Friday, July 15, 2016

Labor market is mixed Fed Cards

The labor market is mixed Fed Cards

indices experienced a difficult week. Moderate positive at the beginning after the
US statistics was replaced by an impressive decline, but the closure of
US indices were able to recover some of the losses. As a result,
Dow Jones decreased by 0.34%. NASDAQ
lost symbolic 0,13%. German DAX 30 fell to 1.75%, even
despite the fact that the outcome of the ECB Mario Draghi made it clear that
If necessary, the regulator is ready to go for additional stimulus.
Index nudged down to dramatically strengthen the euro. From the strengthening of the national
currency and the Japanese suffered Nikkei. The benchmark ended the week with
the result of -3.52%.

data on labor market and business activity in the US service sector weakened position
the dollar across the board. The strongest growth has shown a couple NZD / USD,
Add 3.81%. But the kiwi were their own cause in the form of index growth
confidence in the business community to + 11.3% versus + 6.2% and the index of conditions
trade. USD / JPY fallen by 3.41%, down to the level of 106.52. Even
Russian ruble could grow to US currency, in spite of the vague
the dynamics of oil. Couple USD / RUB losing 0.44%.

crude oil Brent
It ended the week below $ 50.00. Following the results of five-day losing energy source
0.56%, including under the influence of the lack of action on the part of OPEC quotas.
Precious metals were able to recover part of the losses incurred earlier.
The key factor of support were weak data from the United States, that change
expectations for the Fed's monetary policy, at least for the next month.
Gold (XAU / USD) increased by 2.61%. Silver (XAG / USD)
It added 1.05%.

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