Tuesday, November 22, 2016

EA Hard war Bears and Bulls

EA Hard war Bears and Bulls

Advisor trades using indicators Hard scalper and War Bears and
Bulls. Trend indicator is calculated War Bears and
Bulls, and the accuracy of the corrected signal indicator Hard scalper. Commercial performed at different time frames, starting and ending with M1 D1. Depending on the timeframe following trading strategies are applied: scalping, short and medium term.

If you enable the "Martingale" system, the trades are entered in steps
"Step_Orders", thus reducing the size of the "TakeFulls" increments
"Step_changes_Take_Fulls". This helps to quickly get out of the drawdown. "Martingale" system in the EA is mainly used only
to gradually increase the load on the deposit, and for optimum
profit from the market.

It is recommended to include several currency pairs, taking into account the
deposit size of 3 to 000 units of one currency pair (for Lots = 0.1 and
Leverage 500: 1). An advisor can enable the initial stop-loss
(To do so ProfitTrailing to false) and ask TrailingStop,
whose size can be varied from 100 to 1000 points (all
five-digit setting).

  • Advisor makes automatic reinvested (increase initial lots) with increasing deposit.

  • Use a different currency pairs, optimizing the size and volatility of the spread.


  • Timeframe_indicators - setting a timeframe of some indicators. Default - 30 minutes (15, 60, 240 minutes).

  • PeriodiWPR - period indicator Williams Percent Range. Default - 18 (from 5 to 100).

  • PeriodiCCI - period Commodity Channel Index indicator. Default - 7 (5 to 100).

  • Close_Anti_Signal - closing orders on the opposite signal - at a value of True. Default - False.

  • Martingale - "Martingale" block inclusion. Default - True (True - enabled, False - off).

  • Deposit - the establishment of the initial deposit, helps with reading standards reinvestment. Default - 3 000 units.

  • Trade_in_fri - resolution of trade on Friday. Default - True (True - allow, False - disable).

  • CurSymbolOnly - allow the average position of only one character at a value of True (False - averages all positions in the terminal).

  • Loss_Orders - averaging value for a total negative result. Default - 9000 points (from 100 to 9000 points).

  • Take_Fulls - averaging value for a total positive result. Default - 150 points (from 10 to 9000 points).

  • Step_changes_Take_Fulls - step size reduction averaging with an increasing number of transactions. Default - 70 points (from 0 to 100 points).

  • AllPositions - Thrall allow all positions in the terminal at True (False - only position one character).

  • ProfitTrailing - allow to set a stop-loss with trallingom only arrived at True (False if the stop loss is established at the opening of transactions).

  • TrailingStop - trailing stop. Default - 80 points (from 60 to 1000 points).

  • TrailingStep - Trailing Stop step. Default - 50 points (from 10 to 1 000 points).

  • UseSound - sound trallinga with True (False - disables the sound when moving the trailing stop).

  • Multiplication_Lots - bid multiplier at Martingale. Default - 1.8 (1 to 10).

  • Lots - Lot initial order. Default - 0.3 (0.01 to 100).

  • MaximalLot - the highest possible auction trading. Default - 3 (1 to 100).

  • TakeProfit - the purpose of profit orders. Default - 200 points (100 to 9000 points).

  • Level_Stop_Martingale - drawdown level at which operation is stopped "Martingale" block. Default - 40 (from 5 to 100).

  • Step_Orders - step opening deals at Martingale. Default - 30 points (from 10 to 1 000 points).

  • Quantity_Orders - the maximum possible number of transactions in the Martingale. Default - 12 (0 to 100).

  • Equity_Stopping - closing deals in excess of the level of equity. True - enabled, False - off.

  • Total_Equity_Risk - level resolution by equity in which all transactions are closed. Default - 20 (10 to 100%).

  • Magic - Order ID. Default - 444 (select any sequence of digits).

EA Hard war Bears and Bulls

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