourists to travel to the UK a lot cheaper, but the problem is that the total uncertainty of the world economy post-Brekzita also leads to a reduction in the yuan.

Over a cup of coffee in the morning at the forum, the majority of Chinese business discussing one thing: the world reeled from the internationalist perspectives, and even more frightening than ever. It seems that we have removed all the barriers, but this bloodcurdling scenario appears again erects new walls, they say.

However, not everyone was so pessimistic at the meeting.

Tszin Ulrih, vice chairman of JP Morgan Asia Pacific, believes that this is only temporary difficulties.

She believes that ultimately the path to an open international relations remains continuous.

"In the short term, events like this are sometimes surprised by the market. Some people think that this is a major setback for globalization ", - she says. "In fact, it's just the mood of market participants."

She especially focuses on new forms of communication, through which insulation never will prevail.

Calvin Chin, Executive Director of the Technical startup Transit Shanghai, sees a potentially bleak prospects when it comes to the consequences for Chinese companies, especially for those who are in the process of expanding internationally.

"I think that part of this effect - at least in the short term - would be focused on Chinese companies, which have developed on a global scale," - he told the BBC.

"Thus, many Chinese companies are considering overseas investment, opening offices in other countries, trade and invest in mature economies."

"Chinese companies are considering the EU platform as the new sales opportunities, will no longer think of London and the UK as a whole, but rather will focus on France and Germany", - he said.

However, there are those who believe that their relations with the United Kingdom is not in danger.

Van Chuenfu - chairman of the Chinese automaker BYD, a joint business leads for the production of electric buses with a Scottish businessman Alexander Dennis. He states that Brekzit can throw some serious problems, but in spite of that, his company intends to increase investment in the UK.

"Our government said that the bilateral relations with the United Kingdom will not change after Brekzita, and this is true of BYD, including" - Van Chuenfu said.

The Chinese government may and asserts that "all will be well", but they also seem to be concerned.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is considered "economic drain" in the Politburo Standing Committee. At the time of his accession to the Forum in Tianjin, he said that "the prospect of Brekzita further reinforced the uncertainty in the global economy."

He stands for the unity and stability in the UK and in Europe. And most of the participants of the forum will certainly agree with him.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Buy Sell Indicator

Buy Sell Indicator

LED indicates the moments when you need to buy (blue arrow) or sell (orange arrow).

It has two input parameters: barsNumber - the number of bars, and step - optimization step (depending on the symbol and timeframe).

Buy Sell Indicator

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Forecast for coming week on DAX

The forecast for the coming week on the DAX!

In the long term DAX expects the decline up to 6200. In this chart pattern shows us head and shoulders month trend. To date, the monthly trend downward against the backdrop of bearish divergence formed on the decline in trading volume at the EMA 21, the price is below the EMA 21, this development is graphically retest the neckline. Prospects for reducing the instrument in question is fundamentally justified by the further collapse of the EU, an increase in EU proposals on holding a referendum on withdrawal from the EU, for example, Hungary has already stated this, the situation will be shaken! Expect an increase in QE is not necessary, if the ECB wanted - it would have long ago realized. Problems at Deutsche Bank, Soros began to sell its shares. The lack of security in Europe, the possibility of terrorist attacks, the migration crisis. But all this is a long-term perspective.

Forecast for coming week on DAX

We turn to the weekly trend is that we are told to reduce in the medium term to the level of 8850! This indicates to us graphic pattern head and shoulders weekly trend. To date, the weekly trend downward since the price is below the EMA 21. It can be seen that the price strive to retest the neckline. Upon reaching the value of area rates (EMA 21) it is necessary to look for an entry point to sell, it tells us a sell signal generated by the index of forces in a downtrend EMA positive splash oscillator generated a sell signal.

Forecast for coming week on DAX

Striving price to retest the neckline on the weekly trend is justified by one of the signals of the oscillator on the daily trend, extreme negative splash! But now we are seeing the emergence of the oscillator signal to sell, a positive splash oscillator in a downtrend EMA 21. Candle configuration "Harami" from "high wave" prepare the market for a reversal. We must remember that a bear "Harami" candle is not a strong signal. I think that the appearance of bearish divergence reference oscillator formed on a daily trend finish shaping for sale signal.

Forecast for coming week on DAX

This confirms the graphical target on the four-hour trend on the level of 9880, formed an inverted head and shoulders.

Forecast for coming week on DAX

To summarize, the following week is expected to price movement to the level of 9880, where the four-zone depletion trend will be formed, in which we will look for an entry point for further downward movement! On the further development of events on Monday! And we start with a search entry point to buy up to the level of 9880!

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Aggresive Silence

aggresive Silence

  • Purpose:
    Automation of trade and commercial transactions in the Forex market through
    MetaTrader 4 trading platform (MetaQuotes Software Corp.), supports
    Build 604 and higher!

  • Strategy
    Trade: the entrance to the market trend or sliding movement
    market of the underlying trend.

  • advisor type: aggressive scalper.

  • Feature
    Algorithm: based on expected pay, in which
    It opens many opposing positions with partially hedging

  • types
    accounts: ECN, NDD, Pro, Standard, Micro ... all types of accounts,
    supported trading platform MetaTrader 4.

  • Highly
    sensitive to spreads - increased the number of lots with large spreads and
    the total number of open positions.

  • Recommended
    Leverage: not less than 1: 100, to maximize the profit of 1: 1000 and

  • recommended
    Minimum deposit: $ 300 for the lot 0.01, while making a deposit of more than $ 3000 a recommended item 0.1.

  • A type
    quotations: automatic identification of quotations: 4 (1.2342) or 5
    (1.23429) decimal places.

  • Money
    Management: fixed lot with the function of the position or capacity percentage of the deposit.

  • Currency
    pair: any.

  • Used
    timeframe: M1.

  • Indicators: standard, built-in advisor / expert code added 2
    additional filters that reduce the drawdown account.

  • informativeness:
    the output at the chart on the left side - the statistics of transactions, the main shopping
    settings, the status of work forex advisor.  

  • Setting:
    It is set in the selected folder of the terminal MetaTrader 4. 

  • trade
    Settings: supplied for the currency pair EURUSD.

  • Optimization: the check points. For maximum profit recommend
    conduct an independent optimization, depending on the location in
    The trend is not less than 1 time per week.

Aggresive Silence

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