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As far as China is excited about

As far as China is excited about the prospect Brekzita?

All the light of China's business was sure he was ready for any EU referendum result. However, now that the majority voted for Brekzit, Chinese business begins to experience.

In Tianjin, at the annual meeting of influential figures from all parts of Asia, it seems that many worry a lot more than expected.

The main topics at the meeting of the World Economic Forum in north China have been high-tech solutions to problems of the whole planet. On it also addressed the issues of influence of 3D printing on medicine and pharmaceutics, engineering of the human brain, as well as logistical problems sending astronauts to Mars. However, all these issues outweighed Brekzit.

China has less than others affected by the result of the referendum, and yet the mood when discussing the upcoming exit the UK from the European Union, it was pretty grim.

However, some residents of China may benefit in the short term. The sharp decline in the value of the pound, will allow tourists to travel to the UK a lot cheaper, but the problem is that the total uncertainty of the world economy post-Brekzita also leads to a reduction in the yuan.

Over a cup of coffee in the morning at the forum, the majority of Chinese business discussing one thing: the world reeled from the internationalist perspectives, and even more frightening than ever. It seems that we have removed all the barriers, but this bloodcurdling scenario appears again erects new walls, they say.

However, not everyone was so pessimistic at the meeting.

Tszin Ulrih, vice chairman of JP Morgan Asia Pacific, believes that this is only temporary difficulties.

She believes that ultimately the path to an open international relations remains continuous.

"In the short term, events like this are sometimes surprised by the market. Some people think that this is a major setback for globalization ", - she says. "In fact, it's just the mood of market participants."

She especially focuses on new forms of communication, through which insulation never will prevail.

Calvin Chin, Executive Director of the Technical startup Transit Shanghai, sees a potentially bleak prospects when it comes to the consequences for Chinese companies, especially for those who are in the process of expanding internationally.

"I think that part of this effect - at least in the short term - would be focused on Chinese companies, which have developed on a global scale," - he told the BBC.

"Thus, many Chinese companies are considering overseas investment, opening offices in other countries, trade and invest in mature economies."

"Chinese companies are considering the EU platform as the new sales opportunities, will no longer think of London and the UK as a whole, but rather will focus on France and Germany", - he said.

However, there are those who believe that their relations with the United Kingdom is not in danger.

Van Chuenfu - chairman of the Chinese automaker BYD, a joint business leads for the production of electric buses with a Scottish businessman Alexander Dennis. He states that Brekzit can throw some serious problems, but in spite of that, his company intends to increase investment in the UK.

"Our government said that the bilateral relations with the United Kingdom will not change after Brekzita, and this is true of BYD, including" - Van Chuenfu said.

The Chinese government may and asserts that "all will be well", but they also seem to be concerned.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is considered "economic drain" in the Politburo Standing Committee. At the time of his accession to the Forum in Tianjin, he said that "the prospect of Brekzita further reinforced the uncertainty in the global economy."

He stands for the unity and stability in the UK and in Europe. And most of the participants of the forum will certainly agree with him.

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