Monday, October 31, 2016

Executive Multi

Executive Multi

Executive Multi - fully automatic Advisor working on EURUSD and GBPUSD

  • Without adjustment of test results.

  • Testing was performed on data from multiple sources, to test the functionality in any brokers.

Trading method / logic

Well no

Extras. information



Grid X
Arbitration X
the trend

price Action



SL close, tunable
breakeven VAuto
Trailing Stop V Automatic, customizable

pending orders

Vmin 5 pips from market price
input logic

VBollinger Bands + EMA + ATR
Money management V


Description parameter

Account currency
BrokerAnyone, ECN
size shoulder1: 100 minimum
graphicsEUR / USD H1


Settings and input parameters


recommended value

Money Manegement: RiskInPercentThe calculation of risk-based deposit
< 0.8
TradeLong / TradeShort

Specify the direction of trade
Both in value TRUE
ExitTimeOnFridaySet the time for closing deals on Friday (terminal time!)
Time to market close - 10 minutes. For example, "22:50"
Trade on Saturday

Trade on Sunday

It includes trade in weekend brokers generating Saturdays and Sundays bars
Both in value TRUE
max Slippage

Filter slip when sending trading orders
< 3
Magic number

In normal trading is no need to change this setting. But if your account traded by several experts to make sure they use different magic znaechenie

Author: Matusiak Adrian - winner of the competition for automated trading RVD Markets, as well as the winner of the competition RVD Newcomers.

Executive Multi

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