Thursday, July 28, 2016

ChannelTrend MT5

ChannelTrend MT5

Indicator ChannelTrend - is a trading system that allows you to analyze the market in terms of several aspects of technical analysis. The first of them - a price channel, which is being built in an automatic mode and enables the trader to see the main direction of the price movement. It also makes it possible to analyze the market with the help of channel strategy (the breakdown and release from the channel line).

Block 2 - a SAR system that provides general information about micromovements on the market and this is a confirming signal to the shooter.

Unit 3 - is the main unit, it displays an arrow, which you need to enter and exit trades. These signals are good that they are not kept in small movements, and point directly at a large and long-lasting trend.

Enter into transactions for this indicator is very simple. If there was a hand up and under the curve following are yellow, it means entering up. If there were purple circles and a down arrow, then enter down.


  • period - during the emergence of the arrows

  • showSar - Parabolic Sar show or not

  • Steps - a step for the Parabolic SAR

  • Maximum - a maximum of Parabolic SAR

  • NumBars - the number of candles on which the indicator is calculated

  • channel_width - channel width ratio

  • CountBars - suppositories for calculating the number of channels

  • Applied_price - type of prices to calculate the indicator

  • SoundOn - Sound Alert

  • EmailAlert - Sound Alert

  • MobileAlert - Sound Alert

The indicator is not redrawn. If an arrow appears at a certain place, where it remains.

ChannelTrend MT5

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