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Mysterious currency pairs in Forex

Mysterious currency pairs in the Forex market

Most traders trade the most liquid and of the most popular forex pairs. But while some opt for more exotic currency pairs, such as:

USDDKK - the US dollar and the Danish krone, the quotation shows how many DKK give a dollar.

The currency pair is quite calm and in January 2012 there has been a strong trend to the south (down). But despite the good prediction of the pair, the Cubs did not even eat her trade, and experienced traders especially on her looks. And why? Well, firstly a large spread, some brokers spread up to 40 pm, which is a lot, and it is not suitable for intraday trading. Forex pair USDDKK - a perfect match for dolgosrochnikov, as well as for investors with large sums to invest, in half a year. will take away a good increase, and you do not necessarily someone to trust their money.

At the rate Danish Krone (USDDKK) is mainly influenced by developments in the euro area and the prices of agricultural products on world markets, as an active movement can be observed when changing the value of the dollar.

USDNOK - US dollar and the Norwegian krone, no less interesting couple that is in direct correlation to the USDDKK, and their courses are practically the same. The couple spread sometimes reaches 100 pm, so be sure to pay attention to it, and the better your trading with a broker with fixed spreads.

Norwegian Krone rightfully belongs to one of the most stable currencies in the world, not for nothing that the government of that country has refused to join the euro zone. The main revenues come from trading crude oil and seafood, so these two factors cause a significant change of course NOK.

USDHKD - US dollar and Hong Kong dollar, despite its small size, Hong Kong is one of the world's largest financial centers alongside New York, Tokyo and London. The pair has a standard version of the quotation in four characters, is at the moment the course at around 7.7600 and continues to gradually decline.

The tendency to strengthen the Hong Kong dollar has been celebrated since the end of 2011, despite the low volatility, the pair has lost about 200 points.

Well, at the end, it's worth remembering not so mysterious as wild couples, it also applies to the spread and volatility. This forex pairs Gold and Silver (Gold and Silver), they have a large spread and a large volatility, the pair is not for beginners, although it is very well suited to disperse the depot. Yes, it is also a very expensive pair. so that the deposit will not be small for the lots. Details learn from your broker.

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