Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Probably every trader known indicator Bollinger Bands (Bollinger Bands). This indicator is similar to moving average envelopes, but based on the current market volatility. The author of this indicator - Dzhon Bollindzher. Bollinger Bands provide a statistical estimate of how far can leave short-term movement before it will return to a major trend.

Are the following characteristics of the indicator Bollinger Bands, which are worth paying attention to:

  1. The movement of the price chart with the outer side of the strip may signal a continuation of the trend;

  2. Price movement, begun by one of the band boundaries, strives to achieve the opposite band;

  3. Abrupt price fluctuations typically occur after the band corresponding to reduce volatility. Experience shows that strong price movements occurred after narrowing bands approximately the same level.

  4. Bollinger bands to successfully play the role of support and resistance lines. It is believed that 95% of the price should be formed within the price corridor, and 5% - to go beyond these lines. the price breaks out of the narrow corridor Bollinger band up - it is a signal to buy, down - a signal to sell.

Dzhon Bollindzher recommends the following deviations:



In addition, it also indicates the following:

"For the calculation of periods of less than 10 or more than 50 it is more appropriate to change the frequency bars. For example, if you require the billing period less than 10 days, it may be better to switch to hourly bars than trying to further compress the settlement period."

It was a very succinct description of the Bollinger Bands. Now let us turn to the indicator NewBbandsMT4. What is the difference of this indicator from the usual Bollinger Bands? In the first place, this indicator can be used as a standard Bollinger Bands, and its modified version. The second difference is that the modified version, due to its gradation is able to form a more accurate support and resistance levels. Another feature - a clear formation of the corridors, the output of which is regarded as a signal to buy or sell. However, the width of the corridor is better to filter. For example, using ATR indicator (period 200). If the width of the corridor is less than or equal to the 2 * ATR, then the probability of a strong exit this corridor is high. If on the contrary, more than 2 * ATR, the output is likely to be weak. Here it turns out that the usual Bollinger Bands indicator often changes its value. This changes the width of the corridor from bar to bar, even in the flat period. A modified version of this deficiency deprived. If formed a sideways trend, the width of the corridor is stable.

Another difference of the indicator from a standard - is the ability to display the schedule of the indicator value higher timeframes.


  • mod: False - a standard indicator Bollinger Bands, true - it is used a modified version;

  • timeframe - Select a timeframe for the construction of the indicator;

  • BBperiod - indicator period;

  • BBdev - a factor that indicates how many standard deviations used in calculating the indicator;

  • BBmethod - smoothing method;

  • BBprice - prices of the type used in the calculation of the indicator.


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Monday, February 27, 2017



This indicator allows you to analyze the delta tick volume. It calculates each bar tick volume of purchases and sales (separately), as well as their difference. In addition, it displays the volumes broken down by clusters (cells) within a specified price bar (usually the last bar).

It is limited in its capabilities replacement market analysis of the delta, which has traditionally been based on actual volumes, but they are not available in the Forex market.

LED displays graphs of the following data in its pane:

  • light blue histogram - volume purchases;

  • Orange histogram - sales;

  • light green histogram - the difference between buying and selling;

  • Green Line - the cumulative delta smoothed EMA of the difference; it increased CumulativePeriod time to maintain approximately equal scale histograms;

  • blue and red arrows - mark those bars, in which the direction counter to the direction of the delta volume prices that may serve as a signal.

indicator also displays a table in the main window of the split volumes for the current bar. The current bar is selected using the yellow dotted vertical line (drag it to the desired location). The table rows correspond to clusters prices. The table contains the following columns:

  • price (range from the specified value until the next top);

  • volume of sales;

  • delta between purchases and sales (positive - blue, negative - red);

  • the volume of purchases;

  • total (with values ​​near maximum cell lit in green).


  • PointsPerCell - number of items in a single cluster prices; each cluster appears as a separate line in the table split the volume of the current bar (this is a kind of analogue tape "Time and Sales"); Default - 10;

  • LastBars - the number of bars for the calculation; default - 1000; 0 means all the bars;

  • CumulativePeriod - period calculating cumulative delta, EMA; Default - 12;

  • StickToBar0 - on / off mode when the yellow dotted vertical line is "glued" to the last bar, that is, it always remains current; default - false;

  • Corner - corner of the main window, where the table will be displayed; default - the top right;

  • CellWidth - width table cells; Default - 40;

  • CellHeight - height of table cells; Default - 15;

  • ColorBG - background color of the table; default - Black;

  • FontSize - font size table; default - 7;

  • HideTable - If true, the table with the volume is not displayed; default - true;

  • HideMark - if true, the price tag on the level of the maximum volume is not displayed; default - true; when both parameters HideTable and HideMark is true, the vertical line for the selection of the test bars are not output;

  • HideBuySell - option, which allows to hide output column volumes Buy and Sell in the table, and respective histograms (default is false);

  • UseRealVolumes - It allows you to enable payments for the real mode volume, placing it in the true (default false).

Acceptable timeframes: M5 and above.

After the initial placement of the indicator on the graph may need some time to download the data from the timeframe M1, and lines may not be displayed fully. Wait for automatic recalculation of the indicator.


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Friday, February 24, 2017

USDJPY on positive NFP retained

USD / JPY: on the positive NFP retained. What's next?

Technical analysis and trading recommendations - HERE!

a slight decrease from the beginning of this week the USD / JPY pair remains positive
dynamics, obtained on Friday by strong labor market data in the US
(NFP) in October.

at the auction
in Asia today, the yen fell against the US dollar after the release of data on the
Japanese economy. The price index for corporate goods (DCGPI) fell in October
(-0.6% vs -0.4% projected on a monthly basis and -3.8% vs -3.5% by
forecast of an annualized basis). This indicator measures the change in price level
Corporate goods and allows you to monitor production costs and
costs, as well as inflation in the manufacturing sector. reduction
indicators point to a slowdown of the economy, despite the fairly strong
growth of production orders for machinery and equipment in Japan in September
(+ 7.5% vs. + 3.3% forecast).

China is
closest trading partner of Japan and the buyer of Japanese goods as
It is showing clear signs of a slowing economy and moderating inflation and
domestic demand, in spite of the efforts made by the authorities.

according to previously published data of the week, the index of consumer prices
China in October compared with the same period last year grew by only
1.3%, while the producer price index fell for the year by 5.9%. Together with the reduction
exports in October (-6.9%) greatly reduced imports (-18.8%) in China, in the
including Japanese goods.

At the end
October The Bank of Japan left the asset purchase program unchanged at 80
trillion yen, but the comments of representatives of the bank pointed to the commitment
Bank of Japan's loose monetary policy. At the same time the head of the Bank of Japan Kuroda
He said the central bank, if necessary, do not hesitate to go on
further easing of policy.

Japan has once again lowered the inflation forecast and GDP for the next year.

performances held in Brussels, ECB President Mario Draghi (8:30 and 10:30 GMT),
where he once again spoke in favor of expanding the asset purchase program,
He is saying that the ECB will review its monetary policy at its meeting on
December, today is worth paying attention to the speech of the Fed Janet Yellen
(14:30) and other members of the Fed. If the speakers touched upon the topic of monetary
policy, the volatility in USD pairs, including USD / JPY pair may
rise sharply.

However, in anticipation of higher interest rates in the US in mid-December, the couple
USD / JPY will be supported. From news for tomorrow should also pay
attention to 13:30 (GMT), when the data will be published on the level of retail
Sales in the US in October (forecast + 0.3% to an increase of 0.1% in September). Upon confirmation
USD forecast and USD / JPY pair strengthened.

USDJPY on positive NFP retained

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Energy stocks helped Wall Street

Energy stocks helped Wall Street to rise even higher

technology companies
and energy sectors showed yesterday
good reports on profits and raised
US stocks are up, and stock indices
It reached a record high in July of this year. The three major stock index
US thus continued a positive start of trading November
against the publication of the best monthly
the results of four years. Nasdaq 100 index
closed by growth of 0.3%, exceeding the mark,
reached during the dot-com boom in 2000

energy sector
S P rose to 2.5%, it is the fifth consecutive day
thanks to - strong growth
strengthening of oil prices. shares of major
Exxon and Chevron oil companies have increased in
Tuesday at 1.8% and 3.3% respectively. "People
looking for weakening the names in different industries,
which represent any value,
to invest in them - says Robert
Pavlik, market strategist at
Boston Private Wealth in New York. - By the end of the year
the market starts to move up, and the people
fear of being left behind train".

By the closing bell yesterday
Dow Jones index rose by
0,5%, S P 500 - to 0,27%, Nasdaq Composite - 0.35%. Six out of ten industry
group S P ended the day in positive territory, including
including the technology sector has grown (in
0.6%). Shares of Apple rose by 1,1%, Microsoft - at
1.7%, both companies have a positive
impact on S P and Nasdaq.

Shares of Activision Blizzard increased
by 3.6% and were sixth largest gain
in the Nasdaq - the company said it wants to
buy products "Candy Crush" King
Digital for $ 5.9 billion. Shares of the last
soared by 14.9%. insurer AIG paper
They fell by 4.4% because of its quarterly
profit was much lower than expected.
Archer Daniels Midland shares fell by 6.8%, because
that the company has not announced details of
arrived. Altria fell by 4.4% after reduction
its rating.

However, reports in the US
yesterday came out not the most positive. For example,
the volume of industrial orders in the US for
September decreased by 1%, while analysts
We expected to see a figure of -0.9%.

This week investors
still waiting for reports from major corporations
- Time Warner, Allergan, Facebook.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chinese bankers teach Moscow how

Chinese bankers teach Moscow how to pay in yuan

On Thursday, representatives
People's Bank of China and Bank Of China reported
in the capital calculation software system
in national currency, which the Chinese regulator
launched on October 8th. this tool
It was designed to increase
share calculations in yuan and rubles between
Moscow and Beijing.

Yesterday at the conference
"RMB internationalization"
representatives of the Bank of Russia offered
join a new security system
international trade in the national
currencies. It is about the China International
payment system CIPS (China
International Payment System), which is to simplify
transactions in yuan. Among the join the program already have
direct participants (19 banks, including Chinese
Citibank branches, Deutsche Bank and HSBC) and partners -
another 176 banks.

Recall that the Russian
authorities have long argued that it is necessary
increase the volume of trading with China
national currencies, but actually increase
share calculations in rubles and yuan is not yet
It managed, and interfere with this as a policy
National Bank of China (all sorts of restrictions
for non-residents in step with the yuan)
and Russian restrictions on
the presence of foreigners in the banking
sector. As a result, between Russia and China in RMB
carried out only about 2% of payments (3.7
billion yuan in trade with the Russian Federation and 1.7 trillion yuan
Bank of China with foreign operations
companies in the domestic currency).

"We can talk
a slight discrepancy between the level of
development of relations between the countries and
settlements in national level
currencies"- cautiously he said yesterday
President of Russia "daughters" Bank
of China Zhao Lyantsze. He also added that
many local businesses are not used
conduct settlements in national currencies,
and, moreover, do not have sufficient
financial instruments to do this. A
some just do not understand how
governed by such calculations, and what is the
They may have a commercial use.

Speaking of China
currency. Here, the Chinese authorities have made huge
work over the past year and a half - they
It managed to raise the yuan in the list of
popular currencies in the SWIFT system in the seventh
place to fourth.

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Gartley Projection D

Gartley Projection D

Indicator defines patterns harmonics (XABCD) according to D H.M.Gartley ("Profits in the Stock Market", 1935).

projects D-point - as a point in the perspective projection (in the settings option to specify ProjectionD_Mode = true).

It does not redraw. On closing bar working time frame, if during Patterns_Fractal_Bars bars last point detection pattern did not move - there arrow on the chart (in the direction of the intended movement of the price). From now on arrow It remains on schedule permanently.

The total number of patterns - 85 (includes Gartley-222 and Gartley-222WS, full list - see "Discussion").. Among the identified solid color fill patterns is always performed only the most recent pattern.


  • DrawPatterns (True / false) - drawing a pattern with a solid color

  • ProjectionD_Mode (True / false) - determination mode point-D as a projection in perspective

  • Patterns_Fractal_Bars - the number of bars of the working time frame during which the last detected pattern must remain fixed point so that it was considered as a fractal formed (appears arrow on the graph)

  • Patterns_Deviation - allowable percentage deviation from the reference values ​​of the proportions of the parties in the pattern (the permissible values ​​corridor)

  • Patterns_XA_MinLength_Bars - the minimum acceptable number of bars on the initial segment XA

  • Patterns_XA_MinHeight_Points - The minimum allowable size of the initial segment of XA in paragraphs

  • ZigZag_Depth - parameter indicator ZigZag

  • ZigZag_Deviation - parameter indicator ZigZag

  • ZigZag_Backstep - parameter indicator ZigZag

  • ShowInfo (True / false) - show the list of the detected pattern from the left edge of the graph

  • PrintInfo (True / false) - print information in the log

Gartley Projection D

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

History orders Visual

History orders Visual

Useful and interesting little script for trading in Forex.

Used to display the history of orders and trading history of one character.

Double-clicking on it immediately play back the whole history of orders for current symbol graphics.

graphic elements

  • Space opening and closing orders are shown by arrows.

When the mouse pointer on the displayed transaction flag properties comprising:

Symbol order, ticket, order type, the order position (time and price at opening and closing), the volume of transactions.

  • Mark lines stop-loss orders to

When you hover the mouse pointer over the mark will display the price of a stop loss.

  • The line between the points of the opening and closing orders.

A simple click on the graph to visualize complex recording the history of orders. This simplifies the review, analysis and synthesis of historical transactions.

This script is a switch. When you restart it will immediately delete all your own graphics (but do not remove the other objects in the graph).

The script can be used on any forex charts currency (except for binary options); at any time, you can open and close observation of the history of your trade.

The script does not require any external parameters. Click on the script, after which it will be immediately executed; A confirmation window will not appear.

History orders Visual

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Friday, February 17, 2017

28E Capital South African broker

28E Capital South African broker launched futures trading on SAFEX exchange through the MetaTrader 5

One of the leading brokers 28E Capital of South Africa officially launched the MetaTrader 5 on SAFEX exchange. The launch took place at
active participation of the official agent of MetaQuotes Software in the region - the company's Derivative System Technologies.

Already 28E Capital clients can trade futures ALSI (JSE Top 40 Index Future)
and ALMI (JSE Top 40 Mini Index Future), using all
the benefits of the popular trading platform. And in the near future will be available
and CFD-trading contracts
on the main South African shares. Download a special demo trading
MetaTrader 5 platform
from 28E
Capital may be in the
http://www.28e.co.za/ broker site.

28E Capital South African broker

28E Capital
He is a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE, as well as the South African stock exchange
SAFEX futures.
The company's customers have access to trade all shares listed on the
Exchange JSE, and
derivatives on SAFEX
(Ie, futures on individual stocks, agricultural, trade and
currency futures, futures, financial indexes, CFD and options).

"We are pleased to offer our customers in trade platform
MetaTrader 5, - says
CEO 28E Capital Hugo Gus. - It will allow traders to develop,
test and run their own trading strategies to work on SAFEX and CFD".

"28E Capital became the first South African broker uses a special
we developed a gateway MetaTrader
5 to SAFEX, - said the head of Derivative System Technologies Andre Van der
Walt. - Customers of the first in South Africa received
the ability to create and run robots, trading futures on

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Analysis of some currency pairs

Analysis of some currency pairs EUR using the Fibonacci instrument line

1993 Robert Fischer issued in
"Wiley and Sons," a book tentatively titled "Fibonacci Applications and Strategies
for traders ", which describes the basic discoveries and inventions Fibonacci
annexed to the complex strategies of successful trading.

Dear friends and
readers of my predictions!

We continue the publication of the forecast using lines
Fibonacci. More details about the method, you can learn here.

Today we look at what has happened over the past week on
Forex currency pairs EURUSD,

Consideration of previous forecasts about the upcoming trading week.


Long-term perspective

Analysis of some currency pairs

Voltage input is for sale between
75,307 and 80,763 with 41,275 goals and 23.61,
and for purchases between 67,804 and 64,118 with the targets 90.72 and 102,724.

Short term.

Analysis of some currency pairs

Following a similar procedure area
to consider the sales prices are between 75,740 and 77,553 with the risk higher
77.553 and objectives of 64,434 and 58,565, and for the cost of purchases in the current preservation
maximum on the price of 74,494 entries are priced between 71,276 and 70,517 at the risk
below 70,517 and 76,013 and 78,471 targets.

Currency pair EURAUD

Long-term perspective

Analysis of some currency pairs Input for sales was the price of 1.6371 with a risk of higher prices 1.7494
and objectives of 0.9364 and 0.5728. Entrance is the area for shopping with price and 1.4101
1.3513 with a risk lower than the price 1.3513 and 1.7766 and 1.9669 objectives.

short-term outlook

Analysis of some currency pairs

for sales from 1.5474 price zone with a risk higher than the price 1.5736 and 1.3825 and objectives
1.2970. Buying - price breaks the level of 61.8% - 1.4794, you must
refrain from buying in the near future.

Currency pair EURNZD

"At four o'clock
graph clearly different zone inputs and fix profits. It should also be
Note that according to the procedure for the purchase of a good entrance price was 1.6552
(50% level) to continue with the purposes fallers 1.5970 and 1.5669 levels
-23.6% and -61.8%, respectively. "- from the previous forecast.

During the first week
goal - 1.5970 was achieved, in the presence of a second short positions with the aim of
1.5669 it must be maintained at no loss.

Long-term perspective

Analysis of some currency pairs AT
Currently on EURNZD price it is in the shopping area. For consideration of the entrance
We go to the daily time frame.

Analysis of some currency pairs On
day time frame in mind that the fact that the price be in the shopping area, recommended
buying at the current price of 1.6113 to 1.6062 and risk objectives 1.6644 and 1.6904.

EURUSD currency pair

Analysis of some currency pairs gone
week the price could not fall to the second goal to level -61.8 (1.0252). We wait
achieve the second objective, or the formation of an upward movement.

It was also reported that he had been involved a real account to track my results forecasts on Fibonacci lines.

Thank you for attention,

Yours faithfully,


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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Harvest cabbage

Harvest cabbage

ea_Harvest Cabbage - Advisor intended for trading on currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD H1 timeframe. Advisor does not use Martingale system and hedging transactions. In the robot laid recognition algorithm of the last two bars, is taken into account as they open and close relative to each other, using iHigh indicators, iLow, iClose, iOpen. After receiving a signal opening the deal to BUY or SELL. At a certain profit, move the stop loss to break-even distance. You can start using it to $ 100. Testing done on the H1 timeframe.

parameters advisor

  • Maxspread = 50; - The maximum allowable spread.

  • MaxOrdersCount = 1; - Number of warrants simultaneously opened orders.

  • Auto_Lot = True; - Enable auto reinvestment lot.

  • DEPOSIT = 1000; - Initial deposit.

  • Lot = 0.1; - Lot transaction.

  • Maximal_Lot = 0.5; - Maximum lot.

  • First_Bar = 0; - The first bar to calculate the trend.

  • Length_of_trend = 1; - The last bar for the calculation of the trend.

  • Time_calculation = 3; - Ratio of time to calculate the price of speed.

  • Length_price = 5; - price ratio to calculate the speed of the price.

  • TakeProfit = 600; - Take Profit deal.

  • Stoploss = 350; - Stop-loss transactions.

  • TrailingStop1 = 140; - Treylinstop transaction.

  • TrailingStep = 20; - Step treylingstopa.

  • Slippage = 3; - Slippage rates.

  • Magic = 987; - Magick order number.

  • Trade_in_Monday = True; - The inclusion of trade on Monday.

  • Trade_in_Tuesday = True; - The inclusion of trade on Tuesday.

  • Trade_in_Wednesday = True; - The inclusion of trade on Wednesday.

  • Trade_in_Thursday = True; - The inclusion of trade on Thursday.

  • Trade_in_Friday = True; - The inclusion of trade on Friday.

  • Martingale = False; - Inclusion of Martingale option.

  • Orders_martin = 10; - Number of warrants Martingale series.

  • Step_Martin = 250; - Step Martingale series.

  • Filter_trade_martingale = False; - The inclusion of the filter in the martingale trading.

  • CandlesBack = 25; - The number of candles to calculate the divergence.

  • RSIPeriod = 4; - RSI indicator period.

  • MomentumPeriod = 4; - Period indicator Momentum.

  • RSIPeriod_filtr = 60; - Period filter RSI indicator.

  • Full_Averaging = False; - Enable averaging transactions.

  • CurSymbolOnly = True; - Enable averaging only one currency pair.

  • Loss_Orders = 99999; - Average size of the loss, of the deposit currency.

  • Take_Averaging_Orders = 10; - Average size of the profit on the deposit currency.

Harvest cabbage

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Germany will retest all Volkswagen

Germany will retest all Volkswagen cars

Germany retest all models of Volkswagen, to establish the true levels of emissions after a recognition of leadership in the manipulation of the tests for environmental friendliness, which first affected the cars with gasoline engines.

On Wednesday, expressing their dissatisfaction with the one of the largest employers in Germany, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt said that all current models of VW brand cars, Audi, Skoda, and Seat - both diesel and petrol engines - will be tested for emissions dioxide carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Against the backdrop of the deepening scandal, the German carmaker VW announced the termination of sales of the latest models equipped with V6 TDI engine volume 3.0 liters in the United States and Canada. While the international agency Moody's downgraded the credit rating of the company.

Recall, on Tuesday the company VW has admitted that understated the level of carbon dioxide emissions of about 800,000 cars sold in Europe, and, consequently, fuel consumption of cars.

VW is the largest car manufacturer in Europe, which employs more than 750 000 people in Germany.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Video Maks Kayzer Last Days of

Video: Maks Kayzer. The Last Days of the American Empire

This major release saying that the US empire is crumbling
- exactly the same as many centuries ago,
It destroyed the Roman Empire. About it
even recently said the former head
apparatus Secretary of State Kolin Pauell.
Maks Kayzer agrees with him: the world
"Empire of debt" that has built
America, expects imminent collapse. For
In order to pay for one
loan companies and banks take a different
- at a lower rate, and many
decades, this "brilliant" formula
helped stimulate the world
consumption and economic growth. but this
debt pyramid, like any other,
sooner or later collapse.

From this edition of "Review
Max Keizer "you'll learn why it
to happen, the role played by
Financial Engineering in expected deaths
Western economic model, as well as
You understand whether Russia has chances to survive in
the coming cataclysm. In the second part
blogger Dmitry Orlov of the program
North Carolina will tell about the signs
the fall of the American empire.


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Friday, February 10, 2017

Trend Samurai Heiken Ashi

Trend Samurai Heiken Ashi

Heiken Ashi Trend Samurai - This advisor who uses candles Heiken Ashi (Heiken Ashi) as a basis for the determination of large and small trends to maximize profits for a selected period.

In order to protect your assets code is optimized for the detection of false trends (fake outs).

The adviser works on the daily chart (D1), So we recommend a minimum score of 5000 $ for it to work.

Heiken Ashi Trend Samurai has an automatic calculation of the orders of the system for each type of detected trend. He uses shoulders from 1 to 10 depending on the market opportunities, protecting the trader from undue risk.

It also has a system risk calculation, which computes its value in accordance with user-defined limits from 1 up to 100%.

Test results

Heiken Ashi Trend Samurai has been tested using the entire data set found in MetaTrader (1980) For the currency pairs EURUSD. Advisor proved to be effective from the start of tests for all 35 years, not bringing customers significant losses.

In other words, Heiken Ashi Trend Samurai He showed excellent results 1980!

We have divided tests three parts, using account $ 10 000. Graphical reports can be found in accompanying screenshots.

Note: Historical data has been downloaded from the server MetaQuotes. Different brokers candles location may be slightly different, requiring making some adjustments to our advisor. We recommend contacting the developer for help with setup.

starting with the five tests for five years, $ 10 000 at 1990 year:

  • 1990 - 1995: $ 40,117

  • 1995 - 2000: $ 29,486

  • 2000 - 2005: $ 17,799

  • 2005 - 2010: $ 39,689

  • 2010 - 2015/06: $ 55,157

Tests for 10 years, starting with the $ 10 000 at 1985 year:

  • 1985 - 1995: 141 962 $

  • 1995 - 2005: $ 89,302

  • 2005 - 2015/06: 210 687 $

Entire period (35 years), starting from $ 10 000 at risk of 70%:

  • 1980 - 2015/06: 1213 $ 562.82

Input parameters

  • Agressive Level (Risk) (%) -> The risk when entering a market, by 1 to 100%. The greater the risk, the greater the shoulders are used in the operations. On the other hand, the lower the risk, the lower the shoulders and, therefore, profits. In tests conducted between 1990 and 2015, risk level was 100%, so this value must be changed in accordance with the level of risk acceptable to each trader.

  • Slippage -> deviation of prices: the maximum, except for the entrance of cases in the market.

  • Enables Safe Mode -> Safe mode - a mode in which operations are carried out with a very low risk, close to 0. When your balance reaches certain levels, entered safe mode. We recommend enabling this mode for the amounts over $ 100 000, when the user wants to get a small profit with no risk to capital.

  • advanced variables (Advanced variables) -> These variables need to be changed only in case of changes timeframe or currency pair / broker, as the charts may be slightly different. By default, they are already set up to work on the EURUSD pair.


  1. Never manually modify market orders, open our EA, because the system is different calculations on them. Manually change the orders can cause problems in the operation of the system, which can lead to loss of assets.

  2. Trading on Forex market It bears the market risk. our advisor seeks to preserve User agents, however, we still recommend that you periodically withdraw funds to ensure their protection.


Heiken Ashi Trend Samurai - effective product that has been designed and seriously tested for six months, with special attention to the safe and reliable operation in the Forex market, as well as focusing on a quick payback.

If you have any questions, Contact us. We will be happy to answer!

Successful trading!

Trend Samurai Heiken Ashi

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Indicator Combine Merge by Runwis

Indicator Combine Merge by RunwiseFX

It allows you to combine multiple indicators in one both visually and in alerts. These can be standard indicators such as RSI, CCI et al., As well as custom indicator including a convenience store or acquired anywhere in the file format ex4. There is a possibility of early warning, for example, when 4 of the 5 indicators show the same signal as well as a confirmation when the indicators coincide in all five.

Also contains statistical panel reports on the success of the combined indicator based on an analysis of the current chart. Based on the selected stop-loss, take profit / output method are calculated success rate of profit and loss. You can also display the results in conjunction with other charts, and sort by the success of characters, starting with the best - selective presentation of the best characters / timeframes.

The product is easy to configure using a pop-up form - watch the video. The indicator is already set to work on the M30 timeframe with confirmation timeframe H4 using a set of standard indicators.

Fully compatible with our panel of advisers, making it easy to convert it into an automatic adviser.

Link to guide is available on the talk page.


  • It combines multiple indicators in one both visually and alerts

  • It works with standard and custom indicators, even in ex4 format and bought in Market

  • By default, indicators are analyzed at the close of the candle, so signals are not redrawn

  • The choice available two types of alerts - early (at coincidence performance indicators 75%) and confirmed (all indicators are consistent)

  • Trade shows statistics combined with the odd performance, profit and drawdown - calculated in real time by analyzing the current chart

  • It is possible to display a table of statistical data with other graphs / characters that are loaded indicator, sorted by profit

  • These results show both early and confirmed signals, allowing them to compare

  • The ability to automatically select the signal early or confirmed, depending on their profitability or success rate

  • The actual calculation of statistics based on the selected stop-loss, take-profit / output method and spread

  • Stop loss may be specified fixed value in pips or using various automatic calculation methods, including user based on indicator

  • Statistics can also include the impact of trading hours, the partial closure profit / exit, trailing stop and automatic bezubytka to achieve the goal

  • Take-profit and breakeven can be defined as either the ratio of risk to reward, either in pips

  • At the request instead of pips can use a percentage of the daily average true range (Average True Range), he is automatically scaled value depending on the character

  • It shows a simulation trade on the chart with an opening price of used stop-loss, closing price and profit

  • Automatic statistics recalculated when changing the configuration allows you to assess the impact on the success rate of profit and drawdown

  • Restore previous settings in one click if the new settings have been unsuccessful

  • Prices stop loss bezubytka and take-profit shown in the graph for new deals

  • Simple pop-up settings

  • Choosing a display format: bars or bar graph

  • Select the alerting method, such as pop-ups, e-mail or mobile notification

  • Easy integration with our advisors for automated trading

Item display

To adjust the characters use the CONFIG button. Input parameters are described in detail in the manual, a link to which is available on the talk page. The following are key input parameters:

  • Main_alertConfirmedPercentage - the percentage of indicators, which should show the same signal to confirm it.

  • Main_alertEarlyPercentage - the percentage of indicators, which should show the same signal for early warning.

  • Main_alertResetLevel - a distance in the other direction, after which an alert will be reset.

  • Main_binaryOptionModeBars - if the value is greater than 0, then it will be used as the number of bars to closing to simulate a binary options.

Using the strategy tester / demo

To operate the panel testing should take place with the market rate. Notifications are displayed in the log.

Creating a counselor with our products

On the basis of the indicator can easily create Advisor for automated trading via Trade Manager or Product Strategy Automator (See. Video). The last one also takes into account the news and allows you to use the global take-profit, such as a specific value achieved in the account.

Indicator Combine Merge by Runwis


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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sentiment in Asian markets cool

Sentiment in Asian markets cool due to weak PMI in China

Monday declined stock prices
virtually the entire Asia-Pacific
the region as investors evaluated data
difficulty of production
China sector (although the rate of decline and
slowed slightly in October). experts
Markets are waiting for the impact on the economy
will have recently adopted measures to

News also had their impact on the
Markets: Beijing is actively fighting against illegal
futures trading. On the weekend
there have been reports about the arrest of the head
one of China's largest private
investment companies - Zexi
Investment. Eventually
the two companies, whose large blocks
shares owned Zexi
- Ningbo Kangqiang Electronics and
Family - lost
maximum allowed for
one trading day by 10%.

shanghai Composite
1.7%. Declined stocks of leading companies,
whose shares are traded on the Shanghai
Exchange. For example, the price dropped by 1.1%
shares of the largest bank in the world by size
assets - ICBC.
Bank Of Communications lost


Seng dropped
1.3%. On the Hong Kong index negatively
influenced action gaming industry: Galaxy
Entertainment and
Sands China lost
0.6% and 1.1% respectively capitalization.
These data followed after that,
as the weekend went on reducing data
revenue in Macau by 28.4% in October year on
expression. Yield gaming zone
Macau has been declining for the 17th consecutive month.

listing in Hong Kong lost 1.1%.

2.1%. The Japanese index slipped below
19,000 mark and stood at
polutoranedelnoy minimum.

experience related businesses
Chinese partners close partnership
otngosheniyami. Problems with the Chinese PMI
companies is particularly acute.
Metallurgical Corporation Nippon
Steel and
Sumimoto Metal
more than 5% each, Kobe
Steel dropped
6.5%. manufacturers construction
Komatsu machinery
hitachi Construction
more than 1% each.

than 3% of the largest shares fell
Japanese banks such as Mitsubishi UFJ
Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group.

impact on market sentiment and
corporate news. Among those who
We suffered from poor reporting
e.g., Kawasaki
Kisen Kaisha, collapsed
almost 9%. Sharp
It lost 3%.

the only major Asian
indexes finished trading in positive territory (in
0.3%). This contributed to its
Heavyweight components. Samsung
Electronics and
hyundai Motors
0.8 and 1.6% respectively, and the manufacturer
electronic chips jumped by 4.7%.

I lost
1.4%. Australian stock index fell
to its lowest level since October 14,
extending losses of up to six sessions in a row.
Sales developed in the financial
sector. Risk appetite
decreases also in anticipation of the political
RBA decision.

quotation by 2.5%, even though the
reported a 3% increase in annual profits.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia lost 2.3%.

gold, which at the beginning of the Asian
Bid decreased to a four-week
minimum down withdrawn quotes
gold mining companies in Australia.
Evolution Mining and
Consolidated lost
4% each, Newcrrest
Mining declined

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Europe stock rose on Friday

Europe stock rose on Friday

On Friday, the stock
exchanges in Europe closed the day
mostly in positive territory.
DAX added 0.92%; CAC 40 rose
0.08%; composite index Euro Stoxx
50 increased by 0.60%. Stoxx
Europe 600 added 0.3%. In the red finished
day British index: FTSE
100 fell by 0.18%.

stock index was due on Friday
American statistics on the market
Labor, which was significantly
better than analysts expected. Probability
increase interest rates in December
It increased from 50% to 70%. It afield dollar
upwards and Euros respectively down.
Reducing the euro improves the position
European exporters, especially
German as demonstrated in
DAX Friday. Its components,
BNW AG and HeidelbergCement
AG increased by 3.3% and 1.5% respectively.

index fell due to mining
giants BHP Billiton and Glencore,
who have lost
more than 5.4% capitalization as
strong dollar further pressured
on raw materials quotations.

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Monday, February 6, 2017

Momentum Filter Histo

Momentum Filter Histo

Momentum Filter Histogram or Chinkou Filter Histogram - histogram of the filter impulse or Chinkou

This indicator Momentum more intuitive and easier to use than the classic Momentum indicator.

  • Momentum Histo become green = signal to buy
    It becomes green when the Momentum crosses the zero line upwards. The intersection of the zero line means that the price of a stock, futures or currency pair changes direction, reaching depression or breaking up the recent highs. This is a bullish signal.

  • Momentum Histo turns red = sell signal
    It becomes red when the Momentum crosses the zero line downwards. Crossing the zero line can mean one of two& futures price, shares or currency pair reached the top and change direction, or that the price has broken through the recent lows. This is a bearish signal.

  • Momentum Histo becomes white, wait =
    It becomes white when Momentum is on zero line.

Councilor parameters:

  • Filter_Period = 1 = normal Momentum

  • Filter_Period > Filter 1 = Momentum (period moving average)

  • Filter_Mode = can select four averages for filtering pulse

Momentum Filter Histo

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How to choose PAMM account and

How to choose the PAMM account and control.

The Internet is one of the most profitable ways to invest their own money, one of the possibilities earn, advocates investing in PAMM accounts. Typically, for such an option resorted former traders who understand that forex is not cheating, just for the fact that to make money on the foreign exchange market requires knowledge of mass and practical experience.

But often the question of how to choose the PAMM account arises from the ordinary man in the street who wants to simply invest their money in stock trading.

You can make the right choice, if you know a few points that you should pay attention in the first place, surprisingly it is not profitable trades, and controls the operation stability. As well as several other aspects, which we discuss in more detail in this article.

It should be noted that to lose your money in the forex can be used only if you are a novice trader, professionals working in the forex market, almost none when not fused deposit, but there are some drawdown account, but they are usually offset by profitable trades.

To select the rating should be analyzed PAMM managers, according to several parameters.
Choosing the most reliable PAMM account.

1. The funds in the account - is one of the quite important aspects, so you can learn how much trust it to manage other investors. It is advisable not to invest in the PAMM account with a deposit of less than 50 000 dollars.

Just check the history of how long the similar size of the balance, if nebyli made money a couple of days ago just to attract investment.

2. Work experience - before you deposit money first find out how long this person works in the forex, you can do so by requesting the history of transactions in the last year. You can break through the name of the control with the help of Internet search engines, usually each of the professional traders have a lot of reviews.

3. Profitability - choosing a manager, you should pay more attention not to the amount of profit, and the period for which it was obtained. For example, it is better to choose a PAMM account with average profitability of 30% and 300% per year, over 700% in the last month and 100% per annum. Once again - in this case the stability of the most important selection criteria, why not try to buy the highest rates, pay more attention to the analysis of the period of the PAMM account.

4. Distribution of profit - then you should not be greedy, I for example, give 70% of its profits to a manager, but he consistently makes me 20% of the amount invested in his funds. As a result of six months of work I was able to not only get their money back, but also to get some profit.

The standard commission is 40 to 60 percent, but if you are confident in your choice, you can pay more.

5. Additional insurance - do not trust all of your money to one manager, divide them at least into two parts, in addition to this it is desirable that these traders worked in different brokerage companies, it will give you the opportunity of insurance just in case.

6. A company or a third-party trader - I trust the trader than the employees of a broker, because in the latter case dealing center is interested in fraud statistics and rating control can be rigged by the company itself.

Choose the PAMM account, but rather control this account is not quite difficult, you just need to take into account all the above guidelines. Good luck.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Russia increases gold reserves

Russia increases gold reserves at record pace

At that time, while the prices
Gold in global markets as a whole
November decline, Russia's central bank
It manages to record levels to buy
gold for its reserves. Thus, according to
World Gold Council, in the past,
quarter CBR bought nearly 77 tonnes of gold
and eventually brought the total zolotozapasov
country to 1352.2 tonnes. In the third quarter
namely Russia became the most active
the buyer of the precious metal, although, according to
Experts, the central bank at all for
the quarter made the most massive
purchase history.

After the Bank of Russia
It was the largest buyer of the People
Bank of China - he bought 50 tons of gold and
finally now its reserves are
1708.5 tons. However, both countries have bought three
times more metal than the rest

As of 14:06 MSK
Today futures for December gold traded
at $ 1083.5
per ounce (+ 0.23%).

Among all the countries of the gold sold only Colombia, its reserves
decreased by 6.9 tons. Russian experts
said that the Central Bank has for deliberately
year reduces the share of dollars in its
reserves, replacing them with gold and other
currencies (eg euro). Just because
falling prices for gold and the euro on
the global market for reserves last week
Bank of Russia decreased by $ 3 billion.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Loss Recovery Trading Robot

Loss Recovery Trading Robot

This EA can be used for manual trading as wallpaper advisor or combine with another advisor for opening transactions. Loss Recovery Trading - a variant to control unprofitable positions instead of using stop-loss, setting zone and recovery targets for output of a sequence of steps.

How does he work?

If the price moves in the opposite direction from the first position to a certain number of points loss Advisor opens the opposite direction to the position higher than the calculated size of the lot, and will hold the first position. If the price reaches a target level (uptrend or downtrend), adviser to close all positions on the icon. If the price reaches the target level, the adviser will open the next step in the sequence. Thus, using this EA in the background, you will have input and two outputs (up or down does not matter).


  • Maximum recovery losses 5 symbols

  • Manual opening deals

  • The hidden and visible stop loss and take profit (SLTP)

  • It provides the function of the output position to breakeven

  • Provides the function of tightening Stop Loss behind the price (Trailing Stop).

  • Intelligent Safe Use settings mode

  • easy setup


  • EA Mode: Use mode selection parameter

  • Max Number Of Different Symbols For Trading: the maximum number of characters that must manage Advisor

  • Open Orders By: mode selection for the opening orders, we recommend the manual (Manual)

  • Hidden / Show Stop Loss and Take Profit: mode selection use the hidden / visible stop-loss and take profit (SLTP), or off

  • Comment Display Mode: mode display comments on the chart

  • Max Similar Symbols: maximum number of characters similar to currency trading, it is recommended 1

  • Use Auto Close Open Similar Symbols: When using this function Advisor automatically detect similar characters in the open position to close

  • Lot Size Calculate Mode: mode selection for calculating the lot size: Auto (Auto Lot Size) or fixed (Fixed Lot Size)

  • Fixed Lot Size: the value of the fixed lot size for opening deals

  • Min Account Balance To Start Auto Lot Size: Minimum account balance for the beginning of the automatic calculation of the lot size

  • Auto Lot Size Ratio Per Balance of $ 10.000 (<= 0.5): lot size multiplier for calculating the lot size for the transaction, based on the account balance, is recommended by 0.01 - 0.1

  • Stop Loss (in points): stop-loss points

  • Take Profit (in points): Take Profit in points

  • Loss Handle Strategy: mode selection control unprofitable transactions: stop-loss and recovery loss or trailing (recommended)

  • Zone Recovery Area Size (in point): size reduction zone for the open positions, the opposite trend

  • Target Profit (in point): target level for the closing of all positions

  • Max Turn Rounds (<= 50): the maximum number of steps in the recovery mode loss is recommended at least 15

  • Use Reverse Loss Recovery Function: if the maximum number of steps is reached, the adviser will close the last position instead of opening new steps

  • Anti-Trend Turn (2,4,6, ...) Keeping Lot Size (%): percent of initial lot size for opening advisor using loss recovery function, recommended 10%

  • Follow-Trend Turn 3 Keeping Lot Size (%): percentage retention of the initial size of the lot to open advisor using loss recovery functions for step №3, recommended to 100%

  • Follow-Trend Turn 5 Keeping Lot Size (%): percentage retention of the initial size of the lot to open advisor using loss recovery functions for step №3, recommended to 100%

  • Follow-Trend Turn 7 Keeping Lot Size (%): percentage retention of the initial size of the lot to open advisor using loss recovery functions for step №3, recommended to 100%

  • Follow-Trend Turn (9,11,13, ..., 49) Keeping Lot Size (%): percentage retention of the initial size of the lot to open advisor using restoration losses for step №3 functions recommended 20%

  • Use Trailing Stop: Selecting the use of a trailing stop

  • Min Profit To Start Trailing Stop (in point): minimum profit in pips for trailing activation function

  • Trailing Points: Trailing in points (the distance from the current price)

  • Trailing Step (in point): trailing stop step

  • Use Break Even: the mode of using the translation function to breakeven

  • Break Even Type: type selection transfers breakeven, stop-loss level bezubytka or trailing bezubytka level

  • Close Break Even By: select units for calculation bezubytka, the percentage or amount

  • Min Break Even Profit (>0) (in amount): amount to activate the function bezubytka

  • Break Even Distance (in amount): the distance from the minimum income to roll back prices to close all trades


  • Broker with low spreads

  • It should be taken into account swap

Good luck trading!

Tony D. Pham (Tony D. Pham).

Loss Recovery Trading Robot

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